Pleasures and Punishments: Breaking All the Rules Book Two: Part Two of a Short Series (Breaking Rules #2) by LaSasha Flame (Author)

Just finished book two this breaking rules book. Very good but could’ve been made into one book. …



Book Review:

I really enjoyed reading this book, it crazy how it’s actually things like (abuse, rape, auction off, traded, etc.) that happen in this world, which sucks.

••••• I did some spoilers throughout this review•••••

Okay, so before I get started on this review. I want to point out and also mention. In my brain; I am curious about the authors who write erotic BDSM/SMS etc. do they actually do the things with their man/woman the same way the characters in their books do to their “woman”… like is there a KINK to them to like writing this GENRE 😂 … 

Derrick is who Caroline needed both men “Ben and Carson” were horrible men. Lord just let me say this before I finish this review. I hate their names. Those names sooted them well and were definitely fitted for those perv, nasty, rapist, sexual harassment, disgusting men. Yuck, I wanted to smack He-man bitch Mistress Jana < I forgot her name in 1.5 seconds into this review 😂 … she’s evil like her man truth be told. She is probably gotten things done to her as well as the other women. Especially since she was traded, and turn into a woman. I feel bad for her as well as Caroline did because he was actually a boy. Just sad.

I was glad that Derrick helps all those women escape from those men. Because if not they may have been traded to men that more evil than Ben and Carson. I do wonder how that Ben knew who Derrick was; it could’ve been Jana bean-pie head ass told especially when Derrick barged into that room to get her. She seems like a little snitch anyway. When I got towards the end my paranoid keep thinking something was going to happen especially when she was running; my dang heart was racing. But in the end, she meets up with her mother Desire and found out she had a zillion siblings. Ended up happy with Derek even though she burned the EGGS at the end. She loved herself some eggs too.

But my mind kept wandering if Carson was Caroline dad; since he knew her mother something I want to know but then burned eggs, I just turn away from that. 😂😂😂 But good book though, glad it was longer than the first book. Though, I think it could’ve been made into one book 🙂

P.S. I love what Caroline said towards the end “I never knew what it was like to be a man’s equal, his partner, his lover.” Glad Derrick gave her that in the end. But this book about the author or no? My curiosity is feeding the cat. (I am saying this because of what Caroline named her book).


Book Description: 

Pleasures and Punishment is the second installment of the Breaking Rules Series! Check out book one, Breaking All the Rules, available for just 99 cents! 

From treasured to trashed… 

Imprisoned by Master Ben and serving out her punishment for betraying him, Caroline is now a pleasure slave. Hours turn to days. Days turn to weeks. It seems like her torment will never end. That is, until Caroline discovers Master is getting rid of her, and each session is an audition for a potential new owner. 

Caroline must impress the visiting Masters so they will free her from Master Ben’s wrath. Things get really interesting when Derrick, the one who she betrayed her Master for, shows up as one of the interested suitors! Caroline’s hopes are quickly shattered when she learns that Derrick’s biggest competition for ownership of her is none other than the sadistic and cruel Blue-Eyed Devil himself, Carson, Master’s long-time friend. 

Her pleasures are laced with her pains. Will she be able to endure any more punishments at the hands of her Master? Better yet, can Derrick help Caroline gain her freedom without exposing their dirty little secret? 

This is a dark, short series which dabbles in BDSM and ends with a HEA. 

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Another one (In my DJ Khalid voice) …. they put an MM romance up in there 😅👏🏽 I like reading those books. I just get excited when the one guy gets the guy he wants. I hope they put some MC Romance (motorcycle club romance) in there one day or sports romance). 4 out of 5 of these books looks very interesting… But, once my schooling slows down. I’m definitely going back to reading my paperback/hardback books 📚  @freshfictionbox @freshfiction 

The Tapper Twins Go to War (With Each Other) by Geoff Rodkey

Also got this yesterday 👌🏽📕


The Tapper Twins: Go To War (with each other) by Geoff Rodkey


Book Description: 

This bestselling first book in the Tapper Twins series is a hilariously authentic showcase of what it’s like to be in middle school in our digitally-saturated world, told as a colorful “oral history” with photos, screenshots, text messages, chat logs, and online gaming digital art. 

