Business & Pleasure by Alexis Winter

I need to finish this book 📖 hopefully soon after when we began… definitely wasn’t too interested in this book! But hopefully, when I get further I interest peaks. Because when I was half sleeping I got bored… like what the hell is this shit 😐🤣 

Book Review:

Business always mixed up with pleasure.

****Not sure but possibly a lot of spoilers or a few•••

So at first I was I’m going to read this book, then I got kind of bored because as I was reading it I got sleepy and the book didn’t feel like it was going to be good! So I finally finish it; though halfway towards the end, I began to get sleepy and bored again… but at least I can say that I did enjoy this book and its storyline! & that Vincent got the girl he wanted and needed (Alison) though I started this and went ahead of myself and read the book about Alison sister Janelle & Griffin… should’ve read this one first but what’s the point.
When I read the book about Janelle best friend Samantha 🤣 but other than that…Alison knew that she wanted her some Vincent she was in denial the whole time while working for him as his interior designer for his hotels… I was glad that in the end, she gave in to her desires. Plus I figure that when they went to Ireland, and Vincent was in the water he was about to get hurt & that’s what happened. But gladly he survives, and Alison was right there with him through everything (him being in the hospital) & both finally admitting they love one another…


Business & Pleasure

Book Description:

For Vincent Crawford, rules don’t apply… 

Alison Ryder thinks she’s got her life all put together, but she’s never run into anyone like billionaire hotel owner Vincent Crawford before. Somehow, she has to figure out how to keep her hands and mouth to herself while she’s traveling around the world with him from one hotel location to another, but Alison has no idea what she’s in for when Vincent sets his sights on her and sparks to start flying. 

Who says you can’t mix business and pleasure? For alpha billionaire Vincent Crawford the rules don’t apply. He’s hot as hell, powerful, reckless and has his sights set on the new interior designer in charge of revamping his luxury hotel line. Alison Ryder may look like a gorgeous bimbo but she’s driven to succeed and nothing will get in her way…or will it? Can she resist the charm and confidence of the famous playboy Vincent Crawford? Or will she succumb to his quest to get her to break the rules? 

This is a full-length novella with plenty of steam and a HEA