Read My Heart (Rumor Has It #5.5) by R.H. Tucker

As I look at this title I keep thinking of “read it and weep” while also was like how my username change to Sadie. 🤣…. but anyways; when I read a book that’s good I’m known to be finished in like two days. Well, clearly I finished the last book I posted on here… & now on chapter two of this book “Read My Heart” 📖♥️ by @rhtuckerauthor… I am happy that she wrote a book about Jackson and Cindy because I’ve mentioned it in the book with his best friend Lucas… but anyways… I’m hoping for something positive when it comes to Jackson since been playing games. I’m hoping he embraces disability. ✊🏼 

Book Review:

Read my heart 

****Throwing spoilers throughout this review**** this was awesome read!!!

I so waiting on a book with Jackson and Cindy… I believe I mentioned it in the book with his best friend, Lucas… Because I also was hoping that Veronica and Micah get together.

But speaking of Veronica and Micah… I understood why Micah didn’t want to tell her what that dust-bag “Joe” said about her… with a name like that he seems like a horrible person even got an OLDER MAN name, unlike the others. Though I know people with the names Joe though their name is Joseph… 

But still, Joe was a horrible dude… it’s crazy how he pretends to be this good guy; but in the end, was actually horrible. I think Cindy was just trying to block out her feeling for Jackson that why she kept going on those stupid dates “that she didn’t even like; want to be on” … when she knew he was more into Jackson…

Plus; she stayed cursing him out when she really didn’t know what she says to him has to heart him. Often you say things to hurt people that’s what she did because she felt like he hurt her too. I did believe he was playing games with her emotions/feelings and things….. just because he didn’t want to admit that he’s Dyslexic… I mean it can often be hard at times telling someone you date that you have a specific type of disability, especially when you seem like a normal person…

I did like how he started going to those classes and then sign up again for the next semester. I was hoping that he ended up in the community college after he did take those classes that actually was helpful to him… I did want to smack Joe because he acted like those classes at the community college was a waste. When most of the students there spent a lot of time in classes to become what they want to become. The half time people do community college then goes to a university to take up either associate than a bachelor than go into the big lead to graduate school!

I just hope his dad learn what a user Joe is…

Not only that…..


PS I am curious and hopefully get a book with this series that talks about two polar opposites… 

47353618. sy475

Book Description:

Jackson’s got a secret. And no matter what his parents or his best friend tells him, he’s keeping it. He knows what it feels like to be rejected, so he’ll keep his secret to himself, even if it means pushing away someone he could be falling for.

Cindy might look like she has it all, but no one knows that what matters to her most is shattered and gone. She’s put up a façade, hiding her family drama from everyone because blocking it out is easier than dealing with the pain. Which is why she has no time for Jackson and his games.

Deciding their on-again, off-again relationship is done for good this time, why can’t either of them say goodbye? And will it all fall apart again if they can’t finally face the secrets plaguing both of them?

Rule #6: You Can’t Fall for Your Fake Summer Fling (The Rules of Love #6) by Anne-Marie Meyer

About to start this book …. hopefully it’s good…

Book Review:



I can’t wait for the “Hamilton Prep School Series” to come out….. that’s one of the few books I’m waiting on the first book which is called “Quinn and the Wrong Boy”…

But anyway it took me a minute finish this book. I had to go ahead and read another book, then restart on rereading this book… from where I left off… then when I went back to start this book, I wanted to reread something different. But made myself go ahead and finish it FINALLY…

This book not really boring but I did get boring with reading it since it really pulls me in and wanted more after each chapter trying to find out what happened next… but I did like how Cayden didn’t care about what people thought about Scarlett, she clearly was different from other girls.., what I didn’t like was that Rosalie girl trying to ruin things for both Cayden and Scarlett… I knew she was full of it when she tried giving Scar that money and telling her a bunch of lies… I was glad Bryant told Cayden about what happen so he could get his girl which he did.