Twelve-year-old twins, Claudia and Reese, who couldn’t be more different…except in their determination to come out on top in a vicious prank war. But when the competition escalates into an all-out battle that’s fought from the cafeteria of their New York City private school all the way to the fictional universe of an online video game, the twins have to decide if their efforts to destroy each other are worth the price. In a starred review, Publishers Weekly declared “This uproarious series opener… is packed with both laugh-out-loud moments and heart.”

Invaded: An Alienated Novel by Melissa Landers

Got this yesterday…..


Invaded (an Alienated novel) by Melissa Landers 


Book Description: 

Cara always knew life on planet L’eihr would be an adjustment. With Aelyx, her L’eihr boyfriend, back on Earth, working to mend the broken alliance between their two planets, Cara is left to fend for herself at a new school, surrounded by hostile alien clones. Even the weird dorm pet hates her.

Things look up when Cara is appointed as human representative to a panel preparing for a human colony on L’eihr. A society melding their two cultures is a place where Cara and Aelyx could one day make a life together. But with L’eihr leaders balking at granting even the most basic freedoms, Cara begins to wonder if she could ever be happy on this planet, even with Aelyx by her side.

Meanwhile, on Earth, Aelyx, finds himself thrown into a full-scale PR campaign to improve human-L’eihr relations. Humans don’t know that their very survival depends on this alliance: only Aelyx’s people have the technology to fix the deadly contamination in the global water supply that human governments are hiding. Yet despite their upper hand, the leaders of his world suddenly seem desperate to get humans on their side, and hardly bat an eye at extremists’ multiple attempts on Aelyx’s life. The Way clearly needs humans’ help?but with what? And what will they ask for in return?


Secret Indiscretions by Trice Hickman

Secret Indiscretions by Trice Hickman


Book Review: 

Spoilers Alert….. Don’t read this REVIEW IF YOU PLAN TO READ THIS BOOK⚠ TO MANY SPOILERS!!!!!!


This book was so good, I read it in two days like it had my attention from the beginning to end.

Johnny was a piece of dog poop. On the high level. Omg, every one he screwed over, lost everything. From jobs to babies, etc. And he blames them instead of himself when he was the cause of everything.

And he ended up with crazy women and lost a good woman. This reminds me of this story. Which is a real life story where. The man was cheating on his wife, and the Mistress killed his wife, and I do wonder did he was boo hoo once he found out that he was the cause of her murder.

Johnny was the cause of his own dismiss. I had to laugh, even though I didn’t want him to die. But God it was hilarious because he was drunk as a skunk, and didn’t give two shits that he was about to die, he’s like **** it I don’t have anything to live for may as well die. And as I got to a section of the book the ending of his dismiss he said the same thing I said: “He knew that once he was dead, it would be the first time he truly is at peace.”

But in my mind, I swear I thought it was Vivana who killed him and but was none other than Councilwoman Harris. I said ain’t that a B.’



Book Description: 

“I can’t wait to see what Trice Hickman does next!”—Mary Monroe, New York Times bestselling author

Two couples, two unhappy spouses—one shocking solution… 

Five years into her happy marriage, Geneva Mayfield is devastated to find that things have taken a turn for the worse. Her husband, Johnny, is suddenly hard to reach, distant, and works late too often for Geneva not to be suspicious. Is it because she’s been pressuring him about having a baby? Feeling lonely and neglected, Geneva bonds with Samuel Owens, a colleague who is having marital trouble of his own. Soon, their relationship blossoms into an uncontrollable affair.
Bored with her husband, Samuel, and dead set against having a child with him, Vivana Owens is biding her time until she’s ready to leave—and she’s spending it with Johnny Mayfield. It’s just a fling—until Vivana becomes obsessed with Johnny, especially once he tries to win back his wife. But affairs don’t end easy—and soon one of the unfaithfuls will end up dead, one will end up in jail, and one just might get away with murder…
Praise for Playing the Hand You’re Dealt

