Hot Mess (Messy Love #1) by R. Linda

This book is actually good … the main character “Wren” is hilarious especially when it comes to her obsession over pizza 🍕….. 😂 you know you love pizza when you pick it over gas, & electricity among other things 😂🤦🏽‍♀️ 

Book Review:

It was good

••*** There’s a will or a possibility of a few or a lot of spoilers****•••
I thought hmmm; the Description ehhh… not sure if it’s going to be good or not! But dang it was actually good. I laugh a lot while reading this book. Wren was hilarious, especially when it came to her pizza. But what I realize is that often that a lot of authors have written books about women who are big bone & that they have either been disrespected for being more significant or relationships has failed. When in reality that’s not the case… because for one woman who is medium size or skinny has it hard too when it comes to people judging there size and loving them for who they are… I just want a book with at least with a skinny or medium size female with these problems and also over 5’5…
Other than that I actually liked this book because for one Tate was good for Wren and Wren was good for Tate… I was glad when he got rid of Rachel horrible self…. she was so annoying and hated on Wren for no particular reason; when Wren didn’t give a flying rats ass about Rachel… I was surprised that Wren didn’t say anything about the party Rachel had in her back yard & then telling everyone to leave. When Wren got in her ass for calling her a whale… I don’t understand how someone can hate someone due to their size, either small or big…. for one Wren had a real body whereas Rachel was plastic… I glad Tate wanted real over fake… quirky over wack.. weird or boogie…

Btw: I wonder what book two will be about… hopefully, her friend Eva 😌👌


45031647Book Description:

There’s always that one girl who has all these dreams, yet she can’t reach them because she’s constantly tripping over her own two feet. 

That’s me. I’m that girl. The unorganized, chaotic, hot mess. 

I’m the struggling artist who refuses to give up my love for pizza just because society constantly shoves thin, perfectly toned bodies in my face saying that’s what women are supposed to look like. 

Oh, and I’m filthy rich. On paper anyway. I can’t touch my trust fund just yet, so to get those nasty debt-collectors off my back I rent out the snazzy mansion my parents left me. 

Of course, it has to be Tate Montgomery who moves in—the super sexy celebrity with three million, five hundred and twenty-six followers on Instagram. And of course, I have to be the paint-covered walking disaster who falls for the said famous tenant. 

The problem? Tate and I, we’re not compatible…at all. He’s arrogant. I’m stubborn. It’s a train wreck waiting to happen. 

Yet, I end up kissing him anyway. 

Told you I was a mess.


Kindle Edition, 179 pages
Published May 27th, 2019 by R. Linda Novels
Edition Language: English
Series: Messy Love #1
  • Hot Mess
  • Hot Mess

The Secret Girl: A High School Bully Romance (Adamson All-Boys Academy #1) by C.M. Stunich

Ugh 😑!!! Dude; I barely even shed a tear or get teary-eyed when I read a book but Spencer 😭😭😭😭😩😩😩😩 why it had to be him, I’m pissed & sad…. like I want to read book two now & it’s not even out/available 😑

Book Review:

Dude This book was really good. I’m upset…

•••• Dude’s its Spoilers in this review.•••

Omg, I’m so pissed OFF like WHY it had to be Spencer 😩😭 like I liked him and wanted him with Charlotte aka Chuck…. man I’m so upset 😭like ugh!!!!!!! Like I want to read book two so bad, but it’s not even out or available yet….. like a man why… can’t Spencer be alive 😩 so mad… that I can’t even or care to explain the reason in this book.

Like I was like why haven’t either of them went to get Spencer at all… before they even went to find out where the bloody handprints went too. Bad enough; I was panic when Ranger didn’t pop up; then they got him out that tunnel. & he wasn’t breathing… then finding out that the twins found Spencer with a rope around his neck like WHY 😩😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
I want to know who is the one that’s was gunning for Chuck (Charlotte) & I think they went after Spencer because he had a thing for Charlie 😩 now they going to after the other four guys now. Like ugh; I didn’t like them for picking and doing evil things to Charlie when she first got there but after a while more so when they found out that she was a girl it gotten better, but it also got a little better after the Halloween (I think), but whatever I am still upset about Spencer 😭😩😩😩😩😩😩😩 I swear I hope they find about what happened to Spencer sister Jenica & why no one wants to talk about & the police among others not doing anything about. Before someone else ends up dead… I can’t take it….. I wonder how long he been out there before they found Spencer 😞😞😞😞 like UGH they thought he was in Cabin 10; where I wish that where he was 😩😭 I freaking hate reading books that makes me sad…


Book Description:

Shh, I have a secret.

