Fight Dirty (Dawson Family #5) by Emily Goodwin

Currently reading 📕 ….. “Fight Dirty” …. so far so good… I am still curious about Archer brother “Bobby” though … 🤞but hoping for Todd to pop up in Indiana so Logan can show him what type of man Charlie needed “”” 

Book Review:

Definitely fought dirty just to get the one he loves back.
**Just a few spoilers threw around this review***

Oh, I’ve been waiting on this book to come out… and reading the summary that was sent out through email had me so curious. I was glad that Charlie found her way back to Owen… I understood why Owen kept thott’n & bopp’n because There was ONLY one girl for him, and that was Charlie… I was glad that she came around and realize that she still loves Owen the same way that he wanted her… & that he grownup and mature understood what he wanted now “a family”… & he knew he wanted it with Charlie… but what sucked was his banged half of the time… but at least he ONLY had eyes for Charlie. I also was glad he got the help from his sister Quinn to halfway push Charlie towards her brother. Because she clearly needed that push plus getting drunk and his family dinner also help her decide. It almost messed things up between her and Owen.

Because he bean-pie head ass ex-fiancé came, I had a feeling that he was coming down there and try to ruin things.. he had the nerve to try to manipulate and lie to her… just to get her back; he was so annoying; and was glad that her mom & her sister helped her realize what was the right thing to do.. & that Owen never left afterward… plus in the end she got what she always wanted a family -marriage and a baby….

Besides that, I still want a book about “Bobby” Archer brother to see if he get himself together. Heck, even the lady at the beginning of this book “Jolene” heck I felt like it’s a reason behind that lady popping… Plus, I don’t think Kara is right for Dean, I feel like she is the awkward one of the girls and doesn’t fit well with them for some reason. I want Dean with somebody else, but I guess he can keep her sense, this is the last book to the Dawson series.

46646550. sy475

Book Description:

Owen Dawson is one of Eastwood’s most eligible bachelors. He could have any woman he wants, but when it comes to settling down, he only has eyes for Charlie Williams, and he blew his chance with her years ago. 

While Owen is busy trying to convince everyone—and himself—that the playboy life is for him, Charlie is trying to put her life back together. After discovering her fiancé was cheating on her, Charlie packs her bags, leaves her fancy New York job, and goes back to the one place she never thought she’d return to: home. 

Determined to start over and stay far, far away from men, the last thing Charlie needs in her life is her first love, Owen…and the old feelings that come rushing back the moment she lays eyes on him. While Charlie swears to avoid romance of any kind, Owen is willing to do whatever it takes to prove he’s a changed man and win Charlie back…even if it means fighting dirty. 

**FIGHT DIRTY is a second chance romance and can be read as a standalone novel.**


Beach Town Bad Boy (Boys of Summer) by Maggie Dallen

I’m reading so many books back to back 📚….. this is my next read, that I’m almost finished reading… I will probably be finished tonight 💪⭐️ Currently reading 📖🏍💋

Book Review:

It was good …
****not that many but there’s kind of a spoiler or two…. more*****
This going to be a short review; so with that being said……./, I actually liked this book I enjoyed it I would’ve finished it last night technically I called it last night though it was close to 1-2ish in the morning but was to sleepy to finish… so I finished this in 1.5 days any way…. I was glad that Ellie came back for Deacon.. at least & I understood why he was upset that she left and never came back…. but at least, in the end, they found each other again…… she should’ve known that Deacon was the one.. instead of throwing Luke in his face… that can be hurtful for someone that likes you a lot… I guess she wanted to brush those feeling she had for Deacon by using Luke for a distraction … like she said she wishes that they did something about their feelings a long time ago… but at least they did something with it now… plus they both found themselves… & Deacon gotten a job that he actually liked and more likely going to be in college with Ellie in Colorado I am guessing!!.. but I do wonder did she tell Blake about Deacon!!!! That I’ll never know…

45439163. sy475

Book Description:

Eleanor’s childhood friend is all grown up… 

It’s been three years since Eleanor last stepped foot in Sterling Beach, and some things haven’t changed. Her old friend Deacon isn’t one of them. Gone is the nice boy she remembers. In his place is a burly, tattooed bouncer with a chip on his shoulder and a grudge against the girl who left and never looked back. He’s not a kid anymore, and his kisses? Those are far from friendly.

