Misunderstanding the Billionaire’s Heir (Sweet Water High #1) by Anne-Marie Meyer

This book is actually good. 👌🏽📖

Book Review:

I actually liked this book.

•••*** Not that many spoilers; but there’s some yes***•

I kind of thought well figured that Lucas actually liked Charlotte from the first start when he met her at Maggie job. & then turns around and he’s the grandson of Winny. That’s what made them close. But I thought he was a prick until I realize he really not. His father is the one that made him so angry because his father felt like Lucas was a disappointment. One thing I’m glad on was not being born rich because often times the rich have it way worse than the poor. You gotta look at even though this person may not have all the money in the world they are more 100% happier. Money isn’t everything. Charlotte showed Luke is the real meaning of life and to actually be a nice person and that everyone loves their family in a good way.

Keith and their mother seem like evil people. No way; I would want someone to plan my life. When someone does that to their child that child will be 100% miserable or hateful in the long run. Because often times that’s not where they wanted to be. But I am glad Lucas found Charlotte in Sweet Water. Not for her; I think he would’ve had a horrible life. Plus I knew that he didn’t want Charlotte best friend Maggie I don’t understand how in the world both Charlotte mad Maggie didn’t see it. Plus, it’s understandable why her father didn’t move those cars but I am glad that Lucas helped in the end and Charlotte came to her senses about her wanting to be with Lucas. I was like girl you better forget what his father thinks; heck at least he the one that wants you.

Book Description:

He wasn’t supposed to be nice. This changes everything. 

Charlotte Robinson has one goal: survive her senior year. Well, if she’s truthful, it’s actually to survive her new life without her mom. Which would be a lot easier to do if her dad was actually dealing with the death. Instead, he’s buried himself in so many abandoned vehicles that their yard has turned into a suburban junkyard and it’s just a matter of time before the city intervenes. 

When Lucas Addington, the obnoxious rich kid who’s been banished to the small town of Sweet Water, douses her in his carmel macchiato, she’s pretty sure she’s reached her lowest low. But that’s only the beginning. He’s conceited and spoiled—everything she expected from a billionaire’s heir—until things begin to change. Suddenly, she finds herself drawn to him for reasons she can’t explain. He makes her feel safe and wanted, something she’d forgotten how to feel. Just when she allows herself to open up to him, her life comes crashing down around her. 

Now Charlotte must decide if she can fix her crumbling life and keep Lucas, or fail and lose everything she holds dear…again. 

1 town. 1 high school. 12 sweet romances. Read Misunderstanding the Billionaire’s Heir from Anne-Marie Meyer. It is the first installment of the Sweet Water High Multi-Author Series.

Misadventures with My Ex (Misadventures #18) by Shayla Black

Got the Misadventures with My Ex by Shayla Black today! I hope this book is good too 📗


Book Description

Once, Eryn Hope fell fast and incurably for Weston Quaid. And he seemed to adore her too—until she learned their love was built on lies when he walked out on their wedding day.

Three years later, West has finally won control of his family empire and fortune, but it cost him Eryn—something he regrets every day. When business forces him to return to her life and temporarily shut down her livelihood, of course, she’s furious. But their chemistry is still beyond combustible. So he makes her a proposition: he’ll take care of her until her bistro reopens…if she becomes his mistress. Her mind screams no, but her body whimpers yes, yes, yes.

As soon as West has her back in his bed, their passion burns hotter than ever. So do his feelings. But can he and Eryn really recapture the love they shared? And when their bargain ends, will he be the one shattered this time or will they finally come together forever?

Misadventures is a romantic series of spicy standalone novels, each written or co-written by some of the best names in romance. The stories are scandalous, refreshing, and, of course, incredibly sexy. They’re the perfect bedside read, a ‘quick blush’ for the reader who loves a page-turning romance. 

