Christina and the Rebel Affair (Scandalous #6) by R. Linda (Author)


Never was disappointed. In each book to this series that I have read. By @rlindaauthor. This one was good too. I still think Jack will end up with Bennett friend Chris 😏😏😏😏 can’t wait for his story to come out .. I know it’s going to be hilarious… but I’d be disappointed if it’s Chace ugh 😑 


Book Review:

Good book

Never was disappointed. In each book to this series that I have read. This one was good too. I still think Jack will end up with Bennett friend Chris can’t wait for his story to come out .. I know it’s going to be hilarious… but I’d be disappointed if it’s Chace ugh ….. very disappointed. But now I am curious as to what will happen that ending has me wanting to know why Chace is coming into the picture and why Jack needs Christina’s help.

Hope it doesn’t ruin her and Bennett relationship I like them together. He makes her a better person than what Chace made her become. I also wonder why Jack is dealing with Chace he hasn’t change since Kenzie and Jeremy story .. also, I was glad that everyone finally came around and forgave Christina. I think if it wasn’t for Bailey and then Audrey the gang would’ve still been mean towards her. Like Bennett said people do change from the time they were teenagers until they turn into adults though some don’t.



Book Description:

They say a leopard can’t change its spots, but I beg to differ. I’m not the girl I used to be, and now is my chance to prove it.

I’m back at the high school where I burned a lot of bridges and hurt a lot of people. Only this time, I’m not a student… I’m a teacher. I want to repair the damage I caused and move on… hopefully with Bennett Sawyer.

I’m stunned when I find out Bennett just so happens to be one of my new students — and the principal’s son. I didn’t know it when we began dating, and now we’ve got to put an end to our relationship or risk losing everything.

But the attraction between us is unstoppable, and when jealousy gets in the way, all I want to do is mark my territory, but I can’t.

With a smile like his, and a body to die for, can I stay away from him and pretend he means nothing… until he graduates in ten weeks?


Kindle Edition, 217 pages
Published October 16th, 2018 by Limitless Publishing, LLC
Edition Language: English
Series: Scandalous #6

Audrey And The Hero Upstairs (Scandalous Series Book 5) by R. Linda (Author)


‘This book 📖 just came out Today!!!! I just had to preorder it. Because I was like I wanted Brody to find love too….. I’m still waiting on a story about Jack…
If you want to read this book you,
Gotta read book 1 through 4 first to understand this book. Clearly, be lost as to what happens and what lead to certain situations.


Book Review: 

Good book


Yes, I’ve been waiting on this book like forever. Well, more so I have been wanting a book with Brody finding love. I’m happy he found it in Audrey.

He has been there for her throughout her recovery now that’s a supportive person and a person who care about you. He stuck by her side from the very beginning. Even though he disliked Bennett at first but he became to like him because he knew that Audrey was Bennett BRO, and Bennett was Audrey bestie.
Glad everyone accepted their relationship, and he waited until she was 18.

But I’m curious now, about Christina and Bennett, like wow, I do wonder if she is going to end up in the wolf pack, though she and Chace were cruel to Bailey and Ryder, and his sister Kenzie… Lordy, that book going to be interesting cannot wait.


Book Description:

My road to recovery began with Brody—the man who saved my life.

Without his courage and determination, I’d have died in the fire that took the lives of my entire family. If that’s not a hero, I don’t know what is.

Brody has been by my side every step…but the emotional scars are as crippling as the physical ones, even if they’re harder to see. The anxiety of being around people, seeing their disgust, feeling their pity—I’m not sure I can handle it.

Maybe it’s wrong, but feelings are developing between us, leading to stolen glances and sneaky kisses. The problem is I’m not quite eighteen, he’s twenty-five, and we’re living under someone else’s roof. It would be so much simpler with someone my own age, like Bennett, the hottest guy in school.

How can Brody and I possibly be together? And if we were, how would we explain all this to our friends and Brody’s family—who also happen to be my foster parents? I’ve already lost so much…but can I lose someone who shouldn’t even be mine?

