• Double Major in Criminal Justice/Crime Scene Investigation With A Minor in Psychology and Early Childhood Education; I go to Liberty University. 

My dream job is to be a youth counselor for troubled youth. I don’t care about the pay I want to help and love what I do. It’s not always about money. I just want a career where I can help people! I’d love to be a counselor for troubled youth, but my #1 is to be a crime scene investigator.

 I’m on setting goals trying to achieve it. 

I’m free-spirited, an open-minded thinker who thrives to, be a nonconformist. So don’t judge me for choosing happiness. I have an old soul and a different perspective on things than most people. It’s honestly pretty satisfying. 

I’m the loner type. Stick to myself. I’m sweet and thoughtful. Just quiet and don’t open up easily. I don’t do much these days. If I get free time, I like to read and go for random outdoor activities! I like to write short stories, poetry, draw, paint, and just create stuff. 



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