Fresh Fiction Box

Books from the fresh fiction box 📦 (this my last box too, because I’m cutting out on paperback books since I got so many) May get rid of the book “A Tender Hope” •••••••••••••••••••••••


The Law of Tall Girls by Joanne Macgregor

I’m feeling those pink tims… though I freaking HATE pink… “What I’m reading” 📖 I’m like glad I FINALLY get to actually read a book about a TALL female. Because I feel like every author has to put a female at 5’3-4 🙄 like dude go above the 4 pleassssse

Book Review:

••••There’s plenty of SPOILERS in this review****••

Peyton is 6 feet tall or was it 6.5. Not sure; but in my head, I’m like I wouldn’t want to be that tall. She has a hard time with a lot of things people keep calling her tall. like she doesn’t know that already. & top of that she was trying to go on dates with the tallest guys to win a bet (which was to pay college). She couldn’t even fit girl clothing… I said why don’t she just wear guy clothes lol. Her feet are a size 13 I said sheesh; I already know there’s no size 13, in women shoes, it stops at 12 as I know of. but now she’s sewing her clothing to make them fit & she finally knows what she wants to go to college for. That what I am glad of how she figured out what she wanted out of life, even when she is dealing with so much. But the thing is in REAL LIFE there are real clothing for TALL GIRLS 😂…


Smh; what Jay did to Peyton at that performance was dead wrong; I think he ONLY came to her house to apologize because of the principle coming for him and Doug’s head… not only that everybody was pissed off at him and giving him hell. Even his parents; but soon she mentions Tim name his attitude change.. like boy bye… I’m like you mad-mad but you didn’t have to pull the girl shirt off like that… where she ended up being bare-chested for everybody to see her tits…
I can’t stand Tim or that girl Tori; like sheesh I knew something was going to happen with Tim. & his mouth… that Tori girl didn’t want to lose that bet that’s the only reason she was running her lip to Tim about the bet… Peyton wasn’t using Jay for the bet she didn’t even confirm any dates she had with Jay like the other guys she went with. Tori wack self realizes that too. I hope Peyton doesn’t be cool with her again… UGH just horrible…
Plus, I am irritated at her and how she does her mother. Because her mom is trying to communicate with her. But I believe that if she actually communicates with her idiot dad maybe she could give her mother the help that she actually needs. Especially, with that house being the way it is… I kept getting irritated because I’m like she could do something about that. When her mother around and not seeing that she’s moving things. BUT, that could be hard to especially if her mom gets upset when she even thinking about moving or throwing away a broken umbrella or an old newspaper from 2006.
But in the end, I was glad her mom got the help that she needed. It took Peyton snapping on her to pull herself together for both her and her daughter which I am glad for. Especially that house getting a good cleansing. Not only that I’m not even mad at Jay anymore since he was the one to rip video and pictures of Peyton tits for everyone to see & Peyton for taking up for herself when it happened. Plus, dude I swear it may have been Tim that Rob liked dang flipping; it was actually freaking crazy Zack lol. All the denial and pretend he was doing to and come on to those women. Man; you will never know until you find out the truth. Because there’s a lot of people that hide who they truly are especially with their sexuality. Plus I’m glad; that Peyton went alone to that prom you don’t need a date to have fun and time she still won that BET between her, Steve and Tori…. even if she didn’t go to prom with Rob. I was just glad she brave her tallness and loved herself. But it also good that her dad had called her when that incident happened at the theater performance with her and Jay; I still want to smack him for that it was so embarrassing. But glad in the end; they ended back with each other and both ended up in the colleges “Juilliard and NY School of Fashion (I do wonder if the Fashion school she was attending actually name was “Parsons The New School for Fashion Design” because it’s different ones “Design, Interior, Technology, Arts, Medicine etc” I’m just saying!🤷🏽‍♀️

Kindle Edition, 307 pages
Published September 2nd, 2017
Original Title: The Law of Tall Girls
Edition Language: English
  • Jej wysokość P.
  • The Law of Tall Girls
  • The Law of Tall Girls
  • 111x148


Book Description: 

When you really stand out, can you ever fit in?

Seventeen-year-old Peyton Lane is a tall girl. So tall, it’s the only thing most people notice about her. 

On impulse, she accepts a bet to prove she can be as attractive and desirable as other girls. Now she just needs to go on four dates (including the prom) with one of the guys on her very short list of very tall boys.

Number one on the list is Jay Young – the new guy that Peyton already likes way more than she should. Because not only is Jay already taken, he’s also breaking her Law of Tall Girls, and he’s determined to discover the awful secret she’s been hiding for most of her life.

Funny and romantic, The Law of Tall Girls is a feel-good, heart-warming read for anyone who’s ever felt different, or like they just don’t belong. 

This young adult contemporary romance will appeal to fans of Kasie West, Stephanie Perkins, Jenny Han, Julie Buxbaum and Morgan Matson. 

