Sincerely Cinderella by Kelsie Stelting


At first, I was like oh lord 😩🤦🏽‍♀️ not again… with this Cinderella story of hiding her name not telling the guy meeting up with him at school or someplace yadda yadda…. but I will say this; though she has the pen name Cinderella it’s totally different from the other book I read… I definitely wanted to smack her mom & her evil aunt just horrible … like Jesus how can someone treat a blind person so horribly…

Book Review:

Funny how they didn’t realize they knew each other…

••••There’s a couple of spoilers throughout this review•••

It’s interesting to know that this book was included in the pen pal romance series that I read. Like I wonder did she go to school with Fabio & Grace and the two from Dear Adam. In my opinion, never mind might be from another book. 😂 But anyways, I liked this book totally different.
Though; I can say, I was like ‘here we go again” with the pen pal theme with some girl acting like she’s Cinderella with the horrible stepmom and steps sisters. But thank god it was different from the other book I had read about a girl whose pen name was “Cinderella”…. this story was good but also sad; because of what happened to Cindy. But in a good way, she ended up happier when she learns to embrace her blindness and accept that she could make it on her own in the world without her dad. Often when you are close to a parent, and then they go gone, or you actually move away, it can be hard for a while until you get used to it.
I was glad she had Jet; and Raven. Not so much as Addie she was just horrible; smh 🤦🏽‍♀️ you can’t do that to someone after they told you what their ex-boyfriend and an ex-best friend did to them … I was like dang Addie wasn’t even Cindy friend to sit and lie on both her and Jett and Jett was on suspension, and Cindy got probation for the lies that Addie told, but I was glad In the end Cindy confronted Addie about what happen, and everybody learns the truth. Plus; Shay was also nicer, in the end, we’ll always be in my opinion when she learns to accept Cindy for being blind… she helped her by snitching own her mom to help Cindy.

Because Shay and Taylor mom who was Cindy aunt was just horrible she was taking Cindy trust fund money; taking trying to remodel or something to her Cindy dad house; plus opening up credit cards In Cindy name. Like sheesh, she was taking advantage of someone who couldn’t help themselves I n ways if it were for Shay or Cindy caseworker Terri I don’t think Cindy would’ve gotten what she needed when it came to her aunt… I was glad that her aunt got in trouble for fraud. But it was interesting to see other blind people helping those who are newly blind and not so newly blind. & dating someone who also blind… I never saw or read anything like that before.

Kindle Edition, 190 pages
Published May 14th, 2019
  • Sincerely Cinderella







Book Description:

I gave him three rules. Three impossible rules. 

1)   I don’t want you to know my real name.

2)   We’re never going to meet in person.

3)   You don’t get to be my Prince Charming.

When I woke up in the hospital, fatherless and blind, falling in love was my last priority. No, I had to figure out how to live again. And deal with my heinous aunt. Plus her two daughters, aka the Terrible Two.

But then I got my first letter from Jett. 

He shouldn’t want anything to do with me – a relationship would cost him too much. But he keeps trying to tell me that some rules are meant to be broken.

The only problem with our rules? 

They exist for a reason.

Start reading Sincerely Cinderella today to learn what happens when fate meets reality. Fans of The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon and Cinder & Ella by Kelly Oram will devour this young adult romance that will leave your heart pounding, your eyes watering, and butterflies dancing in your stomach. Or at least believing in happily ever after.

Outplayed by Lila Rose


Current read….. had to rush to read a different book just so I could start this one. Lol not far in it; let’s see how it goes!!!! 