“Will keep you guessing straight through to the explosive ending.”—Victoria Christopher Murray

“Unforgettable characters and a page-turning storyline.”—Lutishia Lovely

I wish I would have known you could’ve to borrow mines. 😂 but I’m waiting on Geneva to meet Samuel 😩 I want them together already. Like Gen husband cheating on her with Sam wife. Like little nasty asses.

Paperback, 320 pages
Published July 28th 2015 by Dafina
ISBN: 1617737437 (ISBN13: 9781617737435)

He just don’t know how accurate his statement is about how his wife and Geneva husband should get together

OBSESSION By, Karen Robards

Got this for FREE. wish the library had better maybe something like YA, Christian Fiction (Urban), or Fiction (Urban)… But I thought the description of this book was interesting.

19756803_1270112526448315_1738791661946126162_nion of this book was interesting.

OBSESSION By, Karen Robards


A woman survives a horrific attempt on her life, only to feel like a stranger in her own home, in the electrifying new novel from New York Times-bestselling author Karen Robards.

The house is all wrong. Her clothes are all wrong. When Katharine Lawrence recovers consciousness on the kitchen floor, staggers to her feet and looks at herself in the mirror, the beautiful face staring back at her is familiar-but wrong. Despite all the evidence-her pictures are all over the apartment, the clothes in the closets are the right size, and it’s her hair caught in the brush atop the dresser-everything feels wrong.

Maybe the trauma of the attempt on her life has given her some kind of amnesia. She’s twenty-nine, the special assistant to the head of the National Security Agency, and she’s lucky to be alive. She also knows she can trust no one.

Before she can act on her instincts and run for her life, CIA Agent Nick Huston arrives on the scene. The CIA is conducting a special investigation of Katharine’s boss, and the mystified woman in her “unreal” house is the key to the operation. But the real Katharine Lawrence has been whisked away for debriefing, and this expendable lookalike, Jenna Hill, is being used until the CIA gets the information it needs. But no one counted on Jenna Hill’s outrage at being used. And no one-least of all Nick-could have anticipated the heat that flares between them as the game plays on.


Heat by Opal Carew (Author)


Heat by Opal Carew (Author)

Soooo, I won this book right! And I am like huh?! I don’t remember winning this book. 😩😧 like where did I enter to win this book again? 😭😂 …. well it does look interesting so I’ll read it add it to my list of reads!!!!!

📕 Heat by Opal Carew 📕



With a passion so blazing hot, you don’t want to put this fire out… When Rikki’s first love dies in the line of duty she vows to keep her heart guarded and never give it away again. After moving to a new town for a fresh start, she is given the opportunity to show off her photography skills and shoot a sexy fireman calendar. Although taking the job might bring up painful memories, she knows this is her best chance at fulfilling her dreams of becoming a professional photographer. While out with her new roommates, Rikki meets Simon and Carter and feels an instant spark of attraction… to both equally gorgeous and tempting men. This is the same intense feeling she had the first time she fell in love. But how can she feel that way about two men? When she arrives at the firehouse to shoot the calendar, she is surprised to find that Simon and Carter are firefighters so she immediately pulls back on their growing flirtation. But Simon and Carter are men who know what they want, and they want Riki. As the chemistry between them ignites Rikki finds it hard to resist falling prey to her steamiest fantasies. Now she has to choose between keeping her heart safe… or taking a chance on love… and possibly losing everything.

