Engaged to Mr. Right (Mr. Right Series #1) by Lilian Monroe

This actually a good book. But I couldn’t have no parents like Max… would’ve gone bat 🦇 shit crazy… but I like the fact that a certain circumstance gotten them together since they didn’t want to play into their feelings (connections)…..

Book Review:

Great read…


***splashing 💦 spoilers in this review; just a little bit, but not too much💧…•••


I was curious about this book since one of the other books was FREE. I was like why not start with book one before I start the free one. Mind you I don’t know which one it was; since I forgot lol…
But I thought this book was good, and his parents were kind of horrible-able plus I felt like he could’ve told his parents no on so many occasions, but if he didn’t, I believe that he and Naomi wouldn’t have ended up dating eventually.. even if it started off FAKE. So at least his parent done something good for their SON! Since he wanted Naomi anyways.

Though; I didn’t like how he accused Naomi of helping her father with the business deal. Like he was clearly an idiot to think she had something to do with it.. Especially when he came to her and asked her to be his FAKE fiancée and she ONLY agreed to his because of her mother condition… NOT her father; who she didn’t even know; she didn’t even know his name…
Until Max used his brain to figure out the truth by talking to her father Jerry…. and learning that nor Naomi or her father know each other… for one he didn’t know he had a daughter. She knew she had a dad but didn’t know who he was… Max only ended up hurting himself and her at the same time… but I was glad both Max and Naomi came to their senses and realized they wanted to be together, and he ended up to the actual job he wanted… wasn’t working for his parents which didn’t make him happy… which coaching football players actually did.. at least this time he ended up marrying Naomi for real this time… though I kept thinking she was going to end up pregnant, but that didn’t happen. Oh well…

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Book Description:

I lost everything when I injured my knee. 
My football career, my girlfriend, my future. 
Now, I’m living the businessman’s life my parents always wanted for me. 
I’m rich, I’m successful, and I’m supposed to have everything I’d ever want. 

But I don’t. 

The only bright spots in my life are my Monday morning appointments with my gorgeous, sassy physical therapist. 
Week by week, Naomi is fixing my knee. 
And week by week, I look forward to our appointments just a little bit more. 

But when an innocent tabloid picture sends my parents into a wedding frenzy, I have no choice but to ask Naomi to play along. 

I make my parents happy, and Naomi makes a bit of cash. 
Easy, right? 

We’re engaged. 
Or at least, we’re pretending to be. 

There’s only one problem: it doesn’t feel like we’re pretending at all. 

Engaged to Mr. Right is a sizzling-hot fake marriage romance. If you like billionaire bad boys with hearts of gold, you’ll love this page turner. Grab a cold drink, lock the door, and curl up with Max Westbrook in Book 1 of the Mr. Right Series!