Off Limits: The Best Friend by Kat Bellemore

Second, to the fourth book, I’m reading… so far it’s good…

Book Review:

I see the meaning behind the title but the book was a good-ok read!!

Spoilers….here and there

I kind of started with book two, now I wish I started with book one first. But oh well, not going back to read a series over just because I wanna see what happened again. But at least I’ll get the chance to read book 5 soon enough!

So with that being said. When I first started this book, it started slow. It was kind of boring so.. it took me a while to finish it. Which lead me to read other books too.

But I was glad I finally got a chance to read this book. To learn who Alexis and Charlie were. Since they popped up in the book with Gracie and Markus.

With this book; I felt kind of bad for Alexis in many ways to those girls Cynthia and Jackie being mean to her. To Charlie dissing her, for Cynthia. I mean I understood why he was mad. But he still shouldn’t have thrown Cyrhnia in her face like that when she and Jackie were evil villains towards Alexis. Rob wasn’t mean like those girls were. He just had a feeling that Charlie had a thing for Alex. Even though Alex didn’t see it until after they kissed and stopped talking for a while.

I know one thing it took them long enough to get together. Because I was like dang… they dragging this along too much when they could talk to each other and work out there a friendship with each other. Even though friendship with each other wouldn’t have worked anymore because they both wanted to be with each other. But those use other people for a distraction…

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Book Description:

She’s the high school klutz. He’s the best friend. But it wasn’t enough.

Alexa Parker’s only goal is to get into the best pre-med program in the country. No big deal. Except that nothing in her life ever goes as planned. 

If an ice cream machine is going to explode, it will be her pulling the handle.

If a cactus is going to be sat on, it will be her butt that will be full of needles.

The only thing going right is the fact that her lifelong—and only—friend, Charlie, has stuck by her side through it all. Until Alex realizes she likes him more than a friend, and she manages to mess that up too.

Their Baby Arrangement That Led To Real Love (BWWM, Alpha Male, CEO, Bachelor, Brothers Best Friend, Baby, Hidden Secrets, Lust, Surprise Love Romance) by Cynthia Shaw

I actually enjoyed this book. Didn’t take me long to read it either. 

Book Review:

This was a pretty good book; I wasn’t disappointed
***Spoilers. Here and there***I enjoyed this book way better than the one that I was reading way before this one.

I liked Elijah and Jennifer’s story. I realize a lot of books I’ve been reading the characters get together as fast as heck. But when they don’t I complain 😂 because I want them together already.

Ugh! I can tell I’m annoyed when it comes to stuff like that when they take forever to tell the said person how they feel but when it’s fast like with this book I’m like really.

But not disappointed at all by how fast they ended up together. I kind of figured that either Elijah always liked Jennifer or she liked him. But it’s was him who always liked her. I felt like he said yes, because what other opportunities you going to get with someone you’ve always liked. It’s best to take a chance at something that will turn out good.

That’s what Elijah did even with the ups and downs they had to go through with being together and having Dorek (I didn’t like that name but whatever). But even with all of that, they made it work. Even when Malcolm (Jen brother; Elijah’s best friend) almost ruin it for them. I was glad when he realized that he was acting ridiculous about what was going on between both Jen and Elijah.

But I too thought/assume something might be going on with Malcolm and Megan (Jen best friend) they just gave me a vibe at Elijah opening for his new shop. I wish they had or got a book if so I want to know where it’s at.

Book Description:

Jennifer wants a baby. It has been her dream since she was a child to have a family of her own someday, but that’s quite hard to do when she’s a single man-less woman.

Elijah, CEO and tattoo enthusiast, plans on being a bachelor until the day he dies. He doesn’t want a wife and he doesn’t want kids. 

They both have their lives planned out but everything changes when Jennifer convinces Elijah, her brother’s best friend, to be her sperm donor. She’s contented with being a single mother and he doesn’t want a family, so he’s the perfect person within her eyes and someone she knows and trusts.  

Life never works out the way you plan, now pregnant with Elijah’s child, Jennifer will be learning that the hard way as she slowly falls for him. 

