Read My Heart (Rumor Has It #5.5) by R.H. Tucker

As I look at this title I keep thinking of “read it and weep” while also was like how my username change to Sadie. 🤣…. but anyways; when I read a book that’s good I’m known to be finished in like two days. Well, clearly I finished the last book I posted on here… & now on chapter two of this book “Read My Heart” 📖♥️ by @rhtuckerauthor… I am happy that she wrote a book about Jackson and Cindy because I’ve mentioned it in the book with his best friend Lucas… but anyways… I’m hoping for something positive when it comes to Jackson since been playing games. I’m hoping he embraces disability. ✊🏼 

Book Review:

Read my heart 

****Throwing spoilers throughout this review**** this was awesome read!!!

I so waiting on a book with Jackson and Cindy… I believe I mentioned it in the book with his best friend, Lucas… Because I also was hoping that Veronica and Micah get together.

But speaking of Veronica and Micah… I understood why Micah didn’t want to tell her what that dust-bag “Joe” said about her… with a name like that he seems like a horrible person even got an OLDER MAN name, unlike the others. Though I know people with the names Joe though their name is Joseph… 

But still, Joe was a horrible dude… it’s crazy how he pretends to be this good guy; but in the end, was actually horrible. I think Cindy was just trying to block out her feeling for Jackson that why she kept going on those stupid dates “that she didn’t even like; want to be on” … when she knew he was more into Jackson…

Plus; she stayed cursing him out when she really didn’t know what she says to him has to heart him. Often you say things to hurt people that’s what she did because she felt like he hurt her too. I did believe he was playing games with her emotions/feelings and things….. just because he didn’t want to admit that he’s Dyslexic… I mean it can often be hard at times telling someone you date that you have a specific type of disability, especially when you seem like a normal person…

I did like how he started going to those classes and then sign up again for the next semester. I was hoping that he ended up in the community college after he did take those classes that actually was helpful to him… I did want to smack Joe because he acted like those classes at the community college was a waste. When most of the students there spent a lot of time in classes to become what they want to become. The half time people do community college then goes to a university to take up either associate than a bachelor than go into the big lead to graduate school!

I just hope his dad learn what a user Joe is…

Not only that…..


PS I am curious and hopefully get a book with this series that talks about two polar opposites… 

47353618. sy475

Book Description:

Jackson’s got a secret. And no matter what his parents or his best friend tells him, he’s keeping it. He knows what it feels like to be rejected, so he’ll keep his secret to himself, even if it means pushing away someone he could be falling for.

Cindy might look like she has it all, but no one knows that what matters to her most is shattered and gone. She’s put up a façade, hiding her family drama from everyone because blocking it out is easier than dealing with the pain. Which is why she has no time for Jackson and his games.

Deciding their on-again, off-again relationship is done for good this time, why can’t either of them say goodbye? And will it all fall apart again if they can’t finally face the secrets plaguing both of them?

His Package (Objects of Attraction #4) by Penelope Bloom

This book is actually good. I really wanted to read Lilith story… this better than the that ya book I made myself finished… I’m hoping (Liam & Lilith) get William help to rid of that creepy pervy stepsister of Liam who wants to hang him…

Book Review:

His package + her package = love ❤️ 

***Throwing spoilers throughout this review*** 

I so liked this book when I was reading the book with her best friend, Emily, and Ryan. I was like I am so ready to read the book with Lilith. Because she is crazy as heck and finding out she was the secretary that said those things about William to Hailey was priceless…

But it’s good that they all liked Lilith though; she was bat crazy at times. Though it was clearly an act and it took Liam to come into her life for her to began to smile more and become herself. I clearly wanted her parents to pop up in the book. To see how awesome her life was, and she did get a rich man and became the person who her parents wanted “meaning” if they had a son.