Eleanor is looking for answers, but what she finds revisiting her favorite beach town haunts has her more confused than ever. The sites look the same but everything that matters has changed. Eleanor and Deacon might not be able go back to the past, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a future…

This is a novella in the Boys of Summer series, a collaboration between several YA authors. They are all standalone stories that take place in the same fictional town. Escape to Sterling Beach today!

  1. Saving Hadley by Amy Sparling
  2. Beach Town Bad Boy by Maggie Dallen
  3. Riptide by Jordan Ford
  4. Don’t Fall for the Summer Fling by Tammy Andresen
  5. Flirting with the Enemy by Sally Henson
  6. Beauty and the Beach by Kayla Tirrell
  7. Falling for the Rich Boy by Yesenia Vargas
  8. Summer Love and Basketball by Seven Steps 

Don’t Fall for your Summer Fling (Boys of Summer) by Tammy Andresen

Currently reading 📖⭐️♾🥨

Book Review:

Pretty good


What a waste; Josh was at least Alyssa came out with something good from her summer in Virginia Beach… I got excited when I saw well read this book & it stated that she was in Virginia my home state…. plus Virginia Beach is so fun… & it’s crazy how it has different sections on that beach……

Besides that Alyssa got out of that heartache with Josh, especially if he dated her former ex-best friend & then some other girl… never know he could’ve been a hoe all along. I can tell Josh was a little jealous seeing Alyssa dancing with Sven I’m like ehh don’t hate… she got the better boy with the sexy name… but at least in the end her mom got the house back; I think her dad was just petty….& it was good that Sven decided to stay in the United States & ended up going to Boston College; dating his American girlfriend…. I also like how Sven listens to Alyssa that’s the best guy to have the one who listens; care and protect you… I can’t stand the ones that all for themselves they by far the worse kind of boyfriends and Alyssa realize that with Josh same as her mom with her husband (Alyssa dad)…Besides that I freaking love Sven name… ugh if I ever have a son that’ll be his name beside the name Zion… but Sven would be Sevyn in my way…

45453712. sy475

Book Description:

Alyssa never wants a boyfriend again. Well, that probably isn’t true, but between her parents’ divorce and her own recent breakup, she’s pretty sure it will be a long time before she can trust another guy. Which is why her attraction to Sven is so annoying. Why can’t he just leave her be? Can’t he tell she’s a broody loner not his next sweetheart?

Sven is tired of being alone. Staying in the United States for the summer, however, is a recipe for single status. Never mind the hot girl he can’t stop staring at on the beach. The problem: Even if he gets her number, he’s only got two months before he leaves. He should just keep to himself. Right? 

Not Yet by Alexa Riley

That other book 📖 was short I just finish that… so started this & the upper section of this photo…had me wanting to read this book. Because I’m like wait? Sister and brother, noooo 😱 I got to read this.. & I’m like ahhh so they are step-siblings… idc I’m still reading it to find out what happened & what their parents going to say… 😼 

Book Review:

Not yet;; but soon.

•••••••SPOILER ALERT 🚨 **********

Okay, I was curious about this book because I’m like brother and sister?…. I just got to read this book, though turns out they are step-siblings… it did felt weird though when he kept calling her his sister especially when they had sex already like at the ending he told her “Doesn’t matter if I’m your brother or not, that pussy belongs to me. Say it.”…. plus those Barbie girls was wack I had to laugh at that Court girl that thought she could get Drake… but in the end looked like a fool… & ended up being a fraudulent and that way end up in jail with her boyfriend Eric (the one guy that tried to come at Ali; but Drake wasn’t having that)… but I was glad that Liam and Lindsey got together ended up married with a baby. Funny how the liners ended up happy with the football players and the ignorant cheerleaders that tried to bring Ali down didn’t get anything good … but I kind of figured that their mom and dad already knew how they (Ali & Drake) felt about each other because their mom said about time 🤣 , but I mean I was surprised they didn’t say anything but they tried to be quieter with the bed and moan but come on now when your parents are downstairs, and you are upstairs they are bound to find out or hear something… I like how Drake & Ali didn’t give a crap either before they went to talk to their parents about wanting to be together. They ended up having sex before talking to them 🤣 , but in the end, everybody was happy at least, and they gotten married well college, marriage, and kids …

Kindle Edition, 121 pages
Published June 25th, 2019
  • Not Yet
  • Not Yet

46640418. sy475

Book Description:

Ali’s mom married Drake’s dad when they were just little kids. They became best friends instantly and spent years thick as thieves, but that all changed in high school. All she has to do is make it through the homecoming dance and then she and Drake can go their separate ways, but when he asks to be her date, suddenly she sees the boy she once loved. 

