First Love: A Single Dad Second Chance Romance by Amy Brent (Author)


The Brandon guy in this book lord📗😂😂 I didn’t know he was like that. Chile I thought he was just a random guy a doctor, 👩‍⚕️not a Psychiatrist well🤷‍♀️ a thotie psychiatrist I mean a male thot psychiatrist he🤣 even messes with a fan after he signed her book that he written. That was the one that had a deadly coochie 😂😂😂👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 



Book Review: 

More so a SINGLE dad and a SINGLE mom who found Love in each other again!!!!


This book was actually good. Lord, it was hilarious in the beginning lol. That doctor Black was a thot for sure and he finally slowed down his whoreness once he saw Melissa walked into his office. I was glad of that because he wasn’t using protection or anything with those women just nasty yuck. I adore both Max and Sarah it was adorable towards the end of the last chapters lol when Melissa and her daughter moved in with Brandon. Lol, when Sarah was rushing her mom to come on so that she could see her new room god that was hilarious but cute. I also adore the section at the end everything about it really when Brandon asked Melissa to marry him and the kid’s reaction.!

Though, this book was good Melissa did get annoying in some parts more so when she kept crying over stuff for no reason especially when she told Brandon to go back on his book tour. Even her best friend Ava knew that Melissa was overreacting what she did was ridiculous and I was glad that she finally realize that at the end and both her and Brandon was happy with one another along with giving both the children a mother and a father. Though I was 99% Melissa was going to end up pregnant by the end but it didn’t happen.


😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I’m so weak omg, this mess so funny! Like how?! Some men don’t care 🤷‍♀️…. he still was beating it up though he said “Her pussy juices were dripping down my balls, smelling of fish and rank meat.” 💀😂😂😂 omg



Book Description:

I’ll do anything for a second chance with my first love. 

When Melissa walks into my office,
The past comes rushing back.
Smokin’ hot and curves for days,
She’s not the feisty girl I once knew.
She’s guarded. Damaged. And in need of my help.
As a single dad and a doctor now, giving comes naturally.
I’ll give her what she needs. Plus a whole lot more.
And while I heal her, I’ll make her mine.

70,000+ words in this steamy, standalone second chance romance. HEA guaranteed. Kindle edition includes exclusive bonus content for your reading pleasure (including a never before published billionaire and virgin romance – Teach Me, Doctor).


Kindle Edition, 423 pages
Published February 25th, 2018
Edition Language: English

Treasuring Amber (The Temptation Saga #5) by Helen Hardt (Author)


Reading this book📖! I’m more so trying to finish this series before my classes start back up on 26 of this month. 


Book Review:

Treasuring Amber.


This book was really good. I enjoyed this story. Glad to see Harper found love with Amber. She has been through so much and you could tell she wasn’t an evil person because she still cared about her mom and wanted to help her. Her mom surely did had a mental illness. I believe that all that happen when her mom found out about how Thunder Morgan didn’t want her or the baby but that wasn’t true at all.

Then there, Harper, he treated her wrong just because of some pictures. Heck, I even knew they have drugs to make someone forget what happened that day/night. I mean Harp was a lawyer, and he didn’t even want to believe that it was crazy, I mean he liked her but wanted her but still accused her until after they’ve learned the truth. But again, he still was being petty, until Amber was planning to leave to be with (to get to know her father). He is finally gotten his girl after he had a chat with Chad. I was like about flipping time Harper dang. Lol.


Book Description: 

What’s a rodeo queen to do when her past comes back to haunt her?

Kissing handsome rancher Harper Bay to avoid a confrontation with her past isn’t on Amber Cross’s “to do” list, but sometimes a situation calls for desperate measures. She doesn’t expect the kiss to leave her breathless.

Amber is the hottest thing walking but clearly not Harper’s type. Nope, he’s not looking for a platinum blonde manicurist from the city, even if she is Bakersville’s reigning rodeo queen. After her surprising kiss leaves him panting, he changes his mind and decides to get to know her. Chemistry sizzles between them, but this gorgeous woman has a past that could get them both killed.


