Magnolia Lake by Emily Paige Skeen

I’m actually reading two books. This is the second book I started on. I’m almost finish it. I’ll go back to the first book I was reading after I’m done with this one. It’s been a pretty good book, even though I think this girl Cora is stupid when it comes to her best friend Landon.

Book Review:

Spoilers? There’s a possibility it’ll be a bunch splash here and there if not it’ll be less.

This book was even though I thought Cora was very stubborn and didn’t see the way Landon felt about her. When her family and friends knew how he felt. Even Rex knew that she had a thing for Landon, she didn’t figure it out until Prom night. Which I thought was a good thing, because I was like finally.

They got together after everything Landon proved and showed her how he felt. Not only that, what I came to realize before the tragedy happened to Cora when she got kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend Jeff was she was very oblivious to a lot of things, but she also was very gullible. She didn’t see or believe in a lot of things that others saw. I mean very naïve too. Just like when Landon told her she needed to go to the cops when he found out about the bruise on her own, Jeff left after he grabbed her without her permission.

She assumes that Jeff wasn’t going to do anything. Until he did. Which lead to her getting kidnapped at the mall. Was in Jeff’s family barn for ten days. I felt so bad for her because he had an obsession with that girl. I was like he needs to realize that when someone doesn’t love you, “let it go.”

Like he cheated on her with her best friend Lacey and then tried getting her back. On to apologizing, then since that didn’t work for him, he started to stalk her every move, which was by far scary as heck like jheeze Louise. I was glad when Landon came to her rescue (as always) since he cared for and loved her. But I became really sad when I learned he was paralyzed from the waist down. I was like nooooooo, not Landon crying 😢… I was rooting for them (he and Cora) and wanted him to play baseball.

But learning that they locked up Jeff and threw away the key made my dad. But what made my day was Landon being 20% able to walk again. With a lot of therapy. He even stood up during Cora’s birthday party at the end.

Even if he was fully paralyzed (though he wasn’t), I thought. Even though he would’ve been, it’s a lot he could do even if he were paralyzed from the waist down. I was like he could coach baseball, among other things.

But in the end, everything turns out good for both he and Cora. Even though they been through the worse but they came out of it, especially Cora.

29481277. sy475

Book Description:

Popular and beautiful, Cora Stephens has it all – including the perfect football-star boyfriend – until one fateful afternoon. Facing heartache and betrayal, Cora turns to long-time friend, Landon, for comfort. While his love for her grows, she does everything in her power to avoid getting hurt again – including flinging herself into the arms of another boy.
Then, just as Cora’s shattered world starts putting itself back together, life throws something her way that’s more horrific than she ever could have imagined. Through the emotional and physical pain, she begins to lose hope and abandon her faith. Will this once light-hearted, happy prom queen find her way back home?

Kindle Edition, 148 pages
Published March 11th 2016 by Prism Book Group (first published May 5th 2013)
Edition Language: English
  • Magnolia Lake
  • 111x148
  • Magnolia Lake

Don’t Kiss the Heartbreaker (Billionaire Academy YA Romance Book 3) by Holly Stevenson

My current read. I’m 72 out of 100 on my reading challenge. 

Book Review:

Hmm 🤔? Will there be a lot of spoilers, maybe!

Soo. I liked that this one was just as good as the second book. I like a book that can keep my interest and have me curious as to what will happen next.

I could tell that Cade liked Tia, which she didn’t understand why would he pick her out of all the other girls and randomly single her out, which he explained to her his reason.

I understand her doubts about not giving in to him when he asks her to be his girlfriend. But I thought she was a fool to believe Chloe had to say to her about “why Cade asks her out,” smh! 🤦🏽‍♀️ She was just stupid to assume and believe what that horrible girl has to say. Because Chloe been a problem since book one. I mean Gah, she wants every guy that’s new or popular. They who don’t even want her. They go for girls who are the polar opposite of her and who’s way better.