Book Review:

It was good
•••Spoilers but not as many•••

That’s cute when Link said that Izzy wanted to do his hair I had to laugh at that part. Hopefully kind of sort of maybe Link would get a book too…. especially if he keeps popping up in this one…

But anyways; I really liked this book; and was glad that Talon sister Violet found herself love again with her ex-boyfriend Travis. At first, I was like who in the world is Travis when the author stated this book would be out this month. I had to go back to “Holding Out” with Talon and Zara… to figure out who Travis was 😂 I’m like ooooh he the guy that kidnapped Zara and was Violet old fling… but thank god he got rid of Pam… I didn’t even like her in Holding Out when she accused Zara of attacking her when Zara did no such thing! Plus; it’s hilarious how people kept popping up at Travis house unannounced like dang he needed better security because they surely do suck anyone can come into his house. At any time of the day… like dang!!! But at least in the end both Violet and Travis found each other, and more Violet accepted that she did still care for Travis, and her brother Talon accepted it though he doesn’t want Travis to hurt her which I understand.. & Izzy got a mother (step-mom) in the end…
P.S. I’m ready for the author to write the books about the children…. because I swear Maya and Texas might hook up… because when I was reading OutGamed, I was like hmm… it’s something there…


Book Description:

Violet Marcus’s life is settled. She has it all: a place of her own, a business where her temper has its uses, and great people who work for her. 
But something is missing. The problem is, her stubbornness refuses to admit how lonely she actually is. 
She lost the one man she thought she could marry, a university love, but when their careers drive them in different directions they went their separate ways. 
Now he’s back. 
He’s also changed. 
Unsure if she wants to hug him or throat punch him, she keeps her distance. Or tries to. 

Travis Stewart moves to Ballarat for one reason—to have Violet back in his life. His love has never diminished. Not through the years, the distance, or even in the underworld he finds himself a part of. 
He will always love her. 
Now he just has to convince Violet that his heart is hers, and his soul isn’t as black as it seems. 
His mission is simple: get Violet to understand they have a future together before getting kneed in the balls. Easy, especially as he refuses to be outplayed.

Cheap Trick: (A Dawson Family Novel) by Emily Goodwin


I still want the author to write about Archer brother “Bobby”… but it might not happen 😩 but anyways I really like this book; I’m definitely going to be finished before the end of this weekend or between Monday or Tuesday @authoremilygoodwin.

Book Review:

It was good

*** There are spoilers throughout***

I liked this book. Not sure this will be a long review. But we’ll see once I finish typing.
So anyways; I liked Logan and Danielle story, for one I was sad that her grandfather died I was excited that he was alive when she was in his room; but I assume 9/10 her father and I mean her mother and her grandfather maybe was arguing that lead to his heart to start and him dying but who knows. Only the author does. But I was glad Dani didn’t listen to her parents about coming back and working for her uppity parents and working at his business and doing what they want her to do…… I think living in the country, and not the city is way better. That’s where I live…. but her picking her own happiness is so much better… her sister I can tell doesn’t want that life … kind of jealous a tiny bit but not much… her parents are just horrible, but at least she has Logan parents and everyone who cares and don’t think money is everything.
Btw I can’t wait for Owen story that’s coming on June 13th….. that’s going to get me excited because I want him to be happy to and stop his whorish ways for GOOD.

P.S. But in the end, I am glad that Logan and Danielle got married for real this time; which I knew was going to happen anyways; plus with Dani ending up pregnant which I knew was going to happen also…I was just glad she picked staying over living this time…

Kindle Edition, 243 pages
Published May 15th, 2019
  • Cheap Trick
  • Cheap Trick


45858412Book Description:

A sexy new STANDALONE friends-to-lovers/fake relationship romance novel from bestselling author Emily Goodwin…

Danielle Cross has spent her whole life running from breakups and troubles. She’s never stayed in the same place for long…until now.

The moment she walks through the doors of Logan Dawson’s bar, there’s an attraction between them neither can deny. And when Danielle needs a date to her sister’s wedding, Logan is the man for the job. A cheap trick to fool her family is a small price to pay for a weekend in paradise.

Playing pretend is easy.
The hard part?
Trying to convince yourself the feelings are only fake. 

Fabio vs. the Friend Zone (The Pen Pal Romance Series) by Kelsie Stelting


Currently reading; it’s actually good 💁🏽

Book Review:

Fabio v. Friend Zone

***Just a few spoilers in this book; I mean review***
So okay; it took me a minute to read this since I was reading other books too. But I was glad that I got around to reading and finishing this book. It was a good book to read; I definitely enjoyed this book. I wasn’t disappointed at all with reading this book! It was actually a good book to read. I enjoy Fabio and Grace story… One thing I was sure of that he was more likely going to end up following her to China instead of her staying in the United States and going to college at that Texas college! But I was glad for the happy ending, and both of them get what they wanted in the end…

44176913Book Description:

Since when did Fabio not get the girl? 