Other than that I want a book with “Michelle and Bryant” because I want to know if they will be together in the end since he on the east coast going to school while she’s in Chicago and will she end up in college with him…

45913563. sy475

Book Description:

The Rules of Love Romance series contains full length, standalone romances that are full of happily ever afters.
Get your copy today!

I thought I was strong enough to go along with the plan. Fake dating the heart throb, Cayden Rivers, seemed simple enough.
Apparently not.

I am just trying to survive. Spending the summer with my loosey-goosey Dad in Hollywood, CA is just enough to send my OCD tendencies into superdrive.
But Mom thinks it’s good for me. And my best friend Michelle has agreed to come along.

I should have known better than to get on the plane.

First Dad drops his soon-to-be wife on me. Then I run into Cayden Rivers, the player of Hollywood. He seems just as trapped in his life as I feel in mine.
Which is weird. And the more I get to know him, the more I find out, maybe we’re not that different.

So when he asks me to fake date him to help his image, I stupidly agree. Everything goes according to plan until my feelings start to grow and I can’t tell if Cayden feels the same or if he’s just acting.

My life spirals out of control and the only person I want to turn to is Cayden.
I just hope he my heart is the one he doesn’t break.

Engaged to Mr. Wrong (Mr. Right Series #2) by Lilian Monroe

Started this book, because the last book I was reading wasn’t doing it for me. Got kind of boring reading it so started this book. But will go back to reading the last one I did start!

But while reading this book, I was so rooting for Farrah to get with her fiancé brother, because her fiancé Elijah was horrible and a dog….. whereas Jesse was 10times more of a man than Elijah!!!!! I am over here like girl you better get you some of his brother 🤣 I’m glad this fiction though, cause I am so not for cheating.., but sometimes a cheater deserves to get played or cheated on too…. plus I thought I would’ve hated Farrah because of Max from book 1 but I don’t. 🤷🏽‍♀️ but did get a little bit of Karma from what she did to Max… but she definitely was engaged to Mr. Wrong…. she need to get at Mr. NFL that gone treat her right...

Book Review:

She ended up engaged to Mr. Wrong, but in the end, she got her Mr. Right!!

****JUST A FEW SPOILERS; in this review****

This book was good. I was rooting for both Jessie and Farrah to get together. Plus, Elijah was a horrible person… you could just tell, plus I think he always had no has a hate for his older brother Jessie… if you look at how he acts around the girls he date and his brother…. plus he more likely didn’t want half the girls that Jessie was dating he only wanted to ruin whatever Jessie has was good. But neither of those girls was good for him because a REAL girlfriend one that wouldn’t cheat would actually tell her boyfriend about his brother nor would she end up making out or doing things (like ***) with his younger brother…

I still want to know what his family had to say about that long cut on Jessie’s stomach… I also see that Max never responded… but Farrah was even wrong about doing what she did to Max though, her friend Rachel acted like it was Max fault too… how would any of us know when we have no back story of how both of them treated them…. but anyways it’s funny how Elijah tried to ruin things for Jessie and Farrah he was the one who ended up losing everything dear to him, like we all say karmas a B….

43393066. sy475

Book Description:

I’m marrying the wrong man.
And the worst part?
I don’t realise it until I meet his brother.

Both Elijah and Jesse are NFL quarterbacks, and their animosity runs deeper than sibling rivalry.
When my engagement to Elijah falls apart, I find myself caught in the middle of their bad blood.

I should just walk away.
This is beyond scandalous.
It shouldn’t matter that Jessy cares about what I think, and he respects what I do.
It shouldn’t matter that he makes my body thrum with need.
It shouldn’t matter that he’s turning on a part of me that I never knew existed.

I should really, really just leave it all behind.

And I do. I pack my bags and I walk away. It’s over.

… Until I walk straight into Jesse’s arms, and my whole world turns upside down.

