Norah and The Nerd: Young Adult Sweet Romance (Love in Ocean Grove Book 4) by Anna Catherine Field

I’m about to start this story; & I hope it’s good as the story with Lucy & the other story to this series with Bea… because I didn’t like Finley story that much…. but this my current read “Norah & the Nerd 🤓 “ >>>> this book supposed to be out on the 30th but guess the author change it? 🤔📖⭐️🍂

Book Review:


**** There are a few spoilers in this review****
I liked this book even though I was ready to finish it really quickly since it has 33 chapters plus ep·i·logue…. other than that it was a good book. I liked how they ended up together than the others in the last books. But they broke up well more so Norah broke up with Gabe…
I did like the fact that he didn’t care about the other girls who paid him attention once his body changed over the summer. He only had eyes for Norah, and Norah only had eyes for him; even though she did “use” Trevor… to get rid of Gabe, but that’s who she only thought about even when around Trevor…
I was glad that in the end, he wanted Norah there when he signed that paper to make his books into a movie… I liked that but was very surprised at the end when he asked her to marry him. I didn’t see that coming. Plus I got excited at the end when I saw

“Keep an eye out for Olivia and Ben’s story in Olivia and the Older Boy coming in 2019!”

I can’t wait for that book to come out this year. I’m so ready for that book!!!!!! I swear I thought that Olivia may end up with “Sidney” Gabe brother… but hopefully he will get a book; along with Delaney…

45567886Book Description:

Can one moment really change a relationship?

Best friends, Norah and Gabe are determined to make their senior year different. Usually content sitting at the comic-book store or working on Gabe’s graphic novel, they decide not to miss out on the fun activities their final year has to offer.

That’s how they end up at the back-to-school bonfire. Norah still can’t figure out exactly how they ended up sharing an epic kiss.

The one kiss changes everything which is exactly what Norah’s afraid of.

She’s afraid of how things will be different.

She’s afraid she’ll lose her best friend.

She’s afraid of what their other best friend will think when he finds out.

And she’s definitely afraid of to handle the confusing and exciting feelings just being near Gabe bring out in her. 

Will Norah let her fears win or will she take a chance with the nerdy boy she’s always loved a shot?

Norah and the Nerd is a standalone novel from Love in Ocean Grove, a series of books about swoony, first-time love and toe-curling kisses for readers of all ages.