To the Only Boy I’ve Loved Before: A Sweet YA Romance (Edenvale Arts Academy Book 2) by Liwen Y. Ho

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Book Review:

***Spoilers just a little bit***

So I liked this book, the same as I did the first one.

Also, I felt like Hannah was kind of harsh towards her brother Liam. For him being around Ava, and her not wanting Ava too be with him. I was glad he talked some sense into her because she would’ve ended up hurting both Ava and her brother Liam.

When I was reading this book and learning that Hope was adopted, I felt like Darren and Dianca could’ve adopted Ava. & turn out that is what happened In the end. When Ava adopted father put her out all because Liam brought her home and she was seeing him. He wasn’t complaining when Ava was bringing them eggs, taking care of the kids, though. But I was also glad that the other children got adopted too, especially with what Liam saw in that window.

Not only that, but it was also a good thing; that Liam and Ava worked things out with each other and started dating.
Besides that, I can’t wait to read Max and Angel’s story because I can’t wait for how Angel tames the playboy, Max.

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Book Description:

Spoiler alert: Falling for a hot, older guy can only mean trouble … especially when he’s your bestie’s brother.


After my parents passed away, music was my only refuge until I came to Edenvale. It was there that I met my BFF, whose family treats me like one of their own. The only downside is Hannah’s overprotective brother who loves to torment me, even to the point of invading my dreams. 

If only I were Liam Mitchell’s type.


It’s senior year, and I should be figuring out my future, but with my dad in jail, I’ve had to step up to take care of my family. The only thing that’s clear is how much I like spending time with Ava Alverson. Adorable, smart, and strong, she’s the only one I can let my guard down with. Too bad we’re stuck in the friend zone.

But not for long.

I’m determined to let her know how I feel and also prove to my sister that I’m good enough to date her best friend.

The Edenvale Arts High School series brings you the sweetness and innocence of young love amidst a backdrop of the performing arts. Combining creativity and romance, this clean and wholesome YA series is perfect for fans of High School Musical and Zombies.

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