Hence, Cade, he didn’t want to be alone with Chloe though I always thought he could’ve ignored her and told her no I am doing this with Tia ONLY! But I was glad that her best friend Lacey had her back through everything.

Not only that, she told her parents how she felt about the pageant and taking over her father’s technology business when all she wanted to be a career in art.

I’m glad Tia worked things out with Cade because she almost let Chloe out of everybody ruin her relationship.


Book Description:

Cade Carlisle is the hottest guy in school—and he’s also the biggest heartbreaker.

Everybody knows that.

So why did I just agree to go out with him?

Am I dreaming … or did the student body president and hottest guy in school just ask me out?

I’m seventy-five percent sure I’m dreaming. I mean … it had to be a dream, right? Cade Carlisle doesn’t just walk up to a nobody (aka, me) and ask them point blank if they want to go on a date.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’m a leper. When Mom’s got me all dolled up with my hair and face done to beauty pageant perfection—I’m more than halfway decent. Some might even say pretty—but thus far, I haven’t bothered with any of that at Mr. Rainier Academy.

I’m just plain old Tia Radcliffe.

But I have a feeling that this date with Cade is about to change everything …

Don’t Kiss in Detention (Billionaire Academy YA Romance #2) by Erica Penrod

I think this one is better than the first book in this series. But still don’t understand the title for this book 🤷🏽‍♀️. 

Book Review:

Spoilers here and there.
Before I even get started on this review for this book. All I want to say I need a book with Crue and Emery because I want to know if he’s going to go for what he wants because he likes Emery, but he’s not pushing himself to get the girl. Hopefully, book four will be about them or something.

So with that being said… I liked this book more than I liked book one. Book one was okay. I also caught something in this book where they were in the ride with Adelle, and they spoke to each other. But in the book with Adelle, it wasn’t John she was on the date with it was Kevin… Adelle ended up with John at the dance after what happened between Kevin’s ex and the guy Terrance.

Also, I liked the fact that the Nile finally realize he had feelings for Jovi. Because he was mean to her when they first met, I mean everybody seems to be. I think due to her ways on the show. Because you’ll think that person is this certain way when you are watching them on reality tv every week.

I like that she showed Nile that wasn’t who she truly was on the show. She showed him the real her. & he also shows her that he did want to be with her, and he had the same feelings that she had for him.

He saw the real her when he saw how her parents acted towards her, especially her father because his dad was horrible. Since his father acted like his son was going to ruin his image due to the election. Smh 🤦🏽‍♀️… it’s crazy how you have to act a certain way due to the job that your parents or parent have. But after the election, his dad finally came around. Which I think is a good thing kind of. Because I think his (Nile) father didn’t need to treat Nile the way he did.

Especially when it came to Jovi.

53195613. sy475

Book Description:

So he was cute…

And smart…

That didn’t mean I had to crush on him.

So why couldn’t I stop?

While You Were Flirting by Liwen Y. Ho

Currently reading 📖 “while you were flirting” now I see why the title is called what it’s called. I also like this book better than the last book I read!!

Book Review:

Sooo good!!!

Spoilers.. here and there

What a surprise I didn’t know that Nolan was Max’s brother. Well, stepbrother, and been saying I can’t wait until Nolan gets his book. I see why Nolan’s book is going to be last since Max is his stepbrother. Probably more friends are coming in before him. Hence, Nolan and Seth are best friends, and Max and Liam are best friends. Interesting!!

With that being said… I liked this book I wasn’t disappointed at all. To know who the girl that Max chased in the book with Liam and Ava, which was Angel. It was interesting to know.

I was glad that he figures things out and stopped trying to be a player (well more so running from his feelings) Angel helped him with that and he helped Angel with her fears of driving. I think they worked well together. Not only did they work together. But even though they were opposites, they were meant to be.

Even with everything that they said to each other when it came to their feelings, you could tell both of them liked each other. Even Evan and Emma, the founders of the school, saw that in them, especially Emma. I was surprised how Seth never popped up in this book since Evan is his cousin. I’m trying to think was Ava the one that got adopted by them.