Drake has loved Ali since the day they met and nothing has changed since then. He’s had to keep her at arm’s length because he can’t have a happily ever after with her. They’ve been raised as siblings and she doesn’t deserve that kind of gossip. But when it’s time for the homecoming dance, he can’t let anyone else be by her side. It’s time to give in to what his heart has always wanted and what it’s waited for. 

Warning: These childhood best friends can’t make this work…or can they? Fall in love with us as these two finally realize what’s right in front of them and dare to hold on to it. We promise it’s worth the wait!

Never Have I Ever Dated the Bad Boy (Never Ever Love Series Book 3) by Juliet Bardsley

…….📖…… about to start “Never Have I Ever….. Dated the Bad Boy” ….. …. 

Book Review:

Never have I ever…


>>It’s just a few spoilers in this review; not many… I don’t think 🤔 ****<<<


Well, this book was a short and fast read, which I kind of like though. I read this in one day…. it still was good; it sucked that Liam ost both his parents from the same thing… but at least Liam had Paige there to get him through everything. Plus, her father accepting him and realizing he’s not the bad boy that everybody (students and teachers) think he is…. plus explaining to her father about what happened freshman year was also a plus in his and Paige relationship…

If it wasn’t for Liam I swear Paige would’ve let her father control everything about her life… if she didn’t learn to put her foot down and go for what she actually wants…. a lot of times in books and even real-life kids have to go for what They want and stop trying to please their parents because you wouldn’t be happy if you don’t follow your dreams. Especially if you got controlling parents; sheesh but at least her father wasn’t that bad, and he understood his behavior after the concert… & apologize.. the Shelly chick wanted to see Paige, but the joke was on her because in the end she still ended up with Liam… I hope that Paige best friend (Michaela) end up with a book next that would be awesome…..

46184870. sy475

Book Description:

How can the wrong guy be so right? 

Paige Locklear has prided herself on her perfection: first chair violinist, straight A student, well-behaved daughter of Cedar Oaks High’s principal. The last thing she needs at the end of her senior year is to get distracted. Enter Liam Harwick. 

For his entire life, Liam’s been known as Cedar Oaks’ resident bad boy. Rumor has it he’s been kicked out of more schools than he can count and has a penchant for all things mischief. But when he meets Paige Locklear, a different, sweeter side of Liam is exposed. But can others see past his reputation? 

Paige and Liam couldn’t be any different; the good girl isn’t supposed to fall for the bad boy. But you know what they say about opposites attracting … 

This is book 3 in the Never Ever Love series by Juliet Bardsley. Each book in the series is short (novella-length), sweet, swoon-worthy, and can be read in any order! 

I Hate You More by Alexandra Moody

This book actually good! But there’s no way I can date someone who hates me or pick at me… tsk… but I actually think the guy “like” her that’s why he ran all the guys away 🤣 but he did it in a mean way smh 🤦🏽‍♀️ 

Book Review:

The hate you give; that end up making me LOVE YOU.
****•There are spoilers in this review; a lot or little less depends•*****

You can tell that Ally had so many doubts when it came to Chase… Especially when it came to her feelings for him and how he felt for her. I figured he had a thing for her even though what he did at the dance freshman year was a bust… though it was the right thing to do for Ally though I believe he should’ve given Ally an option to decide that decision with Declan… her doubts with Chase has the present intervening with the past which had proven to see him being so different… but things can change….I think he hated her ONLY because she hated him… & jumped to a conclusion before he could explain to her why he did what he did at the dance… Same when she accused him of the photo when she went to that club and dancing on the pole.. she accused him and came to a conclusion that he did it… she only found out that he didn’t do it… because Declan and Chase got into it; by Chase demanding him to apologize… Declan wasn’t even worth the air she breathes in senior year or freshman year if you look at it…. plus Chase parents are horrible especially his father sheesh no one wants a parent like that…