Engaged to Mr. Wrong is a sizzling-hot sports romance. If you like billionaire bad boys with hearts of gold, you’ll love this page turner. Grab Book 2 of the Mr. Right Series! 

It’s a Prank: A Sweet YA Romance (Sweet Water High #8) by Lucy McConnell

So, I didn’t know if I’ll like this book. Once I started. Because of how it started off. But so far, it’s good. I’ll probably be finished with this book by either tonight or tomorrow… 

Book Review:

It was interesting

* There are spoilers in this review*****

Sooo. This book was actually good. At first, no lie… I thought this book was boring because of how it started off. But turn out it was actually good.

With that being said….. I understood a lot of what Summer was going through because she had so many expectations and the way her mindset was up set up… especially what was expected of her when it came to supports and taking care of her sisters. It can become too much, which can make you flip out on the parent or parents. Which she did… some times you got to let your parents or parent know how you felt at least her mom actually understood what she said. Because often parents don’t care what you have to say regardless of you are hurting even if it’s fiction or non-fiction.
But at least she had Gabe… throughout everything that went down. Her sister Kaylee was wrong for going off on her when she was hanging out with people from both baseball and softball team. At least she realizes all the things that Summer was actually doing. Because for one, I think she didn’t see how much Summer had on her shoulders.

Plus Summer shouldn’t have wanted her sister Kaylee to want to stay on the team.. she should’ve let her make her own choices and figure out in the long run if it was a mistake or not… which I believe she did… learn to not butt into her sisters life…. which she explains to Gabe when she apologizes to him..
I figured he actually likes her but was too afraid to give it a try because of “Summer not wanting to date” but clearly at the kissing thing they did at the party you could tell he wanted Summer and wanted her to be his girl. Plus I was glad that his brother went back to rehab, and hopefully, he actually gets the help he needs and stays from continuing being an alcoholic.

Not only that I didn’t like Violet at all you can tell a hater or someone who doesn’t like you because they would make you want to quit or want you to get kick off the team or from your job… by doing things that would affect you.. but the funny thing happens Summer got on the team, and Violet still didn’t get the position from Summer and more likely going to continue being a hater. But at least Summer got a happy ending with her family by going to counseling and becoming Gabe official girlfriend.

Btw: I didn’t get the title at all “it could’ve to be “If It’s a Prank” because clearly there wasn’t a prank.. blah.

46746156. sy475

Book Description:

When Summer Snow is told she’s on the cut list for softball tryouts, she’s desperate to fix her swing. Her fear of being the only senior cut this year lands her at the local batting cages, bartering her time for free batting practice. The owner isn’t willing to make the trade; but, his son, Gabe the hottie rich kid, is willing to help her out when his dad’s not looking—as long as she cleans the men’s bathroom. Ew! But, whatever. Anything to make the team. 

Even with a few nights in the cages, her swing’s not improving. Gabe’s sincere suggestions help and before she knows it, she’s daydreaming about the cute baseball player instead of the scholarship she’s been working toward. A stolen first kiss at a party and she’s falling fast, but tryouts loom ahead of her. If she can’t keep her head in the game, Summer will end up watching, softball and Gabe, from the sidelines 

Engaged to Mr. Right (Mr. Right Series #1) by Lilian Monroe

This actually a good book. But I couldn’t have no parents like Max… would’ve gone bat 🦇 shit crazy… but I like the fact that a certain circumstance gotten them together since they didn’t want to play into their feelings (connections)…..

Book Review:

Great read…


***splashing 💦 spoilers in this review; just a little bit, but not too much💧…•••


I was curious about this book since one of the other books was FREE. I was like why not start with book one before I start the free one. Mind you I don’t know which one it was; since I forgot lol…
But I thought this book was good, and his parents were kind of horrible-able plus I felt like he could’ve told his parents no on so many occasions, but if he didn’t, I believe that he and Naomi wouldn’t have ended up dating eventually.. even if it started off FAKE. So at least his parent done something good for their SON! Since he wanted Naomi anyways.