Will she be able to ignore her feelings and raise her child on her own as planned? Will Elijah be able to continue being a bachelor after discovering there is more to Jennifer than what meets the eye? And will they be able to keep this secret from her brother? 

No one is better than creating chaos than life itself and their life is about to be turned upside down. 

Find out in this intense, secretive, BWWM romance by Cynthia Shaw of BWWM Love.

Her Forbidden Neighbor Next Door by Carmel Sanders

This the most shitt-est dead-est book I ever read in my life. I’ve read plenty of them. But i’m curious as to what will happened next. I know one thing I should’ve kept reading that other book 😐🤦🏽‍♀️🙄.. straight #garbagecan straight #doodoo.

Book Review:

It was dead 

… this sh** is dry ….?sorry not sorry 😐 at all … it’s only a little bit of spoilers towards the end of my review. More like two-part of my last sentence or whatever ****

I don’t know while reading this book they don’t seem like a black woman and a white male. I don’t feel it while I’m reading this book. As I have read other interracial romance books.

Nor do I feel like this book good. I’m glad that this book has a few chapters I believe it has at least five. Because it’s kind of boring to me. Not even exciting and interesting enough.

But I’m too curious to stop reading it because I want to know what happens next. Even with how boring it is. Ugh so disappointed.

I’m hoping I get to something exciting by the time I am done reading if not this will be a bust.

I think to agree with everyone else the grammar is just blah I know I’m not the best writer myself. But the way this book is written for me that it’s straight doo-doo it’s just for me is hmm. I can’t think straight!!!! I thought it was five chapters but it’s seven ughhh 😩
With the seven chapters, I skip half of what happened between them. Don’t feel bad about it either. I can say the only part I liked was chapter seven 🤷🏽‍♀️I guess it was chapter seven. I think it was six and seven. From the part where she “Jasmine” got kidnapped to “Anthony” got hit by a hit and run. But they found Jasmine fast as heck 💀 normally when I read books it takes a while for someone to be found smh 🤦🏽‍♀️ but I figure he wasn’t going to keep Sophia all I know is she’s going to feel some type of way. Especially when he kept Theodore and not her.

Whatever. But I figure that it had something to do with Brigitte I was like that girl didn’t forgive Jasmine like she said she did… no way someone stops being mad that fast. But at least she in jail now for being a crazy B. That’s probably why Anthony didn’t want her *** any more… 💀😂😂 he knew she wasn’t right in the head. The D did turn her beyond crazy to kill DONT make no dang sense smh 🤦🏽‍♀️… at least the cops got her a** now…

Book Description:

Jasmine Carter and Brigitte Carson are best of friends. So when Brigitte has an intense relationship with the hot, well-endowed Anthony O’Reilly, she would often tell Jasmine about their wild steamy escapades. Eventually it would end and they would both part ways, but Brigitte would always proclaim Anthony to be the best she ever had. Jasmine and Brigitte have a rule of not messing with a man either of them has been with, but secretly, Jasmine would often wonder what made Anthony so great in bed.

Years later, Jasmine gets a surprise shock when Anthony O’Reilly becomes her new neighbor. It’s not long before tension arises between them. However, Jasmine is hell-bent on following the rule she had made with Brigitte because she wouldn’t want to lose her friendship.

Will Jasmine stick to the rule she made all those years ago with her best friend Brigitte? Will curiosity, the lure of Anthony’s charm and trouser snake get the better of Jasmine? Can happiness be found between them? Or are heartbreak and ruined friendships on the cards?

Find out in this sizzling hot BWWM romance book by Carmel Sanders of BWWM Love. 

Perfectly Summer (Perfect #3) by Robin Daniels

I actually liked the other three books to this series. I’m still stuck on book three. I’ve already read book four. I’m hoping that I’m able to finish this soon enough.

Book Review:

***Spoilers here and there***

I’m a say this I actually liked books one and two. But book three it kind of started off slow and I had to read a least four other books before going back to this book and finishing it.

After reading the last book once I stop reading this one. This book got good once I return to it again. Often times it is like that for me.

I wanted to read and finish this book because I wanted to know how Levi and Summer got together. Because I’ve heard about Summer in the book with her friend Andy and the girl Ivy.

