Never Have I Ever Kissed Under the Mistletoe (Never Ever Love #5) by Juliet Bardsley

This book is short. But I am wondering if I’ll is able to finish it before New Year Eve and go into a new book!!!

Book Review:

Kissed under the mistletoe

***+Not many spoilers, but there’s a few… no, just a little!

I am glad that this was short. Because if it was any longer. I would’ve been over it.

But the story was interesting and kept me wanting to know what will happen, even though I knew that Braden would’ve gotten the girl Michaela. I liked the fact that he finally got to explain to her why he didn’t show up at her door for the dance? Prom? Whatever…

That Poopy girl or was it, Poppy, 🤣 anyways; you could tell that the Poppy girl was jealous of Michaela, though, how she ignored her when she asked to be the volunteer for prom. But at least Braden (who I kept saying; his name as Brandon🤣) which it’s not. But at least in the end that they both told Poppy off because she deserved to know she didn’t win anything because Michaela got the guy and Braden didn’t want her after what had happened.

Kindle Edition
Published November 12th, 2019 by Snowy Wings Publishing
Edition Language: English
  • Never Have I Ever Kissed Under the Mistletoe (Never Ever Love, #5)


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Book Description:

Can a kiss under the mistletoe give them a second chance?

Michaela Pearson’s heart was broken when her friend and long-time crush Braden stood her up for junior prom. Ever since then, she’s completely written him off.

Braden Richards has been waiting for his second chance with Michaela for five months. Her stubborn, yet adorable nature hasn’t given him the opportunity to explain what actually happened.

But when Michaela and Braden are asked to plan Cedar Oaks High’s Christmas dance together, they’re taken to one of the most magical and romantic spots in their charming small town for inspiration.

Can the charm of the holiday season help them get over the past and learn to trust each other once again?

This is a short and sweet holiday novelette in the popular Never Ever Love series full of Christmas charm and kisses under the mistletoe. All books in the Never Ever Love series are short, sweet, swoon-worthy, and can be read in any order!

The Harder You Fall (Rixon Raiders #3) by L.A. Cotton

Currently reading 📖 “The Harder You Fall” by @authorlacotton👤💪🏽⭐️… Rixon Raiders #Book3 … coming January 7th…… 

Book Review:

***Spoilers are everywhere in this review so beware***

~~~This book is an ARC; I was given the book for my honest opinion, I can say I was not disappointed and can say; I liked the third book better than the first and second. Though those were five stars too along with this one. It was just to much based on Tractor guy or whatever Thecther fool name was… but at least he got his 🤣🤣 … ~~~~
I was ten times hype when; Asher went a got his girl (more so protect) his woman when Jermaine went a grab her wrist. He tackled him… I was like yassssssssssssssssss Asher. But then I was like that was Jason 🤣…

But then when Jeremiah followed Asher and his parents to his house was ridiculous and uncalled for. He could’ve let Mya go knowing that she moved on. He only realizes his mistake when he accidentally shot Asher mom when “Asher” charged at him when he “Jeremiah” went at Mya. I knew somebody got shot even before it got to the part about Asher’s mom.

In my head, I was like LA Cotton better not let Asher mom die. Lol! I was like girrrrrl! 🤣

But anyways…. but let me get back to the beginning of what happened before Jeremiah pop up unannounced. I want to say I cannot stand Asher, dad! That man was full of dog poop! 🐕 💩 Like literally, he was. The only time he considered his family (his wife and his son) feelings was when his wife Julia, got shot in the neck. But he was still a prick when it came to Asher and his feelings for Mya. & Mya with her being from the “hood” and Latino, he felt like Asher only needed to date white women. But I liked that Asher wasn’t having that! Because that town definitely was full of white privileged and Mya showed him that it was.

But I only wanted to slap some sense into him (Asher) with what that happened to his mom! I was like he kind of blame Mya. But that crap doo-doo wasn’t her fault that was all on Jeremiah wait is that dude name Jermaine 🤔🤔🤔…. heck who knows 🤣🤣🤣 I know it’s Jermaine lol!. Other than that, I understood where Mya felt like she was an outsider in that town and with his family and people from school and beyond! When you a person of color dating someone who is white… white people will look at you funny and be like tf? But not only that when someone of color date someone white or another race people (blacks) look at those people like tf? Because they feel like that person disrespecting their race and dating outside of their race.

But I liked the fact that Asher didn’t give flying grape jelly about what other people thought about them. Even though if you are someone of color, people who are white will look at you like tf… because my niece felt that way when was with her boyfriend, who is white. She’s black… she felt everybody was looking at her… & I did felt awkward when my dad dated my brother’s mom who’s white, and I was around his mom’s family at an amusement park with them though I was 1 of the 3rd blacks with them.
But I was glad when Mya came to the terms Asher being white and she’s being Latino… he didn’t care about what anyone thinks he only wants to be with her and I was glad when he stuck it to his dad and picked Temple University to be with Mya. Even though; his dad stopped being a prick and looked out for what he wanted.
Other than that I’m a get back to the beginning… but I never started from the beginning I started in the middle… but I only wanted to say that… Mya at first she was pushing Asher away and running away from him… I thought for sure that Asher was going to chase her (follow her) to Philly. But she came back for him. When she realized the person who Jermaine became… that boy wasn’t trying to change at all…. and I was waiting on her to actually tell Asher that she gotten abused by those people in Diaz crew but she never utters a word. But at least, in the end, Asher finally told Cam and Jase about his dust bunny of a daddy.

But as we realize in the world even if it’s fiction (as In books) or real-life… these things happen with Race, Family disliking someone you date, money, rich people (the parents or parent; treating their children like crap and or controlling their lives and that child turn out to be bitter and evil to half of or most of the people that work for them or worse)… hence; this book is fiction; I was glad that Asher went the correct route and followed his dreams and not his fathers dream for him…
*** PS. I love reading interracial books no matter if it’s a Black/White or White/Latino… it makes me happy that we all don’t have to date inside our race to make ourselves happy. Because we could be with someone who’s a different race than us who he or she can turn out to be the love of our lives…****

Kindle Edition
Expected publication: January 7th, 2020 by Delesty Books (first published December 2019)
    • The Harder You Fall (Rixon Raiders, #3)
