The Bible Worldview


The Bible Worldview 



The book of Romans provides us an understanding and the living out the Christian faith. It will tell us what to believe, what truth to hang on to, and how to walk as a believer in this world. Remember, no one had Bibles at this time, believers relied on teachings provided by the apostles to help them grow in their faith and learn about Jesus Christ. Paul wrote this letter to help the believers understand that salvation is by God’s Grace Alone, through Faith in Jesus Christ.


The Natural World

All of the natural worlds has formed by an all spiritual God. The depiction of the natural world is an expression of God’s everlasting blessing. When philosophy leaves out God and looks for answers to life only within the natural world, it cannot discover reality. God created the natural world and everything in existence. God revealed a lot about himself in the Bible. Because we are human, there is a lot we can not understand about God because He lives outside of the natural world. We need to see the creations as God intended we need to look at the natural world in the way we were meant to look at it. See it with Psalm 104 eyes. A fundamental principle expresses everything in the natural world is divinely connected to that of the spirit. We are in a prophetic season declared through creation.


Human Identity

No liberty nor justice while worshipping humans or their “creations”, freedom and peace are God’s. Of all God’s creations humans are the only one’s who killed species(Patch Adams). 2 Corinthians 5:1-5 “Of all the fears that plague the heart of man, none is greater than the fear of death.” It is our greatest fear, the sum of all other concerns. We are afraid to die. We are afraid of what happens when we die death is the fundamental human problem life is short and so uncertain. “What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes” (James 4:14B) Most of us try to define ourselves when we accomplish by our achievements, our victories; our wins help defines us, and instead of acknowledging God as the source of many good things in our lives. We want to get the credit for our achievements. We want to be known as the winner; the leader people pride can get the best of them. As humans we do have many limitations, we need to rely on God. If people lose sight of their identity and try to convince themselves that there the winner, they will miss the actual achievement in their life, God, is who made the universe calls you his son.  


Human Relationships  

Handling human relationships is the most important life task to accomplish. Handling them well requires understanding, wisdom and maturity. In John. 16, Jesus, He told his disciples, I have many things to say to you but you can’t bear them now. No humans are allowed to choose what families they are born into it is chosen for us before we arrive on Planet Earth. We are all selected by a Higher power to have an earthly experience in a decaying, body of sinful flesh, which eventually dies an earthly death. Fortunately, in our short, life’s journey as we get older and develop relationships with others most of us live with things that make it possible to use God-given morals to make decisions that will determine our future. And to choose what family members, friends acquaintances, etc.  we want, or wish to have in our lives. It is imperative not to trample on other people’s freedoms into our own. Even if we feel to need to think that way. And wanting to do it for someone else instead of our own. It’s important that people have the right to their choices, opinion, and beliefs, as God gave us all a free will. The characteristic of human nature is we don’t like being forced into decisions that we are not capable making ourselves. We always resist compulsion even when we face other serious decisions. It is important that we choose things for ourselves. God gave us over the agency, and he will always respect our freedom of making a choice.  



All cultures have prevailing philosophies of thought which guide their choices and actions. Food is a reflection of culture, lifestyle, history, and religion. Human individuality and self-expression are devoted to the relationship between human’s inner world with human’s behaviour in society. The society still restricts expression and thought of a person. An individual should remain who they are, and that person should perceive them in the way they are. Our culture’s persistent tendency to prefer a child’s dreams about heaven rather to the truth of God’s Word betrays a lack of confidence in the sufficiency of Scripture. It suggests laziness and a desire to have questions answered that the Bible doesn’t address. God has given us all we need in the Word. Moreover, God has told that “at whatever point you judge another, you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgment do the same things” (Romans 2:1). God does not know our throwaway culture. God does not discard anyone. People Cultivate of God’s loving culture and our family has been blessed to be part of it.  

How this assignment has touched my worldview?

This assignment I can say it did touched my worldview my religion hasn’t changed, but I do think the book of Romans is seriously so mind-blowing it is so challenging, and it shows how much I need Him more every day. The book of Romans is such a good reminder of who we are in Christ. I know that every book of the Bible is important, but the book of Romans is awesome to shape and clarify our theology on worldview. The book of Romans has so much to offer “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.”  



The book of Romans its biblical worldviews has a view on human, identity, natural world, human relationships, and culture. According to the organization Focus on the Family, a biblical worldview is based on infallible Word of God. When you believe in the Bible is true, then you allow it to be the foundation of everything you say and do (Tackett, 2015). Paul teaches us in the book of Romans that God is just and the justifier of all who are in Christ Jesus.


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Bible Dictionary


Old Testament Bible Dictionary


The book of Judges reveals events that happened between 1004 when David established his throne in Jerusalem and after Saul was anointed king 1051 BC. It was written in wisdom and poetry and contains three literary genres, poetry, riddles, and narrative history. The book was divided into two 21 chapters, which Chapter 1-16 gives an account of the war of deliverance beginning with Israelites defeat of the Canaanites and ending with the defeat of the Philistines. Chapter 17-21, talks about the death of Samson. The main themes of Judges are the problems with people today is one of the main themes of judges. The main personalities of the book are Othniel, Ehud, Shamgar, Deborah, Gideon, Tola, Jair, Abimelech, Jephthah, Ibzan, Elon, Abdon, Samson, Delilah. The main events happen after the death of Joshua(1:1). After Joshua died, the Israelites ask the Lord, who should go up first to fight the Canaanites. Judah was the first of the tribe selected. The tribe of Simeon helped the tribe of Judah drives enemies off the land. Ephraim and Manasseh attempted to clear their land as well but didn’t clear out all the former inhabitants. The other tribes were unable to clear all the Canaanites off their allotted inheritance. The Judges took place in ancient Canaan, the Promised Land given by God to the Jews. Under Joshua, the land was conquered by the Jews with the help of God after Joshua’s death, the lack of central government led to infighting among the tribes and periodic oppression by the wicked people who lived there. The purpose of the book is to teach the Israel that God is faithful and to punish sin. Therefore, each individual must remain loyal and devoted to him. The book shows the purpose of the land the results of unfaithfulness similar to what we have seen in the past.


