Secret Indiscretions by Trice Hickman


Secret Indiscretions by Trice Hickman


Book Review: 

Spoilers Alert….. Don’t read this REVIEW IF YOU PLAN TO READ THIS BOOK⚠ TO MANY SPOILERS!!!!!!


This book was so good, I read it in two days like it had my attention from the beginning to end.

Johnny was a piece of dog poop. On the high level. Omg, every one he screwed over, lost everything. From jobs to babies, etc. And he blames them instead of himself when he was the cause of everything.

And he ended up with crazy women and lost a good woman. This reminds me of this story. Which is a real life story where. The man was cheating on his wife, and the Mistress killed his wife, and I do wonder did he was boo hoo once he found out that he was the cause of her murder.

Johnny was the cause of his own dismiss. I had to laugh, even though I didn’t want him to die. But God it was hilarious because he was drunk as a skunk, and didn’t give two shits that he was about to die, he’s like **** it I don’t have anything to live for may as well die. And as I got to a section of the book the ending of his dismiss he said the same thing I said: “He knew that once he was dead, it would be the first time he truly is at peace.”

But in my mind, I swear I thought it was Vivana who killed him and but was none other than Councilwoman Harris. I said ain’t that a B.’



Book Description: 

“I can’t wait to see what Trice Hickman does next!”—Mary Monroe, New York Times bestselling author

Two couples, two unhappy spouses—one shocking solution… 

Five years into her happy marriage, Geneva Mayfield is devastated to find that things have taken a turn for the worse. Her husband, Johnny, is suddenly hard to reach, distant, and works late too often for Geneva not to be suspicious. Is it because she’s been pressuring him about having a baby? Feeling lonely and neglected, Geneva bonds with Samuel Owens, a colleague who is having marital trouble of his own. Soon, their relationship blossoms into an uncontrollable affair.
Bored with her husband, Samuel, and dead set against having a child with him, Vivana Owens is biding her time until she’s ready to leave—and she’s spending it with Johnny Mayfield. It’s just a fling—until Vivana becomes obsessed with Johnny, especially once he tries to win back his wife. But affairs don’t end easy—and soon one of the unfaithfuls will end up dead, one will end up in jail, and one just might get away with murder…
Praise for Playing the Hand You’re Dealt

“Will keep you guessing straight through to the explosive ending.”—Victoria Christopher Murray

“Unforgettable characters and a page-turning storyline.”—Lutishia Lovely

I wish I would have known you could’ve to borrow mines. 😂 but I’m waiting on Geneva to meet Samuel 😩 I want them together already. Like Gen husband cheating on her with Sam wife. Like little nasty asses.

Paperback, 320 pages
Published July 28th 2015 by Dafina
ISBN: 1617737437 (ISBN13: 9781617737435)

He just don’t know how accurate his statement is about how his wife and Geneva husband should get together

Practicing What You Preach (The Blessed Trinity Series #4) by Vanessa Davis Griggs (Author)


Just finished this book, I will say this was a good story.

Practicing What You Preach (The Blessed Trinity Series #4) by Vanessa Davis Griggs (Author)


Book Review:

Spoilers *****

Ha, Karmas is definitely a mother chicken hen. She thought sure she was going to get Marcus back, it’s funny how people don’t realize a good thing until it’s gone, and that person has moved on to the next person who loves them, and they love them back. Reminds of what my sister had mentioned to me about a lady she knew has cheated on her man (her husband) and left him for another man,, and now she regrets it, and wants him back. Funny people want you back, and when Marcus asked Melissa to marry him in front of Sasha, I had to laugh that mess was hilarious as it comes wow.


Book Description: 

Is it a sin to let a good man get away?

The wedding between Angela Gabriel and Brent Underwood promises to be the Birmingham event of the year–and aspiring event planner Melissa Anderson has been working feverishly to make it happen. During this hectic time, she even agrees to go out on a date with a most unlikely prospect: Marcus Peeples. When it came to Marcus, it definitely didn’t love at first sight. But after a lovely evening together of Bible study at Followers of Jesus Faith Worship Center, Melissa has a change of heart. She learns that Marcus is divorced, a fact she can’t reconcile with scripture even though she knows he’s a good man and father. But when Marcus’s diva ex-wife decides she wants him back, Melissa soon discovers love, divorce, and faith have quite a bit in common.


Reading this📖 book 📙 I’m like yup. So true, I agree,👍 so many good information learnedℹ while reading this book. Just love a book where I can take information and run with it and or learn a lot from it. Something I been thinking about or haven’t.


I’m going to look up those chapters. #jezebel


Paperback, 300 pages
Published June 1st 2009 by Dafina
ISBN: 0758232225 (ISBN13: 9780758232229)
Edition Language: English
Series: The Blessed Trinity Series #4
setting: Birmingham, Alabama (United States) 

  • Practicing What You Preach (Blessed Trinity Book 4)
  • Practicing What You Preach
  • Practicing What You Preach
  • Practicing What You Preach
  • Practicing What You Preach
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The Other Side of DARE by Vanessa Davis Griggs


Ahh, so far it’s good. The description is interesting. This is an urban Christian fiction. I love me some #urbanchristianfiction.
As I look at these pages I can smell the burn from the pages that someone set on fire 🔥 😲… Oh well. “The Other Side of DARE by Vanessa Davis Griggs 📘


Book Review: 

Few Spoilers here and there….

The Other Side of Dare is really good, and it getting juicer and juicer, Lord I didn’t want to put this book down and stop reading but I had to. I was like I have to find out what happened next. Lord knows I have to get and find the other book so I can find out if Andrew will learn about Paris sleeping with Darius, myself I couldn’t figure out if they did or not. And the devil not finishes with Darius, it’s like he doesn’t want help or to actually fix his marriage in the right way. He may end up losing more than what he wanted and I bet Paris will be right in the middle and lose Andrew. But I couldn’t hate Gabrielle, as much as other people but she wanted her daughter back and I thought it was right for her to get a full custody of her own child. Hopefully, she will tell her daughter Jasmin who her father and siblings are instead of holding out on secret and be whiny when the girl finds out. But this book was not a letdown nor was I disappointed.


When a battle of wills threatens to tear a family apart, a child shall lead them–straight to a shocking secret. Will they betray their faith–and each other–to keep it buried?
After seven years of marriage, Paris Simmons-Holyfield and her husband, Andrew, are still childless. Now Paris is determined to adopt orphaned nine-year-old Jasmine Noble. Trouble is, Jasmine’s in the custody of ex-stripper Gabrielle Mercedes. Worse, Andrew is vehemently against the idea–and he’s not alone. Paris’s father, Lawrence Simmons, a powerful politician, has vowed to shut his daughter down. The only man to even dare be on Paris’s side is shady Darius Connors. Unemployed and not quite out of the dog house with his wife, Darius is more than happy to help the beautiful, vulnerable, yet undeterred Paris. . .
Paris has her suspicions about why her husband and her father are so opposed to the adoption. But the reality is far more scandalous than she imagines. To get to the bottom of it, she’ll have to deal with blackmail from the last person she ever expected–and battle Gabrielle, who’ll fight with everything she’s got–including the truth. Soon, all involved will learn just what’s on the other side of dare. . .

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