The sinfully gorgeous members of the Student Council—Church, Ranger, Spencer, Micah, and Tobias—can’t ever find out.

I already get picked on because of my father’s the headmaster.

I don’t need them to know I’m the only girl, too; I’d rather dress like a boy.

Adamson All-Boys Academy now has its only female student, but I’m not about to be their guinea pig.

Not when there’s a secret at this school nobody is talking about. Not when the last female student here ended up dead.

***THE SECRET GIRL is a 90,000-word lighthearted reverse harem/high school bully romance novel with a mystery/suspense twist. This is book one of three in the series. Contains foul language and sexual scenes; any sex featured is consensual. 

Kindle Edition, 420 pages
Published May 24th, 2019 by Sarian Royal
  • The Secret Girl (Adamson All-Boys Academy, #1)

Leah’s Song (Mountain Creek Drive #2) by Daphne James Huff

My next read; Leah sister is kind of horrible… 

Book Review:

Review It was good

•••Going to be just a few may be a little more Spoilers in this review.•••••
So one thing I would like to say is Leah family is horrible not only her family but her best friend Lily too. For one, her parents just ugh! They paid more attention to the oldest daughter (Jenn) then they did the two youngest (Leah & Luke) like what In the world…. half the time they didn’t even know Luke was home… what got me like really? Was when her mom told Leah to pay for her own dress for the dance but her mom bought Jenn a dress I was WTH! That is so wrong. & said that I hope they don’t pay attention to Leah then when Jenn go off to college; because for one I would’ve been like boop> you didn’t care about me when Jenn was here why am I getting your attention now.
The funny thing is they (the parents & Jenn) was mad at Luke for getting into trouble, but neither of them gave a crap about him at all… always fussing ONLY when he got into trouble it was good that he realizes the stupid mistakes he made… Bad influences will make it bad and hard on teenagers… it’s good not to have a weak mind and follow what others do.
Also; Lily I wanted to smack fire from her & smack Leah too for wanting to apologize when it should’ve been Lily who should’ve apologized knowing that Josh didn’t want or like her at all. Going to hold a grudge and string another guy along to make another one jealous that didn’t even want her whereas the other guy who she strings along did. I was glad when Leah got a brain after the competition because she got on my last nerve when it came to Lily like girl gets your own mind and make a decision that is best for you not for Lily…



Book Description:

Killer voice. Killer looks. Totally off limits.

He caught my eye from across the choir room and gave me a small smile. My heart nearly stopped.

By pure chance, this singing football playing Adonis had moved in down the street and befriended me.

Well, technically, befriended us.

If only I hadn’t made that promise to my best friend that we’d both stay away…


Fans of High School Musical and Glee will fall in love with Leah & Josh, and the entire cast of Mountain Creek Drive.

A throwback to the early 2000s, this new contemporary YA romance series that will have you longing for the days when Britney loved Justin and you had to share cell phone minutes with your siblings. Back when Friday nights were made for football games and sleepovers with the friends you’d do anything for.


Read the entire sweet YA romance series:

Book 1: Stage Kiss by M.F. Lorson

Book 2: Leah’s Song by Daphne James Huff

Book 3: Chasing Love by Kayla Tirrell


Kindle Edition, 296 pages
Published November 2018
Edition Language: English
  • Leah's Song (Mountain Creek Drive #2)

Stage Kiss (Mountain Creek Drive #1) by M.F. Lorson (Author)

This book is actually good; I was kind of hesitant due to this being a drama/theater like a book. Though I’ve read a book like this… but I’m trying to figure out if these kids in this book go to the same school as Charlie; Daria & the rest that in Varsity girls series probably so…

Book Review:

Pretty good book

****•Zombie this review with a lot of spoilers; so beware****•

Okay so this review going to a short one since I more likely don’t have much to say. So this book it was actually really good; though I was kind of hesitant about reading it since I thought it was going to be boring “literally” but turn out it wasn’t boring at all.