Paperback, 210 pages
Published (first published December 20th, 2012)

Taking Catie (The Temptation Saga #3) by Helen Hardt (Author)


Reading part📖 2 to the Temptation Saga so💙📘👏🏽 far so good! I love books that start off good right from the beginning.


Book Review: 

Taking Catie

Few spoilers here and there…..

I couldn’t help making a face at this book Because of that guy. He sees this girl. She was in love with him since she was 5 and he was thirteen I might get the age wrong lol. But I know she was 15, and he was 28. When she left after she 18 four years she has been gone she came back 21, and he’s 32? And now she ends up pregnant he thought she did it on purpose, but she actually didn’t it was her first time, and she ended up pregnant, so he was mad then demand she go to a doctor. Then told her to get rid of it. But she wants to keep it so for the doctor to see if she’s really pregnant he takes her to get married then demands sex after they get back and tell her she is going to be sleeping in the other room after tonight smh and he keeps throwing the pregnancy in her face.

But I figured that Chad wanted Catie as much as she wanted him. Because he wouldn’t have just up and marry her as Annie had mentioned to her. It had nothing to do with the baby. Though I am still upset she long their baby, I was so rooting for them to have a baby together. The way he was treating her was so wrong, I knew he was scared of falling in love with her and scared of wanting a kid, but he actually wanted both of those things. He was just too scared to admit to himself, and I was glad at the end when he finally realizes how he felt about Catie from the get-go when she wanted him when she turned 18, and he was 28. He went and chased after his wife, I was like Yass Chad you better go get your woman you know you love her.

Btw; I hate his real name, Charles is one ugly flipping name UGH, glad they call him Chad smh. Sheesh, lol!




Yay, got two more to the ‘The Temptation Saga” 🍓⭐️ all I need is the other three books to come and I’m set. 🙃


Paperback, 214 pages




Book Description:

Taking Catie by Helen Hardt
Catie Bay has worshiped much older Chad McCray since she was a child. When she fumbles a seduction attempt after her graduation from high school, she flees to Europe, hoping she can forget her unrequited love.

Four years later, Catie returns, now a beautiful, worldly woman, and Chad, the quintessential bachelor, takes notice. He’s still not looking for love, but he wouldn’t turn down a romp in the sack with sexy Catie. She’s no longer the lovesick girl next door, though, and sometimes a man doesn’t know what he wants until it’s too late.


Taking Catie (The Temptation Saga #3) by Helen Hardt (Author)


Teasing Annie (The Temptation Saga #2) by Helen Hardt (Author)


Reading 📖 👓 #helenhardt #teasingannie …. this book is called teasing Annie, it’s more like Teasing Dallas! Because I feel like it’s the other way around she’s teasing him! He can’t get some to save his life 😂😂😂🤷‍♀️💀



Book Review:

There’s a couple spoiler. here and there since I had to speak on this book, and put my thoughts into this review.

Teasing Annie.

I knew this book was going to be good.

I understood where Dallas was coming from I also understood where Annie was coming from. But she had the right to not get pregnant by her ex-husband, I wouldn’t have either. It would’ve made things much worse when a kid is involved. Same with Dallas and his ex-wife, I was glad he didn’t have a kid with her. Also, as I was reading this book, I was like why is she doing all of that to Dallas, when apparently she didn’t love him and didn’t want him at all. She was all for the money, like what was her point in coming for both Dallas and Annie, especially when it came to the animals and Annie husband. You really have to cruel to actually call up someone ex-husband who clearly abuse and raped them to come back though they have (the woman has) a restraining order against the husband) to come down to where this woman lives to up and kill her. God, that Chelsea lady was straight up pure evil. When I was reading Tempting Dusty, I figured out from the start that Dallas needed to get rid of her and when he finally has gotten rid of her close to the end of book 1 with his brother Zack and Dusty, I knew I wanted to read part 2. I tell people all the time is cruel and evil men and women in this world, in my opinion, both Riggs and Chelsea deserve each other. I wonder still did Chelsea and Jon got in trouble for the part they had in when it came to the animals and Annie.