But oh…. when he (Chase) said: “I didn’t have a choice, Ally, because if I didn’t hate you, I would love you, and loving you would only break my heart.” I knew that had to be the reason, and I knew he liked/loved her, but she was to blind to see through her hate for him… by getting mad about Declan who was the same person he was freshman year to senior year. I figure I was right too… but kind sad and thinking duh Ally when she stated: “I’d created an enemy out of a boy whose only fault was loving me, and my heart was breaking from his words.” Sometimes you learn from your mistakes… but half the time I thought Tessa set Ally up with Chase so that feelings can start to show on Ally side since Chase already had feelings. No way; you think you not like someone; can’t get rid of someone if you “hate them”.. when you can you actually can’t stand them; when you don’t think you have feelings. No way I will be around someone or try rid them if I dislike them for bullying me down or hurting my feelings…they wouldn’t be in the same home heck I wouldn’t care what my daddy said… build me a treehouse I don’t have time for living in a house with the enemy… in reality Chase was not Ally enemy he was her lover she just didn’t know it yet…. but at least, in the end, he showed her that no matter what I’m coming for you “to make you my girl; because I always love you” and she finally stops running and agree to date him once she found out that her father knew about Chase loving her among other things. But besides that… UGH! I need a book with Ally twin brother Shane and her best friend, Tessa… I would like to see them together because she has a thing for him and he doesn’t even know!!! But maybe he does!

46262378. sy475

Book Description:

Ever heard of keeping your friends close and your enemies closer?

That’s exactly what Ally Lockwood has to do when the hottest guy at Fairview High, who is also her sworn nemesis, moves in with her family for senior year.

Most girls would do anything to live across the hall from Chase Williams, but Ally isn’t fooled by his good looks or brooding charm. She’s been on the wrong side of him for years, and knows all too well how sly and manipulative he truly is.

She’s desperate to get rid of him. Luckily, her friends have a genius plan to ensure Ally’s over-protective father kicks Chase out of the house for good.

All she has to do is convince him to date her and make sure they get caught…

Stronger by Erica Marselas

Starting this book tomorrow, after I finish prom king… this book looks very interesting and anyone who been bully before can understand…

Book Review:

They both Hunter & Brooke came out strong.

****There’s a few Spoilers in this review:***

I’ve had been sad when reading a book; I’ve been upset, even shed a little tear here and there…I can’t remember how many books I’ve that I may have been sad or shed a tear, but I’m just going to make it short and point out how this book had me sad, and I did get teary-eyed when they kidnap and beat her well more so Kara… I know that feeling of getting bullied by people who were popular and talk bad about how you look or the way you dressed… I think when you get bullied, it’s the ones that talk down on you to make you feel bad about yourself which can break you or even kill you… such as Hunter (wanting to kill himself) to Brooklyn (break the person who she was in elementary and half of middle school) … it’s like jealousy makes people bitter as heck and want you to feel bad about yourself because their life isn’t perfect and people may not like them or want them. That is what Kara showed and it was bad when Emma and Dan follow her every move I felt like just as Hunter maybe they were afraid of her too; but when they’d realize how far Kara was going to take it they put their foot down, but in the end they still got charged for the crimes they did… but at least Dan gotten less charge since he didn’t do much and even Emma but more so I felt like John and Kara deserve those years that they got but like Brooke said Kara was the one that needed to pull that time and get charged more than the others since she was the main one to beat Brooke down and abuse her… I had to laugh with them when Riley said Kara was going to end up being FAT and someone B***H in jail… I was like HECK YEAH I hope so…

I was glad. At the end that Brooke got that justice that she needed and it sucks how bad Kara wanted to hurt Hunter too that lady was so horrible that she would go to the extreme smh! That hate she had for Brooke was crazy.. but at least everyone was supportive of Brooke and glad she hell her head high and came back to school. & even won prom queen!!! But I wish that those chapters weren’t so dang LOOOOOONG!!!!

Kindle Edition, 280 pages
Published March 28th, 2019
Edition Language: English
  • Stronger

43809977. sy475 Book Description:

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

These were words Brooklyn Turner has lived by throughout her whole high school life. She shied herself away from everyone, all in the hopes of avoiding unwanted attention and getting hurt again.

It was an easy plan.

But when is anything ever easy? 

Hunter Evans, the star of the football team, comes to her for tutoring. He’s always saw her, but never approached her.

Why would he? He’s the most popular guy in school and best friends with Kara Adams, Brooklyn’s tormenter.

Despite what his friends thought, he saw her for who she really was.

He helps her find herself again. He helps her heal.

But one thing’s for sure.

He never saw the impact she’d have on him.

Or how much they needed each other.