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Malachi was known to be the writer of the book of Malachi, the last book of the Old Testament. Malachi is a prophet who lived in the fifth century BC. By this time the Jews had become disillusioned and apathetic. Malachi is the most maligned prophet in the Bible because of his outspoken mention on tithing. But Moses wrote more laws on it than anyone. The prophet Malachi uses the answer/question methods to probe deeply into an Israel’s problems of hypocrisy, infidelity, divorce, perfidious worship, and arrogance. The words are from the Lord through the prophet Malachi didn’t phase the Jesus. Until John the Baptist came, God had remained silent and stop communicating to His people through a prophet source. The prophesied that Malachi was designed to break through the barrier of Israel’s disbelief, disappoint and discouragement. Malachi was the ultimate writing Prophet that serves God under the laws of Moses. Malachi lived 400 years before the birth of Christ, at the time of the return of the Jews from the Babylonian captivity. Malachi was the last prophets in Old Testament his prophecies was for telling the coming of Christ; the reprobation of the Jews and they’re scarifies; the calling of the Gentiles, who offered up to God in every place that is acceptable to sacrifice. Malachi is the prophet that wrote his prophecy before Ezra came to Jerusalem, which he came earlier than either Zechariah and Haggai. Malachi was devoted to God and his righteousness; he rebukes the same sins as did Nehemiah. Malachi wrote between two periods of Nehemiah’s stay and governing in Jerusalem.


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Samaria is the ancient capital of the northern kingdom of Israel which is the Assyrians 722 BC after 200 years of idolatry and rebellion against God. After many people resettled in other lands the Assyrians located in Gentiles(non-Jews) from other areas in the region, which is a result of mix Jews and Gentiles who were known as Samaritans. Samaria or the Shomron is a name for the mountainous, Central Region of the ancient Levant, based on the borders of the biblical Norther. The Kingdom of Israel and especially the Israelite tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh. The name Samaria derives from the ancient city of Samaria, the capital of the Kingdom. In modern times, the territory is referred to as the West Bank. Sebastia served as the capital of Israel until its destruction by the Assyrian army in 722 BCE. During the Hellenistic era, it became home to a Macedonian community called Sebastia. During the period of the Second Temple, Herod altered the name of the city, as is related by Josephus Flavius. Part of the wall of the Israelite city was discovered near the southern end of the Basilica, where three strata of stones laid over the rock formation were preserved. This construction is characteristic of the period of Israelite rule – several of the stones’ margins were chiseled, but their center remained prominent. In some cases, the stones were set horizontally, while others were laid vertically. Excavations carried out at the site revealed a fortress that had apparently been built at the top of the hill during Ahab’s reign, or possibly during that of Omri, his father. The fort was designed to withstand a siege and was surrounded by an inner wall as well as a double external wall, called a retaining wall. There are almost no traces left of Ahab’s palace, however, within the confines of the palace, on the ground of the courtyard of Ahab’s palace. Were found unusual ivory engravings set out in Phoenician style (Sebastia-ivory), that, in part, relate to that period and were apparently used to decorate the throne – the ivory house built by Ahab (Kings I – 22:39). Storerooms containing “Sebastian pottery” were found inside the palace, apparently dating from the period of the reign of Jeroboam the Second, shared with Hebrew writing in black ink (Ostrakon). The accepted theory is that these shards were documents recordings oil and wine shipments that had been brought from all parts of the kingdom to the storerooms in the king’s palace as payment of taxes. Graffiti insults Mars the Roman pillars of the once grand basilica… a spray-painted Muslim proclamation of faith marks the lintel of the Eastern Orthodox Church of St. John the Baptist. A man named Simon, who practiced magic in the city, amazed the people of Samaria, saying that he was somebody great. They all paid attention to Simon, saying “This man is the power of God that is called Great.” And that he paid attention to him because for a long time he amazed them with his magic. They believed Philip as he preached to them his good news about the name of Jesus Christ and the kingdom of God, both men and women were baptized. Simon also believed after he was baptized he continued with Philip. Seeing the signs of miracles performed, he was amazed.


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New Testament Bible Dictionary



The book of Romans reveals events that happen between 57 when Paul wrote the letters to the Romans and 59 AD. It was originally written in Latin because Romans spoke Latin, Paul had to translate for other believers in Rome. It was also written in Hebrew and Greek, and contains some literary genre, which was personal letters of introduction; Romans is one of Pauline’s letters; the whole book is a letter to Paul to the Church of Rome. In some parts are more formal, like sermon and exhortation. The Book of Romans was divided into 16 Chapters. Roman is a book to savor, slowly and carefully. Paul is developing an argument, and his logic unfolds thought by thought from the very first chapter. You may recognize many well-known verses in Romans; one these in their context as a part of Paul’s overall presentation. Romans divides into a clear outline. Chapters 1-3 introduce the book and give the need for the proper news of the gospel. The end of Chapter 1-3 introduce the book and give the necessity of the Bible,” compresses the core messages in a brief paragraph. Chapters 4 and 5 expand on that messages. Romans 6-8 discuss the working out of the gospel in a Christian’s believers life. Paul then pauses for three chapters (9-11) to link his argument to the Old Testament history of the Jews. From there, he proceeds to give practical advice on specific problems (12-16). The main themes of Romans are the basic gospel of God’s plan of salvation and happiness for all humankind, Jews, and Gentile alike even though the same theme has suggested justification by faith. In loving kindness, God provided a way to redeem us through Jesus Christ, who sacrifice his life for our sins-debt through his sacrificial death. The main personalities of the book are Paul (The Apostle) and  Phoebe, who delivered this letter. The main events depicted through Paul, which Paul was Corinth, on his way to Israel to provide a collection for the poor in Jerusalem. He also planned to visit the Church of Rome on his way to Spain. The book Romans reveal answers to question and supplies of information on many topics such as salvation, the sovereignty of God, Spiritual, Spiritual growth, Judgement, and the righteousness of God. Scholars describe it as the Gospel and righteousness of God, which received only by faith in the atoning death of Jesus Christ. The purpose of book Romans was to proclaim the glory of Jesus Christ by teaching edify, doctrine and courage the believers who would receive his letter. Paul introduces himself and his theology to them; to stress the unity of Gentiles and Jews in Christianity.