Don’t Bet on Love (Rockford High Book 1) by Victorine E. Lieske

Current read 📖


Book Review: 

I liked this book. I already knew that Lane was going to end up liking Trudy and Trudy was going to end up falling for him too. Gabe was a crap pot… Mad because he had gotten turn down, not knowing that Trudy wasn’t even considering him at all. Especially when her sister had Leukemia and was on the verge of dying anytime. She was a shit stain.. on so many levels. But glad that she didn’t let Gabe get to her. Not only that I was glad that Lane finally showed her the truth behind those text messages that Gabe showed her. What a little prick he was. & Randy was dumb too for even considering Gabe to be his friend and wanting to be in the IN CROWD. I figure that Lane was never mean… it’s never good to bully someone because you never know what an individual is going through in their personal life. The proof was in the pudding when it came to both Lane and Trudy both of them was going through things but in different ways. I agree with her sister they both were made for each other. But one thing I was glad for was that Lane did what he did for Trudy sister that was the best gift to give someone when they are sick especially when she was a Packers fan.

But btw that UGH I want to read “Jessica and Christian story so bad :/ can’t wait until it comes out. What torture.



Book Description: 

All’s fair in love and high school.

It was just a simple bet.

Get the school’s ice queen to go to Homecoming with him. Lane didn’t think it would be a big deal. He was on the football team. Girls liked him. He takes the challenge. What he didn’t know was that the ice queen overheard the whole thing.

Trudy was having the worst day of her life. And then she overhears Lane and Gabe talking smack about her. If Lane thought he could sweet talk her into going to Homecoming with him, he was going to be disappointed.

But when the principal forces her to tutor Lane in calculus, she’s stuck.

Trudy devises a plan to get back at him. What she didn’t plan on was losing her heart to him.

Buy Don’t Bet on Love today!

The Complete Marriage Raffle Series Boxset (The Marriage Raffle #1 To #5) by Stasia Black

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Book Review:

***I may mention a lot of spoilers throughout this review; for each of the books****

•••Theirs to Protect***Theirs to Protect

Okay I’m going to say this; man this book is good it’s so different from the other apocalypse books it’s like a love thing! & the thing I hated was Audrey her as got on my last nerves because she keeps thinking that she was in a bad place. But she wasn’t it was only Camila clan: and their people that were evil ass men…. she kept trying to run away; both her and Nix I wanted to smack but glad in the end that she finally realizes her ass wanted to stay right there with her husband… I did have to laugh at her dumb self when she went to no-man-land I knew it was a bad idea smh. God that girl was dumb, I knew she should’ve told Nix and her other four husbands about Camila wack abusive husbands. But no she wanted to run and got trap my Travis men who wanted to take her in the first place when they shot her brother Charlie for dead. Though I realize he didn’t die since the second book he’s in it… which I am happy about… I hope that they end up seeing each other because she was so disappointed about what happened to her brother and I was too. I also want to know what will happen to Camila husbands; I hope they end up dead or back to Travis gang of EVIL men like The Who’s that that hurt Nix sixteen-year-olds sister.

***Theirs to Pleasure***Theirs to Pleasure
So as I am reading the description of the second book. It states that someone is a spy and an enemy. I first thought was it was “Henry” and look at that I was right. In a lot of things, I am right about some I am not. In this case, I was…..I also knew that it was crazy how Shay told Henry instead of Charlie… like really girl, you trusted Henry over Charlie who’ve been locked away in the same place she been at since she was 18 or was it 19 anyways. I was like really. Then turn out she was a freaking spy too, trying to target Audrey and her clan along with Sophia and her dad! In the end, I was glad she actually told them what happened though, Henry ass lied and set them up to get killed by Travis… I was glad Henry died; I knew something was fishy about him I just couldn’t put my finger on it. It’s a good thing that Sophia dodge that bullet when it came too him. & in the end, Shay saved her kids with the help of her three men’s “Charlie, Rage, and Jonas, but especially Charlie, God he walked through fire to save her and he ended up with second and third-degree burns on his body. I kept thinking to myself “He walking through that fire, like JESUS” but in the end, I was glad that he saved her not only her but her kids Nicky and Mattie. Charlie May have been laidback or whatever but man he was so brave… though Jonas let Travis get away; at least he saved Rafe from dying… what got me was Henry really though Shay was going to run to him and save her I would’ve let him get shot and die too not only that BURN THE HELL UP “like Usher said “even though this might bruise you, Let it burn” but poor Charlie what a brave man. If only Jonas would’ve shot Travis or at least one of his men. But oh well hopefully he dies soon in either book three with Vanessa or book four with Drea. I’m tired of that man already.