Though; I didn’t like how he accused Naomi of helping her father with the business deal. Like he was clearly an idiot to think she had something to do with it.. Especially when he came to her and asked her to be his FAKE fiancée and she ONLY agreed to his because of her mother condition… NOT her father; who she didn’t even know; she didn’t even know his name…
Until Max used his brain to figure out the truth by talking to her father Jerry…. and learning that nor Naomi or her father know each other… for one he didn’t know he had a daughter. She knew she had a dad but didn’t know who he was… Max only ended up hurting himself and her at the same time… but I was glad both Max and Naomi came to their senses and realized they wanted to be together, and he ended up to the actual job he wanted… wasn’t working for his parents which didn’t make him happy… which coaching football players actually did.. at least this time he ended up marrying Naomi for real this time… though I kept thinking she was going to end up pregnant, but that didn’t happen. Oh well…

43089424. sy475

Book Description:

I lost everything when I injured my knee. 
My football career, my girlfriend, my future. 
Now, I’m living the businessman’s life my parents always wanted for me. 
I’m rich, I’m successful, and I’m supposed to have everything I’d ever want. 

But I don’t. 

The only bright spots in my life are my Monday morning appointments with my gorgeous, sassy physical therapist. 
Week by week, Naomi is fixing my knee. 
And week by week, I look forward to our appointments just a little bit more. 

But when an innocent tabloid picture sends my parents into a wedding frenzy, I have no choice but to ask Naomi to play along. 

I make my parents happy, and Naomi makes a bit of cash. 
Easy, right? 

We’re engaged. 
Or at least, we’re pretending to be. 

There’s only one problem: it doesn’t feel like we’re pretending at all. 

Engaged to Mr. Right is a sizzling-hot fake marriage romance. If you like billionaire bad boys with hearts of gold, you’ll love this page turner. Grab a cold drink, lock the door, and curl up with Max Westbrook in Book 1 of the Mr. Right Series! 

Falling for My Best Friend: A Sweet YA Romance (Sweet Water High Book 7) by Victorine E. Lieske

This girl clearly doesn’t see and realize her best friend has a thing for her…. she just to blind to see because she so stuck on Lucas… not realizing her best friend doesn’t want to help her get Lucas who **cough** who has a girlfriend who’s awesome!!!! 

Book Review:

She finally figured out who was the right guy for her…

***• There’s a few spoilers in this review**•


Often you ‘don’t see the good thing that you have, or you want in your face…. that was Parker… he was right there in Hannah’s face… but she ‘didn’t see him at all… she was to blind to see the right guy was her best friend… she already knew she felt something for him… but she rather ignore those feelings; and instead keeping pinning for Lucas (who actually in love and dating Charlotte) she only figured that Lucas ‘wasn’t the one for her when he told her to help him with the valentine gift that he wanted for Charlotte and that he also loved her….
So with that being said… Hannah learned that she ‘wasn’t going to get anywhere with Lucas once all that happened… that what made her realize she was falling for her best friend… who by the way always HAD a thing for her but she clearly ‘didn’t see it at all… especially when it came to helping her pin for Lucas… Parker knew that Hannah ‘wasn’t going to get Lucas… but he helps her regardless… though she got mad at him for nothing when he only tried to help… but smash down his own feelings for her to make her happy…
‘That’s when she FINALLY realizes that she ‘couldn’t be without Parker and it took her five-year-old brother Travis advice to make her understand that she had to make it right with Parker… & ‘that’s what she did… where she finally figured out who the girl that Parker finally LIKED … and both came out happy because they both ended up with each other…

46398213. sy475

Book Description:

It was just a fake kiss. It wasn’t supposed to make my heart stop.

He was my best friend since…forever. Parker was just, Parker. Dependable. A little geeky but so was I. And we weren’t supposed to have chemistry. I was in love with Lucas. Dreamy, hot Lucas. But Lucas was in love with Charlotte, which stunk.

