Just Friends: A Bayfield High Romance Book 5 (Bayfield High Series) by Madeleine Labitan

So far so good. At least I learn that Sloan and Amanda are dating. Since they didn’t get their own book … 

Book Review:

More than friends

***Just a few spoilers**

Before I get started on this review, I want to say that. I did want a book with Sloan and Amanda. But learn from the author that they wouldn’t get a book. I wanted one because; I wanted to see if they were going to get together. I see in this book that Sloan and Amanda ended up in a relationship. I figured that and glad… because I saw how interested they were into each other at that party in the book with Nick and Lexi “Hard to Love.”

With that being said…… I liked how finally El for the guy that she had a thing for. She was such nervous around the guy. That I had to laugh when she spilled that drink on that poor boy (Rohan), at least he didn’t hate her for it; laugh it off as a joke when he saw her again (in school)…

His stepmom I wanted his dad to break up with her because she was just horrible… to El… didn’t want Rohan with El at all. Rohan didn’t want to be with his cheating ex Nisha. Who thought he was going to take her back. I was like really think he’s going to take her back after she cheated on him with one of his friends.

I was glad that he wanted something with El. Even though he’s stepmom with that horrible name.. he didn’t like Elana or want him to be with her. She wanted him back with his ex Nisha. I was glad he made the decision to be with El and told his stepmom how he felt and to butt out of his business. Not only that, I was glad to learn that his dad was on his side. & also Rohan decided to stay in the USA to be with Elena… 

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Book Description:

Does a girl like her stand a chance with the unattainable boy?

The last thing Elana Mitchell wants is to be noticed by Rohan Mallick, the boy she’s been crushing on since junior year.

He’s Mr. Unattainable—not just to her but to every other girl who dares to snag his elusive attention. Those who try always end up getting snubbed and humiliated.

She’s definitely not keen on joining that roster, especially after completely fumbling their first interaction. Talk about a bad first impression.

But when Rohan asks for her help on a school project, El has no choice but to move from the sidelines and place herself in his line of sight.

Suddenly, Mr. Unattainable doesn’t seem so out of reach anymore…

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