Author: Twitter (@OpalCarew)

Paperback, 288 pages
Published June 6th, 2017 by St. Martin’s Griffin
ISBN: 1250116783 (ISBN13: 9781250116789)

📖 Low (Low #1) by Mary Elizabeth📖

Low (Low #1) by Mary Elizabeth (Author)


I’m halfway finished listening to this book. But feels like eternity. Lol! ” hate that when I’m reading a book that’s actually good, but takes me forever to read. Because I’m always busy.

What cracked me up was his mom” you know how the saying goes, once you got black you nev—– “ 😂😂👌 💯 📖


Book Review:

Dude this book was good. It had taken me awhile to finish.

I think they would’ve gotten away if Posey wouldn’t have walk in the bank when he was about to walk out and get shot. And then after her tail get shot she removes her ski-mask like really girl? Then he does the same thing when he sees she got shot smh. Now they’re on the run, and people knows their faces.”

The second time was when he took her to shoot, and they almost got caught, her tail wanting to explore and stuff that what messed them up.

The third time, was when that female thought she was going to get that reward she lucky Lowen didn’t blow her head off. Lol.

As it got to the ending with his foot is on the pedal I’m like omg they’re going to die:0, but then I’m like did they die? The ending had me lost, so I will assume that Lowen and Posey died. I didn’t want them to do that was so sad. They were Bonnie and Clyde in this book for real. I thought it was cute that they died together. The policemen suck lol they had Lowen in their possession and still didn’t get him, and all those people were standing out there to watch what will happen to them. it was crazy to even have kids out there. Very weird but I enjoy this, but it was worth reading even though it was a bit slow in the beginning.


Book Description:

It’s hard living on the wrong side of the tracks.

Lowen Seely has a criminal record to prove it. Determined not to follow in his father’s footsteps, he fights instinct and tries honesty. But hunger becomes painful, and bills are due. Forced to choose between what is right and wrong, the boy from the hood learns abiding by the rules is nearly impossible when corruption is in your blood.

Falling for an outlaw has changed everything.

Poesy Ashby is the definition of ride or die, even when it means turning her back on freedom. The girl from the suburbs gives conformity the middle finger. Bonnie and Clyde have nothing on her love story.

On the run with consequences in the rearview mirror, Lowen and Poesy accept the truth: they are the bad guys.

But can they get away with their crimes?

Audible Audio
Published August 10th 2016 by Mary Elizabeth Literature (first published January 4th 2016)




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  1. Rescue Me (Montana Rescue) by Susan May Warren
  2. Murder at an Irish Wedding by Carlene O’Conner
  3. How To Tame A Beast in Seven Days by Kerrelyn Sparks
  4. Starlight Bridge by Debbie Mason
  5. Abduction by Cynthia Eden
  6. Reunited With The Rancher by Sara Orwig



  1. Maybe Tomorrow by Kim Golden
  2. Forbidden Kisses by Annie Rains


Accidentally On Purpose by Jill Shalvis📕

​I bought this book today. I should’ve bought “fool me once”  I thought I had the book lol, but I listen to it on audible….. I bought this book at food lion, 😄 you know they have books. Skip on pass those magazines and get you a book to read 📖.

 Accidentally On Purpose by Jill Shalvis📕


There’s no such thing as a little in love . 

Elle Wheaton’s priorities: friends, career, and kick-ass shoes. Then there’s the muscular wall of stubbornness that’s security expert Archer Hunt—who comes before everything else. No point in telling Mr. “Feels-Free Zone” that, though. Elle will just see other men until she gets over Archer . . . which should only take a lifetime . . . 

There’s no such thing as a little in lust . . 

Archer’s wanted the best for Elle ever since he sacrificed his law-enforcement career to save her. Their chemistry could start the next San Francisco earthquake and he craves her 24/7, but Archer doesn’t want to be responsible for the damage. The alternative? Watch her go out with guys who aren’t him . . .

There is such a thing as . . .

As far as Archer’s concerned, nobody is good enough for Elle. But when he sets out to prove it by sabotaging her dates, she gets mad—and things get hot as hell. Now Archer has a new mission: prove to Elle that her perfect man has been here all along . . .