And then I kissed Parker and my world shifted and I started to wonder, was Lucas the one for me? Or was I chasing after the wrong guy? 

Falling For My Nemesis: A Sweet YA Romance (Sweet Water High #6) by Tia Souders

This was a pretty good book read it in two day 👌 📖⭐️

Book Review:

***•••There are a few spoilers not that many, but a few•••

Oh, I hope that “Falling For My Best Friend by Victorine E. Lieske” is the next book to this series. I don’t even want to read the short story because I know I want more…

But anyways I already knew this book was going to be good in the end because for one. These series have been good; it’s either a four-star ⭐️ or a five star ⭐️ when I end up reading a book from this series. I can’t wait for the next book. I heard it supposed to be 12 books to this series. I’ll wait and see.
Other than that I had a feeling that Carson actually liked Mia…. for one he showed her he liked her by being mean to her… but she liked at it as being BULLIED, and he didn’t like her. I don’t understand why a guy does that to get girl attention when they can actually tell the girl they like her… I guess Carson had to figure out a way to get Mia attention, but it sucked that he had to hit her in the eye with the ball. Heck, I know that feeling since I got hit in the head with one myself in middle school.
It also was funny when both Ethan and Mia stated that the kiss was horrible gosh that was hilarious… I said not “you kiss like my grandma” 🤣🤣🤣 hilarious…. but at least I’m the end he knew he didn’t want her & she didn’t want him… & also Carson stopped ignoring Mia and actually gotten into a REAL relationship with her instead Of beating around the bush … & she got into Duke too. It’s also funny how Carson also wanted Duke to be his number one school… & that Ethan was happy for both of them regardless… he was just jealous of losing his best friend… I did want to slap her for ignoring him though. But at least they made up in that 5. seconds of talking & doing a kiss that both thoughts were gross.
Plus; I want a book about Ethan; hopefully, it’ll happen soon…

45943597Book Description:

Spending time with my nemesis never felt so good.

Carson Brooks has been my enemy since the day he moved to Sweet Water and tried to drown me in a rogue wave.

Not only are we enemies, but we’re not quiet about it either. We’re polar opposites. Where I’m a perfectionist and methodical in all things, he is carefree and the life of the party.

While Carson tries to trip me in the halls on a regular basis, I’m busy glaring holes through his disgustingly thick skull.
Oh, and did I mention I’m best friends with his little brother? Talk about inconvenient.

But it’s our senior year and my life is unraveling. My parents are at each other’s throats, I have yet to hear back about early admissions at the college of my choice, and I have no date to the Snowflake Ball. So, when Carson whacks me in the face with a basketball during gym class, I snap. I go for his throat–literally.

Now Sweet Water’s principal is giving us a choice: face suspension or find a way to work together on the holiday Angel Project.

Great. As if living in a warzone weren’t enough, now I have to spend time with the enemy.

But as tensions rise and we begin spending time together, I realize there’s more to Carson Brooks than his cocky exterior. Maybe I like him more than I thought. Maybe a little too much. 
Falling For My Nemesis is a standalone novel in a twelve part series.

Chemistry of a Kiss: A Sweet YA Romance (Sweet Water High #5) by Kimberly Krey

CURRENTLY READING: Chemistry of a Kiss by Kimberly Krey 

Book Review:

This was. Actually a good book; definitely was chemistry in their kiss 💋💜💛

Okay !!!!

* As always there will be a few or a lot of spoilers in my review; so I like to prepare or beware, people before they actually read my review.