  • The Harder You Fall (Rixon Raiders #3)


45437091. sy475

Book Description:

Cocky football players, school rivalry, and the girls who get in their way. Get ready … The Raiders are back for one final play!

Mya Hernandez has scars.

The kind that run deep and leave marks.
Rixon is only supposed to be a temporary place to hide, but it’s quickly becoming something more.
She’s almost certain it has nothing to do with the blond-haired, blue-eyed football player who makes her laugh. Who makes her believe in fairy tales again.
Even if she knows her life is destined to be nothing more than a tragedy.

Asher Bennet has secrets.

Not the scandalous kind, but the ones that fester, slowly eating away at your soul.
On the face of it, he’s Mr Popular, always down for a party and causing a little mayhem.
But on the inside, he just wants someone to see him. Really see him. Too bad the one girl who sees past his facade has already friend-zoned him.
It’s probably for the best though.

She’s different.
A fighter.
She’s everything he wants but can never have.

Until Mya’s past and Asher’s present collide in ways neither of them saw coming.

And suddenly the thing you need most is the very thing you’re supposed to hate. 

This Time It’s Different (Bayview High Book 6) by Melody Summers

Currently reading 📖 “this time is Different”… & what I’m trying to do is finish this book before the 1st of the month. I’m on chapter 3 out of 14 chapters. 🤷🏽‍♀️…. if not this book will be my first read for the new year.🙌🏽 

Book Review:

It was definitely was different !!

Spoilers… throughout this review; So beware of the spoilers…

Glad, I finally got to read the last (not sure) but the next story to the Bayview High series. I do wonder if it will be another, especially when the author mentions Ursula lot in this story with Syndi. If she does, that will be an interesting story.

Besides that, I was glad that Sydni has friends that have her back when it comes to bullying. I am so against bullying. & was glad that Cayden took up for her in that bet store. I felt like Kathy and Olivia was jealous of Sydni. Also, before I forget, I remember that Kathy used to date Nikki’s brother, it’ll be interesting if Ursula would be the one to change her brother ways and vise versa. Besides that, I still think that more so, “Kathy” was jealous of Sydni more than Olivia. I think that Olivia was just a follower. I was glad that Kathy got what she deserved being kicked out of college for her bullying ways. That’s what she got for being a mean witch!

Not only that, I was glad when Sydni finally got away from her alcoholic aunt.; I literally was waiting on her to get an alcohol position or die. Just because how if she treated Sydni at least she didn’t (stop) getting that money that was coming for Sydni staying with her. I was glad that Dani’s parents came in to save the day and let her stay with them until graduation once she turned 18…. plus they also kept Joey (the hamster). I really didn’t want her to get rid of him or sale him/her to anyone.

Besides that, I was also glad that Cayden proved his cousin and everybody wrong about how he felt about Sydni. He even proves to her by staying another week to go and get the girl he actually wanted and cared about. In the end, I was glad that they ended up together. Because he didn’t care about what she wears. He thought she was beautiful regardless. & that’s what I liked!!!! 

47900326. sy475

Book Description:

How do you stay positive when the guy you’re falling for attracts girls like a rock star?

Sydni has sworn off of boys, especially the bad ones. Her friends are away on vacation, her aunt is being a total witch, her job is about to go up in smoke, and the girls who bullied her in school are still determined to make her life miserable. The last thing she needs is a boy complicating her life – especially a bad boy like Cayden.

Cayden attracts girls like a bug zapper attracts mosquitoes, with pretty much the same result. Sydni doesn’t want to end up like them, but she can’t seem to help herself. Cayden doesn’t act like a bad boy around her. He’s more sweet and thoughtful and considerate than any guys she’s ever met. Bad boys don’t change, though. Do they?

What if this time it’s different?

The Revenge Kiss: A Sweet YA Boarding School Romance (Kiss Academy Book 2) by Julia Keanini

I’m 32% done with “The Revenge Kiss”💋… I was kind of hesitant about reading this book 📖… I assumed that it might be boring! Though I’ve read another series by this author. I just didn’t know until I started it today. & so far it’s good! 

Book Review:

It was a good story, with a good revengeful kiss.

So I am not sure if there will be a lot of spoilers in this review, but if so, beware…

