Give Up The Ghost ๐Ÿ‘ป

As I walk across the road I just think about my life. How I grow old and I think about the things the people do and how kids that they can’t go to public schools and see how this world has been ruined but what can we do? Peace at the end of the world where we are from coast to coast “give up the ghost”ย 


Nobody Knew

Nobody here knew that they would die before they awoke they probably started out a few days before they got smoked. Out last night high be that murder she wrote.

Black & Yellow,

When ni**as oppose us, they get?

black and yellow; black and yellow.ย 

M**haf*ckas don’t pay us? What they get? Black and yellow, black and yellow.ย 

B*tch ni**as snitch, ย they get? black and yellow, black and yellow.ย 

Mob Sh*t…. ย Beytch โœŠ

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