So with that being said… I like this book; I was kind of mad at Jett (by the way I have read three books so far with this name) it is torture lol! But like I said I was mad at him because I thought he was actually blowing Harper off for wack girl Tasha. But Tasha lame mean girl self; ruin things for Harper and even Jett! Now I see why Conner was telling Harper that Jett thinks she’s mad at him… but at least he could’ve had the dignity to come to her that same day… pickle face Tasha had asked him to the dance; or even told her no; because I want to go with my “girlfriend” Harper. But he didn’t. But got mad when TJ was feeling all on Harper behind! Like he was literally mad… though none of that would’ve happened if Tasha didn’t steal Harper poster she made…
Clearly, she (Tasha) wanted everything that Harper had… such as TJ then Jett… like she couldn’t even get a guy unless Harper already had him. I did think that TJ was a horrible boyfriend for Harper, even her mother knew and told her don’t go down the land that I went with your father. That she didn’t; a lot of times you can’t help someone who doesn’t want the help that you are trying to give to them. I was glad when Harper realizes she couldn’t help TJ… Plus, I kind of figure that Jett sorta liked Harper on the DL….. especially when it came to Junior high during spend the bottle… but Jett ruin that for himself since he told everybody that Harper had a crush on him when he knew darn well that he had one on her too; & wanted that kiss as much as Harper during Junior high! Not only during junior high but way before they caught Tasha & TJ together when Tasha has kissed him (TJ) at Burger Bar. He definitely wanted to kiss her at his house before his father walked into the house, and definitely didn’t want her to leave his house either.

But in the end, I’m glad they worked everything out with one another after the dance; when Jett punched the pickle juice out of TJ… for touching Harper; Jett definitely wasn’t having that…😂 Harper was his woman 💜…. he was mad too when TJ stated he and Harper was trying to make their ex’s jealous (Tasha & Jett) he couldn’t believe that she thought they were broken up… but the way he acted and went to the dance with Tasha you can only assume, but in the end they were happy and turned out to be a real boyfriend & girlfriend….


Book Description:

How did I end up in a fake relationship with the gorgeous captain of the basketball team, Jett Bryant? Where do I start?
Back in kindergarten, I used to dream about kissing that adorable brown-eyed boy. He was also the pastor’s son but that didn’t stop me from chasing him down, tackling him on the playground, and kissing him smack on the lips.
Then in eighth grade, I was about to kiss him for real (as real as a spin the bottle kiss could get) but Jett ruined it by telling everyone about the playground kiss so I kissed some guy named James instead.
Fast-forward to our senior year where Jett and I got partnered in Marriage and Relations class and were asked to research—of all things—The Chemistry of a Kiss. It had me thinking about those yummy lips of his a little, but I kept my focus strong since I was dating TJ Reynolds, one of Sweet Water’s most misunderstood bad boys and lead singer of Grungetown.
But somewhere along the way, TJ got jealous and kissed Jett’s vicious ex-girlfriend and that’s how he became my ex and that’s when the whole fake relationship idea started in the first place.
The trouble is, all the feelings I had for Jett over the years came pouring back as we spent time together, and our topic wasn’t helping the situation one bit. Neither were the incredible kisses he gave me as we “pretended” to like each other.
Things really get complicated when Jett starts cozying up to me when nobody’s around to witness it. Maybe this whole fake relationship is turning into the real thing. But how can I be sure?

Hot Mess (Messy Love #1) by R. Linda

This book is actually good … the main character “Wren” is hilarious especially when it comes to her obsession over pizza 🍕….. 😂 you know you love pizza when you pick it over gas, & electricity among other things 😂🤦🏽‍♀️ 

Book Review:

It was good

••*** There’s a will or a possibility of a few or a lot of spoilers****•••
I thought hmmm; the Description ehhh… not sure if it’s going to be good or not! But dang it was actually good. I laugh a lot while reading this book. Wren was hilarious, especially when it came to her pizza. But what I realize is that often that a lot of authors have written books about women who are big bone & that they have either been disrespected for being more significant or relationships has failed. When in reality that’s not the case… because for one woman who is medium size or skinny has it hard too when it comes to people judging there size and loving them for who they are… I just want a book with at least with a skinny or medium size female with these problems and also over 5’5…
Other than that I actually liked this book because for one Tate was good for Wren and Wren was good for Tate… I was glad when he got rid of Rachel horrible self…. she was so annoying and hated on Wren for no particular reason; when Wren didn’t give a flying rats ass about Rachel… I was surprised that Wren didn’t say anything about the party Rachel had in her back yard & then telling everyone to leave. When Wren got in her ass for calling her a whale… I don’t understand how someone can hate someone due to their size, either small or big…. for one Wren had a real body whereas Rachel was plastic… I glad Tate wanted real over fake… quirky over wack.. weird or boogie…