•••••Their Bride******Their Bride

Okay, I’m going to be short with this one. Since I don’t have much to say. I will say that it was a bit different from book one and two. It was crazy how Vanessa she ended up with five guys that didn’t even put their name in the box except for Camden. The other four didn’t want that to happen at all. Well, Michael, he didn’t even put his name in the box he just got a box in lol when Riordan stole the box. When I was reading book #2 I was wondering who stolen that box but the thing is in book 2 it only mentioned that Vanessa ended up with ONLY the twins. But in this book, she ended up with all five men. I was glad that they killed that man Jake that tried to hurt Vanessa again I am waiting on Travis to die already that man is so annoying and when he dies I want to know what his army of soldiers going to be doing. But since everyone is in the new area “cavern” or whatever I wonder where Commander at and his daughter are they still in Jake Well’s that’s what I can’t wait to find out in book 4.. with him and Drea, since I don’t think everyone left that place with the homes. Oh btw I was glad Logan got closure with his ex before she died; though the whole time she was in that cavern and dying thinking that Logan was dead and he was at Jake Wells thinking she was dead too.
•••**+Theirs To Defy+**•••Theirs to Defy

This book was good; I’m just going to be really short with this review. Because I was over it; couldn’t wait to finish. But I will say this Drea; is one strong ass female she deserves to be president but UGH! No one has killed Travis yet! Like Gah, Suicide died the guy Shay ran from died… why hasn’t Travis died yet ugh! I hope he finally dies in the book with Eric daughter Sophia because no way that man can be still alive. He wasn’t a true friend to Sophia dad at all…. just pure evil even though he did save Eric and his daughter… but it’s crazy that Eric didn’t see Arnie as he called him an EVIL man when they were in the army. But in the end I am glad; that Drea saved the women from Suicide but in reality are the women saved from Arnie though?… I think not; I still think he has the women trapped while selling them off… I only liked Garrett and Billy… but you look at it she more than so had sex with MOSTLY “Eric; Jonathan and David” barely with Garrett at all, Billy did get in sometimes…
•••***Theirs to Ransom*****••43923495

I’m going to point this out before I get into this review. This book has all five books in it. Not just four… I am wondering why the author didn’t update the description of the book because it’s 5 not 4 stories in this book. WEIRD when an author never updates anything and let the readers know beforehand so they can get the storyline (description of the book)…
Whoosh finally I am finished with this whole collection. Gah, my head was pounding so much. This why I hardly read the box set… Sometimes it’s just too much.
But anyways, I liked this one way better than the one with Drea…

One thing I will say is that Sophia gosh she was so dang stupid to trust Jagger; like I already knew Toby was full of shit… and something was up with Jagger but couldn’t pinpoint what…I was glad that Toby had died in the end. I also knew that Sophia marriage was FAKE as fuck because there wasn’t an actual marriage at all. I wish that Sophia had sex with Finn first and lost her virginity to him. But she gave it to both anus and coochie to Jagger first. But at least it was Finn first time when they had sex on their fake wedding night. & in the end, Sophia finally got the wedding she wanted and everyone was back in Jake Wells or was it, Jacob Wells? Whatever. I’m just glad that freaking dusty dumb Travis DEAD as FUCK by the hands of Sophia and her dad Eric… Yassss…



Book Description: 

In the New Republic, every woman must marry five men.
It’s the law.
Welcome to the apocalypse. 

Theirs to Protect 

Nix never put his name in the marriage raffle for a reason. He doesn’t need a woman. There aren’t that many to go around anyway after a genetically engineered virus wiped out 90% of the female population. He has his job as head of the Security Squadron and it’s all he needs. He looks out for the township. He protects the few women there are left. 

But when his name is called to be one of the five husbands to the woman rescued from the badlands, he doesn’t speak up to correct the error. 
Because Audrey’s like no one he’s ever met before. Fiesty. That’s the name for her. Not like so many of the women they’ve brought back before. She’s not broken. She might be just the woman to handle a rough, brutal man like him. 

