Lucy and The Leading Man: Young Adult Sweet Romance (Love in Ocean Grove #2) by Anna Catherine Field

It’s good so far; I will see once I get further…

Book Review:

Review Pretty good book
**** Not that much of some spoilers but it’s a few***
Now I liked this one way better than the first book with Finley and Chase which taken me a while to finish it… Bea and the Bad Boy was just as good as this one. I believe this book deserves to be a five star because it caught my attention from beginning to end. I liked how Dean helped Lucy out and build her confidence back and how she also helped Dean too. But one thing I didn’t like was his manager agent or whatever she is to him… I was glad he got rid of her since she wanted to ruin things for him when it came to Lucy. Knowing how he felt about Lucy… I believe she may have changed the time for him to leave for New York so that he could miss handing out with Lucy. But in the end, she lost a good thing, which was Dean…
It’s crazy how Agent try to control people lives and ruin a good thing for him. A lot of times they need their clients to be happy, and that’s all that Dean wanted….. & Lucy made him happy. I was glad that she got a redemption a do-over for her mistakes for running off because of the hair thing plus among other things. I mean I couldn’t blame her for the hair thing…no way would I want to cut my hair either; but you have to realize when you are planning to become a model you have to do things that you often don’t want to do. I felt like she was OLDER then eighteen years old for some reason… I know that Chase was in college or whatever I am like is she 19 or 20 then? Because he felt like she aged some years since she turned eighteen and left her foster home and that modeling house… and started working at the Pizza place.


Book Description:

Sometimes life isn’t a fairy tale… 

The moment Lucy Harrington turned eighteen she followed her dream. She applied for a spot on The Next Big Model, walked away from her foster family of three years, and dropped out of high school. She’d had many challenges over the years, but nothing was going to get in the way of her destiny. 

Except maybe herself. 

Six months later Lucy’s living in a tiny apartment, working at The Pie Whole pizza restaurant and hoping no one recognizes her from the most humiliating moment in her life. Unfortunately, not only is she recognized, it’s by none other than Dean Turner, the gorgeous rising star of the hit new show, Avondale. 

After a rocky start, Lucy and Dean agree to help one another. She needs to learn to move on and get her confidence back. He needs to learn that there’s more to life than just work and unwavering drive. When these two make a deal to challenge one another, neither realized how close they would become to achieving their dreams—and to one another. 

The price of fame is high, and Lucy and Dean are willing to do almost anything it takes to succeed. Are they willing to walk away from one another?

Lucy and the Leading Man is the second standalone novel from Love in Ocean Grove, a series of books about swoony, first-time love and toe-curling kisses for readers of all ages.