One thing I can’t understand how in the world she ended up kissing not ONE brother but all THREE brothers. I was like a dang girl. But she was definitely naive because I couldn’t understand how in the world. She couldn’t see how Levi liked her and everybody else saw that he liked her. Even her friends Andy etc knew that he had feelings for her.

It took her to talk to Andy for her to figure out and for Levi to actually tell her again about how he felt about her. Which was just crazy like it was so many signs about how he liked her. Even when I was reading Jordan book which is the fourth book. Now I understood what she meant about Summer being a little naive.

Book Description:

Summer vacation is Levi London’s favorite time of the year. Each summer, he and his brothers are shipped off to Florida to stay with their grandparents. For ten weeks everything is perfect. He has freedom, fun, and Summer West—the cute and spunky girl across the street—for whom he’s planned to confess his giant crush. 

Right before the London boys are scheduled to leave, a scandalous family situation causes their mom to accompany them on vacation. Not only does Levi’s fun quotient promise to take a nose dive, but all the drama has him feeling less than his normal happy self. 

Summer decides that Levi needs a distraction, in the form of a prank war. But he gets more than he bargains for when his older brother Lucas is both better at pranking and determined to date Summer too. Levi is a peacekeeper, but he isn’t sure he can mediate his family’s struggles or strike the right balance between mischief and romance. Especially when Lucas keeps reminding him that all is fair in love and war. 

*** This book may contain negative triggers for people with a family history of infidelity.*** 

Content Description: This is a stand-alone YA contemporary romance with companion novels set at the same high school. It contains minor language, innuendo, crude humor, and kissing. This book has no sex, written or implied, between any of the teenage characters and has no explicit language. However, the family conflict revolves around adultery between the parents. While it is not highly descriptive, sex is discussed multiple times with regard to adult relationships. Recommended for ages 14 and up.

Outcast (Montlake Prep #2) by Nora Cobb

Just finish book two. Didn’t realize I never posted it here. Book two was good as book one. I’m a read book three once I’m done with these other two books I started on but never finished.

Book Review:


****Spoilers here and there****

Wow like Beth. I want to slap her stupid self she doesn’t see that Natalie is actually a FRIEND. Whereas Arielle is the horrible person. I can’t wait to see all there fall out when Natalie is back and she finally stick it to them that is what I am waiting on. Plus with Anthony, Jacob and Lucas by her side I think that’ll help her too. I just hope they don’t switch up or do something that can ruin her reputation again.

Somebody also need to do something about that freaking principal. Because he set and ignore everything that happened to Natalie that was false and set and believe whatever Arielle has said. Just because her family put money into the school. I wanted to punch him in the throat along with Arielle and Beth.

I was glad that Anthony didn’t want Beth because she actually a horrible jealous person along with Arielle she deserved to be in there clique. I’m definitely going to laugh too when something happened between her and her FAKE friends. Especially when the truth comes out about those pictures and what they been posting online. Beth dumb as heck too not realizing she being used. I tell jealousy makes you do stupid things and she’s actually didn’t stupid things. 

I can only say that I hope the guys accept Anthony because she choose all three of them Anthony, Jacob and Lucas. I don’t want her to choose Troy. He is so horrible and is mom is no better. She is just horrible I wish that Natalie can tell her uncle what she said to her I wouldn’t care if he known I would’ve just told him keep hush about it until it’s time use that information to get back her old a**. 

Plus if Anthony dumb self would’ve deleted those pictures like Natalie said she wouldn’t have been in that mess. Not only that her dumb self wouldn’t have put her face in the pictures no one would’ve known. They would’ve known by knowing the color of her BED sheets. And the only person knew that color was Beth dusty self. 

Natalie is actually learning I hope to not be sooo stupid when it comes to these propels at this school. I can’t even believe that these people believe she could be a hoe. When the other girls Arielle, Chloe or whatever her name is all I know is they are Arielle wack friends and I can’t even remember there names. Are being hot in the a**… Arielle sitting giving HEAD. But Natalie the w**** that’s a virgin smh. Just because three guys likes her smh. 

