#TheBoyfriendDare (#BestFriendsForever #4) by Yesenia Vargas

So far so good!

Book Review:


****Yes, there will be a few or a lot of spoilers in this review****
Okay! Ian got on my nerve for 1.5 seconds well more than that. I wanted to slap him because of how he treated Selena… especially when the rumors happen about him, and Bethany was getting back together (in my Taylor Swift voice)… & then what happened a homecoming… I was like no he didn’t know when he was the one to drag Lena into that FAKE relationship and told her he didn’t want Bethany anymore…
At that point I was like Ian better apologize to Lena; and that he did with that text at 3ish in the morning! I was glad he and Selena had that talk and both admitted their truths about wanting to be together and it not being a fake relationship anymore. & with Ian confessing his true feelings about always liking her… I was like about time. & at the end, I was like yasss. It’s going to be a story about Rey, I been looking for that book too. But found out her story coming soon which I can’t wait. I am counting down these days with also checking the author group on FB!!!



Book Description:

Will a game of truth or dare ruin their friendship—or turn it into something more? 

Lena has never kissed a boy for anything other than fun. So when a dare turns into kissing her best guy friend, Ian, she does not expect for fireworks to go off. 

The problem? 

Ian wants his ex-girlfriend back. And to do that, he dares Lena to become his fake girlfriend and remind his ex just what she’s missing out on. But it’s all just pretend, right? 

Except the longer this dare goes on, the more Lena falls for Ian. A guy who makes her laugh, cheers her on the soccer field, and… makes kissing for real not so scary.

Will this fake relationship mess up their friendship for good? Or take it to the next level? 

Fans of To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before will fall in love with this next installment of the #BestFriendsForever series. Grab book 4 and continue this popular new series today! 

This is a clean young adult romance.


Kindle Edition, 224 pages
Published February 22nd, 2019
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