Off Limits: The Best Friend by Kat Bellemore

Second, to the fourth book, I’m reading… so far it’s good…

Book Review:

I see the meaning behind the title but the book was a good-ok read!!

Spoilers….here and there

I kind of started with book two, now I wish I started with book one first. But oh well, not going back to read a series over just because I wanna see what happened again. But at least I’ll get the chance to read book 5 soon enough!

So with that being said. When I first started this book, it started slow. It was kind of boring so.. it took me a while to finish it. Which lead me to read other books too.

But I was glad I finally got a chance to read this book. To learn who Alexis and Charlie were. Since they popped up in the book with Gracie and Markus.

With this book; I felt kind of bad for Alexis in many ways to those girls Cynthia and Jackie being mean to her. To Charlie dissing her, for Cynthia. I mean I understood why he was mad. But he still shouldn’t have thrown Cyrhnia in her face like that when she and Jackie were evil villains towards Alexis. Rob wasn’t mean like those girls were. He just had a feeling that Charlie had a thing for Alex. Even though Alex didn’t see it until after they kissed and stopped talking for a while.

I know one thing it took them long enough to get together. Because I was like dang… they dragging this along too much when they could talk to each other and work out there a friendship with each other. Even though friendship with each other wouldn’t have worked anymore because they both wanted to be with each other. But those use other people for a distraction…

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Book Description:

She’s the high school klutz. He’s the best friend. But it wasn’t enough.

Alexa Parker’s only goal is to get into the best pre-med program in the country. No big deal. Except that nothing in her life ever goes as planned. 

If an ice cream machine is going to explode, it will be her pulling the handle.

If a cactus is going to be sat on, it will be her butt that will be full of needles.

The only thing going right is the fact that her lifelong—and only—friend, Charlie, has stuck by her side through it all. Until Alex realizes she likes him more than a friend, and she manages to mess that up too.

Off Limits: The Scrooge (Off-Limits #3) by Kat Bellemore

Currently reading📕….. .

Book Review:

Good read…..

***Spoilers. Thrown here and there***

This is the third book to this series. Glad I got around to reading. I think that it’s good. I’ve read books 2, 4, and now 3 so far in this series. I do have to read book 1. I’ll read that soon enough!

So with that being said… I just didn’t understand what Cameron had against rich people especially Amanda when he didn’t know what happened or what she been through when she lost her dad. Her mom had to be the one to go to work to make sure Amanda was good even though they both were grieving for the loss of her dad and her mom’s husband.

I liked the fact that Cameron’s mom understood that and not only that Cameron’s dad explains to Cam the reason behind his statement he made. About the guy who laid him off or whatever. & not Amanda’s mom. He should’ve known that Amanda and her mom weren’t bad people. I was glad he realizes that about her and figured it out and apologize to Amanda.

Not only that Amanda understanding the way that Cameron felt. But you could tell Cam did things that got himself in trouble because of what he didn’t have. But learning that the prank wasn’t for the drama team but actually for Blair’s brother was good to know.

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Book Description:

He’s a star swimmer. She’s in the drama club. One prank will upend everything.

After star swimmer, Cameron Taylor, pulls a prank that manages to both terrify the drama club and cancel his swim meet, he’s unable to escape punishment. Suspended from the swim team, he thinks it can’t get worse…until he’s cast as young Scrooge in the school play. If he refuses? He’ll be kicked off the team permanently.

No matter what Amanda Barrett auditions for, she never makes the cut. Just once she’d like someone to notice her. But when she finally lands a role in The Christmas Carol as Belle, Scrooge’s ex-fiancée, she doesn’t even have time to celebrate before she realizes her character’s love interest is the obnoxiously arrogant and rude (though, admittedly hot) captain of the swim team.

As their Christmas performance draws near, Amanda and Cameron will need to put aside their differences and figure out—before it’s too late—they are meant to be much more than rivals.

My High School Rebel Boyfriend: A Sweet YA Enemies to Lovers Romance (Boyfriend Series (River Valley High) Book 4) by Kylie Key

So far I’m liking this book. Lately I’ve been reading some boring books. I’ve been taking forever to finish them. This the second book so far that has kept my interest. Then I’ll be back to finishing off the other boring book I started bleh. 

Book Review:

Good read

Spoilers, thrown out throughout this review…

I was curious about this book about how it was going to be. It was good. Was it different yes; I felt like Mitch and Harper were made for each other because they both were dealing with something that was in their life. Harper with her diabetes and Mitch with his stepfather abuse and his mother’s arthritis.