Liam fit with Lilith in so many ways that I couldn’t stop reading their story; it became good in each chapter and never gotten bored. Though Lilith kind of irritated me how she couldn’t figure out who Celia was when she claimed her name was Claire. & also wish Liam would’ve shown a picture to Lilith because all that crap with trying to ruin their relationship would’ve been avoided. But, clearly what would’ve been the point of this book without that happening and Lilith and Liam getting their revenge on Celia… because that dildo incident was freaking hilarious at its best, plus Florian definitely didn’t care at all about that happening to Celia; because he still wanted her and wanted to marry her but at least he told Liam about what he wanted to do, and Celia left Liam alone for good. Because she was a pain, and it took Price aiming Florian towards her for her to get a clue and leave her stepbrother along because clearly, he didn’t want her at all…

Not only that William is still hilarious 😂…. hopefully he pops up in the others but highly doubt it especially if either of the males or females in the next books know him and everyone else…

Kindle Edition, 208 pages
Published December 8th, 2018
  • His Package
  • His Package

43185030. sy475

Book Description:

His package ended up inside my box.
Calm down, perv. My mailbox.
As soon as I saw what was inside,
I knew two things:
It belonged to my hot neighbor, and he had a dirty secret. 

Normally, I was more of a cat person. As in, if I had to choose who lives, I’m going to take the cat nine times out of ten. It’s not that I particularly like cats, I just don’t particularly like most people.

My neighbor wasn’t most people. He lived in the apartment across the hall, and he was your typical, buttoned-up, fancy shoes, smells like a Calvin Klein commercial, looks like he actually flosses kind of guy. I mean, seriously? Wasn’t flossing just made up by dentists so they could go on their little power trips once every six months?

The point was, this guy very obviously had his life all put together. He was Mr. Perfect, and If you asked me, he needed to be brought down a few pegs to wallow with the rest of us.

Cue his long, thick, package penetrating my tight little mailbox.

I know. It’s absolutely sick. It was such an obvious ploy to hit on me. Forget the fact that the mail lady put it there, my neighbor and I both knew what kind of game he was playing. Oh yeah, we totally knew. It was on. It was in, if you would.

I accidentally dropped a knife on the package a few times back in my apartment. It basically sprang open on its own, and I had no choice but to look inside.

His dirty little secret was staring me right in the face. As it turned out, Mr. Perfect wasn’t so perfect. Who knew?

Hint: I knew. And I was absolutely going to enjoy every second of what was coming. 

Rule #6: You Can’t Fall for Your Fake Summer Fling (The Rules of Love #6) by Anne-Marie Meyer

About to start this book …. hopefully it’s good…

Book Review:



I can’t wait for the “Hamilton Prep School Series” to come out….. that’s one of the few books I’m waiting on the first book which is called “Quinn and the Wrong Boy”…

But anyway it took me a minute finish this book. I had to go ahead and read another book, then restart on rereading this book… from where I left off… then when I went back to start this book, I wanted to reread something different. But made myself go ahead and finish it FINALLY…

This book not really boring but I did get boring with reading it since it really pulls me in and wanted more after each chapter trying to find out what happened next… but I did like how Cayden didn’t care about what people thought about Scarlett, she clearly was different from other girls.., what I didn’t like was that Rosalie girl trying to ruin things for both Cayden and Scarlett… I knew she was full of it when she tried giving Scar that money and telling her a bunch of lies… I was glad Bryant told Cayden about what happen so he could get his girl which he did.

Other than that I want a book with “Michelle and Bryant” because I want to know if they will be together in the end since he on the east coast going to school while she’s in Chicago and will she end up in college with him…

45913563. sy475

Book Description:

The Rules of Love Romance series contains full length, standalone romances that are full of happily ever afters.
Get your copy today!

I thought I was strong enough to go along with the plan. Fake dating the heart throb, Cayden Rivers, seemed simple enough.
Apparently not.

I am just trying to survive. Spending the summer with my loosey-goosey Dad in Hollywood, CA is just enough to send my OCD tendencies into superdrive.
But Mom thinks it’s good for me. And my best friend Michelle has agreed to come along.

I should have known better than to get on the plane.

First Dad drops his soon-to-be wife on me. Then I run into Cayden Rivers, the player of Hollywood. He seems just as trapped in his life as I feel in mine.
Which is weird. And the more I get to know him, the more I find out, maybe we’re not that different.

So when he asks me to fake date him to help his image, I stupidly agree. Everything goes according to plan until my feelings start to grow and I can’t tell if Cayden feels the same or if he’s just acting.

My life spirals out of control and the only person I want to turn to is Cayden.
I just hope he my heart is the one he doesn’t break.

Engaged to Mr. Wrong (Mr. Right Series #2) by Lilian Monroe

Started this book, because the last book I was reading wasn’t doing it for me. Got kind of boring reading it so started this book. But will go back to reading the last one I did start!

