Rock Bottom: (A Dawson Family Novel) by Emily Goodwin


ARC.. copy of “Rock Bottom” by @authoremilygoodwin … I’ve been dying to read Dean’s story. Lord knows I couldn’t stand Kara bitter self! 

Book Review:

Plenty of spoilers will more likely be in this review.

This book was given to me as an ARC; for an honest review. Not only that, it comes out tomorrow (hence; Feb 17th)!!!!!!!

So okay! I couldn’t wait to read this book. And learn who Dean will end up with even though Rory’s name was mentioned in the description. Lord knows I couldn’t stand Kara… & me and probably all of Emily Goodwin fans… 🤣🤣🤣…

When I first started this book, I was like yup that heifer done cheated on Dean before he even got to his house I knew. Ugh! Couldn’t stand her more after that, especially when she popped up randomly at his new house. Thinking she was getting him back and had the nerve to ruin things for Dean, I was glad that he went and got his woman back and ran Kara *** up out of his house while he was at it… the nerve of her try to put that pregnancy on him. In my head, I was girl you know that baby ain’t his… y’all been broken up. I was glad he told her that too.

Because in the end, Elory? I think it is her real name was the one for him… she got along with everyone in his family.. especially his sister, unlike Kara bitter self… plus both their (Dean and Rory) families were similar to each other… even had the group chat thing going on lol!!!! I was just glad that Dean stops playing games with Rory and turning away from his feeling for her, too… it took for crap pot “Kara” to pop up to tell him she wants him back. For him to realize his true feelings and admit them FINALLY … to Rory, at least he got what he wanted, in the end, a family. Which he couldn’t get with the trash ex-wife of his… I’m js…

Oh btw;::::::: ugh I saw that Robby popped up in this book. I still wish that he had his own book and find love too. I am glad to learn that he getting himself together and getting along and being with his family again… plus maybe Hillary might be the one for him 🤣 idk!! I just want a book with him, but there’s no other Dawson!! Bleh oh well!!!

Rock  Bottom: (A Dawson Family Novel) by [Goodwin, Emily]

Book Description:

Rory’s life is a mess. After getting dumped by her boyfriend, let go from her job, and losing her apartment, she takes a chance on a new job in a new town. Things can’t get any worse, right?


When the foundation of Dean Dawson’s life crumbles to pieces at his feet, he swears off relationships of any kind and goes back to a life of bachelorhood, loving and leaving different women every night.

After dodging what could possibly be the world’s worst blind date, Rory finds herself face to face with Dean—a temptation she knows she should avoid. It’s just one night, and there’s no harm in having a little fun.

Wrong again.

They say when you hit rock bottom the only way to go is up, but nothing is ever that simple.

Hard Truth (Hard to Love #2) by Emily Goodwin

I got this as an ARC… I just started this yesterday… I’m just hoping it ain’t no three-way and only a two way… plus I been dying to know what happened next when Hard Place ended like it did…. @authoremilygoodwin

Book Review:

*** There are spoilers throughout this review***

I had got this book as an ARC but didn’t get the chance to READ it before it came out due to me reading different other books at the time.


Finally got around to reading this book. When I started, I was like she better not get into a three-way relationship because I don’t want her with Michael (I by far hate that name), but anyways; I was like how can she not see that Alex liked her more than his job really…

& soon her baby father came into the picture her feeling from him came back. I was saying to myself; girl Michael isn’t the ONE FOR YOU. You better not pick him over Alex. I didn’t like Mike’s mom. She seems kind of well no, she was horrible because she says mean things if the kid’s personality isn’t like her. I was waiting and see if Harper was going to mention she half – Mexican & that makes her twin daughters mix raced too.

Not only that Mike wasn’t for her because for one he didn’t care she a relationship with Alex he still try to get with her and make her move and date him.. whereas Alex didn’t do any of those things I was glad when she had that talk with Tessa so that she could see clearly. & her mom knew who was the right guy for her too. She (Harper) knew when it came to that necklace. But I was also glad when Max got locked up that problem should’ve been dealt with because he could’ve clearly hurt her (Harper) & even her kids if they were there with her. He was just a horrible creepy pervert person…
P.S. I don’t know why I keep thinking Tessa going to end up with Michael, her best friend (Harper) baby daddy 🤣 , but I hope not; I o want a story on both Mike and Tessa. One will Micheal find someone who loves him, and he loves her back, and feel the same way he felt for Harper he does for his new girl. Whereas I want Tessa to find love into a guy though she gay… I want the guy to come and change her mind about not dating men… I don’t know I am just curious as to who book 3 to this series going to be about...