Was probably didn’t I can’t remember if it was this series or not!!! But I liked the fact that they both liked Angel and Max… and to also give Max a chance at the acting gig was great for him. I can’t wait until I read the next book to this series about Juliet and Jaxson. I know it’s about to be good and interesting!!! 

53257229. sy475

Book Description:

Spoiler alert: Spending time with a player can mean only one of two things—getting your heart broken or falling in love.


Ever since my ex dumped me while I was recovering from a car accident, I’ve avoided both boys and driving like the plague. But I’m determined to finally face my fears. So when a guy approaches me with a deal—driving lessons in exchange for tutoring sessions—it sounds like the perfect solution.

Except that this guy is Max Parker, the school flirt.


After my parents’ sudden divorce, playing the field seems like a safer bet than commitment. The idea of spending time with one girl never crosses my mind … until I meet Evangeline Evans. Not only because I need her help to pass precal, but also because I like who I am around her.

Who knew?

Now, I need to work up the nerve to show her the guy behind the reputation, so she’ll trust me enough to let me close.

The Edenvale Arts Academy series brings you the sweetness and innocence of young love amidst a backdrop of the performing arts. Combining creativity and romance, this YA series is perfect for fans of swoony kisses and sigh-worthy happy ever afters.

Don’t Kiss Your Lab Partner (Billionaire Academy YA Romance #1) by Lucy McConnell

This book is okay! I want to read something else, but I want to finish this book first! 

Book Review:

Spoilers… splash here and there••

Okay, so when I first started this book, I was like, hmm, 🤔 do I want to finish this book? Or not! I was tempted to start another book and come back to this one later, but I didn’t. I continue to read this one, and I glad I did.

I can’t say that this book is the best one yet that Lucy McConnell has written. I’ve read others by her. But I can say it was good and pretty interesting. It did keep my attention a little. Because I wanted to know what will happen between John and Adelle and what was Nicole was planning to do. Her attempt to ruin their app was stupid over a guy who didn’t even want Jeanie like ugh glad that Kevin went after her and hopefully got his girl back because Terrance didn’t deserve her.

I also understood what John did for Adelle so that she could win the TACS award. Not only that, in the end, but they also got to be together. Because Nicole finally got removed from John’s arms. She was acting like a Leach, but in reality, she wanted Terrance and only wanted to hurt Adelle. But truthfully, she didn’t hurt Adelle because John wanted her and only her (Adelle)…


Book Description:

I was ready to rock Sophomore year…

Until I got the party kid as a lab partner…

I’ve dreamed of winning the TACS Award since I could type. But, the school board decided we needed to learn to work well with others and gave us partners for the computer programming project. Lucky me, I assigned with John Herrington III, whose big idea is a dating app for teens.

I’m so flunking.

I’m also crushing on him–hard.

Jumping into the social lives of our fellow students backfires when the mean girl gets dumped because of our app. She sets out to sabotage our project and ruin the Homecoming Dance for anyone we matched.

There’s only one way to salvage the project–but it will mean my first broken heart because I’ll lose either the guy I love or my life-long dream.

Kindle Edition, 244 pages
Published March 20th 2020 by Orchard view Publishing LLC
Edition Language: English
  • Don't Kiss Your Lab Partner (Billionaire Academy YA Romance Series)
  • Don't Kiss Your Lab Partner (Billionaire Academy YA Romance)

Dating: For the Assist: A Sweet YA Best Friend’s Brother Romance, Eastridge Heights Basketball Players, (Book 4) by Stephanie Street

Currently reading 📖…. “Dating to assist”. This was the main one I wanted to read since I was curious about Dannika feelings for her best friend twin brother…

Book Review:

Spoilers…just a few****••…

I wasn’t expecting this book to go into five years later. It was very interesting to read. Learning every one of the guys and the girls grown up to become an adult. To Luke and his twin, Piper was learning about who their birth father is. I don’t know why I think it was KARMA. It would be me of me to say that about their dad (Michael) who went into the army. But he did fool around with Bella, aka Lily behind his twin brother (Robert) back. 🤷🏽‍♀️… but at least, in the end, Lily got her happy ending with her true love Robert.