Kindle Edition, 216 pages
Published July 31st, 2018 by Limitless Publishing LLC
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Kenzie And The Guy Next Door (Scandalous #4) by R. Linda (Author)


Currently reading 📖 “Kenzie and the guy next door”. I like this one. Her ex is more psycho than he was when he was a teenager in high school sheesh. I’m glad she got bad boy Jeremy to protect her and son

Book Review:

She fell in love with the guy next door. He fell in love with the girl next door…..

Now I really like this book. I’m not going to give out too many spoilers but there will a few maybe more who knows until you read it.

This book was really interesting; I was happy that Jeremy took an interest in Kenzie. And he became to love not only her but her son too. Chace, it was definitely something wrong with him. It was since he was a teenager from getting Kenzie knocked up stealing Bailey and ruining his friendship with Ryder, because of not only his sister Kenzie but Bailey too. Then turn around and hurt Bailey by cheating on her with her ex-best friend, Christina. The sad thing about he didn’t change as he got older by going out and stalking Bailey in college, and trying to rape her. It’s a wonder that didn’t affect her mainly since it affects Kenzie so much because Chace was stalking her and her son. I figure there were cameras in Kenzie house I am not sure how that wasn’t their first thought when they learned he found out that she and Jeremy kissed.

Chace is a psycho. Not only a psycho but more a rapist too. Because 9 out of 10 he would’ve done Kenzie the same way if it wasn’t for Jeremy being around so much and living next door. He would’ve definitely harm her and her son. I am not going to say their son because he didn’t deserve Cole. He had a serious mental illness that he needed help for glad that his parents actually considered getting him actual help. And Kenzie and her son found love in Jeremy and he the same after being locked up for eight years. At first, I didn’t know the meaning behind the next door neighbor title of this, book but came to realize that it was Harper brother Jeremy… After reading the description.


Book Description: 

The last thing I expected was my ex-boyfriend showing up unannounced, demanding to see our son. The son whose existence he’d previously never bothered to acknowledge, leaving me a single mother at sixteen years old.

As if I’m not freaked out enough, I also have to deal with a loud, annoying new neighbour on top of it all.

Imagine my surprise when I discover my neighbour is none other than Jeremy, my best friend’s dangerously hot brother, who was recently released from prison.

I’m sure he’s a complication I definitely don’t need. But then he inserts himself effortlessly into my life, becoming my hero, my saviour, and someone my son can look up to, and I realize how much I actually need him.

But my ex isn’t backing off, making me wonder what he’s capable of — and how far Jeremy will go to keep us safe.

Kindle Edition, 208 pages
Published May 29th, 2018 by Limitless Publishing LLC
Edition Language: English
Series: Scandalous #4
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Harper And The One Night Stand (Scandalous #3) by R. Linda (Author)


Just finished this book 📖 it was really good. I definitely enjoy this series 📕📚🍑 



Book Review: 

One night stand ending with LOVE.
Just a few spoilers <<<

You know I like this one with Nate and Harper. Their story was interesting and kept you wanting more, and wanting you to see what will happen next. I figured that Brody would be upset, but I cannot wait to read Brody and Audrey story. I was hoping for a book about Brody finding love too since he couldn’t get that in Harper. It’s funny how Brody didn’t know what was going on with his best friend I mean with his cousin and his ex-girlfriend. I mean it was so many signs he missed, but he saw the signs when it came to Indie and Lincoln but not Nate and Harper. I like how Harper uncle and Aung and even her brother approve of Nate because they knew he was a good guy. We need real men like these men in this book we do in the real world. Good. The book I wasn’t disappointed in it at all. I was rooting for Harper and Nate…


Book Description: 

A few too many cocktails in paradise and I woke up in someone else’s bed. My ex-boyfriend’s cousin’s bed, to be exact.

Huge mistake.

Nate and I agreed it wouldn’t happen again. We didn’t want to hurt Brody. Only it did happen, repeatedly, until I finally found the courage to walk away.

But I couldn’t ignore the temptation, and I soon found myself back in his bed — or on his floor — stealing secret kisses and forbidden touches, sneaking around behind everyone’s backs.