48218762. sy475

Book Description:

The first time I met Alexander Harding, I yelled at him for taking my parking spot. Rich and powerful, I saw him as nothing more than my new coldhearted boss. I hated him once but now…now things aren’t that simple. There’s a man beneath the beast, and the more I get to know him, the more I fall in love with him.

Though just as I’m able to envision a future together, the past comes back to haunt us both.

Six years ago, my life changed forever when I found out I was pregnant. The last thing I expected was to see Michael Cooper again, but now he’s here and is ready to make up for lost time. He wants to be involved in his daughters’ life. My life. And it’s making me question everything.

I never thought it was possible to be in love with two men at the same time. One from my past, and one I want in my future. My heart is completely torn in two, with each half going in a different direction. I’d give them each half if I could.

But then I would be left with nothing.

Hard Place (Hard to Love #1) by Emily Goodwin

My current read. 📖… finally gotten around to reading it. so far so good 😊 @authoremilygoodwin… 

Book Review:

****Splashing around with the spoilers in this review****
Dude …. but before I get into it… I got this book as an ARC. But I’ve just read it like after it came out because I was reading something completely different…

But…. dude… I’m never disappointed when I read Emily Goodwin romance books. Like it had me wanting to know what happens next. That’s how good it was.

Plus that Max guy was a little creepy though. In my mind, I think “Max” is Michael, the kid’s father. But I cannot wait for book two “Hard Truth” to come out October 3rd so I can find out what truly happened…

But back to the beginning; I had to laugh at both Alex and Harper because he was her boss, and she was his assistant. They were mean to each other during orientation for his nephew first day and her twins first day of kindergarten. & learning they worked together was priceless. Though deep down, they both had a thing for one another but kept denying their feelings for each other. Through the fake hate, they had for one another. But all that changed when they went on that “kind” of the business trip….. though Kate help with that plus…..

He got them in that situation for helping out Harper from them mean moms which I liked because those women were horrible. The worse kind is the ones who spend their man’s money and bash the women who work for what they got. Those women didn’t know what hard work was while taking care of kids. Then what was Bad they tried ruining the kids fun time during school… like who in their right mind would get rid of slides (playground) smh 🤦🏽‍♀️ crazy…
But in the end Alex helped Harper out when it came to Mindy or whatever Pepto-Bismol name was with the pink pants suit… clearly you cannot wear pink on pink just horrible with a hairspray (the movie) hairstyle… but anyways I hope 🤞 in book two that Alex and Harper figure things out and Alex gets to tell her how he feels and how he wants her to be his girlfriend… but one thing for sure Michael (God I hate this name; it’s EVERYWHERE) better not mess things up for them. Because I want Alex and Harper together and in the end, she moves out of the projects and moves into his penthouse. While also being pregnant with his baby because I don’t think they use protection…

48127896. sy475

Book Description:

Cold. Callous. Cocky.

A total playboy with abs for days, a panty-melting smirk, and a face the gods themselves would be jealous of. And he’s my new boss. None of that matters, because as a single mom, men like Alexander Harding are the last thing I need. What I do need is this job, so I’m going to keep my head down, work hard, and avoid that asshole as much as humanly possible.

But then he gives me an offer I can’t refuse, even though everything inside of me is warning me to run away and never look back.

It’s just one weekend.

One weekend to convince a potential client that Alexander has changed from the player who spent more time in the bedroom than the boardroom into a family man they’d be happy to go into business with.

But the more time I spend with him, the more I realize that there might be a beating heart buried under his designer shirts and spectacular pecs after all…which is bad news for me.

Because the only thing worse than hating your boss is falling in love with him.

**Hard Place is a FULL-LENGTH novel, and book one in the Hard To Love Series** 

Buy for $2.99 or try Kindle Unlimited to read over a million titles
Kindle Edition, 281 pages
Published September 10th, 2019
Edition Language: English
  • Hard Place (Hard to Love, #1)
  • Hard Place

Making Up (Shacking Up #4) by Helena Hunting

About to start reading this ARC book… I already know it’s going to be good. & thinking that “Lexington” is his best friend since I know Amalie and Lexington are freak “freaks” because she likes those #sex toys 🤣 but then I realize his brother is Lex 🤣 @helenahunting

Book Review:

***Little bit of spoilers here and there***


I was given this ARC for an honest review as a blogger. So with that being said… I so enjoyed this book; I wasn’t disappointed at all or wanted to stop reading or got bored…I did felt bad for Griffin because for one he couldn’t catch a break with that crap with Imogen I hope that’s how you spell her name since I refuse to go back and see; since she’s not as important… so with that being said… I was glad that Cosy forgave him for that stupidity that happened with his ex-fiancée… I also figure that her sister didn’t mess around with Griffin… but I did crack up when learning it was her sister that took his money and credit card… she assume he didn’t know, but he did know about his money missing🤣 the only person I know is stupid when money is missing is one of my family members boyfriend…
But I was so rooting for both Cosy, and Griffin for one Cosy was hilarious and didn’t take any crap from one even Griffin… plus his brothers were hilarious when it came to him at his office… Cosy was so much better for him because for one Armstrong is a turd ugh and so his Imogen like how can you bang you, cousin fiancée, just because his brother bang your ex-fiancée that you cheated on at your wedding. For one, he didn’t deserve Amalie, but he definitely deserves Imogen … unlike She thinking she was going to get Griffin back with her dusty self…

Kindle Edition
Expected publication: July 16th, 2019 by Swerve
Original Title: Making Up
  • Making Up (Shacking Up, #4)
  • 111x148
  • 111x148




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Book Description:

A new standalone, laugh-out-loud romantic comedy by New York Times bestselling author Helena Hunting.

Cosy Felton is great at her job—she knows just how to handle the awkwardness that comes with working at an adult toy store. So when the hottest guy she’s ever seen walks into the shop looking completely overwhelmed, she’s more than happy to turn on the charm and help him purchase all of the items on his list.

Griffin Mills is using his business trip in Las Vegas as a chance to escape the broken pieces of his life in New York City. The last thing he wants is to be put in charge of buying gag gifts for his friend’s bachelor party. Despite being totally out of his element, and mortified by the whole experience, Griffin is pleasantly surprised when he finds himself attracted to the sales girl that helped him.

As skeptical as Cosy may be of Griffin’s motivations, there’s something about him that intrigues her. But sometimes what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas and when real life gets in the way, all bets are off. Filled with hilariously awkward situations and enough sexual chemistry to power Sin City, Making Up is the next standalone in the Shacking Up world.

Nine: The Tale of Kevin Clearwater (King #9) by T.M. Frazier

🤭 can’t wait to read this ☺️😅💃🏽……. read the preview yesterday was like I gotta have it & can’t wait to it come out….. ….. current read 📖N9ne: The Tale of Kevin Clearwater

Book Review:

****Plenty or added spoilers in this review” ****

I have got this book early than the release date; since I have gotten an advanced copy… I will say this book was awesome!!!!!

When I did start this book; I was like Lenny? Hold on will Kevin aka Nine ends up with a guy…. then I read it a little further, and she (Lenore) states something about her being a girl…… I’m like ooooh okay because I was wondering & waiting to figure out what happened to the girl who fell out the causeway or whatever they call that bridge….. & comes to find out her name was Lenore aka Lenny…

But in one chapter with her FAKE friend, she stated how she found out who Nine was then later down the line after they went to the zombie festival and he explains to her who he was “the guy she met; on the bridge”… that’s how she found out it was him… that had me at a loss because he found out who she was when Lenny got evicted. By seeing the photo of her with her parents….. in the end, I was glad that she forgave him and found out about Jared…

Especially when it came to the money taking and the house, car….. I never thought well no I kind of thought it could’ve been her best friend Yuli….. which in the end really sucked nobody that Lenny was around was her actual friends they all were FAKE and everybody that was in Nine camp was her REAL friends. I had to laugh at what Yuli said about Lenny meeting new people and don’t forget about her “Yuli”…. when I reality she was a horrible friend and didn’t like Lenny at all since she was behind every scheme that was happening and everything that was going bad for Lenny…

At first, I thought that the guy Tocci or whatever his name is I don’t care to remember since he not that important. Was going to kidnap Lenny. Because I was like this book is to good for her not to get kidnap but in the end, she did get kidnap by her wack ex-best friend… I was glad and laughed when Yuli got thrown over the bridge by Nine… I said yup karmas a straight BITCH isn’t it Yuli since you were behind everything when it came to Lenny and not Jared…. what crap pop…


Book Description:

“I know it’s wrong to watch her like this, but she’s a temptation I can’t resist. She’s performing for another man, but I feel like it’s all for me. Like she’s mine.”

Nine lives. 
Nine inches. 
One chance to make her his. 
Preppy’s brother is about to live up to the family legacy in more ways than one.

This is the story of Nine, The Tale of Kevin Clearwater.

Nine can be read as a complete standalone.