Teasing Annie (The Temptation Saga #2) by Helen Hardt (Author)


😂😂😂😂uhhhh… You may want to put a shirt on before we go…


Book Description:

Newly divorced from his greedy and deceptive first wife, Dallas McCray is convinced he wants a sweet country girl like his sister-in-law. So why is he lusting after the new veterinarian in town, striking New Jersey transplant Annie DeSimone?

Also divorced, Annie yearns to leave her difficult past behind and start a new life in beautiful Colorado. Sparks fly between her and the handsome Dallas, and happiness finally seems within reach. But attraction and emotion aren’t always enough…especially when a man has vowed never to make the same mistake twice.


😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀 lord, he trying to fu🍓 and she sitting talking about defrosting some beef 🥩 … 💀😂

Paperback, 224 pages
Published April 19th, 2016 by Waterhouse Press
ISBN: 1943893276 (ISBN13: 9781943893270)

Cocky Roomie (Cocker Brothers of Atlanta #1) by Faleena Hopkins (Author)


This book is📖😩 really good. But the men last names got me weak …. all I’m thinking of is 🍒🍆🍒🍆🍒🍆🍒🍆🍒🍆🍌🍑🍌😂😂😂👏🏽


Book Review:

Good book 

Spoilers……here… maybe …

Omg, this book was really good. I was glad I have gotten around well a chance to actually read this series. And can’t wait to read the others series with the brothers and their children. I enjoyed both Jake and Drew story. I was glad she found love in Jake, her friend Bernie was fake as hell too because she was a straight lier. But we all know how those people who are alcoholics and druggies are they are nothing but a bunch of liars. Good book. Definitely enjoyed it lol though I wanted to hurry up and finish it lol..






Like I am going to read all the books in this series.👏🏽👌🏽🤷‍♀️

I also cannot wait to READ about the kids, I really like when authors do a series or book about the child of the main character child(ren) 👌🏽👏🏽♥️ 



Book Description:

DREW: This ‘roommate wanted’ ad is wildly rude and unbelievable. At least it’s honest, unlike my soon-to-be ex-husband Edward, the bastard.

When Jake Cocker introduces himself wearin’ only a towel and a smirk (8 years younger than me and hotter than hell in August) I decide having him as my roommate is a VERY bad idea.

He thought I was a boy from my name, so now that I’m here he won’t rent to me.

I know I should go, but my search for a home has me begging him to give me a shot.

I can’t stay where I am. Secrets are there I’m not even aware of. And all I want is a fresh start.

What other choice do I have….leave Atlanta, my dreams, and give up?

JAKE: With our dad being a congressman, and us coming from old-money, women throw themselves at me and my brothers.

But Drew Charles is from a small Georgia town and doesn’t know about us.

I only rented to her out of pity, because I hate to see a woman cry.

Then I braced myself for a nightmare… but she just hides in her room, studying.

No matter how carefully I try to coax any information out of her, she’s a closed book. She wants nothing to do with me.

I knew I shouldn’t have rented to a woman. I told her we’d be f*cking soon and she just got pissed. Told me she wouldn’t if I begged her to.

I’ve never had to beg any woman for anything. It’s the other way around. Except with Drew.

Why has that given her the starring role in all of my fantasies? And how can I convince her to make them real?


Maybe he’ll like smoothies 😂🍓 but why ?! 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

Kindle Edition, 286 pages
Published June 16th, 2016 by Hop Hop Productions (first published June 15th, 2016)
Edition Language: English


28661306_1481205822005650_2212467047031274372_nGrizzly Adams lol 😂 I don’t know why I find this funny. #imweird #idgafmood



lies! I wouldn’t touch that woman with Juan’s dick! 😂😂😂💀 oh no 🙈

Battle Scars (Love is Messy Duet, #2), by Emily Goodwin


Plan reading this after I finish the ones I started 👌🏽👏🏽👾👾👾👾👾👾🍼👶🏼🤰🍼 < book 2.📖


Book Review:

Cole & Ana 😱🍓 finally had those babies I wanted them to have Lol 😝🖤

Loved it…

This story was good though it took me awhile to finish and I felt like it was never going to end lol! I guess I couldn’t really finish it off due to I’m in college and gotta work around my reading and homework/assignment and reading the books for my classes. Lol.


