#TheRealCinderella (#BestFriendsForever #1) by Yesenia Vargas

#THEREAL Cinderella … this book reminds me of the movie “A Cinderella Story” because of the description if you saw this movie you’ll understand what I mean…

Book Review


**** There are spoilers throughout this review*****
This book was so good; I read it in two days tbh, this story is similar to the “A Cinderella Story” but also different in many ways. The crazy thing is both her parents died on her birthday it sucks, but at least she can now celebrate with those who care and love her. Unlike her Step-mom and sisters … Though, her step-sisters apologize to her finally for being mean unlike her step-mom… which turn out to be a good thing they even gave her a present earring which was something her and her father was planning to do for her birthday before he died.
I hated how her stepmom tried to blame for her father died. I’m like the nerve of that lady to say such a thing. When Ella was only ten at the time, plus; I was glad she made friends with Rey, Selena, and Harper; and finally Tori who took up for her a lot during and after the prom. When her stepsister reunion her dress I figured it was Tori who given the dress to Ella that’s what a good person do for someone. I figure that Tori wasn’t as bad as she may seem she just needed to come around.

Not only that I was glad that Ella and Jesse finally meet, but I also figured that it had to be one of the guys in her class. It only talked about her maths class the most and whatever other class that I don’t care to remember the name. I always said though; some popular people are mean not all are cruel individuals it’s just the haters and people who are jealous who pick on those who are different than them. I was glad that Ella found that Will and that letter from her father and ended up removing herself from her evil stepmom clutches…. glad for that happy ending and this book was a 5-star rating…


Kindle Edition, 278 pages
Published April 24th, 2018 by Yesenia Vargas
Edition Language: English
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  • #TheRealCinderella



Book Description

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A modern-day teenage Cinderella. An all-star varsity basketball player. Will the chemistry disappear when they go from anonymous to face-to-face? 

Geeky Ella Reyes is at the bottom of the totem pole at Westwood High. Her ultra-popular stepsisters refuse to be seen with her at school, and every day she comes home to a mountain of chores.

Ella’s only friend (and maybe crush) lives on the other side of her phone’s screen. She and Baller929 know everything about each other, except their real names.

When they have a chance to meet at her school’s Halloween ball, Ella must figure out a way to get there without her stepmom or stepsisters finding out.

Is revealing her identity to Baller929 worth risking the one good thing left in her life? Or is he too good to be true?

Fans of Cinder & Ella by Kelly Oram and the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants books will fall in love with this new coming-of-age series. Start the first book now.

This is a clean young adult contemporary romance.