“The VOICE of the MARTYRS ” , “Hearts of Fire” foreword by Gracia Burnham📙👌🏽

“the VOICE of the MARTYRS ” , “Hearts of Fire” foreword by Gracia Burnham …..
📙Eight women from eight very different backgrounds. Yet the struggles they each faced rang with eerie similarity. These courageous women from across the globe-Pakistan, India, Romania, Former Soviet Union, China, Vietnam, Nepal, Indonesia-shared similar experiences of hardship, subjugation, and persecution, all because of their faith in Christ. Yet all of these women have emerged from adversity as leaders and heroines.📙

I’ve already read Homely Girl and Saving Face all i need now is to get 2-8 📱👀😁😌💋
The Bancroft Series by Brenda Barrett 

0. Homely Girl1. Saving Face

2. Tattered Tiara

3. Private Dancer

4. Goodbye Lonely 

5. Practice Run 

6. Sense of Humor

7. A Younger Man

8. Just To See Her 

“The Preachers Wifey by Dishan Washington” 📕👀

“The Preachers Wifey by Dishan Washington” 📕👀

This book seems interesting i might just get this 📙
Synopsis : With her curvy body, long jet black hair, and a face to rival any super model, Allyson Chase is every man’s fantasy, and she sees nothing wrong with sleeping her way to the top to maintain the life of luxury her good looks have afforded her. From athletes to politicians, she’s been with them all. When Byran Ward, a wealthy pastor, enters the scene, Allyson could not be more excited. Never one to pass up an opportunity, she turns on her charm and soon finds herself sharing his bed and swiping his Platinum American Express card. 

Beyond his physical attraction to her, Byran has his own agenda. He’s vying to become the pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church, a ten-thousand-member congregation that is sure to give him more of the prestige and notoriety he craves. He matches all of their qualifications except for one: he needs a wife.

Knowing that Allyson is a certified gold digger, he makes her an offer she can’t refuse. She can have the life of luxury she desires, an instant social circle of well-known pastors’ wives, and anything else she needs to act the part. The only stipulation is she must always remember it’s just an arrangement. It’s a façade; it’s not about love.

No one is more surprised than Allyson when she discovers the material perks are not enough to satisfy her. She develops real feelings for her new husband, and she soon wants more attention and affection than Byran is willing to give her. Allyson is left with a decision. Does she give it all up for true love, or does she stick it out and try to prove that money can buy you happiness?