*Please note this book deals with the hardships of high school, topics of bullying, and contains sex and sexual themes. 

PROM KING by Penny Wylder

This actually a pretty good book!!!!

Book Review:


*****Just a few spoilers***

I have to agree with her friend Lor because often people don’t change who they are after high school. & that girl Sasha hated Olivia for no reason; besides “Sasha” obsession with Adam… like sheesh…. she didn’t realize how Adam didn’t want her and went to lie about everything including the lies she spread about Olivia… & talked down on all of those people like that… but I wish that at least Olivia or her best friend could’ve said Ollie never hurt herself or anyone else like sheesh… Sasha went about lying to making Adam dad believing her too; I wanted to smack him so bad because he called Ollie a slut and was so blind that he didn’t realize that the relationship that Adam and Sasha weren’t even in a REAL relationship… I was glad when Adam told his dad and Saha how he felt and then told Olivia he loves her among other things. It took Sasha, dad, to be a REAL man more than Adam dad was & to top that off he was happy that Adam was going to be a father…

41809417Book Description:

He was the hot popular guy. I was the nerdy girl with a fantasy crush.
All of my childhood, I was invisible to Adam Carlisle. That was fine, because I was too shy, and too smart, to think I had a chance with the most popular guy in school.
Until someone crowned him prom king…
And me queen.
But it was only a cruel joke that ruined my self-esteem and broke my heart.
Ten years later and my friend begs me to attend our school reunion with her. I’m older, wiser, but still a nerd. This event is setting off my anxiety.
I want it to be over.
Then… I see him.
My prom king.
Adam is hotter than ever. But what really gets my attention?
He’s staring right at me.
I’m not invisible anymore.
What happens when my fantasy crush becomes reality?

This full-length novel is all about second chances, true love, and a crazy hot alpha realizing that the nerdy girl is his modern day Cinderella. NO cheating, lots of kindle-melting action, and always a happily ever after! 

Kindle Edition, 417 pages
Published September 10th, 2018
  • Prom King

The Perks of Waiting for You: Perks Book 4 by Stephanie Street

Currently reading 📖 the last book 👌👏🏽 #happydance …..

Book Review:

Dang! JJ definitely waited for Quinn; she definitely was taking forever! & then finally ❤️
***I pointed out a few spoilers throughout this review******

I was glad this one was way shorter…. but was kind of irritated with Quinn when she kept playing around. Especially when she left and didn’t tell JJ anything then changed her number… I was like dang girl; you could’ve told that boy your family moved away. But we can still be friends even though; I will well we both will miss each other.

& for one thing; she shouldn’t have gotten with Tristin at all like I already knew he wasn’t the one… she literally wasted her senior year, freshman and half of her sophomore year on a piece of trash…that didn’t care about her or her feeling the way JJ did…. she was just too blind to see I just don’t understand how people get with ignorant people who control there every move; but bypass the good ones. You already know when your family doesn’t like that person; that person isn’t good for you at all. It’s like the same with one of my family members how no one in the family likes the guy she dates he is just a horrible person. But people stay with people often because they love them or think that’s the right relationship for them. That’s what Quinn did she wanted to saddle for something she thought was good for her but wasn’t.
I was glad when she got rid of Tristan once JJ told her to drive up there to she wack job pony boy who cheated on her with so many women & didn’t even care about seeing her was a trash bag he was… I was glad when she finally realizes she wanted JJ the way he wanted her since 8th grade – 15-year-old boy that fell in love with her at first sight…. she got on my nerve ignoring her feelings though I understood why she didn’t want the feelings though she got it due to the fact her family was in the army and what led to her feeling or trust etc…. but I did thought it was cute how they went back to the fair and he asked her to marry him and two weeks later had a country wedding at the “fairground”…
But I also was curious about his baby; which suck that the baby died such a sad feeling. It’s good that he had changed through everything that happened. I tell you he couldn’t have gotten where was at if it wasn’t for his best friend Conner…. because he had his back through everything…. plus I thought it was dope how throughout middle and high school they played football together… then college; afterward ended up drafted on the same team… that’s brotherly love ❤️ right there…
But at least in the end Jeremiah aka JJ got the girl of his dreams…. btw that I was so curious as to what JJ stands, for now, I know “Jeremiah Jasper” which I still say is a horrible name **cough*** his middle name not his first!!!!