Theirs to Pleasure 

Shay came into the township knowing she’d be a lottery bride. 
So she’d have to marry five men. 
She wasn’t the naïve girl she’d been eight years ago. 
She’d learned the lessons that had been beaten into her and she’d learned them well. 
So yes, so she’d share her body with her new husbands. 
But her secrets were still her own. 

The men are different than she expected, though. They each had their own reasons for entering the lottery. There’s Charlie, who’s so sweet and kind. Rafe, who’s a light-hearted jokester during the day but dark and demanding in bed. Then Jonas and Henry and Gabriel, each bringing their own damage and beauty to the clan until, day by day, they begin to feel like a real family. 

There’s just one little problem with the happy new family clan. 

One of them isn’t who he appears to be. 
He is a spy for the enemy. 
Will Shay and the township be doomed before she and her husbands have a chance at lasting happiness? 

Their Bride 

All Vanessa ever wanted was to be loved. 
Okay, strike that—all she wanted was not to die at the hands of the homicidal maniac who was obsessed with hunting her down—and to be loved. 
Was that too much to ask? 

The plan was simple: 
Go to Jacob’s Well. 
Enter herself in the Marriage Raffle. 
After years of barely surviving, finally get her happily ever after. 

But nothing’s ever that simple, is it? 
Turns out she’ll have to fight tooth and nail for her fairytale ending. 
The prize has never been more worth it, though—Five men who love and adore her, and at long last, a home and a family. 
… if she survives to tell the tale. 

Theirs to Defy 

Drea was completely lost except for Eric’s hands cupping her face. Eric’s blue eyes piercing hers. 

“This isn’t a marriage where each of us get a sliver of you. No, baby, that’s not how this is gonna work. 

You have to give every one of us all of you. Pour it all out. Every single drop of yourself and trust that we’ll fill you back up.” 

His stare only grew more intense. “We will never leave you. Never forsake you. 

We are yours until the end of time. 

And baby, you are ours.” 

She defies them at every turn. 

Theirs to Ransom

She was always Daddy’s little princess. They’re vicious outlaws. Now she’s theirs, and they’re not going to let her go without a fight. 

Sophia Wolford’s always looked at the world as if the glass is half full. Even after the Apocalypse. What’s the point of focusing on the negative, after all, when you need to get busy rebuilding the world? 

Finn Knight sees things differently, however. His motto is: Trust no one and always suspect the worst. 

Not surprisingly, Sophia and Finn get along like oil and water. 

When Sophia sees an opportunity to save not only Jacob’s Well, but the entire country which is on the brink of war, however, Finn is the only person who can help her. 

Sophia gets a lot more than she bargained for, though, when she heads into the wilds of New Mexico and offers herself as a Raffle Bride. 

She discovers too late that her new husbands might not have the most honorable intentions. Will she and Finn be able to find a way to save themselves in time, much less the Republic?

Misadventures in a Threesome by Elizabeth & Hayley

What came today “Misadventures in a Threesome by Elizabeth & Hayley @authorelizabethhayley can’t wait to read it •



Jasmine Pritchett needs a job. A pathway to financial independence. When Transform, the local gym, initiates an expansion to offer fitness classes, she sees her opportunity. Armed with several instructor certifications and even more persistence, she finds herself interviewing for the job in front of two of the sexiest men she’s ever laid eyes on.

Maddox Gibson craves control. He’s been trying to regain his zest for life since being discharged from the army, and with the help of his best friend, Wilder Vaughn, he’s worked his way from rock bottom to find happiness as a successful gym co-owner.
Wilder lives life like his name implies—wildly—and without Maddox’s rigid temperament to keep him grounded, his lighthearted impulsiveness could very well get him into trouble.

When these two beefy best buds invite Jasmine into their friendship, sparks fly quickly, and Jasmine tries to convince them she can be so much more. To both of them.
Can Jaz, Mad, and Wild figure out how to navigate a polyamorous relationship without destroying their friendship…and their hearts?

Misadventures is a romantic series of spicy standalone novels, each written or co-written by some of the best names in romance. The stories are scandalous, refreshing, and, of course, incredibly sexy. They’re the perfect bedside read, a ‘quick blush’ for the reader who loves a page-turning romance.

