Four Years Later (Becca McKenzie #2) by Emma Doherty

This book is actually good. Though I wanted to slap Ryan so many times throughout this book because he was just horrible to her…. smh. But half the time I felt like I read a book similar to this….

Book Review:

Really good book

*** There are spoilers pointed out; throughout this review***
I felt like I read a book that was similar to this about rape and college. But can’t remember which book. But with that being said….. I felt so bad for Becca because those who “suppose” to care about her turn their backs on her soon as they “thought” she cheated on Ryan… I felt that the ones closest to her “Ryan, Jake, even Ryan parents, even their friends at Cal State… should’ve known that Becca wouldn’t do that to Ryan… they all were blind by stupidity… literally was…..
When she tried over and over again to explain to him, and he blew her off… I wanted to smack him into next week. And that Jason kid was by far the worse and even Kelly… I was even irritated that he also had sex with Kelly… knowing that it would affect Becca. Then turn around a dated Kelly…like ugh! I was happy that his friends from home and Jake didn’t like her she was a turd…. & letting her call Becca a hoe was uncalled for smh!
When he told her that they couldn’t be together… then she turns around and told him the exact same thing I had to smile… like look at that Karma… but I was so mad how she didn’t tell anyone what stank bomb Bobbi did to her … it only took what happened to Grace for Becca to finally speak up and let everyone know about what Bobbi did to her… I mean some people were dumb as heck… well Ryan especially when seeing those pictures. But I’m a get to that point later. But as I was saying, she only spoke up when it happened to Grace. Though, I learn why and felt the reason why she didn’t want to say anything… she just wanted to forget about it… but I learn when things like that happen to you, you can’t forget… because for one… a man stay over where I live and creep me out so bad when I found out my doors were open to my room and bathroom closet… & he walking around my home… that he makes you not want to be around that particular person.. it’ll freak you out so bad…

What I didn’t understand how people didn’t see how she was jerky around people and football players. They were clearly blind… & how she didn’t want to around Bobbi by herself or even with people near… especially that horrible guy who tries to come on to her and Bobbi remove the guy… I’m like he really think that Becca going to forget about what happened.. what I didn’t feel bad about how Ryan felt when he actually learned about what happened to Becca and how he treated her… he felt so much like an idiot which he and his friends including Jake …. clearly was… the stupid they felt when they were even wondering themselves “why would Becca do this” … I often say certain guys are complete idiots … I wish he would’ve considered asking Becca and talking about what happened smh instead of yamping off at her. Then he realizes he dumbness and switch schools to get her back… I was glad that she didn’t take him back then either & was glad that she dated Mike it proved to Ryan that she can still be loved or cared about which in the beginning you didn’t do… ran when he first saw trouble in their relationship when it wasn’t even Becca fault. I wanted to slap him sideways because she only had sex with two people while he dogs her out by making her jealous with all those girls… but at least in the in he was sad… and learn his lesson …. and then afterward “four years later” she considers taking him back. & getting married; that I can agree on.. because he’s didn’t jump back to him just because he was there… I felt like she should’ve been there in the beginning, but at least he realizes his mistakes and worked on fixing what he knew he fucked up … but Bobbi should’ve got more than two years in jail… I’m just saying…

Kindle Edition, 311 pages
Published May 1st, 2017
Original Title: Four Years Later
Edition Language: English
  • Four Years Later
  • Four Years Later (Four Doors Down, #2)
  • Four Years Later



Book Description:

Becca McKenzie is happy—crazy, ridiculously happy.

She might not have figured out what she wants to do with her life, but she has something better—Ryan Jackson—and they couldn’t be more in love if they tried. He might have been pissed when she went off to a different college, but they make the long distance work because they’re “Becca and Ryan”, and nothing is going to break them.

Until it does.

Until one terrible, unforgettable night away from Ryan. Until too much drinking and one empty bedroom. Until fifteen minutes of hell completely destroys her life and leaves Becca questioning everything she’s ever known.
Until that night turns into a lie she can’t stop—can’t control.

Until she said no but he didn’t listen.