She lost her V-Card with Jacob. Towards the end of the book. But they don’t know that. Not sure how horrible Troy knows this. I am like Gosh I hope she doesn’t date him. But I do have feeling she will. Because I can tell her likes her but have a weird way of showing her.

Plus this the first reverse harem book I have read that the friends aren’t actually friends but tolerate each other and hate the other.

Book Description:

Now a Top 100 Bestseller in New Adult Romance! 

They ruined my reputation.
Then they shattered my heart.

Jacob, Lucas, and Troy – the kings of Montlake Prep.
Arrogant, privileged, and dangerously good looking.

Together, they conspired and broke my heart.
But now I’m getting my revenge.

I’ll play whatever games I need to play.
I’ll do whatever it takes.
I’ll turn their secrets against them.

I won’t fall for their lies.
I won’t be seduced by their kisses.
And I definitely won’t let their gorgeous bodies distract me.

Because no matter what…
I’ll have my vengeance, even if it means breaking my own heart.

Warning: Not for the faint of heart. This slow-burn reverse harem novel of three arrogant bad boys and the girl who stood her ground contains dark themes, high school drama, teenage angst, swoon-worthy sex, and and some potential triggers.

New Girl: A Dark High School Bully Romance (Montlake Prep Book 1) by Nora Cobb

My current read third out of fourth book I’m reading. It’s 5 books to this series. I know it’s going to take me a minute to get around to finishing the whole series. Because I’m reading other books too.

Book Review:

Spoilers. Thrown throughout this review…

Okay, so I knew that this book was good. But I kind of ended up bored a little bit while reading it. Even though; it was good. Sometimes it is like that when it comes to certain books.

I just know I want to read book two. Because I’m curious. Because lord this girl Natalie is dumb and naive. I’m still trying to figure out how in the world she assume that the guy in that dark room was Anthony. Like you couldn’t be that freaking stupid. Nor was you that drunk – which she wasn’t drunk at all. To figure out some wasn’t right. Because for one Anthony would’ve said something to her.

He would’ve talked and wouldn’t have left her in the room. Like I don’t understand how he bit her to a room when she got to the upstairs before him I assume. I don’t know I think Natalie seems to be wanted by so many people that she just take whatever they give.
She is very dumb and stupid by accepting anything that Jacob and Lucas give or say to her. Lord, I was like Jesus girl. But cannot wait until she gets her revenge. I don’t know when it will happen for her ending up giving something to them (meaning: making them fall for her for good) because 9/10 that will happen.

I also think that Troy is a very creepy weird boy. I didn’t like the rape thing he was about to do. I don’t agree with that. Not only that I think deep down he like her., but have everybody thinking he doesn’t like her and hate her.

I also think that Natalie is going to give in to Troy and going to end up messing with him. Both going to lose their V-Card. I can’t wait to read book 2. Even though I don’t know which book, that she’s going to get her revenge since it’s like 1-5 books to this series. I hope I’m able to finish them all because sometimes if it’s past 4 I be over it or don’t get around to reading it.

Book Description:

I became the new girl at Montlake Prep, a school full of rich snobs.
I was prepared for the insults, the taunts, and the endless bullying from day one.
But nothing could prepare me for the kings of the school:

Jacob, Troy, and Lucas.

The three of them ruled the halls of Montlake Prep with an iron fist.
They were born into privilege and arrogance 
To make things worse, they’re also dangerously good looking.

They don’t understand the meaning of the word “No.”
Whatever they wanted, they got.
And from my first day here, they made it clear what they wanted from me:

They want me to know my place.
They want me to fall on my knees.

And if I dared to defy them.
If I refused to play by their rules…

They’re determined to do whatever it takes to make my life a living nightmare.
Until I come to them, begging for mercy. 

Warning: Not for the faint of heart. This slow-burn reverse harem novel of three arrogant bad boys and the girl who stood her ground contains dark themes, high school drama, teenage angst, swoon-worthy sex, and and some potential triggers.

Her Lost Daughter: A BWWM Romantic Suspense by Raven Rivers

Currently reading “her lost daughter”… I’m still reading other books. But hopefully after I finish this. I’ll be able to finish the other three too. Because whoosh!

Book Review:

It was a good read. Definitely have some irritating people in it.