But anyway, I liked this book. I was glad it didn’t take Luke a long time to figure out his feelings for Dannika. As he said, he may have been in denial about how he truly felt about her. Glad it took a kissing game for them to become closer and want to be more than friends. That was a good thing! But did suck when Piper broke up with Drew that was cute together, but at least they figure things out in the end.

I don’t have much to say about this book, tbh since after they all graduated, it went into Mia/Grayson, Luke/Dannika, Noah/Tierney, and Drew/Piper. It was all their story leading into Luke and Dannika’s wedding.

What I realize is out of all the guys, Drew was the only guy from the basketball (from the close friends) that went into professional basketball, whereas Will, Noah, Luke, Grayson, Mateo, Zeke, and AJ went a different route. Very interesting to see. But at least they all stay close even with busy schedules and marriages/careers and children/to-be…

Kindle Edition, 236 pages
Published July 6th 2019
ASIN: B07V11K918
  • Dating: For the Assist

51201749. sx318 sy475

Book Description:

A girl, her best friend’s twin brother, and a crush that’s gone on way too long.

I’ve had a crush on my best friend’s brother for almost a decade. It was time to cut my losses and move on. At least, that’s what I tried to tell myself.

I just needed one shot, one chance, to show Luke I’m the perfect girl for him.

Sure, I knew about Dannika’s little crush. She’s my sister’s best friend, for crying out loud.

I never meant to kiss her. But one out of control party and a kissing game later, that’s exactly what I did. It didn’t mean anything, right? At least, that’s what I’ve been telling myself.

I have a plan to get back together with my ex-girlfriend and that plan does not include falling for my sister’s best friend.

Plans go awry when Luke and Dannika get thrown together for one epic night. Can they keep denying what’s happening between them?

Find out in Dating: For the Assist.

**Dating: For the Assist includes an extended epilogue, Chapters 17 through 29, which delves into what happens to all your favorite basketball players and the girls they love AFTER graduation. You won’t want to miss it!!**

***No cliffhangers, HEA guaranteed, no cheating!***

Eastridge Heights Basketball Players
Book 1 Dating: One on One
Book 2 Dating: On the Rebound
Book 3 Dating: For the Block
Book 4 Dating: For the Assist

Dating: For the Block: Eastridge Heights Basketball Players (Book 3) by Stephanie Street

Just started reading 📖 this book yesterday. I think I figure out what the title of this book means now. 

Book Review:

Spoilers… hmm.. 🤔 there’s a lot!
So okay! It took me a while to get back to this series. Not even sure why I never finish this series. I’ll say I am glad I got around to reading this book.

I was like, ehh! Mm. I wonder how this one is going to be. Not once was I disappointed. I will say this Mia did judge Grayson by what she heard in the bathroom. Not only that, it made him look bad because she caught him kissing the girl (lord knows I can’t remember her name🤣 starts with a K, I think 🤔) but anyway she’s not essential.

Another thing was how Mia acted like her mom didn’t care about her, and she became a little bitter. When I was like uhh girl, you had a choice to move with your mom to Alaska. She didn’t even abandon her daughter for one. She only up and decided to move based on her husband, Mark, job. That what Mia didn’t understand. Especially when they are used to living in a certain area!!!

I was glad when Mia came around and talked to her mom about it. Not only that, but both Mia and Grayson was also mean for lying to their parents about them dating so that they could break up something that good (their parents dating; each other).

It only took them later on to realize what a mistake they made, especially Grayson though Mia felt like her father will abandon her too like she assumes her mom did.

But at least everyone came around and worked things out. Grayson’s mom Michelle with talking to him again. To her dating Dennis and getting married. & not only that, Grayson and Mia are getting together finally after all the judgment she put that poor boy through at least it works out in the end.