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Titus was Roman Emperor from 79 to 81. Titus, was the eldest son of Emperor Vespasian, was born in AD 39. He and Claudius’ son of Britannicus, were close friends and were educated together. From AD to 63 he served in Britain and Germany as a military tribune. Afterward, he returned to Rome and married Arrecina Tertulla, who was the daughter of a former commander of the Praetorian guard. Arrecina died, a year later and Titus married Marcia Furnilla. But he later divorced Maria in AD 65 soon after the birth of his daughter Flavia Julia, who married her cousin Flavius Sabinus, but after his death in 84, she became a mistress to her uncle Domitian. The same year, Titus was appointed quaestor and became commander of one of his father’s three legions in Judaea in AD 67. Titus was charged with the Jews war and the large-scale campaign in 70 which capture and destruction of Jerusalem in September.  He also received tribunician power and was of his father Vespasian colleague in the censorship of 73 and several consulships. In 70, Titus suppressed doubtless concerns with successions,  but when Vespasian died on June 23, he peacefully and promptly his success was lavish expenditure, some were purely personal largesse. And some were like assistance to Campania after Vesuvius in 79 and the rebuilding of Rome after the fire in 80.  Titus sudden death at the age of forty-one and was hastened by Dominitan, who was his successor as emperor.


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Jaffa, also known Japho or Joppa, is the Southern. Oldest part of Tel Aviv-Jaffa, an ancient port city in Israel. Jaffa is located about 30 miles, 48 kilometers south of Caesarea. Jaffa has Jews majority mostly from the Mid-Eastern and North African countries with an Arab Christian and Muslim population. Jappa appears for the first time in the list of cities that Thutmose III captured in 15 century BC. Jaffa is one of oldest functioning harbors in the world.  Peter came to Joppa from Lydda to raise Tabitha from dea. While in Jappa, Peter(The Apostle) stayed at the house of Simon, the Tanner. The Natural Harbor of Jaffa, located near a defendable hill, it was in the Middle Bronze age, about 4,000 years ago. The Canaanite Seaport City is valuable access to the Mediterranean Sea. Jaffa is also mentioned in the Story of Jonah, the Son of Amittai. Joppa is on a portion of cliffs jutting out over the sea in the region given to the tribe of Dan as their inheritance. It is one of the oldest cities in the world. The Hebrew meaning for Joppa is “beautiful”, and the city is indeed beautiful. An old Mediterranean port sits at the top of the cliff, complete with Arabian spices and a mosque. Some of the ruins and walls date back to the time of Ramses II, Pharaoh of Egypt. Archeologists are currently digging in an older section of the rubble, in search of clues to the city’s past. Most archeological finds are dated by the pottery shards found outside the debris of homes. Pottery remains are numerous because once a clay pot or vessel broke, it became useless, and was just tossed onto a trash pile. Metal is rarely found because it was relatively costly and could be re-melted and reused. The cedars of Lebanon used to build Solomon’s Temple were brought to Jerusalem from this port (1Ki 5:6). In many of the Old Testament parables, men of stature and power in society were symbolically portrayed as Cedars of Lebanon (Jgs 9:15). This seaport was coveted by many conquering nations that passed through the region. Joppa is no longer the bustling seaport of Biblical times, but it supplies a significant amount of fresh fish to Israel’s markets and restaurants. Below the fort walls are tiered homes and shops that slope down the cliffs and end at the harbor wharf. It was along the sandy shores of this ancient harbor that Jonah embarked on his journey across the Mediterranean sea to Tarshish. He was running away from a divinely appointed task only to find himself in the belly of a whale (Jn 1:3). Jonah was not receptive to God’s plan to offer redemption not only to the Jewish people but all humanity. Jonah’s grave-like experience in the belly of the great fish foreshadowed the burial and resurrection of Jesus, who was entombed three days and three nights (Mt 12:40).


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Bible Dictionary


Old Testament Bible Dictionary


The Book of Isaiah reveals events that happened between 701 when he was called the prophecy to the Kingdom of Judah when Judah was going through times of revival and rebellion and 681 BC. It was written in Hebrew Poetry, and contains two main literary genres, both narrative, and poetry, The book was divided into 66 chapters, which are the same number length as the book of the Bible. It was split into parts of 39 chapters and 27 chapters. The Old Testament has 39 books. Which is a summary of the first 39 chapters of the Old Testament. It was identified that Isaiah is the author of the book. The main themes of Isaiah are God’s name and judgment. Isaiah 40, the sovereignty of God. God is the only creator, only King, and only Savior. The holiness of God brings judgment and Hop. Seeing God causes decision on Isaiah’s goodness and work(v5). But that same holiness from the throne room of God also cleanses Isaiah’s sin and gives him the hope of being used by God for great purposes(v7-10). Salvation is coming from God by Francis Rundles. In chapter 40 of the book of Isaiah, I learned that major theme is redemption. The main personalities of the book are Isaiah, his sons, Shearjashub, and Maher-shalal-jash-baz. The main events are depicted through “A prophecy about coming to Messiah”. The historical section of the book presents Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, which is considered by many to be “the fifth Gospel.”  for its predictions of the birth, life and death of Jesus Christ some seven hundred years later. It was called to his position through a stunning vision of God in heaven (Chapter 6), Isaiah declared the bad news of punishment for sin, but he also described a coming to Messiah. His prophecies of redemption were balanced out the promises of God’s discipline against Judah and Jerusalem, which was overrun by Babylonian armies about some centuries later. The purpose of the book is to offer the purpose of life to the glorify God. Talking about humanity in the book of Isaiah, God says about us “whom I created for my Glory” Isaiah 43:7. This statement fulfills the prophecy of Isaiah that says, your life is already blessed. The purpose of the book Isaiah was to call God’s nation. Back to faithfulness and declare the coming of Messiah “Immanuel.”