The only problem with this book I had was the repeat of Harper’s diabetes and what she had to do to keep herself good. I was like that was too much (not about diabetes) but the repeats of it. I’m not wording it right, but I felt I understood her situation and felt like the food intake, etc didn’t need a repeat in every chapter.

What I did felt bad about what Mitch and his friends did with her foods. They didn’t save any for her. I felt like you don’t go in someone’s bag. When you don’t know if there’s a reason why that person may have things in their bag. Dude to their health. I was waiting on Mitch to get a clue on how he been treating her. After her diabetes scare.., he got himself together and realize that he shouldn’t be mean to her.

I felt like he always carried out an attitude towards people, because of what went on at home. I was glad that he had Harper in his life. Because I felt like MAYBE his stepdad would get a clue; I just wish that Harper could’ve told her parents at least about Mitch and his abuse…

But she wanted to keep his secret and see if his stepfather Wade would change. Also, I think with the training, his mom probably would move around more. Harper to me brought LIGHT into Mitch family because no one seems happy until Harper popped up. 

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Book Description:

He’s a rebel with a cause…
to make my life a misery

Mitchell Finlayson has it in for me
All because I snitched on him
Well, he deserved it, but I didn’t count on his punishment being to help the volleyball team.
Now he seems to be there at every turn,
Pushing me
Taunting me
Trying to break me…
As if I don’t have enough issues
Trying to manage my diabetes

Yeah, Mitchell acts tough,
Like he’s a bad boy
But he has secrets
Can it be that the boy with the cold, hard heart
Is hiding a softer side? 

Trick You (Rebel Ink #2) by Tracy Lorraine

Arc of Trick You by @tracy_lorraine_author. Coming July 16.… really good book. I remember reading book one and the ending had me like 😱 bih…. I’m just lucky to get a chance to read this because I’ve been curious. “ But I’ll be waiting on a book with Spike and (_) cause I think it’s something there…. I can’t go into details that’ll be a spoilers…🤯 

Book Review:

****Spoilers here a there•^***

I got this book as an ARC from the author for an honest review. Trick You coming July 16… Pre-Order now…

I don’t know, but I feel that there’s going to be a book about Spike and Zach’s sister Kas. I don’t know, but I will see it. If so, I am going to be reading that one too.

Dang, I was right too. I knew that Spike and Kas were going to get a book. I can’t freaking wait… I know it’s going to be more interesting, especially because she is at the club stripping, and maybe she’s going to be his roommate, which I think she is…
So with that being said… Gah…. this book was good. I did felt bad for Carter, aka Titch, because Danni was pushing him away, but he knew that it was felt there. To learn that he was a twin to turn around and see how Logan was as a person; changed her mind in the end. I was like finally. It took him to be in that cage fight to look into her feelings that she tried to get rid of…

But in the end, she knew that she couldn’t fight it anymore. Plus, the whole time, I was like why people in every book I read either doing an idea; mistake; accidentally marriage in Las Vegas. I was like what about a Florida wedding dang; at least it’s hot there. But hey, if Spike gets married there, I wouldn’t say anything. 😅

I was just glad they worked things out with each other, and she Danni stopped running from Titch when she knew full well she wanted him. I cracked up when she got jealous when he was flirting with Mel. 😂…
Besides that, I do hope that he works things out with his twin brother. But I don’t know about his parents I am still on the fence about them. They are just horrible; even Logan is horrible. But I want him to show them that he doesn’t need them. Show them that he has a baby on the way and that his child is never going to feel not wanted. Because as I reading this book, I was like yeah. Titch got a disability and darn wasn’t it Dyslexia.

One thing I liked was he had friends who cared about him. I think that Danni’s parents are going to care about him more than his parents ever did.

54260859. sy475

Book Description:

I hated to trick her…

But I knew she would never go for the real me.

She was beautiful, smart and funny—everything I could want.
And I was… well. Me.

Tattooed, foul mouthed, bad boy.

I told one little white lie hoping to meet someone different. And I did.

Danniella Abbot.

She wasn’t who I was expecting, and I guess she could say the same, because Danni made it very clear she wasn’t interested in me or my reasons for lying.

The fact that she was my best friend’s little sister only complicated an already impossible situation.

I didn’t intend on tricking her. I just wanted her to give me a chance, to discover who I am underneath the ink.

She can fight me all she likes because we both know that I’m exactly her type. She just doesn’t know it yet.