Spoilers….thrown here and there throughout this review….

Okay, so this book was so good. But I want to say that her ex Mike was horrible for sitting and watching Shannon gets kidnapped by Evans. Like what in the world. Like who does that? Then sit and call her after he learns of her escaping ask about coming back from where she came from like she went on vacation or something. Which was just crazy.

Top of that Shannon has to deal with these horrible men to even teenage young boys. If someone sits and does or says things as a teen to their early 20s you should already what type of person they are going to turn out to be.

Lord don’t get me started on Erin’s husband, Richard. Smh 🤦🏽‍♀️ I had to just shake my head at how horrible he was to her sister Erin being horrible too. Like what in the world I definitely thought Erin would’ve had her back. But guess not she was just too stupid and dumb to realize how her husband Richmond until Conner actually told her how he probably set Shannon up for Evans to get her.

I do wonder if Erin was going to stay with her horrible husband to smiling about Erin losing her sister. To more likely losing her husband to jail for helping Evan get to Shannon and Molly. I’m like ha… maybe you weren’t so far up your husband behind… and look out for your sister who was kidnapped at age 19 and finally escaped. You wouldn’t have lost anything. It’s funny to me because they both Richard and Erin tried to ruin everything for Shannon when Shannon actually gain a lot she gains a new family ( got her daughter back to getting involve and ending up marrying Conner). Who’s a billionaire; I said to myself now watch she gone need Shannon when her husband gets lock up.

I still say Richard deserve jail time because he treated Shannon so wrong on so many levels. I also am happy that they finally got rid of Evans to Shannon finally being happy with someone who loves her. I am so glad that Andrea ended up okay because she got the worse of the accident that Evans tried to kill them in…

Book Description:

She’s determined to get her little girl back. The only problem: her daughter was adopted by one of the most powerful billionaires in NYC. 

Shannon Chastain has been through hell and back- literally. Trapped for seven years in the basement of a madman, her only solace at the time was the baby that she bore in secret.

Her kidnapper was never caught but now that she’s free, she’s determined to track down the child that was ripped away from her. 

The only hitch? Her daughter has now been adopted by one of New York’s most powerful billionaires.

Single dad Connor Adams dotes on Molly, the child he adopted seven years ago.

There’s nothing he wouldn’t do for her, which is exactly why it’s so unsettling when a complete stranger turns up on his doorstep, claiming to be her mother.

In spite of his reservations, however, Connor cannot deny the insane chemistry between them. 

When the unexpected spark between them makes them think about becoming a real family, Shannon cannot help but hope for a better future. 

But what happens when her kidnapper suddenly reemerges, determined to destroy everything just to win her back again?

****This is a standalone novel with a touch of steam and HEA.****

Curvy Girls Can’t Date Billionaires (The Curvy Girl Club Book 2) by Kelsie Stelting

This one book, I was definitely curious about while reading book 1.

Book Review:

Spoilers. Thrown here and there throughout this review.

Before I get started on my review. I wanted to point out that people who play violin 🎻 I always thought; it was interesting especially the way they play it and certain music they play especially when ones that do the fiddle. When it comes to violin music, I lean more toward fiddle music than classical music because I get bored 😐 fast.

So anyways with that being said, I thought that Kai was right for Jordan. Because he didn’t push her away he kept coming back no matter what. Even when his dad was a horrible person to Jordan and her mom. Lord knows I wanted to knee him in the 🤭… I was waiting on Kai to put his dad in his place where he belongs.

Because the nerve of him to judge a woman and her child for something that his ex-maid/son mom did to him. Everyone is not the same. Then go and ruin that girl’s mom’s reputation like that then to go and asked Jordan, mom, did she want her job back. I was like she better NOT take that job back. That man is just horrible. I always say that people who are that mean and say rude things aren’t good people. They are the ones who miserable. Never see good in things. That what I felt like his dad was because he didn’t see good in Jordan or her mom. Not even when it came to his son and what he wanted. That’s why I was so happy when Kai told his dad like it was.

I’m like that that Jonathan or whatever his name was I don’t care to remember 😂 but not only that I wanted to point out that Merritt was just as horrible and jealous “again” when it came to one of the girls. I’m like first it was Rory and now Jordan. If she comes for Ginger and Ray… I have some to say if DON’T like it.