Plus; I was curious about Erin sister “Annabelle” and why she left and was wondering why she left! But finally found out the reason and she did come back. Hopefully to stay; though it would be interesting to have a story about Annabelle. Also; I was rooting for Peter and Erin to get together (but his name had to be Peter; that is a horrible name like Jet is… yuck! But anyways I was glad that Ashley didn’t end up Homecoming Queen and Amy ended up being it… I felt like I actually read a book by this author with Amy being crown the homecoming queen, and that also; she ended up with an awesome boyfriend in the end.

With that being said; it’s good that Libby (horrible name by the way) Nick and Erin end up friends again though what they did “Libby and Nick” did to Erin was horrible… though in my opinion I believe that she didn’t even want or like Nick the way he liked her at that time… he realize it after they had kiss. I think that she didn’t care for it because she may have still had that full-blown crush on Peter as she said once she started being around Peter more. But in they all get what they wanted … Erin with Peter; her getting her sister back, Nick and Libby making up, and Ashley not being homecoming queen it ended up being to someone who deserves it because Erin knew she didn’t want to become homecoming queen and Peter shown her that.

42975657Book Description:

Homecoming court nominee, Erin Armstrong, has it all, the best friends, the best boyfriend and lead in the school play. But when she catches her bestie and her boyfriend holding hands behind the porta potty her status as Rosemark High’s It girl takes a nosedive. 

Determined to win the crown and earn back her social status, Erin enlists the help of quirky theatre kid, Peter Hunt. Together with the two craft a plan to ensure Erin’s victory. That is if the two can keep their growing attraction from sabotaging the project. 

A throwback to the early 2000s, Stage Kiss will have you longing for the days when being brave meant sending an AOL instant message to your crush. Back when Friday nights were made for football games and sleepovers with the friends you’d do anything for. 

Get the first installment in the Mountain Creek Drive series today! 


Kindle Edition, 262 pages
Published November 2018 by Jennifer Costley

Fake It by Alexis Winter (Author), Cosmic Covers (Illustrator), Michele Davine (Editor)

My current readFake It by Alexis Winter!

Book Review:

Fake it; until you end up in LOVE

•••There’s a lot of spoilers probably in this book••••
So omg this book was actually good, and also different from the other engage pretend books I have read which is 100% better and a plus… I don’t think I would’ve liked this book if it was; so with that being said…..
I never thought that Samatha best friend Janelle aka El…. was the one that set up this fake engagement with Cameron… I knew that both Cam and Sam was going to end up falling for one other, especially with the way they were acting towards one another. With Cam getting jealous when Sam went out on the date with Dr. Ken aka Dr. McSexy. I think Samatha did the right thing because for one it proved that Cameron actually was jealous and upset about her talking to another man… knowing that he had a feeling for her and genuinely loved her. But neither of them confessed their love for one other because both were scared. But in the end it was Janelle who gotten them well more so Cameron to go over and talk to Samatha and both of them end up apologizing to each other; and ended up getting engaged for real this time…. this book was awesome can’t wait to read the other two books “Castile hotel series”.


45168970Book Description:

Fifty grand was all it took and I was his.
Pretend fiancée to Mr. Sex-on-a-stick himself, Cameron Styles.
Chicago’s most successful, ruthless lawyer and douchebag extraordinaire.

Turns out when you’re staring down the barrel of bankruptcy and possible eviction…you’ll do pretty much anything for some quick cash.

I gave myself two rules.
#1. Don’t fall into his bed.
#2. Don’t fall in love.

There’s one small problem…I’m REALLY bad at following my own rules.

Just when I think there’s a glimmer of hope he feels the same way,
I’m reminded of my place in his life…

Does true love stand a chance when I was hired to fake it? 

Kindle Edition, 178 pages
Published April 17th, 2019
  • Fake It

Game Plan (Varsity Girlfriends #4) by Kayla Tirrell

I so was waiting on this story with Preston & Daria… but now I want a story with Anderson to see what his issue really is will he find someone to tame him… 🏀

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Book Review:

Definitely was a game plan with an end goal

••••Spoilers in this review••••

Soooo; dude, I been planning to read this book! I couldn’t wait for it to come out… I was like I am so ready for Preston and Daria to date… but somehow; I forgot her name was Daria I thought it was something else for some reason. I don’t know why; but anyway it’s crazy to think that both Preston and Daria actually liked each other but was hiding their feelings for each other. Though half the time Preston was an idiot… I was a little mad that he did that to Daria over spring break… I’m like wow not cool; to not tell the person you were supposedly dating that you got back with your ex.

