Never Have I Ever Faked a Boyfriend (Never Ever Love #2) by Juliet Bardsley

Really good book 📖…. 

Book Review:

****Just a few spoilers*****

I liked this book it was cute and short; I was glad that Eric picked Bri over Aryanna I don’t get why most popular guys choose the most horrible popular girls to date… when they could get any non-popular girl to date who’s ten times better than the one they had.
I had to laugh when Aryanna wanted Eric back; when she disses him for a college guy. She didn’t want him when he was stressed over her leaving him. Because she knew she had him by the strings, but soon Bri came in the picture she tried putting her claws into him.

When they (Bri and Eric) went to Aryanna party, I knew it was a set up to break Bri & Eric up… but in the end, I was glad that Bri was forgiving Eric and the Spring Fling & not only that Sam and Savanah started dating too it would’ve been cool that they got a book also.

Btw; when you meet the family you know it’s real! Plus; Eric mom liked Bri better than Aryanna right there told Eric something; Aryana wasn’t good for him whereas Bri was and vise versa.


Book Description:

Their relationship was supposed to pretend… 

Eric Emerson’s last year at Cedar Oaks High couldn’t be better — he’s one of the most popular guys in the senior class, is holding solid A’s across the board, and has a gorgeous girlfriend. It couldn’t be better, that is, until his girlfriend breaks up with him for a college guy. 

Bri Songs loves living under the radar: she’s not exactly popular, would rather teach yoga than attend the usual teenage functions, and is perfectly content with being a senior who’s never had a real kiss. She tells herself that, at least. But with her sister’s wedding right around the corner, Bri’s mom is incessantly nagging her to bring a date. 

After a chance encounter after school, Eric and Bri come up with a plan to make both their lives better — Eric will escort Bri to her sister’s wedding, and Bri will help Eric win back his ex. All they have to do is pretend to date. Win-win, right? 

But as their plan begins to work, the line between fiction and reality gets blurred. 

What happens when fake feelings suddenly turn real? 

Book 2 in the best-selling Never Ever Love series. All books in this series are short, sweet, swoon-worthy, and can be read in any order! 

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