Accidental Marriage: A Bad Boy Romance (Accidentally Yours Romance Series Book 2) by Scott Wylder

Short book 


Book Review:

***Short spoilers***

Okay; I was curious about this book; and was wondering what it was about and what will happen. What I didn’t know was it was this SHORT.., I was still trying to figure out how they love each other that fast when they just got married accidentally “they didn’t even know each other. The sad part about it is; he’s a contract killer or whatever you called it. But in the end, I’m glad he saved her and killed the man that he was supposed to kill.


Book Description: 

Aldrick Mirren:

What do a night on the town in Vegas, big wins, big money, a hot hookup, a mercenary, and a marriage certificate all have in common?

Me. That’s what.

Me and this hot little number named Sierra Lansford. She was out for a night on the town and a little gambling. She won the jackpot, for sure.

I don’t want to be married. In my career, lovers are a weakness I can’t afford. So, what do I do with a wife I don’t even remember marrying? 

Sierra Lansford:

Knock, knock.

Who’s there?

A married woman.

There’s nothing funny about waking up married to a man you don’t know.

Being kidnapped and held hostage by his enemy is even less funny.

So, why do I feel lucky that I met him? How do you fall in love with a man who has such an air of mystery? A man like Aldrick Mirren. 

My Best Friend’s Daddy by E.L. Patterson (Author)

So this book has “Two names” I guess the author changed it on Amazon but not Goodreads “Goodreads” has Stacy’s Dad, just reading the name reminds me of the song “Stacy’s Mom” by #FountainsofWayne 😂 now it sucks in my head… uses to love that song! Not only that the cover of “Stacy’s Mom” got me #DEAD 😂I didn’t even realize that was happening ••• swipe left to see the cover” #FreakALeak … But I am still waiting for him to give in to his daughter best friend! He was so close until the police 👮🏼‍♀️ popped up 😂 oh well! 🤷🏽‍♀️🍉 


Book Review:

••••******Not that many SPOILERS••****

I liked this book. It was good; even though it was so long, I had to take breaks in between because my head was killing me from all the reading. Glad I finally got around to finishing it FINALLY.

I figured that Stacy was going to find out about her best friend and her dad. It took her long enough to find out. I said that she was a fool if she didn’t figure it out once she came home and spotted Emma in her dad kitchen and the next day she figures it out. I didn’t blame her for being mad at both her dad and Emma and what crazy to me is his like thirty-something, and she’s in her early twenties like she’s twenty I think. Whereas Stacy was eighteen, I believe. I said God that was, but in the end, nobody even cared that they fucked or gotten together where they ended Up married in the end. Idk but I couldn’t also see my best friend with my dad that’s just nasty yuck and just weird… but at least both Emma and Brandon were happy including his daughter Stacy…

My Best Friend's Daddy by [Patterson, E.L.]

Book Description: 

The first time I met her, she was only eighteen, and her eyes begged me to make her mine.

Too bad we were in her principal’s office.

But now she’s my daughter’s best friend, and totally off limits.

Then why can’t I stop thinking about her? Fantasizing about her as I shower, imagining what she’d feel like beneath me, above me, what it would feel like to own her, have her succumb to my every filthy desire.

I know it’s wrong, but it’s impossible not to envision what’s under those clothes of hers, or what’s between those smooth, gorgeous legs. I harden every time she’s around. I know she wants me, every woman does, but no, this one’s forbidden fruit.

Ripe, delicious, and– Stop! I can’t have her. It’s perverse–way, way too perverse. She’s my daughter’s closest friend. I can’t be having these taboo thoughts about her.

And now, my lovely daughter has gone and gotten her a job working for me.


I’m in trouble.

Send help.

Include handcuffs and elephant tranquilizer.

Because I fear short of those, nothing will keep me from between her thighs.

**My Best Friend’s Daddy is a full-length, 70,000-word standalone romantic comedy with a HEA and plenty of steam. No cheating, no cliffhanger, all good.


Stacy’s Dad by E.L. Patterson

Stacy’s mom is cool, but I’m in love with Stacy’s dad. 
“Bіtch,” Stacy says. 
“Ϲunt,” I reply. 
Stacy punches me in the face. 
This is how I break my nose for the first time. 
This is how I meet my best friend. 
This is how I meet, Stacy’s dad. 53695298_1955123121280582_1721880147340034048_o