Bea and the Bad Boy: Young Adult Sweet Romance (Love in Ocean Grove #3) by Anna Catherine Field

This one is actually better than the first one with Finley… 

Book Review:

It was good

**** There are spoilers in this review***•••
This book was good; I get why Bea was upset….. with her brother and her best friend… I think that if they would’ve told her and made her understand she wouldn’t have blown everything up… or she could’ve at least talk to her best friend about it, but she didn’t. I didn’t like how her brother treated her by saying things to her and not Katherine. I was glad she had Carter because he wasn’t like her brother who I kept thinking he wanted the spotlight more than his sister and didn’t want her to shine… but she got more shine than he did with her fake dating Carter… which was good.

That Sabrina girl was just horrible and the funny thing about it there are so many females in the real world who have lied or teen boys and men about they tried rapping or have done something to them. Which come to find out is a line. That’s why I said men think they can do things to females to hurt or harm them, but females can do way worse than a man can… I hated what happened to Carter mom I don’t understand how women can stay with a man who is abusive to them or their kids… there’s no such thing as love if you have to put yourself through something like that… but both Carter and Bea made each other better for one another., though Carter could’ve shut down all those rumors about him.


Book Description:

A strong person doesn’t seek revenge. They let karma do the dirty work.

Too bad Bea isn’t strong, or at least she doesn’t think she is, which is why she jumps when the opportunity presents itself to get back at her twin brother and former best friend the summer before her senior year.
That opportunity is six-foot-two, with the wing-span of an Olympic swimmer, the abs of a professional body builder and the strong jaw of a Greek god. Unfortunately, his name is Carter Haines and is Bea’s next-door neighbor. He’s also dangerous. Like, police show up at the door dangerous.

All of those things make Carter the right person for her plan and luckily for her he needs a girl just like Bea to accomplish a few of his own goals this summer. Primarily, keeping his job and not getting sent to boarding school.

The plan goes off too smoothly, throwing these two into each other’s orbit, where they learn the truth about one another, why their lives are a mess and what it’s like to really trust someone. 

Bea and the Bad Boy is a standalone novel from Love in Ocean Grove, series of books about swoony first time love and toe-curling kisses for readers of all ages.