Kindle Edition, 1st edition, 326 pages
Expected publication: June 18th, 2019 by Frazier Publishing
Edition Language: English
Series: King #9
  • Nine: The Tale of Kevin Clearwater (King, #9)
  • 111x148

“A Fine Imitation by Amber Brock” (Book comes out May 3, 2016)📗

“A Fine Imitation by Amber Brock” (Book comes out May 3, 2016)


Set in the glamorous 1920s, A Fine Imitation is an intoxicating debut that sweeps readers into a privileged Manhattan socialite’s restless life and the affair with a mysterious painter that upends her world, flashing back to her years at Vassar and the friendship that brought her to the brink of ruin. 
Vera Bellington has beauty, pedigree, and a penthouse at The Angelus–the most coveted address on Park Avenue. But behind the sparkling social whirl, Vera is living a life of quiet desperation. Her days are an unbroken loop of empty, champagne-soaked socializing, while her nights are silent and cold, spent waiting alone in her cavernous apartment for a husband who seldom comes home. 
Then Emil Hallan arrives at The Angelus to paint a mural above its glittering subterranean pool. The handsome French artist moves into the building, shrouds his work in secrecy, and piques Vera’s curiosity, especially when the painter keeps dodging questions about his past. Is he the man he claims to be? Even as she finds herself increasingly drawn to Hallan’s warmth and passion, Vera can’t suppress her suspicions. After all, she has plenty of secrets, too–and some of them involve art forgers like her bold, artistically talented former friend, Bea, who years ago, at Vassar, brought Vera to the brink of catastrophe and social exile. 
When the dangerous mysteries of Emil’s past are revealed, Vera faces an impossible choice–whether to cling to her familiar world of privilege and propriety or to risk her future with the enigmatic man who has taken her heart. A Fine Imitation explores what happens when we realize that the life we’ve always led is not the life we want to have.

“Under The Influence (a novel) by Joyce Maynard”

“Under The Influence (a novel) by Joyce Maynard” 

Drinking cost Helen her marriage and custody of her seven-year-old son, Ollie. Once an aspiring art photographer, she now makes ends meet taking portraits of school children and working for a caterer. Recovering from her addiction, she spends lonely evenings checking out profiles on an online dating site. Weekend visits with her son are awkward. He’s drifting away from her, fast.
When she meets Ava and Swift Havilland, the vulnerable Helen is instantly enchanted. Wealthy, connected philanthropists, they have their own charity devoted to rescuing dogs. Their home is filled with fabulous friends, edgy art, and dazzling parties.
Then Helen meets Elliott, a kind, quiet accountant who offers loyalty and love with none of her newfound friends’ fireworks. To Swift and Ava, he’s boring. But even worse than that, he’s unimpressed by them.
As Helen increasingly falls under the Havillands’ influence—running errands, doing random chores, questioning her relationship with Elliott—Ava and Swift hold out the most seductive gift: their influence and help to regain custody of her son. But the debt Helen owes them is about to come due.
Ollie witnesses an accident involving Swift, his grown son, and the daughter of the Havillands’ housekeeper. With her young son’s future in the balance, Helen must choose between the truth and the friends who have given her everything. 

The Opposite of Everyone by Joshilyn Jackson 📗

“The Opposite of Everyone”
Description: A fiercely independent divorce lawyer learns the power of family and connection when she receives a cryptic message from her estranged mother in this bittersweet, witty novel from the New York Times bestselling author of Someone Else’s Love Story and gods in Alabama—an emotionally resonant tale about the endurance of love and the power of stories to shape and transform our lives
Born in Alabama, Paula Vauss spent the first decade of her life on the road with her free-spirited young mother, Kai, an itinerant storyteller who blended Hindu mythology with southern oral tradition to reinvent their history as they roved. But everything, including Paula’s birth name, Kali Jai, changed when she told a story of her own—one that landed Kai in prison and Paula in foster care. With the two of them separated, each holding her own secrets, the intense bond they once shared was fractured.
These days, Paula has reincarnated herself as a tough-as-nails divorce attorney with a successful practice in Atlanta. While she hasn’t seen Kai in fifteen years, she’s still making payments on that karmic debt—until the day her last check is returned in the mail, along with a mystifying note: “I am going on a journey, Kali. I am going back to my beginning; death is not the end. You will be the end. We will meet again, and there will be new stories. You know how Karma works.” Then Kai’s most treasured secret literally lands on Paula’s doorstep, throwing her life into chaos and transforming her from only child to older sister. Desperate to find her mother before it’s too late, Paula sets off on a journey of discovery that will take her back to the past and into the deepest recesses of her heart. With the help of her ex-lover Birdwine, an intrepid and emotionally volatile private eye who still carries a torch for her, this brilliant woman, an expert at wrecking families, now has to figure out how to put one back together—her own.