What happens when you wake up married to the woman you tricked into a date?

You kiss the bride and prove her wrong.

Dear Readers,

Trick You is the second book in my angst-filled, emotional and steamy Rebel Ink series.

Popularity is Just an Equation by A.R. Perry

Currently reading 📖 

Book Review:

A good book I wasn’t bored at all while reading this

**Spoilers. Splash throughout this review**

I understand what Piper did, but I figured that her plan wasn’t going to work out as she planned and that someone would ruin whatever her and Carter had. Not only that, I knew that Claire and John had a thing for each other. They just gave me the vibes of a messed up friend and ex-boyfriend.

I can say Piper a good one for forgiving them both. Because I don’t think I could’ve done such a thing! Smh! All I know is I was glad that she and Carter finally admitted to their feelings because they were dragging it far too long. I was over the denial. Even their friends (Blythe, Nash, and Jordan) knew that they both liked each other. They, especially Carter, was more in denial than Piper was to me.

It took Jordan to push them towards each other for them together. But take someone like John to ruin things for them. Claire wasn’t a good friend either for telling John the plan that Piper had going on. She had to be so on like or love with John to snitch on her friend.

I felt like she wasn’t a good friend anyways. Because she bailed on them so many times. To be with John. I don’t care how much you liked your best friend ex-man. You at least have to talk to them. Because friendship could get ruin like that, I couldn’t understand how Piper couldn’t see what was going on I already knew what was happening when Claire had walked out of the cafeteria and John looked her away with sad eyes. Piper saw that but still didn’t figure it out. Because she was to focused on her plan to ruin John, it didn’t even ruin him at all. But I think she did them both a favor. Because in the end, they both got a deal at the popular table. Both hung out with Jordan, Nash, and Carter. She ended up dating Carter, and John and Carter became friends.

I mean, I never saw anything like it, just crazy. But I will say this I want a story (book) with Jordan and Blythe because I want to know what Is going on with the two of them. I am so curious; because I could tell something happened between those two. 

Kindle Edition
Published April 8th 2020 by Legendary Books
  • Popularity is Just an Equation

52617624. sy475

Book Description:

Sometimes even the best-laid plans go awry.


This isn’t how the rest of junior year is supposed to go. Prom is in a month and a half, and it should be a magical night with my boyfriend and all our friends.
Except there’s one little problem.
The guy who I’d been planning a future with kicked me to the curb out of the blue with little explanation.
But don’t worry, he still wants to be friends.
Now I’m out to prove a point. He wants to be popular? Well, I’ll beat him there and I have the perfect person in mind to help me get there.
Carter Jackson the golden boy of Center High is about to become my Yoda.
I’ve seen all the movies. How hard can it really be?


My future is on a set trajectory with me as an unwilling passenger. Piper Greenly isn’t part of that plan, but she asks for my help and even though I should say no, I agree to her ridiculous scheme to snag the guy and a spot at the popular table.
It all sounded so simple at first. But I guess nothing really is as easy as it sounds.
In a matter of weeks, my present is shaky and my future might not be as set as I thought. But I do know one thing—the girl with fiery hair and a matching spirit has ignited something in me.
Too bad she wants my best friend.

Popularity might be a simple equation, but what happens when variables of the heart aren’t considered? 

Off Limits: The Principal’s Son by Kat Bellemore


Book Review:

When something you want becomes off-limit

***Spoilers. Maybe probably let’s see***

I don’t have much to say about this book. But I will say I didn’t read this in order lol. I don’t care. I’ll start with Sandra’s friends Gracie and Amanda; then I’ll go back to book one because I’m not that curious about that one as I am with Sandra friends lol.

But with that being said..,l can say that I felt bad for Sandra. Especially when it came to Blair’s mom judging her by how she was dressed—not knowing the meaning behind “Day of the Dead. She judges her to quickly and not knowing that Sandra supported her brother Clark who died at age four by getting hit by a truck.

Blair’s mom did every and anything to ruin her son’s happiest. I wish that his father would’ve said something, at least to his mom, because his mom seemed to want to control every aspect of Blair’s life. From his friends to his relationships plus more. It got annoying because she wouldn’t let him be.

It took that picture coming out. Which his mom accused Sandra of “yet again.” Of something, she didn’t do, for Blair to look it up and realize the meaning behind it. Show his mom that Sandra is an amazing person. I was glad his mom finally realize that she was wrong in so many ways. She made up for the mistakes she made towards ruining things for Sandra and Blair.