I love Cole and Ana story at first I didn’t know who the heck was Diana at first when I read the first book. But realize it was actually Ana but she didn’t go by her real name. Anyways I was glad in the end that Steven finally went to jail for his crimes with stalking Cole and Ana among murder etc. he deserves that jail time. I still didn’t understand why Cole didn’t tell Ana about what was going on though I do understand that he was trying to protect her too. I still thought he should’ve told Ana not only Ana but his brother too about Steven and what was going on. I love the ending where they end up married with kids (twins at that) so cute!!!!


😂😂 why did she mention “ #supernatural” though this😂💀 is hilarious, I like supernatural too!!! She said “Cole and His younger brother. the last name is Winchester. Maybe that’s why he’s so guarded. He and Luke secretly fight demonic crime at night.” 😂 this a good one too



Book Description:

**For a LIMITED time, Bad Things (Book 1) is included along with Battle ScarsBad Things is in front of Battle Scars so the books can be read in order. Please use the table of contents to navigate to Battle Scars**

They say time heals all wounds, but sometimes it does just the opposite. The pain festers, seeping deep into your heart. By the time you’ve realized what happened, it’s too late and you’re left with a scar that will never go away.

I’ve spent the last year hiding my scars, running from the man who gave them to me. What I thought was love turned out to be a nightmare that won’t end, even though I forced myself awake. Love isn’t real. Love only leads to heartache.

And then I met him, the epitome of tall, dark and handsome. Throw in some sexy confidence and a panty-melting grin, and you have the recipe for a broken heart. Only, my heart is becoming full again, being put back together piece by piece the more time we spend together.

I’ve been down this road before and know it’ll end in two ways: we’ll ride off in the sunset together and live happily ever after, or we’ll crash and burn so hard neither will survive the wreckage.

I want to be hopeful, but history is damned to repeat itself. And I have the scars to prove it


Kindle Edition, 464 pages
Published June 28th, 2017
Edition Language: English

Tell Me You Love Me (Fire Me Up #1) by Julie Prestsater (Author)


I’m looking for a good book to read couldn’t read the one I did want to read because I didn’t have part 1. So here I am ready to crack open. This book I won on Goodreads a while back maybe like in (2015) by Julie Prestsater called ‘Tell MeYou Love Me

This title reminds me of @ddlovato (Demi Lovato) song ‘Tell Me You Love’ so her song is my theme song while reading this book. 📖


Book Review:

I had won this book through the Goodreads giveaway awhile back. But never gotten around to reading it. And then I finally have gotten around to reading it.

Spoilers!!!!!! Maybe!!!!!!

And might I say I was not disappointed I definitely enjoyed this book. It pulled me in from the beginning to end. I enjoyed Lizzy and Ryan story, I was rooting for them. I’m hoping the next story comes out with Molly and Justin. Because this story was definitely about Liz and Ry but My mind kept saying.

I already know who is sneaking up into Molly house that no ones sees and no one even tries to find out. I was hoping Justin told Ryan because they are close. And he Justin wanted Ryan to tell him things.

Anyway, I’m glad that I read this book. It was good.



Tell me why I just now seeing this in this book. The book autograph by the author. My mind is elsewhere with these books.


Paperback, 300 pages
Published September 21st, 2014 (first published September 11th, 2014)
Edition Language: English
Series: Fire Me Up #1



Book Description:

Stay. Stay with me. Stay here. Stay close. Stay like this forever. Stay as happy as I am right here in your arms, always.

* * *

All I’ve ever wanted was to be loved, but if this is what true love is…I’m not so sure I want it anymore. It also makes me wonder if any of my memories of our once happy marriage are even real. Maybe I just conjured up the fairy tale in my head because I wanted…no…needed it so much. Who the hell knows?

“Molly just called to remind you about your book club meeting this afternoon.” He turns away. “I told her you’ve never missed a meeting and I doubt today would be any different.”

The door shuts behind him before I let a smile creep across my lips. Instantly, the hurt from this morning flees my mind and I feel nothing but giddiness. I have a book club meeting today, and let’s just say it’s not your everyday book club.