But while reading this book, I was so rooting for Farrah to get with her fiancé brother, because her fiancé Elijah was horrible and a dog….. whereas Jesse was 10times more of a man than Elijah!!!!! I am over here like girl you better get you some of his brother 🤣 I’m glad this fiction though, cause I am so not for cheating.., but sometimes a cheater deserves to get played or cheated on too…. plus I thought I would’ve hated Farrah because of Max from book 1 but I don’t. 🤷🏽‍♀️ but did get a little bit of Karma from what she did to Max… but she definitely was engaged to Mr. Wrong…. she need to get at Mr. NFL that gone treat her right...

Book Review:

She ended up engaged to Mr. Wrong, but in the end, she got her Mr. Right!!

****JUST A FEW SPOILERS; in this review****

This book was good. I was rooting for both Jessie and Farrah to get together. Plus, Elijah was a horrible person… you could just tell, plus I think he always had no has a hate for his older brother Jessie… if you look at how he acts around the girls he date and his brother…. plus he more likely didn’t want half the girls that Jessie was dating he only wanted to ruin whatever Jessie has was good. But neither of those girls was good for him because a REAL girlfriend one that wouldn’t cheat would actually tell her boyfriend about his brother nor would she end up making out or doing things (like ***) with his younger brother…

I still want to know what his family had to say about that long cut on Jessie’s stomach… I also see that Max never responded… but Farrah was even wrong about doing what she did to Max though, her friend Rachel acted like it was Max fault too… how would any of us know when we have no back story of how both of them treated them…. but anyways it’s funny how Elijah tried to ruin things for Jessie and Farrah he was the one who ended up losing everything dear to him, like we all say karmas a B….

43393066. sy475

Book Description:

I’m marrying the wrong man.
And the worst part?
I don’t realise it until I meet his brother.

Both Elijah and Jesse are NFL quarterbacks, and their animosity runs deeper than sibling rivalry.
When my engagement to Elijah falls apart, I find myself caught in the middle of their bad blood.

I should just walk away.
This is beyond scandalous.
It shouldn’t matter that Jessy cares about what I think, and he respects what I do.
It shouldn’t matter that he makes my body thrum with need.
It shouldn’t matter that he’s turning on a part of me that I never knew existed.

I should really, really just leave it all behind.

And I do. I pack my bags and I walk away. It’s over.

… Until I walk straight into Jesse’s arms, and my whole world turns upside down.

Engaged to Mr. Wrong is a sizzling-hot sports romance. If you like billionaire bad boys with hearts of gold, you’ll love this page turner. Grab Book 2 of the Mr. Right Series! 

His Treat (Objects of Attraction #3) by Penelope Bloom

I was so ready to read “Ryan” story. & waiting on both Ryan and Emily to mention they know each other. @bloompenelope

Book Review:


**** There are spoilers in this review******

Man I can’t wait to read the book with Lilith, she was the secretary who was mean to Hailey who is Ryan friend who he was working for before she gave him ownership of her business; and she married William who is Lilith boss… 🤣 this girl is priceless. Can’t wait until she finds love herself… maybe hers will be a little freak in it who knows…

Plus, I do like Emily and Ryan together even before they started dating up until they did. Plus, Steve is hilarious, smh, I am just hoping maybe the author will make a book about him and perhaps even Stephanie, I wanted her to find love too…

What I did figure out was Ryan was going to follow Emily to Paris, which I think it’s a good idea that she still pursued her dreams and he didn’t try to stop her from it… usually like, when men want something the woman has to stop what she’s doing. 

William and Steve was hilarious throughout this whole book both of them made it fun to read because they always had me laughing by all the crazy things they were doing when it came to Emily and Ryan… but at least they ended up with each other because lord knows it took them long enough to figure out how they wanted each other and had feelings that ran deeper than they believe could…. but I was hoping they ended back in America, after her apprentice…

Kindle Edition, 188 pages
Published October 13th, 2018
Original Title: His Treat
Edition Language: English
  • His Treat (Objects of Attraction)
  • Zijn Traktatie (Objects of Attraction, #3)
  • Jego babeczka (Owoce pożądania, #3)

42302868. sy475

Book Description:

Having a hot boss isn’t complicated or confusing at all,
Said no one ever…
But all I have to do is resist for a few months.
Come January, I’m flying to Paris to chase my dream of being an artist,
Too bad I can’t have my treat and eat it, too.