Btw: I wonder what book two will be about… hopefully, her friend Eva 😌👌


45031647Book Description:

There’s always that one girl who has all these dreams, yet she can’t reach them because she’s constantly tripping over her own two feet. 

That’s me. I’m that girl. The unorganized, chaotic, hot mess. 

I’m the struggling artist who refuses to give up my love for pizza just because society constantly shoves thin, perfectly toned bodies in my face saying that’s what women are supposed to look like. 

Oh, and I’m filthy rich. On paper anyway. I can’t touch my trust fund just yet, so to get those nasty debt-collectors off my back I rent out the snazzy mansion my parents left me. 

Of course, it has to be Tate Montgomery who moves in—the super sexy celebrity with three million, five hundred and twenty-six followers on Instagram. And of course, I have to be the paint-covered walking disaster who falls for the said famous tenant. 

The problem? Tate and I, we’re not compatible…at all. He’s arrogant. I’m stubborn. It’s a train wreck waiting to happen. 

Yet, I end up kissing him anyway. 

Told you I was a mess.


Kindle Edition, 179 pages
Published May 27th, 2019 by R. Linda Novels
Edition Language: English
Series: Messy Love #1
  • Hot Mess
  • Hot Mess

Rule #5: You Can’t Trust the Bad Boy (The Rules of Love #5) by Anne-Marie Meyer

My current read; it’s an alright book 📖👌 📖 

Book Review:

You can trust the bad boy.

••••Spoilers; but not that many, no!***•••
Okay, this book was good; I was glad that Jet gave Brielle the experience that she truly needed because her parents were horrible. I always say being rich is not always a happy life because often people with a lot of money think people less money is beneath them….. that was definitely Brielle parents; until they learn actually to start caring more for Brielle and let her run; her own life instead of controlling it for her. If it wasn’t for her meeting Jet; I think she would’ve spent that tome with Stefano or whatever his name is that don’t care to remember.
Jet; was good for her, and she was good for him. Also; I knew that Jasmine girl was going to be horrible soon as they started singing that song “The Boy is Mine” by Brandy and Monica… I was like yup; Brielle should’ve seen that coming when the girl started talking to her in the bathroom. Never trust someone when it comes to their ex; because often if she still wants him, she coming after you.

But in the end, Brielle was the one who gotten Jett! & her parents learn to like him as Brielle did, which was a good thing.



Book Description:

He was supposed to be my escape for the weekend. I wasn’t supposed to fall for him.

My life feels as if it’s spiraling out of control the moment Mom and Dad inform me that come Monday, I’m heading to Italy to “get to know” the son of an important business investor. Apparently, it’s my responsibility as a daughter of a hotel tycoon or something.

I want to be a good daughter, but I’m tired of being looked over. I’m tired of having my life planned out for me.

So when I run into Jet Miller, the bad boy with a motorcycle, I pay him to take me away for the weekend. He’s convinced that I won’t fit into his life, but I don’t care. I need this break.

Two days of freedom quickly change into something more, and I find myself falling for Jet.

Only, he doesn’t know that once our 48-hour escape is over, I’m gone.

And I don’t know how to tell him.

Some rules are meant to be broken. 

For fans of The Sun is Also a Star, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, and The Last Summer, you won’t want to miss this epic romance! If you love misunderstood bad boys and heroines who fall in love with them, you’ll devour Rule #5: You Can’t Trust the Bad Boy. It has all the feels of your first love, all over again.