Arrogant Master (Arrogant #2) by Winter Renshaw (Author)


Just finished reading part 3 of the Arrogant series. On to part 3 soon. But not right now. This book was actually good. Part 1, I believe is free on Amazon and on this website that I just finish “Arrogant Master” on.



Book Review:


I actually enjoyed this book as I did part 1 with Bell’s sister Waverley.

Few spoilers…. Here and there…

I knew that Dane was truly in love with Bell even though he tried to fight it he was falling in love with her just as she was to him. This story reminds me of the fifty shades series, but it’s entirely different from fifty shades. It only relates to the Dom and the Sub. Winter Renshaw has not disappointed me as of yet with either of her books I have read. Even though it was 1 book I didn’t so much like, I did enjoy this series. Cannot wait to read the story with Dane brother Beck, though I did read a few pages of part 3 before I realized that I was reading book 3 instead of 2. 😄


Book Description: 

I’ve never felt more alive than when I’m on my knees before my master.

Some would say I should be ashamed.

Others might say I’m filled with sin.

I say I’m just a woman with unstoppable determination, doing whatever it takes to secure her freedom before the opportunity fades forever.

Nobody knows about us. Not my father, my three mothers, or my seven brothers and sisters.

I was bred to be chaste and true, expected to find a respectable polygamous man and carry on the tradition of our faith.

But this man? The one who owns me with biting kisses and the crack of a leather paddle? He might be the only thing that can save me.

Submission equals freedom. It’s an equation I never thought possible until the day Dane Townsend showed up in my life.

I’m Bellamy Miller, and this is what happens when an angel loses her wings.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a stand-alone spin-off of Amazon Top 10 bestseller, Arrogant Bastard. You do not have to read Arrogant Bastard first though this book does give away the ending. No cliffhanger. HEA.

Kindle Edition, 419 pages
Published September 14th, 2015
Edition Language: English
Series: Arrogant #2

Arrogant Bastard (Arrogant #1) by Winter Renshaw (Author)


This book is FREE ✔️

I’m over here like what in the world is a “sister wife” so I’m searching google📱👀 like “sister wives meaning” 😩😂 literally. As I am reading this book, I get to thinking I am sooooo this boy “Jensen” in this book because there’s no way I would be living the way these people “the women and children “ in that house 🏠 (the main house) the second wife house 🏡 and third wife house 🏡 so many flipping roles. Even bathroom rules bruh💀 I would have an attitude every day. The main character guy “Jensen literally mentioned “he literally will go to school with a beat up face. There’s No cable. No internet. No music. No transportation. And he literally loafed on Kath’s (his mom) sofa and stared at a wall for four hours today between naps. 💀😩 I am crying literally 😂 chanting take me foster care, please 🙏

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Book Review:

Jensen was arrogant but he spoke the truth and didn’t give two ***** what anyone thought of him

•••••• There are a few spoilers I have mentioned inside in this review. So beware of a lot of spoilers throughout this book especially if you know you plan to read this book. ••••••••


This book was good I was not disappointed at all. I will say just like Jensen had mentioned that family was weird as fuck with their beliefs. It’s crazy how certain people believe this is what God wants for them and their children. And expect their children to follow their path and the beliefs they drill in their heads. I believe it is not right for a parent to marry off their daughter to some random guy of their (the parents choice). I am glad that Bells and Waverley ran off because I am like their father is tripping hard with those beliefs of his and bringing that creepy ass dude over to their house and Creeping his daughters out in the process. I figure that Jensen wasn’t listening to anything their father was saying. Plus his mother Kath is such an idiot seriously how she leaves one evil man for another man that is evil times two. Like Jensen said smh. This man (Mark) Bells and Waverley father had three wives they all were sister wives and had children by that man.