Sure, my husband may never truly love me again…but who needs love when you’re about to get an eyeful of hot firemen?

* * *

Tell Me You Love Me is the first in a four-book series called Fire Me Up—a sweet romantic comedy series about a group of sassy neighborhood women who have a serious love for steamy romance novels and sexy firemen. Lucky for them the local firehouse is just a few steps away and is in no shortage of hot firefighters to fill their wild imaginations.



Sweating his ass off my ass. If he wants to know what it’s like to sweat his😓💦 ass off, he should come and stick his hand down my ass crack.😩🤦🏽‍♀️😂😂💀💀😂😸😹👏🏽 But seriously her husband seems cruel as heck, I think she’s a big girl and he trying to make her lose weight!



😂😂😂💀 I see I’m not the only one who be saying “Still wet behind the ears” when someone is made younger than me though they are adult.



💯 I agree with that even number four guy was cute too

Break Out (Hawks MC: Caroline Springs Charter #5.5) by Lila Rose (Author)


BreakOut (Book 5.5) to the “Hawks MC: Caroline Springs Charter).

I don’t even like biker men or find them attractive lol🧐😂 but even reading this series I still can’t find my way there. But I can say I like me some fine white men though ♥️👌🏽🌝🤷‍♀️ 👏🏽👏🏽
See this is like the 4th book I am reading smh! 🤦🏽‍♀️ because I’m actually reading a paperback book 📖 including two ebooks and this will be my 3rd book 😩
I be reading books and doing assignments for my three classes. Life be tiring as *** 🤷‍♀️



Book Review:

Handle put that Handle in Della and made a baby 

Ohh I knew this book was going to be good. I didn’t even have to think about.

… Spoilers here and there..

I love Handle and Della story, I was glad they both found Love in each other. Especially with what they both been through.

Handle with the murder of his wife and losing her and thinking he’ll never find another like Jenny. His brother was the cause of his love to die. And having the hawks kick his *** because of his bum of a brother. I was glad that Pick came in a save him for dying too. Because Pick understood Handle and his situation because he was once there before.

And to Della situation with his sister getting killed by a evil man Melissa demon ex husband. Who I’m glad finally got his ***killed. Because he not only hurt Ashley sister but Della too. With drugging her and letting his men rape her.

And then her parents disowning her because she went after the man who killed her sister.

In the end I was glad they both made each other happy Finnegan (Finn) aka Handle and Mardella aka Della. I love the fact though she was learning to get her control back from what those men done to her she confined in Handle. And ended up with his child. So cute. Good story cannot wait to read the next book to the Caroline Springs Hawks MC series with Fang and Poopy. I was like who in the world is Fang lol then I realized who he was lol. But anyways I’m hoping for a story with Elvis too.


Book Description:

Pain. It was something Finn “Handle” Kaidion knew well after losing his wife. Pain was what kept him guarded against any further relationships.

Pain was also something Mardella “Della” Kent felt after losing her sister and from being dragged into the pits of hell by a madman. Only he was no longer an issue. Instead, having her parents turn their back on her was a new reason pain kept beating at her door.

Can two people learn to trust and live free from their past sorrows?

Kindle Edition, 133 pages
Published January 9th, 2018

Date Me (Sex Me #1) by Logan Chance (Author)


So listen, I was like where’s that book I downloaded that I have seen the word “dick” in it so😂💀 I click on this book. Say hmm there it is and crack up at “It’ll shrivel up and fall off if you don’t use it” 🤷‍♀️😂 🍆 so now I plan to see how this book is though I already have like 3! Ahead of this 🤷‍♀️😩 oh well 


Book Review:

Wow, what flipping hot dogs and biscuit shocker this book was 

Bruh this book …



I was offended lol because I was so rooting for Erik and Belinda. But when I read the description I assume it was about Erik and Kayla. But reread it again and realized it wasn’t about them but Erik and Belinda.

So I got mad because I was rooting for Erik and Belinda, I’m here like bruh if Erik doesn’t stop going after Kayla. This book had me mad lmao because I am here assuming they will go out and hurt poor nice Belinda with their sneakiness.