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In the book of Ezekiel, it gives some details of Ezekiel’s life. He is mentioned only twice by the name Ezk 1:3, where he writes that he was the priest, the son of Buzi; and Ezek 24:24. Ezekiel grew up in Jerusalem, where he served as the priest and was one of the second group captivate and taken to Babylon. While he was in Babylon, he became the prophet of God began with condemnation and judgement of the nation Judah. He was one the Israelite exiles, who settled in Tel-Abib, on the banks of the Chebar. “In the land of the Chaldeans.” He was the mostly taken Ezk 1:2; 2 Kings 24:14-16 about 597 BC. Ezekiel would have been born during the time of the religious of King Josiah. When Ezekiel was living in Babylon at the age of 25, Ezekiel, was among 3,000 upper-class Jews who were exiled to Babylon. On the bank of Chebar River, in the a bib. It is told that the Ezekiel bread is a bread made out of ingredients name in the Old Testament book of Ezekiel when God says the prophet, Ezekiel, to make bread and then to lie on his side for almost a year. Ezekiel and his wife live in their home where exiled Jews visitors came to seek his prophetic insights. (Ezk 1:1; 3:15). It is stated that Ezekiel lost his wife in the ninth year of his exile, by an unexpected stroke (Ezk. 8:1; 24:18). The time of her death is unknown. But a blessing he was faithful to sacrifice for GOD illustrating how you need to cherish GOD above all else. The people loved and admired GOD’s Temple not for GOD, but as a symbol of pride, false hope, and religion. They focused more on themselves with their lewdness and idolatry. Like Ezekiel was commanded to model as a prophecy when his wife was taken, when GOD’s Temple is taken from them they will waste away in paralyzed shock-headed to the burning fire! Ezekiel was 50 years of age when he began his vision of New Temple. He was served as the prophet for at least 22 years until, his last encounter with God was in April 570 BC (Ezk 29:17). His time of death has not been recorded. It is told that he has no offspring’s, only that he had lost his wife when she was young of age. And today his tombstone is to be located in ancient Babylon, at the place called Alkia.


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Babylonian- Babylonia was an ancient Akkadian-speaking Semitic nation state and cultural region based in central-southern Mesopotamia. It was as an independent state c, 1894 BC, with the city of Babylon as its capital. Lucifer was the King of Babylon, like America today, Babylon was an empire in decline. “The bright morning star” the brightest and the best in the deluge post world. It was said that the King fell out of favor with the Elohim, he was corrupt, cruel, his entourage a clique of sadistic freaks. His empire got canceled. The concept of Lucifer being an angel is completely false; Satan means “One(s)who stands in opposition” It also matters exactly what or who is being opposed. Babylonians were trying to change the thinking of these Jews by giving them a Babylonian education, their loyalty by changing their names, their lifestyle by changing their diet. Without compromising, Daniel found a way to live by God’s standards in a culture that did not honor God. As God’s people, we must adjust to our culture as long as we do not compromise God’s law. Nebuchadnezzar burnt Jerusalem, tore down its walls and deported the people to Babylon. A remnant of Israelites remained in the land, but because they feared the Babylonians they wanted to leave Judah and flee to Egypt. Before they set out they went to Jeremiah and asked him to seek the Lord’s counsel; they said, “May the Lord be a true and faithful witness against us if we do not act by everything the Lord your God sends you to tell us.” The word Jeremiah brought back was that the people should stay in Judah; if they did God’s compassion would be poured out on them, and he would bless them and deliver them from the hands of the Babylonians. In 612 B.C., less than thirty years after Ashurbanipal celebrated his triumphs, the palaces of Nineveh collapsed in flames and with them collapsed the Assyrian State. The Chaldean kings of Babylonia, responsible with their allies the Medes for this sudden violent and radical destruction, remained sole masters in Mesopotamia. Their rule witnessed a colossal amount of building work in southern Iraq., and Babylon—now the largest, most beautiful city, in the Near East—became the Centre of a movement of the architectural, literary and scientific renaissance. It looked as though another Nineveh had been born, and indeed, the companions of Nebuchadnezzar II in the west suggest that a Babylonian empire was on the verge of replacing the Assyrian empire. But the brilliant ‘Neo-Babylonian period’ was short-lived. The last great Mesopotamian monarch was succeeded by weak, irresponsible princes incapable of resisting the new, formidable enemy that had arisen in the East. In 539, B.C. Babylon fell without resistance into the hands of the Persian conqueror Cyrus.


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 New Testament Bible Dictionary 


The main events in the book of Luke record events that happened between 59-61 AD. It is written in Narrative History, Genealogy, Sermons, Parables and Prophetic Oracles, and contains two main literary genres, models, and sources. The Gospel of Luke has 24 chapters. Luke did not divide his gospel into 24 chapters, Jesus did. Numbers appeared next to everything he did and said. It’s like how Jesus spoke in red letters. The main themes of Luke are the humanity of Jesus Christ. The main personalities of the book are Jesus, Zechariah, Elizabeth, John the Baptist, Mary, The disciples, Herod the Great, Pilate, and Mary Magdalene. The major events in the book are depicted that, Luke wasn’t a Jew; we knew him from Colossians 4:11-14. Luke wasn’t one of the Jews, but he was with Paul. All of the other writers of the New Testament were Jews. He was the only one Gentile to pen any books of Scripture. He was born in Antioch in Syria; he was a Physician or medical doctor by profession. He travelled with Paul on some journeys, which in several places in Acts, Luke uses the words, “we” or “us”. He wasn’t one of the original disciples of Christ, but he studied the accounts of Christ’s life that were available to him. It is stated that Luke has spoken to the mother Mary of Jesus Christ. The ancient prologue says that Luke had lived in the Greek city of Thebes, where he died at the age of 84. The purpose of the book of Luke, it is the third book of the four Gospel in the New Testament. Luke purpose for writing this Gospel was to convince readers of the truth of the things they had heard about Jesus. He shares Jesus’ teaching and healing ministry in chapters 6th-9th. Luke was the author of the Gospel of Luke and the book of Acts. The purpose of him writing the two books were so that Theophilus would know the true account of the life of Jesus.