P.S. I knew that Julianna probably had something to do with that picture getting how. Just so, Blair’s mom didn’t find out. Smh, she wanted Blair so bad that she wanted to do anything to ruin his relationship with Sandra. It works for a little bit, but he still got the girl, and she didn’t get Blair.

But at least Julianna can get herself someone at the resort (aka Dude Ranch/Zion Ranch). I can’t wait to read her and Scott’s story, and I’m definitely will be Keeping an eye out for Julianna’s story in Off Limits: The Celebrity. 

Kindle Edition
Published February 23rd, 2020 by KB Press
  • Off Limits: The Principal's Son

50393270. sy475

Book Description:

There is only one thing standing between Blair and the girl of his dreams. His mom.

It used to be easy for Blair Howell to get a date. He had a new girlfriend every couple of weeks.

Until his mom became principal at his high school.

 Now girls don’t give him a second glance. Not with his mother hovering over him like a pinstripe-clad overlord.

Then Blair met Sandra. But with her spiked bracelets and Day of the Dead t-shirts, his mom would run Sandra off before she ever made it through the front door.

There was only one solution.

Make sure his mom never found out.

My High School Billionaire Boyfriend: A Sweet YA Romance (Boyfriend Series: River Valley High Book 3) by Kylie Key

There’s so many books that I want to read. The list is long but I am getting there with some of them at least. This is one of them out of the bunch. So far it’s good. 

Book Review:

Billionaire boyfriend vs. regular girl

Spoilers? Hmm, it’ll be a few but probably not a lot.. let’s see…

I was curious about what will happen in this book and what it’ll be about. I see that Maddie and Ella are friends but the first book. Rylee, I don’t think they are friends with her. I didn’t come across her when I read the book about Maddie and Peyton or this one with Ella and Jack.

I did agree with Maddie thought that Ella jumped to conclusions about why Jack ignored her at his golf game. He had his reasons I understood why he had them. Especially when it came to his mom, she was just ugh.. she needed help; seriously.

But I also understood why Ella pushes him away too because you’ll assume that the guy you are seeing doesn’t want you to meet his family. Especially when you are not from his side of town. He has money, and you don’t.

But in the end, I was glad that they worked things about and figured out the misunderstanding that they had about why she didn’t meet his family. Plus, his dad letting him get a golf scholarship and going to a state college. What I learned when you are rich fiction or rich, your family has control over what you do with your life. Half the time, those individuals go up bitter or have their children grow up the way that they did.

I was glad that his parents were making a change, especially after what happened with Jack’s grandfather. Plus, Jack working things out with Ella and showing her that he did love and care about her. He didn’t care about what school she went to, the house she lived in, what clothes she wears or how her car looked. He just wanted to be with her. He finally got to show her off at the fundraiser and gala. Plus, Blair finally came around too because she was kind of mean in the beginning until she learned that Jack was serious about Ella.

Besides that, I can’t wait to read the other books about Harper and Tanchia, especially since it’s one falling for a rebel to the other falling for the quarterback. But I am definitely leaning more towards “rebel” since I’m curious. 

53627042. sy475

Book Description:

Can a rich boy and a poor girl find love
Or are their worlds too far apart…


My parents own a billion dollar company

Yeah, we have a big house, new cars, everything money can buy

Money, it’s what everyone wants in life

It makes us happy…

Or does it?


Dad and I had a dream…but it died the day he did

Losing my Dad still haunts me everyday

Three years, yet I miss him so much

Now life is about surviving, not dreaming

Falling for Jack Whittaker can only be a mistake

He’s the rich boy who lives in a mansion on the hill

I’m the poor girl from the other side of town

And our worlds are too far apart…

For our love to ever have a chance

My High School Billionaire Boyfriend is a sweet, standalone romance,

but it has characters who are interconnected with My High School Fake Boyfriend

Misadventures of a Biker by Scott Hildreth

Currently reading “Misadventures of a Biker” 🏍 …. even though I’m reading the ebook. I’m definitely getting the paperback, of course. To add to my misadventures collection. I’m still wondering what the next books will be.

Book Review:

Spoilers.. here and there

I couldn’t wait to read this book. Was counting down the days. Lol finally got to read it, though I would’ve been finishing this, so much was going on.

But I can say I wasn’t disappointed in this book at all. The author did a good job. Plus, I thought Devin was a nice guy, and he did get the stick out of Teddi’s ass. Because it was up there hard before he came around. Also, I liked how Katie was looking out for her.