Okay, so I was waiting to read this book. And not once was disappointed. I figured when I was reading Marley and Nash’s story that London and Jet had a thing for each other. For how much they bicker towards each other.

I also want a book with her sister Dakota. Since Alana, have her book. I am going to start real soon. Besides that, I am going to continue to tell my thoughts on this book. Though, this one will be short.

So anyways, Collin thought he was going to hurt London in reality, he didn’t. What he got was dissed towards the end when they were at Jet’s national championship basketball game. He tried asking London on a date… he wasn’t a real man and didn’t even care about London the way that Jet cared for her. She finally saw that he had a feeling for her after they are broken up during prom, & vise versa…

I was glad; at the end that they figured things out and started dating foreal instead of fake dating. Plus, London finally told her mother what she wanted, which was a good thing for her.

48337613. sy475

Book Description:

Kiss the guy who hates me to get back at the guy who played me. Who thought this was a good idea?

Jet Stockton doesn’t date girls like me. He thinks I’m stuck-up, rich, and just like his ex who ended up ruining his family. So what does a smart girl like me do when a guy hates her? Crush on him. Ridiculous, right?

However, when Jet offers to kiss me so that I don’t look pathetic when my new boyfriend, Collin, shows up at a party with his latest costar what can I say? I kiss him and the kiss rocks my world. Too bad it’s only for revenge.

But then Collin shows up at my school and I have to pretend that Jet is my boyfriend or our revenge kiss would have been for nothing. So I do.

And just when I think I’m done with my stupid decisions, I fall into the most foolish of them all. I’m for real in love with Jet, my fake boyfriend. But he’s just faking feeling the same about me, right?

The Revenge Kiss
 is a stand-alone romance and the second book in the Sweet and WholesomeYA series, Kiss Academy

The Risk (Kings of Linwood Academy #3) by Callie Rose

I’m 12% done with The Risk… 

Book Review:

The title fits its name; they took some risks.

This book may have a lot of spoilers, and possibly have just a little I’ll see maybe.. we’ll no you’ll see too once I start my review.

Okay, I was itching to read the last story of this series because I was like have to know who set Harlow, mom, up. My first thought it might have been Lincoln’s dad; then, after a while, I was like hmmm.. when I was reading book 2… then towards the end of that one, it turns out it was the Judge who went out on a date with Harlow mom. I mean common sense would’ve told people to look at where and who she was with that night, but nobody actually did ask where she was at. They just went on whatever false evidence that was sent to the detective about how she did it and what evidence was in her car.

When the whole time, the killer was slapped dead in there faces. It was good that they all the Kings and Harlow found away to find Iris killer and to get her mom out of jail for something she didn’t do… reading this will make you feel like in real life there are people who are in jail with false evidence on them. With the help of the police department eg, even the rich! But at least everybody felt some time of way after learning that Harlow’s mom wasn’t any killer; everybody should’ve known that anyway, regardless of what she did with that doctor when it came to Harlow having cancer. That was totally different.

Judge Holloway got what he deserved too. I’m the end, plus those other guys too who tried to kill the Kings and Harlow. Because the only way that freaking detective was going to believe anything they had to have accurate evidence. I also don’t believe that Holloway even talks to detective Dungeon. He may have found out on his own by others in that department. Plus; only good thing came out of that situation was him saving Harlow by killing that drug trafficking guy… I can’t even or car to figure out how to spell or remember his name… 🤣

47319740. sy475

Book Description:

Rich boys don’t fraternize with the help.
They don’t fall in love with the help.
They don’t risk everything for the help.

We know what we’re up against now. Who we’re up against. But if he holds all the cards, the truth hardly matters.

The kings of Linwood want me to run. They want me far away from here, where I’ll be safe.

I won’t go though. I refuse to leave my mom behind, and the four boys who’ve each claimed a piece of my heart won’t let me face this threat on my own.

They swear they’ll do whatever it takes to end this. To keep me safe.

Since we won’t back down, fighting is our only option.

But I’ve played poker long enough to know that sometimes when you risk everything…

You lose everything.