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Jude(Jesus’ Brother)

Wednesday evening June 24, AD 5, was when Jude was born he was the 7th child. He was the General Epistle of Jude he was the author of the book of Jude. The New Testament Book of Jude The writer claims to be named Jude and also the brother of James. It is accepted that he is, in fact, the half-brother of Jesus Christ who was one of the leaders in the early church. Both of Jude and James were Jesus’s half Brothers. Mary was their mother. Joseph was the father of James and Jude, and although Mary was Jesus’s mom, God is Jesus True Father. The letter of Jude focuses on apostasy when people turn away from God’s true meaning and turn to false teaching. Jude reminds the people of God’s judgment and who left their faith in the past. This letter is a warning against false teachers. Moreover, it was the Gnostic teachers. They opposed of two core tenets of Christianity, the call to Christian ethics and the incarnation of Jesus Christ. Jude wrote these false teaching, to teach the truth about doctrine and the right conduct. The imperative commands of Jude in response to false teachers were to fight, contend and battle. It Was when the false teachers emerge is when the truth of God is attacked, that is when the time came to fight for faith. However, only believers who are “in shape” can answer the call of God in these matters. The danger is real. Jude reminds the believers that he wrote to defending the faith, He reminds them of God’s past dealings with unbelieving Israel, disobedient angels, and wicked Sodom and Gomorrah. This epistle is one of the most intense fiery books of the New Testament written to defend the purity of the faith and to expose false teachers who were teaching dangerous doctrines. The writer warned that all should expect false teachers to come into the church as this is a prominent prophecy concerning the “last days”. The epistle contains the famous line that rings loud and clear to all generations: “which contends to be the faith for which to unto the saints”. The truth is the foundation of the Christian life. He commands to pray in the power of the Holy Spirit. A short book – but incredibly powerful.  


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Shiloh was an ancient city of Samaria mentioned in the Torah and is 3500 years old. Shiloh was an ancient center of worship. It was an ancient city south of ancient Tirzah and referred to in the Hebrew Bible. Tel Shiloh — In time immemorial, Tel Shiloh was the capital of Israel and the center of religious worship for the Jewish people. It held that special status for close to 400 years. Ancient Shiloh! Where the tabernacle stood for 360 years. Shiloh is a city 28 miles north of Jerusalem–part of the disputed territory known as Judea and Samaria or West Bank by anti-Israel media. We are aware that the Bible considers it part of Israel given to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and their descendants. Moses’ tabernacle stood here for 300 years when Israel crossed the Jordan to enter the promised land. Not far from here in Beth El, Jacob had his dream of the ladder stretching to heaven with the angels ascending and descending. The battle is all about Redemption and who will be worshiped. Praise God for His grace and mercy! There was a discovery at the ancient site of Shiloh; the first evidence was at the religious center after the Philistines and Jews had destroyed it returned to the city, home of the Tabernacle. Shiloh was known to be the first Tabernacle in Israel. And the Archaeologist found the evidence after Shiloh was destroyed, and Jews returned, they sacrificed even during the First Temple period. The Beautiful Star of David mosaic located at Tel Shiloh “An ancient church has been discovered in the ancient biblical city of Shiloh. Archaeologists have dated the discovery to the fourth century AD. The church is believed to be on the site where the ancient Israelites housed the Ark of the Covenant, a report by Israel Hayom says. Archaeological workers found the ruins by accident as they were digging a drainage ditch for rainwater. They came across mosaics. Shiloh is located in the hill of Samaria; it is close to Shechem. In the Book of Joshua, it shows Shiloh as the first original home for the Ark after the conquest of Canan. It was known to be a major workshop during the Christian period.


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What can happen when people approach the Bible without any concern for the historical-cultural context?
Cultural context is very important when talking about the bible. There will be vast misinterpretation and false revelation. As stated in the book, that by understanding the history and culture of the audience in which God was addressing is like looking through a window(Duvall and Hays, 2008, pg. 50). When we ignore history and culture, we are basically looking through a wall, trying to see what’s on the other side and gain an understanding. Understanding the Bible requires placing the writing within their historical and cultural context.

Investigate John 2:1-12 and identify at least two historical cultural items of Duvall’s and materials explain how understanding these historical and cultural items open up one’s understanding  of this miracle went. 

In John 2:1-12 it talks about how Jesus changes water into wine. And how the wedding took place at Cana in Galilee. What Jesus did in the Cana of Galilee was one of the first of the signs through which he revealed his glory. The miracles that Jesus demonstrated was the power of God’s love and mercy for his people. (Duvall and Hays, says, submit to one another out of reverence for Christ pg. 53)

For people living in an “instant” application society such as ours, what can persuade them to put forth effort to study the historical-cultural context? That is, devise an action step that you could suggest to a friend in an effort to move he or she towards a more involved study of the scriptures.

There are a lot of people who skim over the Bible, I can say I’m one of those individuals who done so, I think when you skim over the Bible and not entirely read it you’re missing out on a lot and will be missing the message you actually should be receiving. I think if we take the time and read will get a better understanding. People often ignore the message God is sending them if we take the time and listen to what he has in store for us and what he’s speaking and the messages he’s sending we’ll go down the right path without any mess ups. (Don’t lose your interpretive heart in your quest for information to deepen your understanding of the text-Duvall and Hays, pg. 55)

Duvall, J. Scott., and J. Daniel Hays. Journey into God’s Word: Your Guide to Understanding and Applying the Bible. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2008. Print.

People interpret God’s word rather than what’s stated in the Bible. I think that if people encourage people to view the Bible differently. I think a different perspective helps. Just like in Christianity people see and interpret the Bible differently, but the government needs to follow up. Someone invited Jesus to the wedding in Cana Galilee- we are vessels used by God for him to do his miracles. Taking people to church is excellent, too many people have been taking life for granted and forgotten their purpose.