But didn’t agree on telling each other about the guy they both were dating. I know some females do that even in fiction and real life. But that is not something you’ll want to do because 9/10 that friend would bang your man.

Besides that, I liked how Devin looked out for females and took up for them and got at the men that hurt both Katie and Teddi. What I will say before I mentioned anything else about Devin and Teddi is that I hope Katie and her guy get a book if there own. That would be interesting!!!!

Also, I wanted to slap Teddi at the end when she thought Devin was going to leave her. I was like the girl let the man talk dang. He didn’t get on his knee to ask for marriage because she was freaking out and assuming things. But at least, in the end, she accepted his proposal. Even though at first she believed he was going back to his MC.

51007551. sy475

Book Description

He was bad to the bone…

Devin “Bone” Wallace is fresh out of prison and under orders from his parole office to find employment or be re-incarcerated. He’s not exactly a “people person” and he’s got zero computer skills, but that doesn’t stop him from applying at one of the most prestigious real estate firms on Florida’s Gulf Coast.

High-end real estate broker Tedi Mack’s main focus is selling eight-figure beachfront mansions. In desperate need of an office receptionist, she interviews three bubblegum-chewing twenty-somethings and a stunningly handsome tattooed biker who wears his wallet on a chain. Tedi and her all-woman sales staff make a very quick decision: Devin the biker.

After Devin makes a recommendation about a listing that’s been a thorn in Tedi’s side, the property sells, and the celebration leads to an unexpected connection. The attraction is undeniable and hard to resist, but Tedi would be risking her social and professional status being with Devin, a tattooed biker saddled with debt and a surprising criminal past.

Misadventures is a romantic series of spicy standalone novels, each written or co-written by some of the best names in romance. The stories are scandalous, refreshing, and, of course, incredibly sexy. They’re the perfect bedside read, a ‘quick blush’ for the reader who loves a page-turning romance.

Kindle Edition, 1st edition
Published May 19th 2020 by Waterhouse Press
Original Title: Misadventures of a Biker
  • Misadventures of a Biker
  • Misadventures of a Biker
  • Misadventures of a Biker
  • Misadventures of a Biker (Misadventures, #28)

My High School Fake Boyfriend (The Boyfriend Series, #2) by Kylie Key

This book is actually pretty good. First time I ever read a book. Where the guy didn’t know everything was FAKE! 

Book Review:

Spoilers.. thrown here and there in this review…
I read this book in like one day. Though I finish it at 1 am close to 2 am… this book I liked it. It was different, especially when it came to Peyton, not knowing about being a FAKE date for Mattie.

I felt bad for him; only reason he found out was because of Josh. Though I think Josh hated on him. & wanted to make him feel bad about himself and have him thinking Mattie didn’t like him. She only wanted to use him to make “Josh” jealous.

When that is the TRUTH of it all, but Mattie ended up falling in like with Peyton at the homecoming dance. She didn’t care about Josh. After that, it was more so about Peyton. Even when she got her phone taken away from her, she was trying to find him. But what ends up happening was Peyton finding out the truth from her best friend, Bella.

I understood why Bella told Peyton; I would’ve too. I did felt bad for him. I also thought, 9/10, he probably was a handsome boy even though he had the “port-wine birthmark” from birth. People can be harsh and mean. I understood how he was kind of hesitant about certain things that were happening.

I also know her dad was going to like him since Peyton, a Bears fan..🤣 & her (Mattie) mom and brothers going to like him too. I wanted to see if and when he meet her parents and brothers, but that never happened in the book. But it was interesting to learn who Katrina was 🤷🏽‍♀️… and I see why his uncle Luke knew things that were going on in school since Katrina was Mattie volleyball coach. & wind up -dating Peyton Uncle Luke…. very interesting and Peyton learning who Katrina was, was priceless.

But one thing I can say I was freaking died laughing at the part about the burnt pizza that her brothers tried to make… that was the funniest part of the book. I cracked up so hard at that. & Mattie said she tried to laugh at what happened, but tbh I would’ve died laughing. Even though my mom would’ve been fussing and me ending up grounded. But Mattie holds her laughter, though!!!

Btw: I can’t wait to read the first book to this series I think it’s a Christmas book. I can’t remember 🤣🤷🏽‍♀️… but not only that, I can’t wait for the next two books to come out about Bella – “My High School Billionaire Boyfriend” and Tanchia, “My High School Quarterback Boyfriend”… I’m going to be on the lookout for those books.