***AUTHOR’S NOTE: The Risk is a reverse harem high school bully romance, the final book in the Kings of Linwood Academy trilogy. It contains cursing and sexual situations. 

The Kissing Game: A Sweet YA Boarding School Romance (Kiss Academy Book 1) by Julia Keanini

I was kind of hesitant about reading this book 📖… I assumed that it might be boring! Though I’ve read another series by this author. I just didn’t know until I started it today. & so far it’s good! 

Book Review:

I still can’t believe that the academy is called “Kiss.”

**There’s a possibility that there might be a lot or fewer spoilers in this review***

Okay! So before I start, I want to say I wasn’t sure about this book. Because of what it was named and on top of that, no… let me backtrack, I wasn’t sure about this book because of the description of the book. I was like, I don’t know if I am going to like this book.

But once I started, it turns out to be a pretty good book. I was glad that I got around actually to read it. I liked Nashville and Marley’s story though both their names are horrible. I liked their story. Especially when Nashville twin? Triplet, or is it just his sister. I know it mentioned something about twins and the other half … but back to what I was saying. Especially when his sister London knew that Marley had a thing for her brother and asked him if he liked Marley when they all were at the diner… but I kind of figure that that Jet had a thing for Marley and London had a thing for him. Still, she was trying to deny her feelings for him. Due to the fact that he liked Marley…

But what she doesn’t know is that they will be together real soon. Lol 😂… but anyways; I thought Marley mom did need to get put in her place I mean she couldn’t base her life on her daughter life because Marley could meet someone who was and is different from her dad (Nashville) and don’t get pregnant young and run her career to become a professional soccer player… I was glad that her mom realizes that in the end, when Nashville followed them from California… he was even going to leave Kiss Academy so that Marley could come back. If that wasn’t love, I don’t know what is…

Plus that Natalia girl was just horrible. I was glad that Dakota got rid of her as her friend because Dakota was to nice to have someone evil as a friend. Especially when Natalia lied about her arm being hurt with a water bottle😂 like she was doing too much. But in the end, she still looked like a jealous fool because getting Marley off the team didn’t work on it lead her to Nashville, the one guy that Natalia wanted… she (Natalia) played herself, and Marley won because she got the guy…..

48273847. sy475

Book Description:

It’s the game that can change everything. 

Every noteworthy couple at Kiss Academy has started in the same place, in the same way. The Kissing Game. And although I’d like to say the idea of doing the same thing as everyone else is too cliche…I can’t. 

But it isn’t like I want just any boy to be waiting on that X, looking around the crowd to meet my eyes at the sound of the courtyard clock chiming. I only want Nashville Wilde. 

Too bad the rest of the female population at Kiss feels the same way. Not only is Nash loved by all, he’s a freaking movie star and totally out of my league. And to top it all off? He’s my best friend’s brother. Talk about doomed. And yet like a fool…I dream. 

But then junior year rolls around and the rules of the game seem to change. We become friends and…could Nash be interested in me? Will we meet at the illustrious X? Or is it all my foolish imagination? 

The Kissing Game  is a stand-alone romance and the first book in the Sweet and Wholesome YA series, Kiss Academy.
“This was my first time reading Julia Keanini, but it won’t be the last. I adored The Kissing Game! With such great characters and an interesting take on the boarding school trope, I was hooked from page one. Can’t wait to start book 2!”  Kelly Oram, Author of Girl at Heart and Cinder & Ella 

The Lie (Kings of Linwood Academy #2) by Callie Rose

Currently reading 📖….. “The Lie” by Callie Rose 🥀…. 

Book Review:

This was really good!

There are a few or more Spoilers thrown into this review.

This book was so good. When Harlow kept thinking it was Lincoln’s dad, I was like it can’t be Lincoln’s dad. I couldn’t picture it even though he was a liar and a cheat. It’s also crazy how Lincoln learn who his mom was waiting; I am not sure he did… I’m still trying to figure out if Paige is his mom since Lincoln’s dad got her pregnant and mentioned to him his mom died. Also, I kept thinking that the murder could’ve been Audrey… but after reading the ending; it makes me wonder if it was actually Judge Holloway… since he did take Harlow mom out on a date or two… plus he didn’t want to help her…. but not sure if he still does even though he asked her questions about her mom case.

