Chasing Love (Mountain Creek Drive #3) by Kayla Tirrell

This book is a-okay read; I’m a see how it is after I get past chapter five since I am 12% done…. 📖

Book Review:

It was a pretty good book

***Not that many spoilers; but just a few***
So okay; I liked this book; I also knew that Neal was horrible when for one he didn’t bring back that DVD he borrow with Nicole account…. she was just so blind by how nice he was to her & how he “liked her” which wasn’t even true…. since he ONLY wanted to “do the nasty” with her … I was glad that she didn’t give him to him… he didn’t even make her homecoming great for her; he made it horrible… I was glad that he got that KARMA with that mono or whatever it’s called. I can tell he didn’t get it from Victoria… which you can tell he was kissing someone else. Plus; I also knew that Victoria was jealous of Neal even though she did tell Nicole the truth about Neal…

In the end, Victoria wanted him; and they both deserve each other plus they both (Neal and Victoria) was horrible people especially not liking Nicole which she didn’t do anything for them not to like them… it’s no one fault of the coach liked or picked her over everyone else; plus everybody knew why “Chase” Victoria was just a hater…. but I was glad that Cassidy helped her out at the dance… & both Chase and Amy was there for her… plus I am trying to remember, but I do know that there’s no book about Amy which I think it should be one about her FINDING LOVE… a girl can only hope… but I was glad that Chase finally admitted to Nicole he actually liked her but was only scared…. but at least they both got what they wanted “each other” because Chase had a serious “tude” (attitude) problem 🤣 when it came to Nicole and pitiful pickle head Neal…

Kindle Edition, 280 pages
Published November 2018
Edition Language: English
  • Chasing Love (Mountain Creek Drive #3)
  • Chasing Love (Mountain Creek Drive #3)


42975665Book Description:

Professional wallflower, Nicole Andrews, can’t wait to get out of Marlowe Junction. With only one year to go, she is eager to become the best college applicant at Rosemark High. There’s only one problem, she still hasn’t found a niche to make her appear more well-rounded. 

When a chance encounter with hottie-extraordinaire, Chase Saunders, pushes her in the direction of cross country, Nicole thinks she’s finally found her answer. If only she could focus on her race times, and stop getting distracted by Chase…

Will joining the team be enough to make Nicole stand out from the crowd? Or will she lose her heart in the process? 

A throwback to the early 2000’s, this new YA romance series will have you longing for the days when Blockbuster was the coolest job in town and varsity letters were prized possessions. Back to when Friday nights were made for football games and sleepovers with the friends you’d do anything for. 

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Nine: The Tale of Kevin Clearwater (King #9) by T.M. Frazier

🤭 can’t wait to read this ☺️😅💃🏽……. read the preview yesterday was like I gotta have it & can’t wait to it come out….. ….. current read 📖N9ne: The Tale of Kevin Clearwater

Book Review:

****Plenty or added spoilers in this review” ****

I have got this book early than the release date; since I have gotten an advanced copy… I will say this book was awesome!!!!!

When I did start this book; I was like Lenny? Hold on will Kevin aka Nine ends up with a guy…. then I read it a little further, and she (Lenore) states something about her being a girl…… I’m like ooooh okay because I was wondering & waiting to figure out what happened to the girl who fell out the causeway or whatever they call that bridge….. & comes to find out her name was Lenore aka Lenny…

But in one chapter with her FAKE friend, she stated how she found out who Nine was then later down the line after they went to the zombie festival and he explains to her who he was “the guy she met; on the bridge”… that’s how she found out it was him… that had me at a loss because he found out who she was when Lenny got evicted. By seeing the photo of her with her parents….. in the end, I was glad that she forgave him and found out about Jared…

Especially when it came to the money taking and the house, car….. I never thought well no I kind of thought it could’ve been her best friend Yuli….. which in the end really sucked nobody that Lenny was around was her actual friends they all were FAKE and everybody that was in Nine camp was her REAL friends. I had to laugh at what Yuli said about Lenny meeting new people and don’t forget about her “Yuli”…. when I reality she was a horrible friend and didn’t like Lenny at all since she was behind every scheme that was happening and everything that was going bad for Lenny…

At first, I thought that the guy Tocci or whatever his name is I don’t care to remember since he not that important. Was going to kidnap Lenny. Because I was like this book is to good for her not to get kidnap but in the end, she did get kidnap by her wack ex-best friend… I was glad and laughed when Yuli got thrown over the bridge by Nine… I said yup karmas a straight BITCH isn’t it Yuli since you were behind everything when it came to Lenny and not Jared…. what crap pop…


Book Description:

“I know it’s wrong to watch her like this, but she’s a temptation I can’t resist. She’s performing for another man, but I feel like it’s all for me. Like she’s mine.”

Nine lives. 
Nine inches. 
One chance to make her his. 
Preppy’s brother is about to live up to the family legacy in more ways than one.

This is the story of Nine, The Tale of Kevin Clearwater.

Nine can be read as a complete standalone.

Kindle Edition, 1st edition, 326 pages
Expected publication: June 18th, 2019 by Frazier Publishing
Edition Language: English
Series: King #9
  • Nine: The Tale of Kevin Clearwater (King, #9)
  • 111x148