Withholding historical-cultural context when approaching the Bible does be misleading. In the Bible, it warns us about a lot of people just to lazy to read it, and that’s why they get blinded. Some people be misleading others with constant unhelpful/out of context quoting of scriptures. We must not all fall into misleading people in the world. Go out and discover what is in the Bible for ourselves. Galatians 1:1-24. I do agree there are a lot of people living the fast life. People are living the life so quickly they don’t take the time to slow down and clear their mind and think thing through to make better decisions.

Importance of the Literary


What happens if you carefully consider the surrounding context of a passage, but ignore its literary genre?
Literary genre helps readers understand the meaning of the text and how it should be read. Don’t just quote. There is a full context of a passage surrounding that. Tell them, why do you care about that person’s life. Religion says you’re not the judge also. Religion also teaches one to stand on their beliefs. Interpret every Bible passage according to its own literary genre: Poetry as poetry, Symbols as symbols. Of every passage of Scripture, we must first notice that the form it takes before we look at its context since form affects context. (Duvall and Hays, pg. 63).

Besides those examples cited in this chapter, what are some instances of interpreting a biblical passage apart from its immediate context? That is, give and explain an example of how ignoring the immediate can lead to an erroneous understanding or application of the text? Cite the specific passage you are discussing in your post. (ex. Rom. 6:1-6).

Interpreting the Bible requires more than just reading a biblical passage in a context. People often do this with the Bible They isolate word or sentence or paragraph, and take it to mean what they think it means. Disregarding the context is one of the greatest problems in Bible interpretation. By disregarding the “total surroundings” of a Bible verse, you may completely misunderstand the verse. You need to take it into consideration the sentences and paragraphs that precede and follow the verse and also to reflect the cultural setting in which the passage and even the entire book is written. Misreading the Bible ultimately hurts people by enslaving them rather than setting them free with truth. (Duvall and Hays, pg. 70). Sometimes unintentionally because of long-distorted and long-misunderstood interpretations and teaching regarding these very few and quite vague passages of the Bible. When we ignore the context, we can twist the scriptures and “prove” almost anything(Duvall and Hays, pg. 62). Biblical interpretation is of vital importance but often misunderstood or twisted. There are a correct way and an incorrect way to interpret a passage. Go to church on Sunday and you will see how.

When is topical preaching contextually valid? When does it disregard and violate context?

Topical preaching is a valid approach to preaching when the various passages are understood in context, and the overall message doesn’t violate those individual context.(Duvall and Hays, pg. 68). To say topical preaching is substandard to expository preaching is tantamount to saying a shovel is better than a rake. Just preach the Bible. Expository preaching doesn’t express some people any more than topical does. If both messages are from God and the Bible then who cares about Style? There is a place for topical preaching, but I’m wary of any pastor who use it too frequently. All preaching should explain the text, and topical can do that, too. As ministers of the Gospel, they shouldn’t “use” Scripture to get their point across; their point should be to get the Scriptures across. Topical preaching is fine as long as the people are following up to see if it is in the being used context and it is accurate. Topical preaching, by contrast, often jumps from one passage to another by stringing together a series of originally unrelated thoughts. (Duvall and Hays, pg. 69).

You have to think carefully about what you’re going to say or what you think something means before you start to freak out and say the wrong thing. When you don’t know the meaning of something, I’d like to do a proper analysis on something before drawing the conclusion. Thus more reason to wait for the proper investigation and get sufficient proof before drawing any conclusion. If you stop and think about it, you are always encountering different genres in the course of ordinary life. (Duvall and Hays, pg. 65). In some Churches, they believe that women and children should be seen and not heard. Any leader of the church who believes women can’t lead or that men can’t/shouldn’t be part of family/children ministries; they need to rethink their sexism. Jesus say, “if you ask for something in prayer, believe you have already received it, and it will be yours,” Mark 11:24. As women, we were the first to be known and believe. We are always are. We are holy and the deliverers of the excellent news. We hear. We believe supernatural nonsense. We deliver it to the men and the children. Our faith in nonsense heals the world. And speaking of topical preaching, I think there’s nothing wrong with topical preaching long as you use the topic to preach the Bible not the Bible to preach your topic. Topical preaching ought to speak the truth through exposing the world.

In the Princess Bride movie Mandy Patinkin, who plays Inigo Montana. Quoted:  “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what it means.” I think somethings are better left unsaid. Scripture can be twisted and misunderstood; summarily you can back anything up with it if you twist it hard enough. If I’ve learnt anything, It’s that scripture is blatant, apart from prophecy. And then prophecy is even explained. And people want to twist it. Just because you take Bible scripture and try to twist its meaning doesn’t make anything you say accurately. When you honor literary context (including the covenant of communication implicit in the genre), you cannot make the Bible say anything. (Duvall and Hays, pg. 67). Good reading is also worth noting in preaching, God first reveals biblical text from which He births a sermon “teaching is topical.” Churches needs more expository and systematic preaching and teaching God’s word and less topical sermon series. Topical preaching may meet the need of the hour but may not pass the test of the whole counsel of God. Topical preaching does not present the whole counsel of God; it is limited to the preference of the preacher; it communicates his bias. A second danger associated with disregarding literary context relates to how Scripture is preached. (Duvall and Hays, pg. 68). But far too often topical preaching distorts the meaning of Scripture by disregarding the literary context. (Duvall and Hays, pg. 69).

My Beliefs


Why do I think it’s relevant to what I feel well, belief it’s critical in what I believe. I’m not a Christian nor am I Baptist, but I do believe in God Jesus Christ. I’m a free spirited, and an open-minded person when your free-spirted you have your views in life. I somehow managed to be mature, wise and intelligent as well as whimsical, free spirited and artistic, yet I feel dead inside.