I can’t wait to READ the last book to learn what happened next and who the actual killer was…. since I know it was a man who got her (Iris) pregnant and frame Harlow’s mom for the murder. I still think that Those people in that town are idiots because what reason would Harlow moms have in killing Iris… those people are idiots, even Savannah, I can’t wait until the truth comes out and people learn who that person is… 

Kindle Edition, 262 pages
Published August 6th, 2019
Edition Language: English
  • The Lie (Kings of Linwood Academy #2)

46155734. sy475

Book Description:

Rich boys don’t fraternize with the help.
They don’t care about the help.
They don’t protect the help.

I should’ve remembered those lessons before I handed over my trust to four gorgeous, domineering boys.

But I didn’t.

And now, I’m not the only one who’s been hurt.

Someone out there is toying with me and my family, and I don’t know who to turn to or who to trust.

I never wanted to play this game. But since the pieces are already on the board…

I’m sure as fuck gonna play to win.

Misadventures of a Time Traveler by Angel Payne

I really have to think when it comes to this book. I always knew Angel Payne books were different. I’m not sure if it’s NOT interesting or not!! But I’ll know once I’m done with reading it.

Book Review:

I don’t know if there will be a lot of spoilers or just a few, but once I write, we’ll see.
Okay! I am going to start off and say that I wasn’t into this book at all when I first started this book. I had to stop reading it and started on two other books than come back to this book. When I got back into it, it was kind of good. But not 100% I know that I wasn’t bored with it… but after a while, I was kind of ehhh about it, but I wanted to know what happens next.
Alessandra…. she was kind of annoying because she had so much proof of who Max was… like it took her until the end of the book to tell him she LOVED him and that is what saved him because he was fading.

Even her friends Reagen and Druce and her PR Dimitri knew that Max was the Prince? From 1789… wait, I think he was a prince 🤣I can’t even remember, but I was happy when she finally saved his life.. but I will say this, I did like“Misadventures with a Super Hero” better than this book… I don’t know about this book…. it wasn’t interesting, but it did have interesting parts in it. When I first started, I was between giving this book two ⭐️ ⭐️ or three ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️… but after getting halfway through this book, I decided on giving this book a four ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️…

Paperback, 272 pages
Published November 26th, 2019 by Waterhouse Press
Original Title: Misadventures with a Time Traveler
ISBN: 1642631620 (ISBN13: 9781642631623)
Edition Language: English
  • Misadventures of a Time Traveler
  • Misadventures with a Time Traveler
  • Misadventures with a Time Traveler
  • Misadventures with a Time Traveler
  • Misadventures with a Time Traveler (Misadventures, #25)


Book Description:

Workaholic Allie Fine isn’t thrilled about a surprise birthday trip to the French countryside, where there’s nothing to do but drink wine and tour old castles. But boredom takes a hike when a sexy period actor shows up to be her special between-the-sheets gift.

Maximillian De Leon, the towering god with eyes of gold and pecs of steel, is the most incredible lover she’s ever had. But Allie wakes with confusion when her French lover tells her he’s actually Prince Maximillian, and he hasn’t seen the light of day since 1789.

Crazy or not, Max De Leon is the hottest man Allie’s ever met—and the perfect piece on her arm to impress the corporate brass and take her career to the next level. So what if he keeps claiming he has to marry her to break a centuries-old curse in order to stay alive. He’ll get over that soon enough…right?

Misadventures is a romantic series of spicy standalone novels, each written or co-written by some of the best names in romance. The stories are scandalous, refreshing, and, of course, incredibly sexy. They’re the perfect bedside read, a ‘quick blush’ for the reader who loves a page-turning romance. 

Keeping It Secret (Bayview High Book 5) by Melody Summers

I had to read this book because I just can’t seem to get into the traveler book at all so disappointing… this book is actually good and can keep my interest! This book is way better than the last book about her best friend. Plus she’s way better for Dylan anyways; though I wanted to smack him six feet under… in the book with Molly… 

Book Review:

***Spoilers in this review; but not that much***

I liked this book. Awhile back, I didn’t know she added wait no I think I’ve seen this book but never gotten around to reading it. Since I forgot all about the series after reading book 4… I was glad I figured out where Nikki comes from this book. Since she friends with the other girls. Also, I think she was mentioned in the book with Delaney and Walker. His name is still hilarious, “Walker Dean.”

But besides that, those girls are so horrible (Kathy and Olivia and their friends), and even Nicole’s brother was a horrible person. Jealousy didn’t do him any good, especially when being jealous of your younger sister. You could tell that he dislikes her but I wanted to know what was his reason. I am trying to figure out if I read his reason. I can’t seem to remember. But I was glad when she told her parents how Kathy was and showed them the video because her brother didn’t have anything to say but be bitter.

Plus, her parents came around after realizing it was stupid for breaking up what both Nikki and Ethan had going on. Just because he was a college boy. I was like, but y’all know him, so what’s the problem. Bad enough, Olivia was a problem with being a psycho and a stalker, but glad Dani removed her from their lives along with Kathy with the help from Sydni with that video…

But I can’t wait to read Sydni’s story and learn about the guy she’s going to meet. I hope her aunt isn’t so bad, but I know she is but hope she ends up staying with her friends when things do get rough and don’t lose her job.

39802045. sy475

Book Description:

What do you do when the perfect boy for you is the one that no one wants you to have?

I’ve had a crush on Ethan, my big brother’s best friend, for years. Unfortunately he’s totally off limits. My brother is jealous and doesn’t want me anywhere near him, my parents don’t want me dating a boy in college, and Ethan’s ex-girlfriend is a psycho stalker who’s liable to lock me in her trunk and bury me out on the beach somewhere. Not that it matters, because Ethan has never treated me as anything except a favorite kid sister.

Or at least that’s how it was until we moved back to Bayview. Now Ethan isn’t looking at me like I’m a kid or his sister. He looks more like a cat about to pounce on a mouse. We’ve been spending time alone, and I’m pretty sure we almost kissed. But even if I’m not imagining things, it could never work. If my brother found out he’d tell my parents, who’d end it in a hurry. And Olivia would do anything she could to sabotage us. But Delaney came up with the one solution that just might work. You could keep it a secret. It’s the only way that Ethan and I have a chance.

But secrets always come out in the end.

Kiss Me Tonight (Kiss Me #2) by Emma Hart

Finally started the second book to ‘‘tis now this series. “Kiss Me Tonight” … it’s actually pretty good. 90% better than the first actually… 

Book Review:

I often come up with blank thoughts when I finish a book. Like at this moment, I am not sure if this review will be long because I can’t think of anything!

So with that being said…..

I really liked this book; it was way better than the first book with Reagen best friend Halley and her brother. This one was way more interesting. After reading the book with Halley, I definitely wanted to read Reagen’s story since the ending of book one had to curious about the picture the random guy (aka Noah)sent to Reagen.

It’s still cute how they met, not the picture 😂 but with him saving her in the fire and both of them not knowing that they met each other until he heard her name and she saw his tattoos at the hospital. It’s also good that her family actually liked Noah, that’s the best part when introducing someone to your family. They have to like them if they don’t they’ll be mean or not want that person around!!!!!


Book Description:

What do a wrong number text, a burning building, and a quirky florist have in common?
A hunky firefighter with an extra-large…hosepipe.

In hindsight, I never should have opened that text message. The last thing I needed first thing on a Monday was a picture of some stranger’s, um, eggplant, in my inbox.
I also should have replaced the batteries in my fire alarm, because my Friday night did not need to end with my apartment building going up in flames.
But it’s fine. It’s fine. Everything is fine.
I’m only lying in a hospital bed with more split ends than I’ve ever had, almost all my Earthly possessions have turned to ash, and apparently, they don’t serve wine to patients in this place.
But like I said, it’s fine.
Until he walks in.
The guy who saved my life. My hero. Noah Jacobs.
And the universe is amusing itself at my expense, because the dirty photo I woke up to on Monday?
It’s his.

Kindle Edition, 260 pages
Published September 24th, 2019
Original Title: Kiss Me Tonight
Edition Language: English
Series: Kiss Me #2
  • Kiss Me Tonight (Kiss Me, #2)
  • 111x148