I tried so hard to resist Nate’s charms, but my resolve crumbled. How could I not be swept off my feet by water towers in the rain and deep confessions on the beach?

The last thing we want is to hurt anyone, but it is out of our control. And there isn’t a thing I can do except give him my heart and hope he keeps it safe… regardless of the consequences.

Kindle Edition, 246 pages
Published April 10th 2018 by Limitless Publishing LLC
Edition Language: English
Series: Scandalous #3
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Indie and the Brother’s Best Friend (Scandalous, #2) by R. Linda (Author)


I thought I wasn’t going to like this book at first….. but it actually turned out pretty good. But the first book was better though 🤷🏽‍♀️📖📗 


Book Review:

Indiana ❤ Lincoln!!! 

Doesn’t seems to need a spoiler but Spoilers alert…

I actually liked this book, at first I thought the book wasn’t that good. Due to the description. But once I cracked it open and got into it, I started to like it. I figured that everybody knew that Indie and Lincoln was in love with each other. They were just blind. The parts with Jack was so hilarious throughout, the way he kept making Lincoln jealous was hilarious. I hope the author comes out with a book about Brody and some girl and Jack with some guy. Especially Jack so want him to find love.



Book Description: 

Being in love with someone who doesn’t love you back sucks.

Being in love with your brother’s best friend sucks even more, because you know it can never happen. How tragic is that?

I’ve been in love with Lincoln Andrews since we were kids and he stuck up for me against my brother and played tea parties with me in the treehouse. I’ve also avoided him for the past year because he broke my heart… more than once.

Now we’ve been thrown together at a tropical resort to celebrate my parents’ second wedding, and things are intense and getting worse, no thanks to an insane plan my friends cooked up to get me my dream man.

No one else even comes close to what Linc means to me. He’s always there for me, but is it because he cares for me too — or only because I’m his best friend’s little sister?

It’s time I find out once and for all… but what if our crazy plan blows up in my face and ruins everything?

Kindle Edition, 185 pages
Published January 30th, 2018 by Limitless Publishing, LLC
Edition Language: English
Series: Scandalous #2
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Bailey And The Bad Boy (Scandalous #1) by R. Linda


My current read 📖 this book is actually really good it didn’t take me long to finish this. I am almost finish taken me two days just to finish. I love books that are like this that can actually keep my attention. Because I’ve been distracted and bored lately with some of the books I been reading. 



Book Review:

Bailey and Ryder ❤


this book is actually really good it didn’t take me long to finish this. It has taken me actually two days just to finish this book. I love books that are like this that can actually keep my attention. Because I’ve been distracted and bored lately with some of the books I been reading. This book had me laughing throughout. I figured that it was Christina who was going to end up her ex-best friend. 9 out of 10 I knew it wasn’t Indie. Both Chace and Christina were shady and no good, they both weren’t true friends to Ryder and Bailey…..

How they treated all 3 of them (Bailey, Ryder and his twin sister Kenzie was so wrong). I was glad that Indie came around and realize she should’ve continued talking to Bailey. I also knew that Ryder was in love with Bailey from the very start. But I’m more disappointed in the end how it didn’t give you more once she found out Christina was her roommate smh


Book Description: 

It’s the last day of school, and everyone is excited for the big summer leading up to our senior year. I was too… until my heart was ripped out of my chest.

As if getting dumped wasn’t bad enough, I’m forced to endure the humiliation of witnessing my ex-boyfriend flaunt his new girl — who also happens to be my now ex-best friend — all over town. Double whammy.

Now I’m the pathetic ex-girlfriend left gutted, heartbroken, and nose deep in a bucket of ice cream. I’m doomed to spend the summer sulking over a guy who thought I was predictable and bad in bed.

So, when I get an offer guaranteeing me some well-deserved payback, of course I’m going to take it. Besides, the plan is simple. Pretend like I’m dating Ryder, the town’s popular bad boy, and make my ex-wallow in a pit of jealousy and regret. It’s perfect.

I mean… what could possibly go wrong?

Kindle Edition, 284 pages
Published November 7th, 2017 by Limitless Publishing LLC
Edition Language: English
Series: Scandalous #1