Chemistry of a Kiss: A Sweet YA Romance (Sweet Water High #5) by Kimberly Krey

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Book Review:

This was. Actually a good book; definitely was chemistry in their kiss 💋💜💛

Okay !!!!

* As always there will be a few or a lot of spoilers in my review; so I like to prepare or beware, people before they actually read my review.

So with that being said… I like this book; I was kind of mad at Jett (by the way I have read three books so far with this name) it is torture lol! But like I said I was mad at him because I thought he was actually blowing Harper off for wack girl Tasha. But Tasha lame mean girl self; ruin things for Harper and even Jett! Now I see why Conner was telling Harper that Jett thinks she’s mad at him… but at least he could’ve had the dignity to come to her that same day… pickle face Tasha had asked him to the dance; or even told her no; because I want to go with my “girlfriend” Harper. But he didn’t. But got mad when TJ was feeling all on Harper behind! Like he was literally mad… though none of that would’ve happened if Tasha didn’t steal Harper poster she made…
Clearly, she (Tasha) wanted everything that Harper had… such as TJ then Jett… like she couldn’t even get a guy unless Harper already had him. I did think that TJ was a horrible boyfriend for Harper, even her mother knew and told her don’t go down the land that I went with your father. That she didn’t; a lot of times you can’t help someone who doesn’t want the help that you are trying to give to them. I was glad when Harper realizes she couldn’t help TJ… Plus, I kind of figure that Jett sorta liked Harper on the DL….. especially when it came to Junior high during spend the bottle… but Jett ruin that for himself since he told everybody that Harper had a crush on him when he knew darn well that he had one on her too; & wanted that kiss as much as Harper during Junior high! Not only during junior high but way before they caught Tasha & TJ together when Tasha has kissed him (TJ) at Burger Bar. He definitely wanted to kiss her at his house before his father walked into the house, and definitely didn’t want her to leave his house either.

But in the end, I’m glad they worked everything out with one another after the dance; when Jett punched the pickle juice out of TJ… for touching Harper; Jett definitely wasn’t having that…😂 Harper was his woman 💜…. he was mad too when TJ stated he and Harper was trying to make their ex’s jealous (Tasha & Jett) he couldn’t believe that she thought they were broken up… but the way he acted and went to the dance with Tasha you can only assume, but in the end they were happy and turned out to be a real boyfriend & girlfriend….


Book Description:

How did I end up in a fake relationship with the gorgeous captain of the basketball team, Jett Bryant? Where do I start?
Back in kindergarten, I used to dream about kissing that adorable brown-eyed boy. He was also the pastor’s son but that didn’t stop me from chasing him down, tackling him on the playground, and kissing him smack on the lips.
Then in eighth grade, I was about to kiss him for real (as real as a spin the bottle kiss could get) but Jett ruined it by telling everyone about the playground kiss so I kissed some guy named James instead.
Fast-forward to our senior year where Jett and I got partnered in Marriage and Relations class and were asked to research—of all things—The Chemistry of a Kiss. It had me thinking about those yummy lips of his a little, but I kept my focus strong since I was dating TJ Reynolds, one of Sweet Water’s most misunderstood bad boys and lead singer of Grungetown.
But somewhere along the way, TJ got jealous and kissed Jett’s vicious ex-girlfriend and that’s how he became my ex and that’s when the whole fake relationship idea started in the first place.
The trouble is, all the feelings I had for Jett over the years came pouring back as we spent time together, and our topic wasn’t helping the situation one bit. Neither were the incredible kisses he gave me as we “pretended” to like each other.
Things really get complicated when Jett starts cozying up to me when nobody’s around to witness it. Maybe this whole fake relationship is turning into the real thing. But how can I be sure?