Say Yes by Elle Kennedy

Reading the description had me curious…. even though it’s a “short read” but it also had me thinking 🤔 this guy gotta be a twin. I haven’t found out or not if she-bang the groom or not 🤣 but knowing me I bet it’s the groom’s men. 

Book Review:

*** There are spoilers throughout ****

Okay, I was so curious about this book and wanted to know what this book was about well no I wanted to know what will happen in this book. I also figured that Dirk aka Evan was actually a freaking twin… like I thought it was hilarious how she confronted EVAN who she thought was Devon and told her best friend she bangs her fiancé… when in reality she actually didn’t. Good thing; that Marcy knew the twins apart because even she had to realize the error in Emilia mistaken the twins. 

Even when she checks her events, etc., she still got it confused when it came to the twins. & only figured it out when she saw them together. Well more so when Evan stated she-bang, his brother after she was with him that night… 🤣 he wasn’t playing around either when it came to getting with her again… it takes a song they both liked for Emilia to figure out that it was a good idea to go back and see how things would end when it came to Evan.
But I wish it was a longer book though because I wanted to know if they were going to end up dating and maybe married like her best friend… I know I saw their names at the end of the book like at the beginning with Marcy and Devon… 

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Book Description:

Maid-of-honor Emilia is looking for some stress-busting fun the night before her best friend’s wedding. And what’s more fun than a no-strings hook-up? Good thing there’s an app for that, and she’s in luck—the sexy stud she swipes right on is more than happy to fulfill all her sexual needs. Her hot night with “Dirk” is everything she knew it would be.

But this morning?

He looks a hell of a lot like the groom.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Originally offered as a short story in the Mixtape Anthology alongside 11 other short stories, Say Yes is now available for your own reading pleasure FOR FREE simply for being a newsletter subscriber! 

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