I knew something was going to happen though when they bumped into each other at the club bar or whatever you call that mess. But dang, I was hot in couple chapters. Lol, ugh I was so disappointed but got a better understanding of the situation. But I was mad with Erik when Kayla played him when she could’ve told that poor boy it was all her and not her flipping friend.

Towards the end, he finally got her cookie lmao. FINALLY! But I wanted him to shove it in his friend face thou I mean in his ex-face though that he’s happy but heck it didn’t happen because they both were lmao. What a waste. But seriously since I figure that Erik and Belinda weren’t hitting it off I at least wanted Belinda with Conner though. Where’s their book as I need that!

P.S. this book was actually good I was not disappointed at all.


“It’ll shrivel up and fall off if you don’t use it” 🤷‍♀️😂 🍆


Book Description:

A Sex Me Novella

Erik Murphy has everything figured out, or so he thinks.

His ex is getting married. He needs a date.
Two meddling sisters and One dating app later, Erik finds himself in a whirlwind of online dating.
Will he be able to find a date in time? Will he find something more instead?

Kayla MacPhearson thinks her best friend Belinda Hittle, an extreme introvert, needs to spice up her dating life. Kayla hooks her up on a dating app and sits back to watch the sparks fly.

What happens when it all doesn’t go as planned? Will these two find love?


Kindle Edition, 93 pages
Published November 13th, 2016 by Brothers Chance
Edition Language: English
Series: Sex Me #1

Bad Things: A Love is Messy Novel by Emily Goodwin (Author)


Ohhhh Lalala! This book is actually really good I mean the book about his brother was good too. 


Book Review: 

Bad Things #3 (Cole ♥️ Ana

I knew Cole and Ana (Diana) story was going to be goo. The author did a good job with this story too. I was not disappointed, I will say that her book about Cole brother was way juicer because it had a lot of drama. This one didn’t have a lot of drama. I know a lot of people like Cole who cannot see other people be successful because they assume they cannot have that.


See the ending I knew was going to be mad juicy ohhhhhh I cannot wait until I see what will happen after Cole tell Steven who he is and vise versa. Poor Cole, he cannot catch a break when it comes to love people always trying to ruin everything for him. Plus getting abuse and hurt by someone you loves will do damage to a person. But he and Ana have been damaged. I like how they came to together and loved one another. But hopefully in book 4 ( I mean 2) he finally tells Ana he wants her because all this waiting is annoying maybe since he knows something finna go down with her ex-boyfriend I mean husband he’ll finally Amit’s to it. Because his brother Luke and his wife Lexi wants him too even, Ana does.

Btw: I want Ana to get pregnant already🤰 with Cole baby. The👶🏼🍼 wait is torture lol!


Book Description:

They say it’s better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all. I think that’s total bullshit. No one wants to be a loser in the Game of Love. Trust me, I know. With a lying fiancee and a canceled wedding, I’ve lost big time.

And that loss turned me bitter, so hell-bent on vengeance that I almost let it destroy everything. Determined never to go down that dark path again, I’ve sworn off romance. Work became my priority, my safe place, the one constant in my life that wouldn’t tempt me.

Until I took on a project I normally wouldn’t, and it introduced me to someone I never would have talked to before. No matter how hard I try, my professionalism slips away the more we work together, and I know it’s a disaster in the making.

Bad things happen when I open my guarded heart. But when I look at her, bad things are all I want to do.


😂😂 why did she mention “ #supernatural” though this😂💀 is hilarious, I like supernatural too!!! She said “Cole and His younger brother. the last name is Winchester. Maybe that’s why he’s so guarded. He and Luke secretly fight demonic crime at night.” 😂 this a good one too


Kindle Edition
Published May 10th 2017
I don’t think this really in order but his😂😂😂😂 brother was pretending to be his man guy to that cashier. Something else was funny too but 🤷‍♀️I think it was of his brother saying he needs some 🍆🍒🍌🍑🍑
I don’t think this really in order but his😂😂😂😂 brother was pretending to be his man guy to that cashier. Something else was funny too but 🤷‍♀️I think it was of his brother saying he needs some 🍆🍒🍌🍑🍑