Zone Defense: (ManLove #1) by Gavin E. Black

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It was a great book; I do read MM romance from time to time.

••••****** There are spoilers throughout this review****••••
This book was good; I could tell that Aaron was more likely gay, but was confused by what he may be; possibly bisexual or full-blown gay. I cracked up when Aaron said

“I almost got fucking hypothermia making sure I was cold enough to have an excuse to climb into bed with you.”
That was funny he was definitely determined that night but the next day; was completely confused. But what suck was how Nathan push him away after Aaron came out and said he wanted him and didn’t care who knows. Not only that broken off things with Sarah for Nathan!!!! But one they split… Nathan realizes his mistake, in the end, I was glad that Aaron shows him that bar and Nathan finally confessed the way he felt about Aaron and he got what he always wanted Aaron on the bottom.

But I was confused as Nathan, about his friends Aaron friends hearing everything that Nathan was confessing etc., until Aaron admitted that his friends know that he’s gay: that they only surprised that he had a girlfriend ha….priceless… but one thing I would say is that for if Aaron wasn’t gay he would’ve been weirded out by Nathan jerking Off then showing his ding-a-ling! But he wasn’t he rub the cum off Nathan face the first time they met and sucked the cum off his thumb right there tell you that 9 out of 10 Aaron was gay or bi-curious… wanted to see if he actually liked men or just Nathan…

Kindle Edition, 2nd Edition, 89 pages
Published April 20th, 2015 by Steambath Press (first published January 17th, 2012)
Original Title: Zone Defence
Edition Language: English
Series: ManLove #1
  • Zone Defence (ManLove, #1)
  • Zone Defence
  • Zone Defense
  • Zone Defence (ManLove)








Book Description:

College ManLove Romance

Nathan Kent wasn’t thrilled with the idea of completing his final year of college at a completely different institution from where he’d started—but the opportunity to join one of the top varsity football teams had been too much of a temptation to pass up.

The truth of the matter though, was that Nathan was glad to have an excuse to move away. His last relationship had ended badly, and the thought of having to play a defensive position in conjunction with his ex-lover was something he hadn’t even wanted to contemplate.

Life was complicated enough already and starting fresh was definitely the answer… but then he met his new roommate Aaron Campbell, and he knew he was in trouble.

More Than Friends (More Than Friends #1) by Aria Grace

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I’ve read this book before, not realizing that I did because the cover of the book has changed. So I am going to be updating, my review and point out that, yet again, I liked this book it’s different. I’ve read books like this before. I thought, that Ryan, may have been gay, anyway since, he wasn’t feeling his ex-girlfriend Brooke anyway, he may have had a thing for men but just didn’t know it, whereas Zack knew that Ryan, may have liked men, well more so Zack brought Ryan gayness out, and showed him that he could really like a man, and want to be with a man, and nothing was wrong with it. Not once did Ryan felt awkward when he was woken up to Zack being beside him, even with his morning wood. But oh well, at least he realizes in the end that he wanted to be with Zack and went and gotten his man, due to the fact Zack tapping on his window…


ebook, 76 pages
Published December 3rd, 2012 by Aria Grace
Original Title: More Than Friends
ISBN: 1301526169 (ISBN13: 9781301526161)
Edition Language: English
Characters: Ryan Edwards



Book Description:

Tired of moping around after the breakup of his long term girlfriend, Ryan knew he needed a hookup to get him out of his funk. When he met Drea, he hoped she might be the one. But when he felt more chemistry with her gay cousin Zach, Ryan felt more confused and terrified than he had in his life. He wasn’t gay but he wanted to be with Zach. How could it possibly work?