She (Mia) also got a little brother out of the deal. Her mom and her husband welcome a little boy. & for Grayson to finally talk to his (REAL) father, which I was glad too, though I felt his hesitation about seeing and meeting his dad since his father was always not there in his life and was dead beat. Funny how his father wanted to talk to him when he decided to get married, that was interesting.

Plus, at least Grayson got a (STEP-father) figure in his life always that was his basketball coach. Who fell in love with his mom!!! Though his girlfriend became his sister, which was hilarious, especially when she kept bringing it up at the end!!

Kindle Edition, 228 pages
Published May 3rd 2019
  • Dating: For the Block (Eastridge Heights Basketball Players)


45480126. sy475

Book Description:

Boyfriend or….Brother!?,/b>

Those were my options?

If the rumors were true, Grayson Levitt was the last guy on the planet I’d ever date, let alone anything else.

When I got caught in his ridiculous plans to keep ‘anything else’ from happening, I didn’t know if I should kiss him or punch him in the throat.

What a mess!

Grayson Levitt was charming. Everyone loved him. Everyone but Mia. It wouldn’t matter except they had to work together to keep the unthinkable from happening. Somehow he had to prove he wasn’t the guy she thought. And if she ended up falling for him? All the better.

Can Grayson and Mia put their differences aside to put their plan into action? And were they even doing the right thing?

Find out in Dating: For the Block today! 

To the Only Boy I’ve Loved Before: A Sweet YA Romance (Edenvale Arts Academy Book 2) by Liwen Y. Ho

Currently reading 📖…

Book Review:

***Spoilers just a little bit***

So I liked this book, the same as I did the first one.

Also, I felt like Hannah was kind of harsh towards her brother Liam. For him being around Ava, and her not wanting Ava too be with him. I was glad he talked some sense into her because she would’ve ended up hurting both Ava and her brother Liam.

When I was reading this book and learning that Hope was adopted, I felt like Darren and Dianca could’ve adopted Ava. & turn out that is what happened In the end. When Ava adopted father put her out all because Liam brought her home and she was seeing him. He wasn’t complaining when Ava was bringing them eggs, taking care of the kids, though. But I was also glad that the other children got adopted too, especially with what Liam saw in that window.

Not only that, but it was also a good thing; that Liam and Ava worked things out with each other and started dating.
Besides that, I can’t wait to read Max and Angel’s story because I can’t wait for how Angel tames the playboy, Max.

50714841. sy475

Book Description:

Spoiler alert: Falling for a hot, older guy can only mean trouble … especially when he’s your bestie’s brother.


After my parents passed away, music was my only refuge until I came to Edenvale. It was there that I met my BFF, whose family treats me like one of their own. The only downside is Hannah’s overprotective brother who loves to torment me, even to the point of invading my dreams. 

If only I were Liam Mitchell’s type.


It’s senior year, and I should be figuring out my future, but with my dad in jail, I’ve had to step up to take care of my family. The only thing that’s clear is how much I like spending time with Ava Alverson. Adorable, smart, and strong, she’s the only one I can let my guard down with. Too bad we’re stuck in the friend zone.

But not for long.

I’m determined to let her know how I feel and also prove to my sister that I’m good enough to date her best friend.

The Edenvale Arts High School series brings you the sweetness and innocence of young love amidst a backdrop of the performing arts. Combining creativity and romance, this clean and wholesome YA series is perfect for fans of High School Musical and Zombies.

Risking It by Madeleine Labitan

My current read.. tried to add it to my currently reading section on Goodreads. But Kindle is acting up smh 🤦🏽‍♀️ second time that app messed up! 

Book Review:

Spoilers? Not many… nah, it’s a lot …

I forgot who Allie was for like 2.5 seconds when I started this book. Because I had read the first book with her best friend (Indie & her brother Grayson). Then I was like ooooh okay that’s who Allie is… 🤔🤣

So anyway. I was glad this book didn’t drag their story. I was glad it was short and straightforward. That’s what I like; for one, I knew that Duane was going to fall for Allison. Soon as he started dating her, realizing she was different than Heather.