I forgot to mention… My hot boss was also my high school crush. 
Sort of. 
First, I wanted to crush him with gooey affection. 
In the end, I just plain wanted to crush him. 
Now he’s back, and he might as well have “do not touch” printed on his chest. 
One tiny question: would it count if I didn’t use my hands? 

Let me answer my own question. Yes, Emily, you raging horndog, it counts. Besides, my dream is practically waiting for me like a perfectly wrapped, shiny little package if I can just behave. I’d be an absolute idiot to risk that, and I have a long, proud history of not being an idiot to protect. 

Unless it’s kind of like when you do really well in class all semester so you can afford to flunk a test at the end. Three months is a long time, and if he’s the one giving me the big, fat, dirty “F”, it does add a little dose of temptation to the equation. 

But all I have to do is one quick job for him. A few posters and a few props for a big Halloween party that he’s hosting. 

Then I just walk away from his dreamboat eyes and perfect body, grab a plane, and forget about all the beautiful children we could’ve squeezed inside our white picket fence. 

Tessa (Shelfbrooke Academy #2) by Kayla Tirrell

I didn’t know how this book going to turn out or if I will like it. But so far it sounds interesting… if it’s good as the first one I know I’ll like it… 

Book Review:

Okay read 

****Spoilers*** Just not many***

Okay! I can say this book was good! At first, I was like this book “not good” well more so doesn’t sound interesting at all. That I didn’t want to read it…. but actually glad, I did…

But what I am hoping for everyone hear about Alex being on a scholarship in one of those other books in this series because he was a horrible person especially to Tessa and Angelo…

I was trying to figure out what race Angelo was I was like is he Asian or Mexican…

But anyway, I like how both Tessa and Angelo were good for each other. That professor they had for Art I think his name is “Professor Crick” he knew what he was doing when he set up Tessa and Angelo together. Though he was mean half the time when it came to Tessa and did act like one of the Big Five’s when he clearly thought he didn’t… 


45416331. sy475

Book Description:

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

Tessa never dreamed of going to Shelfbrooke Academy, but the summer before her senior year, a lawyer visits her family saying she’s a long-lost descendant of the D’Villes—one of the founding families of the school. Encouraged by her parents, she leaves everything she knows behind to finish her studies at the prestigious boarding school.

Once there, Tessa’s ties to the D’Villes give her access to all the perks Shelfbrooke has to offer—secret meetings, private rooms, hot guys.

But when Tessa and Angelo, the artistic student she can’t seem to stop thinking about, are paired for a school project, Tessa discovers not everyone shares the same love for the D’Ville name. Many would delight to see their fall from grace, while others are willing to do anything to climb to the top.

How far is Tessa willing to go to learn more about her past while trying to follow her heart?

Tessa is a modern retelling of the classic novel, Tess of the d’Ubervilles. It’s the second book in the Shelfbrooke Academyseries (a collection of retellings that can all be read as standalones) that promises to be a lot more fun than the original! 

It’s a Prank: A Sweet YA Romance (Sweet Water High #8) by Lucy McConnell

So, I didn’t know if I’ll like this book. Once I started. Because of how it started off. But so far, it’s good. I’ll probably be finished with this book by either tonight or tomorrow… 

Book Review:

It was interesting

* There are spoilers in this review*****

Sooo. This book was actually good. At first, no lie… I thought this book was boring because of how it started off. But turn out it was actually good.

With that being said….. I understood a lot of what Summer was going through because she had so many expectations and the way her mindset was up set up… especially what was expected of her when it came to supports and taking care of her sisters. It can become too much, which can make you flip out on the parent or parents. Which she did… some times you got to let your parents or parent know how you felt at least her mom actually understood what she said. Because often parents don’t care what you have to say regardless of you are hurting even if it’s fiction or non-fiction.
But at least she had Gabe… throughout everything that went down. Her sister Kaylee was wrong for going off on her when she was hanging out with people from both baseball and softball team. At least she realizes all the things that Summer was actually doing. Because for one, I think she didn’t see how much Summer had on her shoulders.

Plus Summer shouldn’t have wanted her sister Kaylee to want to stay on the team.. she should’ve let her make her own choices and figure out in the long run if it was a mistake or not… which I believe she did… learn to not butt into her sisters life…. which she explains to Gabe when she apologizes to him..
I figured he actually likes her but was too afraid to give it a try because of “Summer not wanting to date” but clearly at the kissing thing they did at the party you could tell he wanted Summer and wanted her to be his girl. Plus I was glad that his brother went back to rehab, and hopefully, he actually gets the help he needs and stays from continuing being an alcoholic.