But at least, in the end, Jordan’s mom forgave her because that did suck that her mom didn’t want to talk to her. But her friends she kinda pushes them away herself when she was upset. But at least, in the end, she had Ginger to back her up on getting her mom a job with YouTubing and her other friends “Rory, Callie and Zara” forgave her because it wouldn’t be a “Curvy Girl Club” without all four of them!!!!

Besides that I am now curious about Ginger’s book and the cowboy what’s it name Roy no thinking 🤔 … no “Ray Sadler” that’s his name.

Not only that I’m waiting on Zara’s book next but I’m thinking Callie probably be next. But not likely because it’s Callie then you have Carson so that one have to wait more likely. Because it’ll be the end of the series with the one we REALLY waiting on. But I’ll see… BUT I’m definitely waiting on Zara.

Book Description:

How much money does it take to buy a broken heart?

There are three things I hate: rich people, boys, and Kai Rush. Kai happens to be all three.

He and his dad have all the money in the world from the game app they created, and what do they do with it? They buy private helicopters and flaunt their brand new Teslas.

Never mind that people like my mom and I work multiple jobs just to keep our crappy apartment and pay for back medical bills because my dad ran scared and left us alone.

So when my mom tells me we have a new cleaning job at the Rush’s before school, I’m peeved. 

When he starts texting me, I’m floored.

Fit billionaires like him and plus-sized scholarship kids like me barely belong at Emerson Academy together, much less in the same message thread.

How can I get him to see I’m not the catch he thinks I am?

More importantly, how can I get my heart to stay on the same page?

Continue reading in The Curvy Girl Club with Curvy Girls Can’t Date Billionaires. Jordan’s fiery personality and Kai’s even-keeled persistence will have you feeling all the feels. Get ready for an enemies to lovers billionaire romance that turns all expectations upside down in one incredible read.

The Necklace by Kelsie Stelting

Book Description:

📿See Kai Give the Necklace to Jordan and Her Mom!

Kai has a gift for Jordan and her mom. Read from his perspective as he gives them Juana’s precious necklace! This bonus short story is the perfect, sweet way to stay in touch with the characters you love just a little bit longer!

Her Adopted Baby That Came With Hidden Secrets (BWWM, Adoption, New Mom, Blast From The Past Romance) by Justeen Jones

I didn’t take me long to read this book. It’s actually good.

Book Review:

It was pretty good

Spoilers… thrown throughout this review….

This the second book that I’ve read by Justeen Jones. I can say I wasn’t disappointed. But, I definitely thought a bomb was about to drop (meaning; Jonas was going to start some SHHHH) like the other girl Leigh in the last book I read.

But he didn’t lol; he ONLY was upset because Damion came into Nicole and Macy life. I had to roll my eyes because for one he should’ve known that eventually, someone was going to come into Nicole and Macy’s life and want a family. Instead, he waited too long to pull a move on Nicole. Got mad because Damion got in her pants (as he says). I had to SMH because I knew he wanted it to be him.

I was glad when he finally came around and realize that Damion wasn’t an issue; that he wasn’t going to hurt Macy as he assumes he was due to his jealousy. One thing I do like to point out was after Nicole’s birthday party; I think the noise that both her and Damion heard while they were kissing wasn’t Macy. I think it was Jonas probably. Because I think he came back, thinking everybody left. Not sure if Nicole locked her door or not. But Jonas definitely came in the next day, like a tornado 🌪 out of hell.

I was like dang; he such a girl about a situation that he need not speak on just because he was in-like or in-love (going for the second one) with Nicole. But in the end in everything worked out and was glad that Jonas moved on from Nicole and himself a girl. Because it would’ve been a shame if he left Macy for good due to jealousy for something he couldn’t have. 

Book Description:

Nicole Jones has always wanted a baby but she isn’t able to have any of her own, so she decides to adopt a baby girl. She didn’t expect everything that would come with it though. She was ready for diapers, a terrible love life and a lifetime of commitment to her little girl, but what she was not ready for was the father of her adopted baby showing up. It is one thing for the father of her child to suddenly make an appearance, but it is entirely another to find out he is someone from her past. 