Though; in the book with Preston and I believe it was Mackey, Beth seem like an okay person, but turn out she was just horrible. But between Beth; being a turd… I want to know if Anderson will find someone to tame him; or is it the girl he (Anderson) taken to the prom? Will the author write a story on him who knows.



Book Description:

I’ve got one shot to win his heart.

I’ve had a crush on Preston Royce for as long as I can remember. Only, I’ve never told him, or anyone, because he doesn’t see me that way. (And because his sister, Charlie, happens to be my best friend!)

But when Preston’s girlfriend breaks his heart, Charlie comes up with a plan to get them back together—a plan that involves Preston and me pretending to date.

Yeah, it’s a bad idea cozying up with a guy who’s still in love with his ex, but it may be my only chance to get close to him before we graduate high school. He thinks we’re faking.

Meanwhile, I’m falling more in love with him…

Game Plan is perfect for anyone who likes their sweet romance with a dash of drama. It is the fourth book in the Varsity Girlfriends series.

Kindle Edition
Published May 14th, 2019
Edition Language: English
  • Game Plan

Rule #5: You Can’t Trust the Bad Boy (The Rules of Love #5) by Anne-Marie Meyer

My current read; it’s an alright book 📖👌 📖 

Book Review:

You can trust the bad boy.

••••Spoilers; but not that many, no!***•••
Okay, this book was good; I was glad that Jet gave Brielle the experience that she truly needed because her parents were horrible. I always say being rich is not always a happy life because often people with a lot of money think people less money is beneath them….. that was definitely Brielle parents; until they learn actually to start caring more for Brielle and let her run; her own life instead of controlling it for her. If it wasn’t for her meeting Jet; I think she would’ve spent that tome with Stefano or whatever his name is that don’t care to remember.
Jet; was good for her, and she was good for him. Also; I knew that Jasmine girl was going to be horrible soon as they started singing that song “The Boy is Mine” by Brandy and Monica… I was like yup; Brielle should’ve seen that coming when the girl started talking to her in the bathroom. Never trust someone when it comes to their ex; because often if she still wants him, she coming after you.

But in the end, Brielle was the one who gotten Jett! & her parents learn to like him as Brielle did, which was a good thing.



Book Description:

He was supposed to be my escape for the weekend. I wasn’t supposed to fall for him.

My life feels as if it’s spiraling out of control the moment Mom and Dad inform me that come Monday, I’m heading to Italy to “get to know” the son of an important business investor. Apparently, it’s my responsibility as a daughter of a hotel tycoon or something.

I want to be a good daughter, but I’m tired of being looked over. I’m tired of having my life planned out for me.

So when I run into Jet Miller, the bad boy with a motorcycle, I pay him to take me away for the weekend. He’s convinced that I won’t fit into his life, but I don’t care. I need this break.

Two days of freedom quickly change into something more, and I find myself falling for Jet.

Only, he doesn’t know that once our 48-hour escape is over, I’m gone.

And I don’t know how to tell him.

Some rules are meant to be broken. 

For fans of The Sun is Also a Star, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, and The Last Summer, you won’t want to miss this epic romance! If you love misunderstood bad boys and heroines who fall in love with them, you’ll devour Rule #5: You Can’t Trust the Bad Boy. It has all the feels of your first love, all over again. 