Not only that I didn’t like Violet at all you can tell a hater or someone who doesn’t like you because they would make you want to quit or want you to get kick off the team or from your job… by doing things that would affect you.. but the funny thing happens Summer got on the team, and Violet still didn’t get the position from Summer and more likely going to continue being a hater. But at least Summer got a happy ending with her family by going to counseling and becoming Gabe official girlfriend.

Btw: I didn’t get the title at all “it could’ve to be “If It’s a Prank” because clearly there wasn’t a prank.. blah.

46746156. sy475

Book Description:

When Summer Snow is told she’s on the cut list for softball tryouts, she’s desperate to fix her swing. Her fear of being the only senior cut this year lands her at the local batting cages, bartering her time for free batting practice. The owner isn’t willing to make the trade; but, his son, Gabe the hottie rich kid, is willing to help her out when his dad’s not looking—as long as she cleans the men’s bathroom. Ew! But, whatever. Anything to make the team. 

Even with a few nights in the cages, her swing’s not improving. Gabe’s sincere suggestions help and before she knows it, she’s daydreaming about the cute baseball player instead of the scholarship she’s been working toward. A stolen first kiss at a party and she’s falling fast, but tryouts loom ahead of her. If she can’t keep her head in the game, Summer will end up watching, softball and Gabe, from the sidelines 

Wipeout: A Sweet Teen Romance (Ryder Bay #4) by Jordan Ford

I have been waiting to read this book to… if you want to read this book, you definitely have to read “Riptide” before starting this book. This book good so far; plus I need to read the first two books to this series too with Griffin & Savannah Aiden & Harley… but I am waiting on both Lettie and Jace to figure out that they are both Bass & SnapDragon 

Book Review:

Wasn’t disappointed at all when I read this book…

****Throwing a bunch of spoilers around in this review****
Well I did get what I wanted… finding out if Hayes going to walk again… ugh that’s a no… but I just he and Jace can become friends again… I mean clearly, Hayes mom hate Jace… but she also has to realize that the other two guys drag both Hayes and Jace to go and graffiti that man house… plus Hayes could’ve told Jace he didn’t want to jump on that last jump knowing that he wouldn’t have made it. Clearly, peer pressure is strong when it comes to teenagers. But hopefully, since Jace turned his life around, I hope they become friends again even though Hayes will be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life because of his back which sucks. But I am still looking for a book to come out about Hayes and him finding a girl too… I am hoping it ends up in the “Boys of the Summer” series. Because I genuinely think that he needs some happiness in his life after what happened to him…
Not only that I was glad that Jace figured out who SnapDragon was but also disappointed that Lettie didn’t figure out that Jace was Bass. I mean clearly, I would’ve asked more questions and I wouldn’t have gone on a freaking boat with some random dude regardless of us hanging out… it sucked that Reese Chile I hope that’s the kid name because I clearly forgot since he a horrible person and not worth my time remembering his name…

But like I said it sucked that Reese did all of that and excepted for Lettie to believe his foolishness if it wasn’t for Jace it’s wasn’t any telling what would’ve happened to Lettie. For one, I wanted to smack Savannah because she clearly thought Jace was the bad guy the trouble maker. When It was Reed <<< ha that’s his name… was actually the bad guy and not the “nice good guy” that Savannah thought he was, she looked very stupid when learning what happened to her sister. I was also waiting on an apology to happened between Jace and Savannah, but it never happened. Not only that Marshall stopped being a *** towards Jace too after he saved Lettie… nobody would’ve known what happens to that girl if it wasn’t for Jace… funny how you do something good, when all along you been trying to prove people wrong about you being a trouble maker by not getting into..but soon you up and save the one person you care about and love they actually believe and say you are a nice guy.