I’m a motivational, very uplifting free spirit I can’t pretend to be someone am not I don’t know how that works. But being a free spirited person is the way I live my life I’m the type of free-spirited person with positive vibes and don’t let things bother me. I’m a very independent-minded person, and I stand up for what I believe.

I think that you should be who you are and don’t let anyone change you, don’t get me wrong, I stand up for what I believe in, and I’m smarter than you think. I think you should love yourself, and you should stand up for what you believe in, being free spirited is what I think I’m a free spirited person, peace, love and NOT war is what I think. Drama isn’t something I tend not to participate. I believe that you should be who you are and don’t follow others and do the things that they’re doing should be who you are. I’m a lover, a dreamer, a fighter, for what I believe in, an optimistic free spirit.

How can I identify what I think in about God, the Bible and Jesus Crist when I never read the bible thoroughly I scan through it, yes went to church, yes but there’s not much I can say. I know that I’m free-spirited and have my views and what I believe. I do know there’s a God, and I do believe in him. I think there’s a God like I said earlier I am aware that some people don’t believe in him. But I do believe in him; I pray the best can I know that God is looking down on me. I think Jesus Christ is real and died for us.

I’m not exactly sure what to think about the Bible, I don’t know what to believe about the Bible, I don’t know what to feel about it. I believe there is an absolute truth about the bible and not if I choose what I like about the Bible and dismiss what don’t like it’s not the bible I believe in but, myself. Sometimes I feel like I’m partiality for what or the way think of God and what I believe about the Bible. I’m not about to get into a debate about what people think about the Bible I believe what I think.

I think what I think I don’t go by what the Bible says. Don’t care what anyone does except if it’s something like violent and rape have nothing against gays etc. long as I believe in God that’s all that matters to me I think of myself, and I’m free. I always stand up for what I believe in know Jesus is God son and as along as think of Jesus Christ and myself, it doesn’t matter what others think about what I think. I’m free and do as I please there’s nothing wrong with being free I think God and Jesus Christ love us all and doesn’t judge us they forgive us when we sin and do wrong God love all his children.

it’s important to know what you believe so you wouldn’t be taking advantage of or played like a fool. and I’m glad to here God gave you a second chance to be a mother to your daughter I think everyone needs a second chance no matter what the cause. A person should support the reason for his or her beliefs.

The Gospel Message


In our culture, it’s a good thing to hold up the mirror to Christian culture and see just how none- believers perceive us.

People reject the equality of gospel when they seek to be justified by their decent performance. Most people dismiss the gospel because moral issues. So that they’ll have free moral agency the option to choose as long as they hear the gospel they can accept or reject.

Sometimes the reason people reject Jesus, and the gospel is that they are scared by how their lives are being drastically changed. It could be authentic Christians gives the unbelievers a reason to cry hypocrite and reject the gospel. You know the real reason most people reject the gospel of Jesus Christ? It doesn’t please them. The same reason most people get upset with you is the same reason people reject the gospel. They don’t like being told they are wrong, and most people reject the gospel because they don’t understand it.

Most reject a sensual doctrine that makes everything accessible and appears to be true because of it’s emotional appeal. Those who are the most intellectually resistant to the gospel may need an emotional encounter to bypass their mental barriers. Gospel is not manipulating of the emotion. The emotion that is manipulated into a profession is the emotion that will reject the gospel. Calming music and staged emotional triggers are useful to elicit the response from those who reject the gospel message.

For some people, the main reason they aren’t saved is not that they reject the gospel, but that they never hear it. One reason people dismiss the gospel, they don’t get it. Whatever your mind rejects your life will reject the gospel must make sense to the mind, soul and heart. You must present it in an intellectual way.

Before God, every Christian obligated has to make every possible effort to communicate the gospel to those who cross his or her path. Christians should teach our kids how to communicate clearly to the gospel. We must complete the goal of converting them to the Christian faith. Communicate something about the gospel and in a different tone than that of the prevailing culture. Make sure when you teach the gospel or pray for those around you, that you give the right message.

You clearly have to prepare their hearts to receive it. With the truth, attractiveness, and by of the Christian gospel of our culture. A Christian should communicate the gospel regardless of the other person’s attitude. Christians must preach the gospel, which means they must communicate what God thinks. You must say God loves you, period this creates a culture where Christian ethics are possible. Preach the gospel to yourself. So it can help you develop a desire to grow in maturity as a Christian and communicate the gospel.

Christians are mocked and looked at as a joke. A  lot of people think they’re good and doesn’t think they are sinners. Church teach that we are sinners, need to accept Jesus. But not so much about how to walk and receive his spirit. While we were sinners, Jesus came to cleanse us from all sins. People don’t have to explain their past to anybody; he has forgiven them. It’s true people do reject the Christian gospel due to bitterness and selfishness. People do think they are better than, and above yes people and us do dismiss the doctrine due to things happening in their lives. How can someone who pray to God and ask for his help not have resentment towards him when they ask for help and want to get away from their problems believe in if they feel like they keep getting rejected?

Jesus Christ died for our sins and that we are all born sinners, and we must admit to our sins and ask for forgiveness. People may reject the Christian gospel because they don’t want to give up on their sins and want to live their lives on their own terms. Some people rather live that way because that’s how they choose to live and or it maybe how they were raised and how/what their parents or guardian had taught them. People do turn away when it comes to their sexuality because they feel like they may be judged. And everything you said about the emotional reason on the Christian gospel I agree with you on that. I don’t agree that some people may look up history and facts that can be proven before they believe in anything because some people have different religions, or most people don’t have a religion or don’t want to believe in God and rather not search for proof so that they can believe in him.

Secular Humanism


What practical steps could be taken to build a relationship with a follower of a secular humanism worldview who might be a co-worker, follower, etc.?

Secular humanism isn’t going to give you the feeling of a close relationship with God, or even the benefits of prayer. Secular humanism teaches about giving to you; developing relationship with self-more depression divorce has happened when it all about you. The different between secular humanism and Christianity is; they don’t lead people on steps to a positive self-image, no they lead people to God. Take responsibility for one’s life is nothing less than revolutionary it means to stop blaming others and instead realize that you are the creator of your own life story.