Sincerely Cinderella by Kelsie Stelting

At first, I was like oh lord 😩🤦🏽‍♀️ not again… with this Cinderella story of hiding her name not telling the guy meeting up with him at school or someplace yadda yadda…. but I will say this; though she has the pen name Cinderella it’s totally different from the other book I read… I definitely wanted to smack her mom & her evil aunt just horrible … like Jesus how can someone treat a blind person so horribly…

Book Review:

Funny how they didn’t realize they knew each other…

••••There’s a couple of spoilers throughout this review•••

It’s interesting to know that this book was included in the pen pal romance series that I read. Like I wonder did she go to school with Fabio & Grace and the two from Dear Adam. In my opinion, never mind might be from another book. 😂 But anyways, I liked this book totally different.
Though; I can say, I was like ‘here we go again” with the pen pal theme with some girl acting like she’s Cinderella with the horrible stepmom and steps sisters. But thank god it was different from the other book I had read about a girl whose pen name was “Cinderella”…. this story was good but also sad; because of what happened to Cindy. But in a good way, she ended up happier when she learns to embrace her blindness and accept that she could make it on her own in the world without her dad. Often when you are close to a parent, and then they go gone, or you actually move away, it can be hard for a while until you get used to it.
I was glad she had Jet; and Raven. Not so much as Addie she was just horrible; smh 🤦🏽‍♀️ you can’t do that to someone after they told you what their ex-boyfriend and an ex-best friend did to them … I was like dang Addie wasn’t even Cindy friend to sit and lie on both her and Jett and Jett was on suspension, and Cindy got probation for the lies that Addie told, but I was glad In the end Cindy confronted Addie about what happen, and everybody learns the truth. Plus; Shay was also nicer, in the end, we’ll always be in my opinion when she learns to accept Cindy for being blind… she helped her by snitching own her mom to help Cindy.

Because Shay and Taylor mom who was Cindy aunt was just horrible she was taking Cindy trust fund money; taking trying to remodel or something to her Cindy dad house; plus opening up credit cards In Cindy name. Like sheesh, she was taking advantage of someone who couldn’t help themselves I n ways if it were for Shay or Cindy caseworker Terri I don’t think Cindy would’ve gotten what she needed when it came to her aunt… I was glad that her aunt got in trouble for fraud. But it was interesting to see other blind people helping those who are newly blind and not so newly blind. & dating someone who also blind… I never saw or read anything like that before.

Kindle Edition, 190 pages
Published May 14th, 2019
  • Sincerely Cinderella







Book Description:

I gave him three rules. Three impossible rules. 

1)   I don’t want you to know my real name.

2)   We’re never going to meet in person.

3)   You don’t get to be my Prince Charming.

When I woke up in the hospital, fatherless and blind, falling in love was my last priority. No, I had to figure out how to live again. And deal with my heinous aunt. Plus her two daughters, aka the Terrible Two.

But then I got my first letter from Jett. 

He shouldn’t want anything to do with me – a relationship would cost him too much. But he keeps trying to tell me that some rules are meant to be broken.

The only problem with our rules? 

They exist for a reason.

Start reading Sincerely Cinderella today to learn what happens when fate meets reality. Fans of The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon and Cinder & Ella by Kelly Oram will devour this young adult romance that will leave your heart pounding, your eyes watering, and butterflies dancing in your stomach. Or at least believing in happily ever after.

Outplayed by Lila Rose

Current read….. had to rush to read a different book just so I could start this one. Lol not far in it; let’s see how it goes!!!! 

Book Review:

It was good
•••Spoilers but not as many•••

That’s cute when Link said that Izzy wanted to do his hair I had to laugh at that part. Hopefully kind of sort of maybe Link would get a book too…. especially if he keeps popping up in this one…

But anyways; I really liked this book; and was glad that Talon sister Violet found herself love again with her ex-boyfriend Travis. At first, I was like who in the world is Travis when the author stated this book would be out this month. I had to go back to “Holding Out” with Talon and Zara… to figure out who Travis was 😂 I’m like ooooh he the guy that kidnapped Zara and was Violet old fling… but thank god he got rid of Pam… I didn’t even like her in Holding Out when she accused Zara of attacking her when Zara did no such thing! Plus; it’s hilarious how people kept popping up at Travis house unannounced like dang he needed better security because they surely do suck anyone can come into his house. At any time of the day… like dang!!! But at least in the end both Violet and Travis found each other, and more Violet accepted that she did still care for Travis, and her brother Talon accepted it though he doesn’t want Travis to hurt her which I understand.. & Izzy got a mother (step-mom) in the end…
P.S. I’m ready for the author to write the books about the children…. because I swear Maya and Texas might hook up… because when I was reading OutGamed, I was like hmm… it’s something there…


Book Description:

Violet Marcus’s life is settled. She has it all: a place of her own, a business where her temper has its uses, and great people who work for her. 
But something is missing. The problem is, her stubbornness refuses to admit how lonely she actually is. 
She lost the one man she thought she could marry, a university love, but when their careers drive them in different directions they went their separate ways. 
Now he’s back. 
He’s also changed. 
Unsure if she wants to hug him or throat punch him, she keeps her distance. Or tries to. 