As I’m reading this book, I’m like what in the world is a “sister wife” so I’m searching google like “sister wives meaning” literally. As I am reading this book, I get to thinking I am sooooo this boy “Jensen” in this book because there’s no way. I would be living the way these people “the women and children “ in that house the first wife, in (the main house) the second wife (second house) and third wife in her( own house with her children) with so many flipping roles. Even bathroom rules. There’s no possible way I could live that way because I would have an attitude every day. The main guy character “Jensen mentioned “he literally will go to school with a beat up face (which his father gave him before he had to move with his mother, Kath). Because living there is boring. There’s No cable. No internet. No music. No transportation. And he loafed on Kath’s (his mom) sofa and stared at a wall for four hours that day between naps. If I was in that situation I am crying chanting take me to foster care please I prefer living that way rather than living like a caged animal at the list at eighteen in foster care you do have some freedom and don’t get married off. I can’t wait to read about Waverley sister Bellamy’s and Dane. Btw, I hope they get all their siblings away from their parents especially their father before they are entirely brainwashed. I hope through either book 2 or 3. It happens they end up removing both (female and male) sibling from that house of stupidity.



Book Description: 

The last time my father beat me to a bloody pulp was the night he walked in on me with his woman in his bed.

To be fair, she seduced me. And to be honest, I liked it. But to CPS, I was a victim.

They shipped me to Utah where my estranged mother lived with her husband and two sister-wives. And that’s when I met her. My innocent, wholesome, perfect step-sister. Well, one of many. But Waverly stood out because just like me, we’d been fighting a losing battle our entire lives.

Falling for her was a mistake, but shit, it’s not like I ever made good decisions.

F**k being “family.” I must have Waverly Miller, and I won’t stop until she’s mine. AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a full-length, standalone, HEA romance. Contains forbidden themes as well as religious undertones not meant to offend. Please be 18+.


It gets me every time he calls those kids children of the corn 

Kindle Edition, 370 pages
Published July 28th, 2015 (first published January 1st, 2015)
Edition Language: English
Series: Arrogant #1

Filthy (Rixton Falls #3) by Winter Renshaw (Author)


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Book Review:


Filthy was actually a good book I definitely enjoyed Zane and Delilah story. The storyline was really good, it had my attention from the beginning to the end. It’s weird because Delilah got herself a football player, and whereas her older two siblings (the woman, and the man, that they married is so different) from Zane. But it was hilarious that Zane, assume her family wouldn’t like him, because of his tattoos and money, he doesn’t realize that Delilah sister Demi man Royal has tattoos and Derek woman is wealthy. LOL, cannot wait to read the story with her twin sister Daphne because more likely he’s going to meet her family then, hope so cause I do want to know what will happen. Also, figure that he was falling in love with her, though she was too with him. And Carissa chick was definitely a headache. But I want a story with Wenson. I like him a lot.


She said “Justin Beaver”.💀😂 But I am still trying to figure out if the boy “Zane” race is black, white, Mexican. I mean it mentioned he has ‘bronze skin’ his last name is “De la Cruz” he could be Spanish. Because I have never heard of a white or black person with that name. Though I am here like girl better go get you some of that vanilla caramel 👀 apple pie cinnamon bun 👀🤷‍♀️


Book Description:

Filthy mouth. Dirty mind. Messy past. I’m no saint, and I hear my reputation precedes me, but you can’t believe everything people say.

I’ve made a living playing by the rules only when the clock is ticking, the ball has been snapped, and I’m cleat-deep in AstroTurf. But I screwed up last year. I went too far with the girls and the partying and the benders, and I created a PR sh*t storm for my team in the process. As a result, the team owner sentenced me to live in some gated, Floridian retirement village until I can “calm down.”

Football is my life, and I love my team. They’re the only family I’ve got anymore, so I’ll do what I have to do to stay where I am.

The rules are clear: no girls, less booze, zero publicity stunts. If I lay low and repair my reputation, I won’t get cut. It’s that simple. Everything was going well. For the first time in my life, I was living by someone else’s rules . . .

. . . and then *she* showed up for the summer.