Fabio’s named after the most popular romance cover model of all time, but he can’t get his best friend to fall in love with him. Video games and Harry Potter movie marathons might be fun, but Fabio’s going to have to do something big if he wants to get out of the friend zone.

Grace is ready for the adventure of a lifetime: a summer teaching english in China. For the first time in her life, she’ll be away from her parents and her lifelong best friend. But when he makes the biggest confession of all, she has to decide between her future and Fabio.

Can their friendship survive his true feelings and grow into something more? Or, for the first time in history, will Fabio not get the girl? 

Read Fabio vs. the Friend Zone today for a story that will leave you smiling and believing in best friends to lovers. This young adult contemporary romance filled with pop culture and nostalgia will make you laugh out loud. Grab Kelsie Stelting’s latest installment in the Pen Pal Romance series today!

Bea and the Bad Boy: Young Adult Sweet Romance (Love in Ocean Grove #3) by Anna Catherine Field


This one is actually better than the first one with Finley… 

Book Review:

It was good

**** There are spoilers in this review***•••
This book was good; I get why Bea was upset….. with her brother and her best friend… I think that if they would’ve told her and made her understand she wouldn’t have blown everything up… or she could’ve at least talk to her best friend about it, but she didn’t. I didn’t like how her brother treated her by saying things to her and not Katherine. I was glad she had Carter because he wasn’t like her brother who I kept thinking he wanted the spotlight more than his sister and didn’t want her to shine… but she got more shine than he did with her fake dating Carter… which was good.

That Sabrina girl was just horrible and the funny thing about it there are so many females in the real world who have lied or teen boys and men about they tried rapping or have done something to them. Which come to find out is a line. That’s why I said men think they can do things to females to hurt or harm them, but females can do way worse than a man can… I hated what happened to Carter mom I don’t understand how women can stay with a man who is abusive to them or their kids… there’s no such thing as love if you have to put yourself through something like that… but both Carter and Bea made each other better for one another., though Carter could’ve shut down all those rumors about him.


Book Description:

A strong person doesn’t seek revenge. They let karma do the dirty work.

Too bad Bea isn’t strong, or at least she doesn’t think she is, which is why she jumps when the opportunity presents itself to get back at her twin brother and former best friend the summer before her senior year.
That opportunity is six-foot-two, with the wing-span of an Olympic swimmer, the abs of a professional body builder and the strong jaw of a Greek god. Unfortunately, his name is Carter Haines and is Bea’s next-door neighbor. He’s also dangerous. Like, police show up at the door dangerous.

All of those things make Carter the right person for her plan and luckily for her he needs a girl just like Bea to accomplish a few of his own goals this summer. Primarily, keeping his job and not getting sent to boarding school.

The plan goes off too smoothly, throwing these two into each other’s orbit, where they learn the truth about one another, why their lives are a mess and what it’s like to really trust someone. 

Bea and the Bad Boy is a standalone novel from Love in Ocean Grove, series of books about swoony first time love and toe-curling kisses for readers of all ages.

Grand Romance by Peter Styles


When your reading like 3-4 books 👌🙈💁 read…

Book Review:

It was good I want part 2

***Spoilers; not much***
This book was actually good; I actually liked this book; it was cute longer than the other mm romance books I’ve read. I am never known why the mm romance always short … but I thought that Alex and Logan were cute together. It was good that Logan is finally gotten around to being nice to Alex since, in reality, he liked Alex and Alex finally figured well. Jane told him how Logan wanted him…..


Book Description:

An MM Gay Romance. 

It might be a giant hole in the ground, but it’s ours. 

Alex is a tour guide for the Grand Canyon National Park. Incredibly enthusiastic about nature and all its many wonders, he’s the kind of guy who expects to come home covered in dust every night. Life is great, until the manager of the nearby gift shop is replaced by him. 