Travis Stewart moves to Ballarat for one reason—to have Violet back in his life. His love has never diminished. Not through the years, the distance, or even in the underworld he finds himself a part of. 
He will always love her. 
Now he just has to convince Violet that his heart is hers, and his soul isn’t as black as it seems. 
His mission is simple: get Violet to understand they have a future together before getting kneed in the balls. Easy, especially as he refuses to be outplayed.

Misadventures with My Ex (Misadventures #21) by Shayla Black

Got the Misadventures with My Ex by Shayla Black today! I hope this book is good too📗

Book Review:

****There’s a possibility that its spoilers; in this review****

It’s interesting how the author wrote a book about Ella sister “Eryn“ & I read the story on Ella and Carson it was good enough.., and can’t wait to see how Eryn story goes… I hope the author Shayla Black writes a book about both Eryn and Ella sister Echo…. & her best friends Hayes… “***eyebrows raise up & down”****** Or fall for one of his friends or some other guy; while pinning over Hayes, but end up falling someone else “a girl can only hope•••****
But back to the story of Eryn and Wes …. one thing I don’t like is how long the kissing and stuff be… it be dragging and dragging…. like half of the one chapter 😂 almost fell asleep I’m like get to the sex’n part already smh 🤦🏽‍♀️ I rather read a short version of the kissing part that takes forever. I am like dang is he ever going to get the sex part finish so that he can tell her why he left… that’s what my concern is mostly about… but at least their second time wasn’t long winded…

Eryn got on my last nerve during chapter nine she was kind of whiny like Jheeze… she was also dumb because for one she believes West mother when West and even his own uncle Edward even said to her don’t believe her or whatever. And her dumb self going to fall for the trap and cry a freaking river. Knowing if they don’t end up married; she going to have regrets and crying; while wearing the wedding dress once again… 🙄 I’m like idiot West “in love with you” idiot the board meeting is nearing that’s why he was staying after so long! Her brain is like a 3… dumb… I was like if this bitch doesn’t marry him I’m a punch her through the phone… but in the end I was glad that she finally realizes she was an idiot and decided to marry Weston…, not only that also Edward coming to apologize and telling Eryn that it was him in the pictures and not West… it’s also good that he ended up sober, and hopefully, it stays that way too.

Btw: Dude why do I want Eryn and Ella little sister to end up with Weston brother “Flynn” ha… only wishful thinking more likely she be with Hayes if she has her own book. But that’s what I’m hoping in the next misadventures book that Shayla Black writes she writes the story with Echo and Hayes… they are the complete opposite I do wonder how that even works… & plus I love “Echo” name….

Paperback, 232 pages
Published March 26th, 2019 by Waterhouse Press
ISBN: 1642630160 (ISBN13: 9781642630169)
  • Misadventures with My Ex (Misadventures, #21)
  • Misadventures with My Ex (Misadventures, #21)
  • Misadventures with My Ex
  • Misadventures with My Ex


39699856Book Description:

Once, Eryn Hope fell fast and incurably for Weston Quaid. And he seemed to adore her too—until she learned their love was built on lies when he walked out on their wedding day.

Three years later, West has finally won control of his family empire and fortune, but it cost him Eryn—something he regrets every day. When business forces him to return to her life and temporarily shut down her livelihood, of course she’s furious. But their chemistry is still beyond combustible. So he makes her a proposition: he’ll take care of her until her bistro reopens…if she becomes his mistress. Her mind screams no, but her body whimpers yes, yes, yes.

As soon as West has her back in his bed, their passion burns hotter than ever. So do his feelings. But can he and Eryn really recapture the love they shared? And when their bargain ends, will he be the one shattered this time or will they finally come together forever?

Misadventures is a romantic series of spicy standalone novels, each written or co-written by some of the best names in romance. The stories are scandalous, refreshing, and, of course, incredibly sexy. They’re the perfect bedside read, a ‘quick blush’ for the reader who loves a page-turning romance.