53152409. sy475

Book Description:

When you take a fake boyfriend for all the wrong reasons…
Someone’s going to get hurt

Dumped by text
Humiliated in the lunch room
And flaunting his new girlfriend,
I can’t wait to give Josh payback.
Dating the new boy who beat him in cross country
Seems like the perfect way to get revenge…

Starting a new school is never easy
Not when people stare at the birthmark that covers your face.
Getting invited to Homecoming Dance
Makes me think that maybe I judged the kids at River Valley High wrong.
Maddie makes me believe in fairy tales,
That a kiss will make me a prince,
Just like Beauty and the Beast.

But I should have known better
Because you can’t get a happy ending
When you find out that nothing is real…


Something New by Amanda Abram

Currently reading “Something New” & hoping Cassie (the girl who has the same name as me “Cassandra”) doesn’t go back to her cheating ex-boyfriend. 

Book Review:

It was definitely something new going on even something BETTER!!

Will there be spoilers? Maybe who knows until this review is written.

Okay, I would like to start and say that Elijah was trash for thinking that Cassie was going to take him back so fast. Not only that, make things into a joke, especially when he didn’t run behind Cassie when he was caught kissing his ex-girlfriend Hannah. It was Dylan who chased Cassie. Not only that, but it was also other situations between him and Cassie that he didn’t run behind her. It was always Dylan who did.

I couldn’t understand how he thought nothing was going to become of their (Cassie and Dylan) relationship. Especially when they were always together and looking out for each other.

What made it worse he didn’t want Cassie like he thought he did. For him to ruin his friendship and get mad at both Dylan and Cassie was a waste of time. Because of one, Cassie knew that he was still in LOVE with Hannah and knew that their relationship was going to end eventually. Which I agree on because he acted all shocked about getting caught kissing Hannah.

Then on top of that, he fought Dylan over Cassie for nothing when he still was in love with Hannah. If he wanted Cassie, he would’ve traded with Dylan when they had picked names out of the bucked during class. But Cassandra learned the truth behind the name picking.

Elijah didn’t want to trade Dylan; he wanted to stay partners with Hannah, whereas his best friend ended up partners with Cassandra. Like everyone else, I, too, thought that Dylan was a good match for her. She and Elijah weren’t fit for one another. Because in the back of Cassie’s mind, Elijah would’ve always had feelings for Hannah and wanted to be with her.

Heck, I figured that the before Cassie even mentioned it and even the proof where Dylan told Cassie when he learned his true feelings for her. Was when she was sitting on Elijah’s car, staring at Elijah watching Hannah in a bindi and being around Hannah and her friends all day. It was Dylan who went and kept her company until Elijah finally figured out who his actual girlfriend was.

In the end, I was glad that Elijah came to his senses after Cassie told him off to where he learned the truth of what she felt and where his feelings were at. Plus, he got the stick out of his behind when he learned that his best friend was moving away, which did it for him. Because he knew he didn’t want to lose his best friend.

I was glad all three of them work things out with each other and stayed friends, especially Dylan and Elijah! Dylan and Cassie ended up getting back together, and Dylan also got his friends back.

Though I still say that they weren’t his friends, I mean NOT one was a TRUE friend, they all sided with Elijah over Dylan, which was wack in my opinion.

They felt like just cause Elijah cheated, they will take his side over Dylan, who ended up being there for the ONE girl that Elijah hurt the most!

52237295. sy475

Book Description:

Cassie Briggs never thought she’d be married at age sixteen—especially not to Dylan Meyers, her boyfriend’s best friend. Of course, they’re not married for real. It’s just a project for their Life Economics class, where each student is randomly paired up to manage finances, make important life decisions, and deal with catastrophic events.

It was supposed to be an easy A, but now Cassie is not so sure. Getting paired with Dylan is bad enough, but then Cassie’s boyfriend Elijah gets paired with his ex-girlfriend, Hannah: the former childhood sweetheart who broke his heart. The girl who took him months to get over—if he’s ever gotten over her at all.

When the project leads to inevitable heartbreak for Cassie, she begins to find comfort in the most unexpected place: her pretend husband…her now-ex-boyfriend’s best friend…the last guy in the world she should be growing closer to. And as Elijah vows to stop at nothing to win back Cassie’s heart—despite being the one to break it—Cassie soon finds herself facing her own important life decision: does she want to give Elijah a second chance? Or could she be ready for something new?