Heather got a fool too when she realizes that Duane wasn’t coming back to her. Since she was complaining about his clingy-ness and that was the reason for their break up. HA…

He wasn’t even thinking about her, only showing her that he was happy with the new girl (Allison) that he moved on with. Heather was so bitter too staring hard at Allison across the cafeteria and stuff. I felt like she tried to intimidate Allison in a lot of ways. & it affected Allie too, and she had insecurities that she had to work on. What made it worse was Duane’s sister stating that Heather was prettier than on top of that Allie seeing Heather kiss Duane in the parking lot. But I was glad that was all cleared out, and Allie forgave Duane.

Not only that, how I figure out that Duane didn’t care about Heather any more was when Allie mentioned Justin & when Justin was talking to Allie at the Ice Cream shop, which leads Duane to turn into Incredible Hulk and become jealous. Steam was coming out of his ears. He wanted to make sure JUSTIN knew that Allison was his girlfriend.. 😂 he wasn’t playing at all. I was here for it too since. They both confessed that they were in love with each other since their first kiss at age nine and ten. I was like FINALLY! But at least Grayson was happy for them both since he wasn’t into their FAKE relationship though I felt Allie was right when she said about Gray couldn’t get mad since he was dating her best friend…

I was glad Gray came around and understood. & he accepted their relationship since Duane confessed his feelings for Allie to her brother, his best friend (Gray). Which I thought was a good idea. Since Indie and Gray kept things from Allie when they were FAKE dating, but at least in this book, no one found out that Allie and Duane were fake dating.?

52038454. sy475

Book Description:

He’s the one guy she’s always wanted…

Allison Turner has always been known as a goody-two-shoes. One who always plays safe and avoids risks like the plague.

Well, it’s time for a change—and agreeing to be Duane Hollis’s fake girlfriend to make his ex jealous seems like a good start as any. There’s just one problem: he’s her brother’s best friend and the boy she’s secretly in love with. Complicated doesn’t even begin to describe the situation.

Allison knows it’s totally insane and completely stupid to help Duane out, especially when her heart is at stake. But maybe, just maybe, it’s exactly what she needs to turn things around…and finally get the guy. 

The Player (Men of WarHawks Book 2) by Jacquie Biggar

Read this book fast 📖 💨 .. I did like book 1 better but.. book 2 was good too. 

Book Review:

The Player? Hmmm, not really!

•••not many spoilers, but some are there•••

The ending was cute.

What I realize is that Cabin of his draw more problems than anything lol. I am wondering what guy is next from the team! & what women about to change him for the better.

I was glad they got Olivia. That lady was crazy and needed some serious help. Even her brother thought she needed it. I kept thinking it was going to be her brother Mike who turn her in because he knew she wasn’t right in the head.

You could tell she was off her knockers (e.g., her mind wasn’t all the way there; and have a problem of a psycho). Smh 🤦🏽‍♀️ , she kept hurting her brother just because he wouldn’t help or didn’t want to help. He told her she was going to jail, and that more likely what happened unless she went to a mental ward. Who knows… I guess her brother is okay, too, since it didn’t mean he did die. I was hoping he was okay…

I also knew that Patience (I have no idea what type of name is that), and Roy was going to end up falling for each other in those one-half/two weeks that they were staying in his grandparents cabin. Also, a cat always ends up in the Cabin 🤣… like first Cleo (though, that was Mac cat) now Roy and Patience ended up with an orange fur-ball by the name of Trouble, aka Thomas.

50439233. sy475

Book Description:

Sometimes, love happens when we least expect it…

NHL defenseman Roy Donaldson lives for the game. When an ex-girlfriend/stalker causes trouble for the team, Roy gets benched.
And the only way he can return to the rotation…? Accept help from sassy, sexy PA Patience Kennedy.

Patience is one step away from a junior partnership– all she needs to do is restore a sullen, annoying, attractive hockey player’s image.

Shouldn’t be too hard, right?

A delightful mixture of women’s fiction, suspense, romantic comedy, and mystery, The Player has something for every reader.