Out Gamed by Lila Rose (Author)

This book is really good. I’m almost finished too. I’m reading this and two other books… but this one is 🙌🏽👾📖

Book Review:

I love this book it was lit. I’m not going even to add any spoilers but maybe I will because my mind goes to a lot of places and is thinking a lot when I am writing my reviews.

So let me start by saying this book was lit. I definitely enjoyed it and was ready for Nancy and Gamer to get together… I love that his name is Roman beautiful name for an awesome man. I thought sure that guy I don’t even remember his name well last name that wanted Nancy would be a problem. But he wasn’t a problem for both Nancy and Gamer thank God.

What I do know I am ready for the stories on everybody kids especially Texas (Dive and Low son) and Maya (Talon and Zara) daughter. Like hmmm, what will happen there. Not only that like Will each of there kids end up with each other; I can’t wait until she writes the children stories. But anyways I was glad in the end Talon accepted that Nancy wanted to be with Gamer and he wanted to be with her. Talon was very grumpy, but he loves his family and friends. Glad in the end Gamer moved to Ballarat to be with Nancy. I just wish they could adopt a child or something so that she could’ve given Gamer a child though he doesn’t want any hmm. I’m just saying… Also, their age wasn’t that far off; in my opinion, he was like thirty-seven; she was like fifty-five.

Kindle Edition, 114 pages
Published April 2nd, 2019
Edition Language: English
  • Out Gamed
  • Out Gamed




Book Description:

Roman “Gamer” Power didn’t know what a good life was until he became a member of the Hawks MC and Talon took over as president. Happy from being needed with his skills on the computer, his life is content. He can even go without the woman he admires from afar. A woman he’s dreamed of having as his own for a long time.

But the time to stand back waiting for her to heal is gone.

Nancy Alexander’s world ended the day her husband died. All that keeps her going is the love of her kids and grandchildren. Happiness only makes itself known when her family is around. Then something changes. A certain biker, a certain young biker, shows her she’s not just a mother or grandmother. Instead, she’s something more to him.

With an age gap she’s unsure of and her heart still torn, can Nancy finally be out gamed by Gamer?

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