You should say “yes” to everything and why you should say yes to something that is unpleasant, hurtful, and possibility even more horrific for you. You should stop judging yourself and others and forgive and feel your emotions accepting this acceptance will transform emotions of fear, envy, shame and guilt into love. You should make a decision only you are responsible for the quality of your life, and you can now decide how you wish to live your life.

What barriers/hindrances would exist with presenting the Christian gospel to a person from a secular humanism worldview.

Secular humanism also included the religious religion is one of the major barriers to social justice. When children are getting killed, we need to break down obstacles and look at the situation through the eyes of pure humanism. Building bridges, not walls between people, communities you should embrace universal humanism which cuts across all barriers of class, caste, and religion. Friendship knows no colors, put racism offside friendship knows no barriers, put humanism outside. Education is a cornerstone of a new humanism breaking down social and cultural barriers.

What personal challenges might you have with presenting the gospel?

To overcome family and personal difficulties and to allow the gospel to do the heavy lifting and uphill battles with your own challenges.

Building relationships with Muslims. Is important to build trust without trust what do you have? I do agree there are a lot of stereotypes against Muslims I think we need to break that. When the Muslims start becoming people that give back, then they won’t have to fight against stereotypes against Muslims. I do think we need to build a relationship with them. But maybe some people are afraid or too judgmental. What I mean by that is some people don’t like to become friends with others because of how they look or dress. I’ve seen that with my own eyes and have been there. Yes, It’s hard trying to explain to someone about their religion if you don’t know anything about it. That’s how I feel. And it’s true I think we all need to look at everyone as an individual and judging others isn’t the right thing to do. That’s why I always say you should love everyone no matter how they treat you, or by how they look.

People should do research on their culture. To try to get a better understanding to what they believe in and why. I also think when you’re talking to someone about their beliefs you shouldn’t be judgmental because it can come off as rude and hurtful. Some people feelings can easily get hurt, and you may think you aren’t being mean, but you are. And trying to get someone to listen and understand is true, but some people are hard at listening and some aren’t. 

Critical Thinking: Hinduism Worldview


Hinduism Worldview

The Question of Origin- How did life begin? How did humanity come into existence?

Humanity is a machine, a product of deterministic conditioning man has a little, if any real control over his or her existence, and when the machine breaks, life is over. God is not a personal, benevolent Creator, who cares for His creation and answers prayers, etc. Everything has always been in existence and is part of God

How would your selected worldview respond to this question?

It tells you how life begins and why humanity comes to existence.

Compare and contrast with how the biblical worldview would answer this question?

Humanism is faith in science and non-theist it’s not feminism there’s nothing to compare. Humanism is more suited to equate with religion. It says a human is the measure of all things rather than divine entities.

It’s only helpful to contrast religion with humanism if religion, in general, can provide consistent meaning and it doesn’t. Humanism is in utter and total contrast with Christianity. Yes, humanism is “for” the promotion of strictly human values in contrast to superstitious values. Humanism often defined in contrast to getting your ethics through supernatural means. It is an ideology that respects humans dignity.

The Question of Identity- What Does it mean to be human? Are humans more important than animals?

Humanity is simply a more sophisticated animal, but it is not greater in value or the animal kingdom. Since man and animals come from a similar ancestry, humanity should not be viewed or valued as superior in species.

How would your selected worldview answer this question?

It tells you the different between humans and animals.

Compare and contrast this with how the biblical worldview would answer this question?

The human being, for humanism, is animal rationale people is not just an animal. Humans are spiritual beings. Humanism takes an initial premise that people are most relevant. Not biodiversity or animals rights. That’s anthropocentric.

Contrast to humanism where objects have value, but sacred status reserved for animals and humans. I rather like humanism as it is the first religion which made us human from animal. I only believe in humanism. If we are human, we should be respectful of each other we should be responsible for the animals and nature.

The question of meaning/purpose- why does humanity exist? Why do I exist?

Humanism sees humanity as a highly evolved animal and through reason can conclude that man has the moral responsibility to give meaning and value to her or his life. Man’s value and purpose are seen in his or her ability to leave a positive impact on others and the world around them.

How would your selected worldview answer this question?

I describe the meaning and purpose of humanity and why it exist.

Compare and contrast this with the biblical worldview would answer this question?

Humanism, as an inferior worldview, must borrow from the beliefs and narrative of evangelical Christianity. In the meaning of humanism, we never were humans. For what prime purpose shall be to help each other.

Once you find the truth purpose and meaning to live and not self-satisfaction humanism and pleasing things, only then you can be happy. Men and women were creating meaning together to give our life purpose. Purpose and meaning can come from different places.

The question of morality- what is meant by right and wrong? Should I live?

Relativism rejects the idea of absolute truth and some things that are true at all times and all places. Relativism teaches that truth is dependent upon the individual or society and changes what right today is and may be wrong tomorrow.

How would your selected worldview answer this question?

I write about what right from wrong.

Compare and contrast this with how the biblical worldview answer this question?

Humanism wants humanity to reject God instead turn towards, humans made God named relativism right and wrong. Their no truth or good and evil man become a self-righteous general unwillingness to follow authority.

Humanism is flawed; there are like no standards individuals concepts of right and wrong vary in credibility. Religion shows you what’s good and bad humanism leads us to this nonsense everyone has their thoughts. But according to liberalism and humanism in general, there’s no objective good and evil, and it’s just what you think.

The question of Destiny- is there life after death? What will happen to me when I die?

When a person dies the material stops functioning as it did, and the process of decomposition begins to take place. Only what one has done to impact the lives of others and the world around them lives on.

How would your selected worldview answer this question?

Choose the impact and what it means when a person dies.

Compare and contrast this with how the biblical worldview would answer this question?

Humanism teaches that death is the ultimate end humanism says there this and this life only. They don’t believe in life after death. Humanism is a religion that says when they die they return to dust, the end when I die I go back to him, the beginning.


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