Down by Law (Throwback Diaries #1) by Ni-Ni Simone


I am hoping this book is good as her other two books I read. I think this is the first book. But not sure.

Book Review:

Few Spoilers….

I really enjoyed reading this book the only problem I have is the big girl > skinny girl. Gets pretty annoying after awhile especially if you a big girl you wouldn’t like for skinny chick to say why you so fat. Or she a whale. But in every book I read by this author. It’s like she dislike skinny females.

Other then that annoying part I enjoyed this and I figured that Fresh was family of the kid Snoop. He a perv anyway for dating a 16 year old though wasn’t he like 20 just like Ke’Ron at least K had more since to wait. But her mom dipping out on her and then her daddy smh just crazy she had nobody but she had a fucked up attitude remind me of 17 y/o niece. But she way worse with her mouth ISIS was.

But when I read the back I’m like maybe her brother the stick up kid was going to get murder be it was her brother who had a disability like come on who going to kill a person with a disability like get real, but I wish her brother had a bit more common since to not get in a car with strangers dang.

Book Description: 

Lesson #1: You come for me, I come back even harder for you. Fair exchange. No robberies. Isis Carter got schooled early on in surviving the streets. When some girls put a beatdown on her, she took back what was hers. When her brother was killed and her mom, Queenie, bailed, Isis fought to stay strong. And when her dad abandoned her for his new family, sixteen-year-old Isis buried the hurt by looking out for herself—and hookin’ up with bad boy Fresh…until a run-in with the law shatters Isis’s world and threatens to destroy her future. 

Now the only person Isis can rely on is herself…until her secret crush K-Rock steps in. But when Isis lets her guard down, will she be given a second chance to get her life straight or will it cost her everything?

Paperback, 288 pages
Published July 28th 2015 by Dafina
ISBN: 0758287747 (ISBN13: 9780758287748)

Lights, Love & Lip Gloss (Hollywood High Book 4) Kindle Edition by Ni-Ni Simone (Author), Amir Abrams (Author)

Got this from the library yesterday, ugh this book 4. I am like this 😯 can’t be right because the way it started off. Tsk. I will just read this and figure out how to get books 1,2,3 because the public library (here) never have what you actually need… This is why I read K’wan and Wahida Clark Thug and Hood Rat series out of order.


Book Review:

I know that I didn’t read this series from the beginning, but I like the other girls, but the Rich girl I knew she was a problem. But, me not knowing the full story with the London situation I felt that Spencer shouldn’t have done what she did to her. I also knew her daddy wasn’t crazy. Their parents well mothers aren’t mothers at all. And Heather and Rich are sisters, ha and Rich hates her I hope in book 5 they find out there family.

Book Description: 

Pretty little lies gone viral have left Hollywood High’s elite Pampered Princesses reeling. Now their secrets are in 24/7 overdrive—and only one diva can be victorious. . .

Finally, London Phillips is defying her domineering mother and taking control of her life. But she’s striking back with a weapon that could destroy her future—and her last chance at real love. . .

Two too many cuties have left Rich Montgomery desperate for the perfect cover-up—but when her house of lies comes tumbling down, things get pretty twisted and her fate is left in the hands of her most vengeful frenemy. . .

Heather Cummings is more successful than ever thanks to an amazing comeback—and the ultimate Hollywood betrayal. But old habits die hard and threaten to turn her glittering success to sparkling ash. . .

There’s no one better than Spencer Ellington when it comes to revenge. But stopping her inheritance-stealing mother and saving her crown turns into an all-access media battle. Now Hollywood High’s in-crowd is poised for oh-so-sweet payback . . .

“The girls and the secondary characters of Hollywood High are never shy of drama.” —APOOO Book Club

Shortie Like Mine by Ni-Ni Simone

Reading 📖 Shortie Like Mine….. I am so happy that I got around to reading this. I have been wanting to read this book in like forever. Glad I actually went to the library and found at least two books by Ni-Ni Simone. This book is hilarious 😂 I just love a book that can make me laugh.


Book Description:

A YALSA Quick Pick for Reluctant Young Adult Readers

What happens when the girl everyone least expects gets the guy all the chicks want. . .?

she can rock Apple Bottoms jeans and stilettos like nobody’s business, but she’s got her share of issues. It’s not easy being the thickest one in her clique or hiding that her rebellious twin sister Toi is playing wifey to the neighborhood thug. And Seven is definitely not happy that she’s feelin’ the school’s hottest baller, Josiah, especially since he’s dating her high maintenance girlfriend, Deeyah. But when Deeyah decides to play Josiah and his worst enemy against each other, she’ll have everyone facing off in the worst way. The question is can Seven try and set things right or does she end up trying to save herself from major heartbreak?

Book Review: 

I’ve been wanting to read Shortie Like Mine for awhile now, and finally got a chance to read it. And not once was I disappointed, but I will say the special ed, fat chick, skinny chick pretty much annoyed me like really? But some parts were funny, even though that section erk me. Josiah and Seven, story interested me, but I am still wondering why he clown her in the beginning if he actually liked her In the end. Seven really had low esteem. I understand where is coming from but she’s the big girl, where I am the skinny one. So yes, I understood and the Deeyla girl was a super hater I figured she was jealous and the other two girls finally got a back bone at the end. Oh between, big country was hilarious, plus the down south also was annoying, like how she gone diss us down south people we know me country, we fly as fuh lol. City people love them some country folks, plus Shae was feeling Big Country lol. But man listen smh the book was hilarious especially when it mentions what celebrities they look alike.