Logan, on the other hand, spends half his life trying to keep his new workplace tidy. He loves the sights as much as anyone, but that tour guide is a pain. He’s so full of himself and won’t listen to a single suggestion Logan has. Not only that, but that guide is tracking half the desert through his spotless gift shop. 

And he’s doing it just to get Logan’s attention. 

Grand Romance is a gay romance novel containing scenes as hot as the desert itself! This book is for adults only. You want a blazing affair full of twists and turns? You’ve found it! 

Zone Defense: (ManLove #1) by Gavin E. Black


Currently reading read

Book Review:

It was a great book; I do read MM romance from time to time.

••••****** There are spoilers throughout this review****••••
This book was good; I could tell that Aaron was more likely gay, but was confused by what he may be; possibly bisexual or full-blown gay. I cracked up when Aaron said

“I almost got fucking hypothermia making sure I was cold enough to have an excuse to climb into bed with you.”
That was funny he was definitely determined that night but the next day; was completely confused. But what suck was how Nathan push him away after Aaron came out and said he wanted him and didn’t care who knows. Not only that broken off things with Sarah for Nathan!!!! But one they split… Nathan realizes his mistake, in the end, I was glad that Aaron shows him that bar and Nathan finally confessed the way he felt about Aaron and he got what he always wanted Aaron on the bottom.

But I was confused as Nathan, about his friends Aaron friends hearing everything that Nathan was confessing etc., until Aaron admitted that his friends know that he’s gay: that they only surprised that he had a girlfriend ha….priceless… but one thing I would say is that for if Aaron wasn’t gay he would’ve been weirded out by Nathan jerking Off then showing his ding-a-ling! But he wasn’t he rub the cum off Nathan face the first time they met and sucked the cum off his thumb right there tell you that 9 out of 10 Aaron was gay or bi-curious… wanted to see if he actually liked men or just Nathan…

Kindle Edition, 2nd Edition, 89 pages
Published April 20th, 2015 by Steambath Press (first published January 17th, 2012)
Original Title: Zone Defence
Edition Language: English
Series: ManLove #1
  • Zone Defence (ManLove, #1)
  • Zone Defence
  • Zone Defense
  • Zone Defence (ManLove)








Book Description:

College ManLove Romance

Nathan Kent wasn’t thrilled with the idea of completing his final year of college at a completely different institution from where he’d started—but the opportunity to join one of the top varsity football teams had been too much of a temptation to pass up.

The truth of the matter though, was that Nathan was glad to have an excuse to move away. His last relationship had ended badly, and the thought of having to play a defensive position in conjunction with his ex-lover was something he hadn’t even wanted to contemplate.

Life was complicated enough already and starting fresh was definitely the answer… but then he met his new roommate Aaron Campbell, and he knew he was in trouble.

More Than Friends (More Than Friends #1) by Aria Grace


Currently reading read

Book Review:


I’ve read this book before, not realizing that I did because the cover of the book has changed. So I am going to be updating, my review and point out that, yet again, I liked this book it’s different. I’ve read books like this before. I thought, that Ryan, may have been gay, anyway since, he wasn’t feeling his ex-girlfriend Brooke anyway, he may have had a thing for men but just didn’t know it, whereas Zack knew that Ryan, may have liked men, well more so Zack brought Ryan gayness out, and showed him that he could really like a man, and want to be with a man, and nothing was wrong with it. Not once did Ryan felt awkward when he was woken up to Zack being beside him, even with his morning wood. But oh well, at least he realizes in the end that he wanted to be with Zack and went and gotten his man, due to the fact Zack tapping on his window…


ebook, 76 pages
Published December 3rd, 2012 by Aria Grace
Original Title: More Than Friends
ISBN: 1301526169 (ISBN13: 9781301526161)
Edition Language: English
Characters: Ryan Edwards



Book Description:

Tired of moping around after the breakup of his long term girlfriend, Ryan knew he needed a hookup to get him out of his funk. When he met Drea, he hoped she might be the one. But when he felt more chemistry with her gay cousin Zach, Ryan felt more confused and terrified than he had in his life. He wasn’t gay but he wanted to be with Zach. How could it possibly work?