& not only that your mom tells you could go home after all that crap you been through. But I was glad changed his ways and stopped hanging with those trouble people because he only got into trouble twice because of them… that tells you they aren’t your friends. I still can’t understand how Savannah smile up in Jace face all those times but didn’t like him.. at least Jace knew Jed kind of didn’t like him. Savannah was kind of annoying and bitchy to both Jace and her sister… I only understood Griffin that’s it, and I mean Marshall shouldn’t have harsh either. Plus Deena also knew that Jace needed love and he got that from people in Ryder Bay unlike those in Sterling Beach, clearly everybody he called family and his friend bailed on him… even Issac and Vic didn’t contact them. I also wonder did they contact Hayes……
But at least Jace found a new family in Ryder Bay. Clearly, everyone, there seems more of a family to him because lord knows no matter what he did back home he gotten bashed and hurt by it when in Ryder Bay Deena was actually looking out for him more. Even though she did get upset with him once when it came to the accident. But I hope when I read that epilogue that I get the answers I want with him staying in Ryder Bay or going home to Sterling Beach, plus before I get into the next book, I have to read book one and two… since I already read three and now four…

Kindle Edition
Published July 20th, 2019 by Jordan Ford Books (first published 2019)
ASIN: B07VH88342
Series: Ryder Bay #4
  • Wipe Out (Ryder Bay Book #4)


47164322. sy475

Book Description:

She’s a soft-spoken loner. He’s a wild-eyed rebel. Can two virtual strangers find a way to click?

Lettie keeps her nose in a book and her thoughts to herself. After her best friend dumped her on the first day of their freshman year, the only person she can still confide in is her mysterious email buddy. But when a cute troublemaker saves her from a speeding car, she hopes she’s found someone worth knowing in the real world.

Jace longs to put his bad reputation and his friend’s horrific accident behind him. But despite his best efforts to ditch his reckless ways, he still manages to land himself in the principal’s office. If only he could pour his heart out to his online crush in person…

As Lettie and Jace struggle to balance their real-life and virtual connections, they fear that sharing how they feel could leave them completely alone.

Can Lettie and Jace see beyond fantasy to discover love that’s just a touch away?

Wipe Out is the fourth standalone book in the sweet Ryder Bay YA contemporary romance series. If you like deep characters, timely social issues, and relationships where opposites attract, then you’ll adore Jordan Ford’s enchanting tale.

Buy Wipe Out to click open a message of love today!

Summer Love and Basketball: A Love In Bloom Novella (Boys of Summer) by Seven Steps

This book is okay. Can’t say it’s great but it’s okay… I’m like 37% done…chapter 6 out of 16… 

Book Review:

It got a little better towards the end!

*Just a few spoilers here and there: not many**

Ugh… I’m between a three or a four-star when it comes to this book… I thought this book was going to similar to the others but different in a way…but it never had me wanting more…
I was kind of disappointed… Duke was kind of judgmental towards Indigo if you look at it. I was stupid of him to blame Indigo about what her “dad” did… clearly, his mom and dad don’t get along, but their moms do. I felt like what Indy dad did was foul and was glad that Duke mom told on Indy parents about them being together. You could tell he wanted his wife (Alicia) to play rather than Janae. He probably didn’t like Janae anyways. & played favoritism. He also seems bitter (Indy dad) unlike Alicia, who appears to want to be closer to her best friend… his is clearly my thoughts halfway through well since I read up to chapter six…

& so on……

I really don’t want to finish this book, but I really wanted to know what will happen next… so I have to continue…because halfway through maybe chapter nine it ended up being more interesting….. even though; I still think that Duke mom didn’t want Indy around because of her father. I was kind of wishing Alicia; Indy mom find that Robert guy and marry or date him cause clearly her dad is just ugh! I don’t like that dude at all… Janae doesn’t seem that bad though because she didn’t try to bash or be mean or call Indy names as Indy dad did when it came to Duke. I wanted to smack fire out of his ***… because clearly, he had a stick so far up his *** that he doesn’t know what to do with his uppity think he better than the lower class people/sticking his nose down to someone who’s different than he…
But was glad that in the end, Duke mom got a coaching job because I was stating to myself it’ll be awesome Janae was actually coaching other basketball players as she did with Indy and even her son….. not only that Indy and Duke got to be together for GOOD. But I bet 9/10 her dad is going to try to mess that up! Especially if there’s a book coming about them again called:

Indy and Duke in Rose and the Radio Rival (Love in Bloom Book 2) coming Fall 2019.

P.S. I still want a book with Hayes, and see if he’ll walk again, so I am hoping that one of the authors or a newer one will be willing to write on about him & it is good too.


45447676. sy475

Book Description:


When I snuck into a party on the wrong side of the beach, I never expected to meet anyone, especially not a guy as hot and confident as Duke Silvers.

