Break Me (Sex Me #4) by Logan Chance (Author)

Currently reading 📖 “Break Me” by Logan Chance.
Hmm, 🤔 not sure how🤔 this book will be it seems a tad bit different from the others but I am curious I might add. 


Book Review:

At first, I’m not going to lie. I thought this book wasn’t going to be good, but it was actually a good book.

Spoilers. Here. And there…

I wasn’t disappointed at all didn’t take me long either. It also interests me, when authors use other characters from previous books in the next book. I enjoyed knowing about other characters. Also, I believe Ford name was mentioned in the book about Katy, brother husband. Can’t really remember. The story he told, in the end, was so sad. Especially when, finding out his son (Houston, didn’t die, and Ford actually held him until the paramedics came. It’s good to listen to people story to find out the truth rather than hate them and not to hear the story. Glad that both Katy and Houston forgave Pollux, I will say I prefer his name to be Pollux, ugh. Because Ford is one ugly name lmao.



You know reading this reminds me of my assignment I did this week about Adler’s three safeguarding tendencies. I did pick one of the safeguards tendencies “excuses” this prologue in this book reminds me so much of those 3 tends… 


Book Description: 

You can’t help who you fall for.

Katy Vanderlin has a problem. A man who won’t leave her alone. Until he proposes to her in front of her company as a joke.
Wanting to make partner at her consulting firm, she sees an opportunity arise. Hire the man to be her fake fiance until after the holidays.
Extravagant parties, company get-togethers and it should be a shoo-in for her.

One problem, Pollux Clark.

Pollux is hired to be her fake fiance if he can not mess it up, she might possibly become a partner.

If he can just keep his past hidden well, and his reasoning for being near her contained he may just make the payout of his lifetime.

But for these two the fun is only beginning. Until one of them breaks. Who will be first?


Faster than Google can find porn 🤷‍♀️😭😂😂😂



Paperback, 119 pages
Published June 4th, 2017
Edition Language: English
Series: Sex Me #4