Never Have I Ever Faked a Boyfriend (Never Ever Love #2) by Juliet Bardsley


Really good book 📖…. 

Book Review:

****Just a few spoilers*****

I liked this book it was cute and short; I was glad that Eric picked Bri over Aryanna I don’t get why most popular guys choose the most horrible popular girls to date… when they could get any non-popular girl to date who’s ten times better than the one they had.
I had to laugh when Aryanna wanted Eric back; when she disses him for a college guy. She didn’t want him when he was stressed over her leaving him. Because she knew she had him by the strings, but soon Bri came in the picture she tried putting her claws into him.

When they (Bri and Eric) went to Aryanna party, I knew it was a set up to break Bri & Eric up… but in the end, I was glad that Bri was forgiving Eric and the Spring Fling & not only that Sam and Savanah started dating too it would’ve been cool that they got a book also.

Btw; when you meet the family you know it’s real! Plus; Eric mom liked Bri better than Aryanna right there told Eric something; Aryana wasn’t good for him whereas Bri was and vise versa.


Book Description:

Their relationship was supposed to pretend… 

Eric Emerson’s last year at Cedar Oaks High couldn’t be better — he’s one of the most popular guys in the senior class, is holding solid A’s across the board, and has a gorgeous girlfriend. It couldn’t be better, that is, until his girlfriend breaks up with him for a college guy. 

Bri Songs loves living under the radar: she’s not exactly popular, would rather teach yoga than attend the usual teenage functions, and is perfectly content with being a senior who’s never had a real kiss. She tells herself that, at least. But with her sister’s wedding right around the corner, Bri’s mom is incessantly nagging her to bring a date. 

After a chance encounter after school, Eric and Bri come up with a plan to make both their lives better — Eric will escort Bri to her sister’s wedding, and Bri will help Eric win back his ex. All they have to do is pretend to date. Win-win, right? 

But as their plan begins to work, the line between fiction and reality gets blurred. 

What happens when fake feelings suddenly turn real? 

Book 2 in the best-selling Never Ever Love series. All books in this series are short, sweet, swoon-worthy, and can be read in any order! 

Rebound Boyfriend (Varsity Girlfriends #3) by Daphne James Huff


Good book but man Sammi was so annoying and whiny 😫… 

Book Review:

Omg Jeremiah this Jeremiah that like sheesh

Okay •••• Spoilers throughout••••

Okay! This book was good, but OMFG Sammi got on my last nerve. Like ugh; all she did was obsessed over Jeremiah but when Ryan said he liked someone else; she felt some way. I’m like she didn’t even want him so why do she care… especially when Ryan didn’t run to her on different occasions… she was ONLY thinking about JEREMIAH for peak sake like sheesh!
But she was an idiot to think that Linkie waits Linzie was her friend look at what happened with Anderson and Charlie, and how Anderson cheated on her with Linzie. Even though, Jeremiah didn’t technically cheat he still left Sammi for Linzie of all people. That girl is a jealous thot! Keep messing around with people men…
Luckily Sammi found out and finally gotten with Jeremiah because I could barely handle reading about her whining and comparing Ryan to Jeremiah…. 9/10; I figure Ryan was shy or didn’t even want her that was the reason why he acted that way towards her. It was just painful reading this book because all she did was whine, but at least she got her friendship back with Staci! Now I want Staci to find love with someone, and pray to god if she does she isn’t whiny as her best friend Samantha good god it was dreadful…



Book Description:

I am 100%, completely, totally over Jeremiah. 

After all, he’s the one who dumped me. 

For my best friend. 

Via text message. 

2 days before Christmas. 

So I did what any self-respecting head cheerleader would do: I started dating his teammate. Who’s great. Really. 

But now Jeremiah keeps looking at me like he misses holding me just as much as I miss being in his arms. And we’ve been paired up for the most important history project of my entire life. 

Can my heart survive this? Or should I hope for another shot with the only boy I’ve ever loved?

Rebound Boyfriend is a sweet second chance sports romance you’ll swoon over instantly. It’s the third book in the Varsity Girlfriends series.