Damion Wood is trying to make amends. He wants nothing more than a relationship with the daughter he was once forced to give up, and he is willing to do anything he can to make it happen.

Can Nicole trust him? Can Damion step up to the plate? And at the end of it all, are feelings with someone you have to spend so much time with inevitable? 

Find out in this sizzling hot BWWM romance by Justeen Jones of BWWM Love.

Saved By The Fireman’s Big Hose (BWWM, Widower, Fireman, Crazy Ex’s, Life Threatening Romance) by Justeen Jones

I haven’t read a interracial romance in a long time. I’m actually enjoying this book…

Book Review:

Definitely enjoyed this book had to get back into interracial reading

Spoilers….thrown throughout this book.

I’m going to say this I already knew something was up with that Leigh girl. Especially when it came to her brother Travis. Both are some weird individuals. But I dang sure was GLAD when Travis… didn’t agree to let things slide with they finally got caught in the act…. for the third time with the third fire he started. He actually told the reasons behind why he did it.

The first fire with Annie and Danny – Luke’s wife and son. Was because of his psycho a$$ sister smh 🤦🏽‍♀️. Leigh and her obsession with Luke someone she couldn’t have and still didn’t get even after Annie died.

The second fire at the high school – with Irene. Because Travis didn’t like that Irene was going to tell on – write him up, for cheating. So he thought it was cool to try to kill her thank Goodness that one didn’t work. What tripped me out was the fact that Travis was there like everyone else; and tried to tell Luke to go to the English classroom – Irene classroom. When Irene wasn’t there. If it wasn’t for Susan, Irene colleague I know that Irene would’ve been dead all because of Travis. Which he wanted smh 🤦🏽‍♀️.
I thought he was a daMNNNN fool for that one. Because you ruin a whole school just because you cheated on a pop quiz like that right there was just ridiculous.

On top of that don’t get me started on the third fire that happened with – Irene, her daughters Alexis and Lydia, and Luke’s son Danny.

Then learning that Leigh turned off the warning bell about the fire. I was glad that Irene told Danny to call his dad because if he didn’t I know they would’ve been blown up in smoke. That would’ve hurt both their families minus – Irene ex-boyfriend – the girl’s father Freddy.

Which I am getting to soon after I talk about Leigh crazy A$$.. so like I said Leigh was just psycho like OMG! Like she was sooo obsessed that she did everything she could to get rid of Irene. That she didn’t even care that should’ve killed three kids that didn’t even pass the age seven. Like omg; I wanted to slap fire from her a$$.

When Luke told her so she didn’t even care about it especially when it came to Danny who already had nightmares. To be in a second fire due to the same two horrible individuals. Then I’m top of that he had to deal with also withdrawing and having more of bad nightmares. Lord knows I was glad when I learn that Leigh got fifteen years over her had she deserved it. So did her brother who got fewer years than she did.

So with that being said. On to Irene freaking ex-boyfriend Freddy that man was just horrible. He didn’t even give to flying ducks about his daughters. He was busy worrying about Irene and getting back with her to control her and manipulate her like he was doing when they are together. Lord knows I was glad when his brother finally came to the realization of how horrible Freddy was and who was telling the truth. I did want to see how that custody battle was going to go even though I know that Irene would’ve won it.

Book Description:

Ever since his wife died in a fire, fireman Luke’s priority had always been his son. He didn’t want to find anyone else to share his life with. Until he meets Irene and his priorities begin to change.

Irene didn’t think she had time to date. Not when she had two young children and an ex-boyfriend who refused to let go of the fact their relationship ended years ago. Things like that can be a bit of a mood killer. Her focus now is making sure her children aren’t caught in the middle. Then when she’s caught in a fire and rescued by gorgeous firefighter Luke who makes her body heat up more than the fire, she wonders if maybe she had been a little too hasty.

The chemistry between them is strong. Very strong. Both of them come with baggage, but it’s nothing they can’t handle. Although someone is very determined that their fledgling relationship doesn’t get off the ground…

Find out what happens in this sizzling hot romance by Justeen Jones of BWWM Love.