My next door neighbor’s great niece is visiting, and it doesn’t take long for me to see Delilah Rosewood is the perfect mix of sexy and smart. She makes me want to break all the rules and draw every penalty just to get a taste. She’s all curves and opinions and bee-stung lips, and I’m all trying-to-do-everything-I-can-to-convince-her-to-give-me-the-time-of-day.

But there’s one problem: she hates me with the passion of a thousand Florida suns.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a full-length, standalone romance. You do not need to read ROYAL or BACHELOR first, but for a very *limited time* both books are included FREE with this e-book version of FILTHY! Also included is an ALL-NEW series epilogue!

Kindle Edition, 738 pages
Published June 6th, 2016
Edition Language: English

​📖 My Reckless Heart by, Jo Goodman 📓


​📖 My Reckless Heart by, Jo Goodman 📓


Decker Thorne’s carefree ways have done little to impress his employer, Jonna Remington, the poised and unflappable owner of Remington Shipping. But when he captains her best ship on a record-breaking voyage and saves her life in the same day, their destinies are breathlessly intertwined. No man has ever made the violet-eyed beauty feel desired for anything other than her money or power. No man ever made her want to be kissed…or loved.

And when an unseen enemy lurking in the shadows threatens Jonna’s life, Decker will do anything to keep her safe, even if it means abducting her aboard Huntress, the ship she owns but he commands. Now, swept into a thrilling high seas adventure and into Decker’s strong embrace, Jonna suddenly finds herself surrendering to reckless passion…and dangerously close to losing her heart.

Against the teeming ports of Boston, and across the sea to London, two people will navigate the uncharted waters of their own hearts—on a voyage that will take them to the most glorious place of all.. 

Get Inked: A Pucked Series and Clipped Wings Crossover Novella (Pucked) by Helena Hunting (Author)


Reading “Get Inked” this book is good.  I figured it was going to be good. I believe this book is still FREE! I wish I would’ve waited before I bought it lol. But oh we’ll it was worth the BUY! 

Get Inked: A Pucked Series and Clipped Wings Crossover Novella (Pucked)

by Helena Hunting (Author)
Book Review:

This book was too short. (sad face 😦 ) I wanted more. Glad I finish this book before the book about Lance comes out. I like this one even though it was really short. Hayden and Randy, I think they may be brothers. Got the same dad. Remember when in the other books it stated that Randy dad was cheating a lot on his mom and they finally broke up/divorced. It’ll be cool if they are actually brothers. I hope she makes a story about Darren and Jamie. Especially Darren + Charlene I want to know more about their relationships than Jamie but wouldn’t mind Jamie and Lisa but I want more on those too (Darren & Charlene).

Idk why I ( ❤ heart ❤ ) Darren and Hayden now lmao. I mean I like Randy and Lance ❤ lol now I like the other two guys. (I have to get the stories on (Chris + Sarah) and (Hayden + Tenley) because (Hayden) will be my book boyfriend) when I start on those books lol ❤ also, I do have the one book about Chris and Sarah. I will be reading that once I get the books about Hayden 😀


Get Inked: (A PUCKED Series & Clipped Wings Crossover)

Boook Description: 


When the itch for new ink takes over, NHL star Randy Ballistic commissions his trusted tattoo artist to design a new sleeve, and the rest of the PUCKED boys decide it’s time to commemorate their love of hockey with a team tattoo.

But it can’t just be about the boys—the PUCKED girls want in on the action, too. Ink cherries will be popped, cupcakes will be consumed, and the hazards and enhancements of boob bling will be pondered.

Worlds collide when the hockey boys pay a visit to Inked Armor, the renowned Chicago tattoo studio where master artists Hayden Stryker and Chris Zelter ply their trade. Don’t miss the resulting action and insights in this Pucked series and Clipped Wings crossover novella.

Kindle Edition, 164 pages
Published September 13th 2016 by Helena Hunting
ASIN: B01M047AF3
Edition Language: English