I thought we’d spend the entire summer together. And then I learned who he really was, and it destroyed us before we even began.

Our budding romance became an all-out war. Until Duke showed up on my doorstep… as my new basketball coach’s son.

I planned on spending the rest of the summer licking my wounds and staying as far away from Duke as possible. But, when a series of crazy dares push us closer than we ever thought possible, our war turns into an uneasy truce. And then, it turns into something more.

Summer Love and Basketball is a clean, Young Adult, enemies-to-lovers contemporary novella filled with beaches, romance, and of course, basketball. Download Summer Love and Basketball today. 

This is a novella in the Boys of Summer series, a collaboration between several YA authors. They are all standalone stores that take place in the same fictional town. Escape to Sterling Beach today! 

Saving Hadley by Amy Sparling
Beach Town Bad Boy by Maggie Dallen
Riptide by Jordan Ford
Don’t Fall For The Summer Fling by Tammy Andresen
Flirting With The Enemy by Sally Henson
Beauty And The Beach by Kayla Tirrell
Falling For The Rich Boy by Yesenia Vargas
Summer Love And Basketball by Seven Steps 

Kindle Edition, 110 pages
Published July 23rd, 2019 by Seven Steps Publishing (first published May 9th, 2019)
Edition Language: English
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Olivia and the Older Boy: Young Adult Sweet Romance (Love in Ocean Grove Book 5) by Anna Catherine Field

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Book Review:

Pretty good book; I liked Olivia and Ben together.
+****SPOILERS ALERT 🚨*******

I’m hoping there will be a book about Gabe’s brother Sidney. Since Olivia and Ben got one… now Sidney needs one too.

But I’m still stuck on the fact that the Nicole girl blames Olivia for them getting caught… when Nicole didn’t want to listen to Olivia when she asked her is she ready to go, which they would’ve been going to Olivia house. Smh; so right there should tell Olivia that Nicole wasn’t her friend, to begin with… I’m over here like real friend my ***. Clearly Ben and the girl was it Melina(or whatever her name is) probably better friends for Olivia than Nicole will ever be… plus I kept looking at this book sideways when it comes to Spencer too. Like maybe Melinda will end up with Sidney…
But anyways I really think the author did a good job with this book…it had my attention from beginning to end… though. Like to point out that both Olivia and Ben parents were full of it… especially Ben father and Olivia mom.. sometimes Norah… it’s like they thought that Ben was so wrong for her and always thinking that he was going to mess it up for her & she’ll go back downhill as she did before. & Ben dad acted like the job that he had wasn’t worth it… but look at that he became his own Entrepreneur… at least he proves his dad wrong!!!!

Plus he and Olivia proved everyone wrong… about them and who they are as a person! They both were made for one another too. Plus I wasn’t on the agreement of keeping things a secret about their relationship but then with that crap that happened at Ben party with Norah … I was like I see why she wanted to keep things a secret…… and Ben agreed on some point of the book. It did get annoying how they kept looking at Olivia as a kid… I’m like sheesh she’s seventeen almost a senior what more do they want from that girl… it’s sucks learning that she’s bi-polar, but I felt like it was her not talking her medication that had her action a certain way…
But it what happened between Norah, her (Olivia) and Ben which led her to cut herself. Clearly, it wasn’t Ben fault, but there’s “**cough*** Norah and family + friends because they clearly didn’t have any faith in Ben and how he felt until after what happened with Olivia… I’m like now they have a change of heart and can actually see what everybody else that knew both of them was dating saw…. at least in the end they ended up happy, and their family was happy with how Olivia was and her progress…

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Book Description:

Olivia has spent her life in the shadows. 

Of her sister Norah.

Of her depression and anxiety.

Of her overprotective mother.

The summer of her senior year she’s ready to jump back into life. She has a friend, a boy that she’s crushing on and a plan to make the next three months the best ones yet.

All of those plans apart before summer even starts and she’s back to square one, except for one thing. Ben Rowan’s sudden and timely appearance back in her life.

Ben is her sister’s best friend who also understands what it’s like to live around shining stars. He’s older, has known Olivia her whole life and, the best part? Her parents trust him.

What starts out as a convenience for two lonely people, turns into something bigger, something that may help the shadows vanish once and for all.
Olivia and the Older Boy is the fifth novel from Love in Ocean Grove, a series of books about swoony, first-time love and toe-curling kisses for readers of all ages.