Just Friends (Bayview High Book 3) by Melody Summers

About to start this…. more likely it’s good like the last two… well I hope 🤞

Book Review:

Just friends can turn back to lovers to lovers 🤷🏽‍♀️
•••****Not too many; not too much; just a little bit of spoilers*****•••

Okay hmm, 🤔 this one was good; I really didn’t care for it….that much, but I did enjoy it, and it only took me a day in half… 🤔 to finish this book. I was kind of sad that well, not really. I was more so like dang when Dannika broke Dylan’s heart; I still didn’t think that it was right for her to use Dylan so that she could see can she get rid of her feelings for Ashton; but it didn’t work that way for her. It made her want Ashton more & tbh compare Dylan to Ashton…. she was still hooked on Ashton; to where she couldn’t even get feelings for Dylan even though she liked him sort of…
But this is where Dylan also messed up at….. when he knew “he already knew” that Dannika was still hung up on Ashton; he should’ve gone toward Dannika too she If he could get with her and get her mind off of Ashton… he ended up getting his own heart broken. But to me, it’s like he goes after the guys he hangs with ex-girlfriends or girlfriends who they hurt for like a day or two. That’s what I don’t like about him. Even though; I want him to find love; I didn’t dislike him in this book as I did the last one because was just horrible with Molly… but glad he was way more respectful in this one…
Plus; Ashton parents were just horrible I can’t stand the rich people who don’t want their child or themselves to hang around or be with people who they think are beneath them and or don’t have money like them… to even turn their nose down towards someone who isn’t high class… like ugh; it was annoying when Ashton walked away from Dannika after his date when his parents caught them together I wanted to smack him six feet under…. but in the end I was glad he had to tell his parents how he felt about Dannika & he didn’t give two flying ducks 🦆 about what his parents had to say….. that is what I was glad for & now I’m ready for Allison she needs her man now ***cough, ***cough*** come on Dylan let it be you Dannika not going to be mad!!!!!!!


Book Description:

Life is complicated when your best friend is your ex-boyfriend.

When I broke up with Ashton a year ago I expected things to get easier. We stayed best friends, but keeping our relationship strictly just friends is a lot harder than I thought. All the old feelings are still there hiding just below the surface, and it doesn’t take much to bring them out again. I know it won’t work, though, so I do my best to keep them under control no matter how much I’d like to give in to them. And there are days when I really, really want to give in.

On top of that I’ve got a major art project due while my creativity seems to have gone on permanent vacation and three overly supportive friends trying to drive me crazy with their help and advice. And now there’s Dylan to complicate my life even more. He’s smoking hot, smart, funny, and into me. I really like him a lot and I think he’s just what I need – or at least he would be if I could manage to stop thinking about Ashton. Somehow I have to get Ashton out of my head. It’s time to move on after the break up, time to live my life.

It’s time for more than just friends.