Not Exactly Lying by Melody Summers

This book is actually good. I’m a gamer but don’t like shooting games to play online 🤣 I’m blind as hell can’t hold the gun for nothing 🤣🤷🏽‍♀️ I am waiting until Quinn find out that Molly is Valkyrie 🕹🖲📟 

Book Review:

Definitely wasn’t lying.

****Just a couple spoilers throughout****

Okay; I did like this, and I hated the fact that Dylan was horrible to Molly…. at least with Ashton; he begins to be nice to her and not talk about her at all… I don’t know what Dylan problem was; could be the girls he choosing that make him just a horrible person. But I was glad that Quinn kept taking up for her, even Walker did too because that was his friends. Not only that he wasn’t mad or she wasn’t mad that Quinn knew who she was “Valkyrie” or she found out he knew already when she kept shooting Dylan… God; that was hilarious 🤣🤣 when she kept killing him every time he definitely deserves being shot at during their game sessions because he was just horrible and a bully…
But at least EVERYONE “the gamers” didn’t get mad at the end when they found out about Molly being “Valkyrie” Dylan snitching didn’t work this time when it came to Quinn, Ashton, Trent, Jason and even Daniel… they already knew she was awesome and can lead a time; funny how Dylan wasn’t playing at that time what a loser. I can’t wait to see him change either when I read that 3 & 4 book he’s in especially book 4… But I wonder why Walker never played with any of them when he was friends with everybody…

Kindle Edition, 107 pages
Published April 24th, 2017
  • Not Exactly Lying




Book Description:

Why couldn’t I just have everyday ordinary neuroses like everyone else?

Instead I got saddled with Social Anxiety Disorder. When I go across a room, I get so self-conscious thinking that everyone is staring at me and judging me that I forget how to walk. Any time I’m around people I blush and my hands sweat and I start shaking like I’ve got hypothermia, and on bad days I get full blown panic attacks. I cope in school–barely–by being that girl that nobody notices. Over the last year I’ve made myself as invisible as the plastic potted plants they stick in the classrooms.

But at home I become Valkyrie, the mystery girl who plays online shooter games with the boys from our school. She’s everything I’m not, everything I’d be if I could. I started playing when I overheard Quinn talking about it one day. Quinn is our quarterback, the gorgeous guy who has fangirls fawning all over him like puppy dogs after every football game. He’s also the one who’s trying the hardest to find out who I really am, because he wants me to go out with him. You’d think that would be a dream come true, right?

Except he doesn’t want me. He wants Valkyrie. And she’s not really me at all.

A Little Bit Haunted by Melody Summers

As I’m reading this book; I am like this girl know she wants this boy; even if he owns some thot ish…. she doesn’t care 🤷🏽‍♀️ but to me, I think she’s the one to change his thotty ways…!! 

Book Review:

It was good

****There’s spoilers; here & there*****

I thought this book was good; it has me wanting to read the next book for sure. But what I did like was how Delaney changed everything for Walker; often it can be that one guy or that one girl that can change the person that everyone knows. She (Delaney) did that for Walker by ending up being the ONE girl he knew he changed his whoring ways for and be the boyfriend she needs & being the girlfriend he always needed. It’s funny how they ended up making one other JEALOUS 🤣 like dang they could’ve walked up to each other and just kissed but NO Laney started talking to her first kiss/boyfriend while also watching Walker whereas Walker end up using London by getting her to rub sunscreen on him … they both were wrong & was glad that in the end, he was the one to chase Laney since girls always chasing him (Walker). & they finally ended up together; even Delaney mama wanted her to get to the next door neighbor & stop stalking him lol… but crazy how her family never found out that she was sneaking out of the house to see Walker.
But before I end this review; Walker name is just horrible like “Walker Dean” like his name is backward he has the last name for a first name & the first name for the last name… I mean he’s name could’ve been Dean that would’ve 100% better. aka “Dean Walker” I’m just saying 🤷🏽‍♀️

Kindle Edition, 157 pages
Published January 31st, 2017
  • A Little Bit Haunted

34099785Book Description:

Worst. Summer. Ever.

My best friend moved away at the end of the school year. Now my family has moved into a house that looks a thousand years old and could pass for the Addams Family’s summer home. I’m pretty sure it’s haunted, and I’m about to be the star of my own paranormal reality show whether I like it or not. But the worst part is that Walker Dean is my new next door neighbor.

Walker Dean is heartbreak just looking for a victim. The boy tears through girls’ hearts like a tornado through a trailer park. Sure, he’s one of the hottest guys in school, but he’s also a player who lives for hookups and doesn’t know the meaning of the word relationship. A girl would have to be crazy to even think about getting mixed up with him.

Wouldn’t she?