Kindle Edition
  • The Perks of Waiting for You: Perks Book 1.5

Or buy for $2.99

46230565Book Description:

For fans of Stephanie Street’s Perks Books comes a new novella The Perks of Waiting for You.
For JJ Coleman, life was about fun and football. And helping his dad on the family farm. No one expected much from him, so why should he expect anything of himself.

And then he meets her, the girl he knows he’s meant to be with. Now, he just has to convince her of that.

Quinn Butler isn’t interested in getting her heart broken and JJ has *heart-breaker* written all over him. No thanks. After living with the uncertainty being in a military family brings, she will take plain, boring, and stable. Thank you very much.

But JJ won’t give up easily. He’s never been afraid to work hard for what he wants. Can he win over Quinn? Or will they both end up with broken hearts.

Find out in The Perks of Waiting for You 
*The Perks of Waiting for You is a Perks novella of roughly 45,000 words. 

The Perks of Kissing You (Perks Book 3) by Stephanie Street

Started this book the third book? To this series yesterday… I hope I can finish it by tonight or tomorrow more likely tomorrow since I got tired of reading it and went to different book. 

Book Review:

I see the meaning of the perks of kissing Jamie.
•••• I mention a lot of spoilers in this review***

It was so awesome and surprising that Bailey homecoming Queen when she wasn’t even on the bracket… Like that was the sweetest and coolest thing ever. I think that happened because everybody knew that she had tame the NCMO… I figured it also had to be a reason behind why Jamie set there a missed all of those random girls…. when he was one of the good guys… for one I figure it had to get hurt by Allie and surprising to find out about his dad too; which did suck.
It did suck that his mom kept crying and couldn’t get over it, which was very understanding. Plus I felt like it was a good thing that his mom had a talk with him after what happened with Bailey… I felt like he needed to understand and know… plus it was good that his mom accepted that he wanted to be free and do what he wanted and play football. Though; I can agree with her that football is scary. If I had kids, that is one sport I wouldn’t want my kid to play… it’s too dangerous in my opinion…

As I was reading this I said it didn’t take Conner to pound Jamie face in… it actually took his best friend Dallin to pound his face in for hurting Bailey which I can agree and say that Jamie did deserve that smackdown that Dallin gave with his fist…. plus at least Jamie realizes he loved and wanted to be with Bailey in the end, and wanted to take her to homecoming and make her his girlfriend. I love what he told those fangirls of his “Sorry, ladies; I’ve got a date with my girlfriend on the dancefloor.” I was like yasss boy James let those hussies know you got a girlfriend that you aren’t ashamed of finally admitting you want……. plus I like how he didn’t care how Bailey dressed or looked, he still wanted to kiss her…, I said now that love… some men and guys prefer their women to be perfect 24/7 in real life and half the books I’ve read… what trash they are/was….
Plus I figure that James aka Jamie and Bailey Aka Bales was going to get married at the end… both books before this one Allie and Conner gotten married plus Eden and Dylan now Jamie and Bailey… I already know in book 4 with JJ Coleman his going to marry Quinn I’m 9,000% sure. Plus; that’s the one book I REALLY wanted to read; where I didn’t want to go out of order reading this series since it has everyone in it… not sure about book four but I’ll see…. but dude I want a book with Dallin ASAP… I mean look at JJ he got a book why not Dallin too…
Btw; I am not sure I mentioned it, but I was happy that when they went to homecoming that Jamie and Bailey went to Jamie house so his mom could take their pictures that was cute and adorable. Plus his mom found her someone that can love her as her ex-husband did before he died… which I thought was cute finding that out at Jamie NFL draft pick… plus the advice Conner gave him was also good too.

46230553Book Description:

Lovable Jamie Barnes from The Perks of Dating You gets his own story in The Perks of Kissing You.

After losing Allie Brown to Connor Sanders, Jamie falls into a tailspin and earns himself a much deserved nickname – NCMO King. That’s right, King of Non-Committal Make Out. And he loves every minute of it. If she has lips, Jamie will kiss them.

Unless you are his best friend Bailey Campbell.

Bailey wants to teach Jamie a lesson about kissing. Well, not actual kissing, apparently, he’s got that under control. It’s the Non-Committal part Bailey takes exception to. She’s seen the hope of a relationship with Jamie burn bright in the eyes of one too many girls only to die when reality hits and they realize he’s just messing around. Well, enough is enough! And Bailey is determined to make Jamie see the light.

If that means kissing the boy herself, well, so be it.