When We Began (Ridgewater High, #0.5) by Judy Corry

Another one of my reads that I have to finish ….

Book Review:

**** it’s a few that many spoilers in this review***

I didn’t even realize that it was a book way before the others. I clearly would’ve heard about well I think I did heard about Cassie wait for no; I believe it been Jess yes, I that other book with his friend. I think but not only that Emerson and his sister best friend way before their book came out.

At first, I thought I wasn’t going to finish this book at all. But I realize I need to stop reading certain books when I am half asleep and really tired because I began not to like the book. But in reality, I liked this book! & was glad that Cassie (who got my name by the way) well more so sort of nickname) though; I bet her real name is Cassandra… I lost track so back to what I was saying I was glad that Cassie & Liam were gotten together in the end. & glad he finally admitted he had feelings for her, but she never admitted to him that it was the same for her! But maybe he knew in the end!

Btw, I’m trying to think was there a book with Luke in it… I believe so but I’m not sure since I’ve read this series a while back and completely forgot, but I do remember Noah, Emerson & Juliette… & Jess best friend! Then boom I realize Luke ended up with Ashlyn 😌 I knew one of the guys ended up with her lol!



Book Description:

What’s the first rule when staying at your best friend’s house for the week? Don’t fall for her older brother.

I never paid much attention to my best friend’s older brother until he refused to kiss me.
After that humiliating day, I promised myself that Liam Turner would regret ever making me feel less than worthy.
Now I’m stuck spending the week at his house.
But that’s okay because I have plans to find my next summer boyfriend and show Liam just how many guys want me.
I didn’t expect Liam to suddenly be charming. And since when did he get so hot?
A practice date seemed like a great idea—a way to show Liam what he had missed out on.
Falling for the enemy was not on the agenda.

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Baby Mistake by Alexis Winter

I literally read this series backward lol even though they can be read as a stand-alone… though I think it should be read in order since each female and male is either best friends or work together 🤷🏽‍♀️… but in my opinion, “Fake It” was the better book then this book “Baby Mistake”… I don’t really like “Business & Pleasure that much! Winter!! 

Book Review:

The baby was no mistake, of course.
•••can’t say it’s few spoilers but I’ve written information from the book; so there’s a possibility!!! ****

So okay this book wasn’t as good as Fake It… but it was better than the book with her sister; not sure if I will finish that one idk. Depends; but as I was saying. This book is actually good! I was glad that Griffin found someone that can love him and appreciate him the way that Janelle has… it’s interesting to see that it didn’t pop her best friend up in the end or did it when it was written about her best friend…

But in the end; the best part of this book is Griffin and Janelle son 😂😂😂 when Janelle was talking to her sister and stated that “Once, he overheard Griffin and me talking about building a pool house out back. Griffin wasn’t interested, which is why we still don’t have one, so I thought I’d try bargaining. I told him I’d give him blowjobs every day for a year. Still, to this day, if the wind blows Quinton’s hair out of place, he yells, ‘Stop with the blowjobs!’”

& the other part about when she said: “Oh, God, you know I’ll never get Vincent out of that thing, right?” I laugh. “Yeah, I have the same problem with Griffin at times. I usually have to lure him out with sexual favors.” “What’s sectool flavors?” Quinton asks, coming into the kitchen. (Which she stated about getting Griffin out of the treehouse)

Then he ended up repeating it 😂😂 when Allison said: “If I could get this one to take some time off from work, we’d be here every weekend.” She motions toward Vince. Quinton tugs on Alison’s shirt. “If you want him to not work, you should just trade him sectool flavors!” That’s the only time I really laugh with this book!

Kindle Edition
Published February 17th, 2019
Edition Language: English
  • Baby Mistake


Book Description:

How to destroy your career in three easy steps… 

Step #1: Sleep with your boss.? 
Step #2: Get pregnant by your boss.? 
Step #3: Quit your job and run away from your problems. 

Griffin Karlsson, cold and arrogant…he should have been easy to hate. 

But I always had a few scorching hot fantasies about Mr. Stick Up His A$$. 

After all, who doesn’t want a Thor looking god of a man to drool over? 

Now I’m pregnant, jobless and oh, I haven’t told the father… 

He already has his perfect life, I don’t need to be reminded I’m carrying his mistake. 

My only option? Run.