Two Doctors & a Baby by Brenda Harlen & Do You Take This Daddy by, Katie Meyer 📕📘



Two Doctors & a Baby by Brenda Harlen  📘

(Two Doctors & a Baby (Those Engaging Garretts! Book 9)



“Surprise… You’re pregnant!”

Obstetrician Avery Wallace has uttered those words but never had them said to her…till now, just three weeks after her unexpected New Year’s Eve with the hospital’s “Dr. Romeo,” Justin Garrett. But Avery’s sworn off marriage, motherhood, and men—especially doctors. And it isn’t attraction she feels for the sexy ER doc…it’s pregnancy hormones!

“Let’s get married.”

One night isn’t enough for Justin, not when he’s crushed on Avery for years. But a baby? Not in his plans. So no one’s more surprised by his proposal…or more disappointed by her refusal. The hospital’s buzzing but Justin doesn’t care. He knows what to do—and he has a little over eight months to do it: convince Avery to make him a husband before he becomes a daddy.




Do You Take This Daddy by, Katie Meyer📘

Do You Take This Daddy? (Paradise Animal Clinic #3) by Katie Meyer



Mollie Post has a soft spot for strays. So when she finds Noah James stranded in her small town, she impulsively offers to show the newly single artist around the island. Determined to build her photography career, Mollie’s not looking for love. But the talented sculptor just might be as good for her heart as he is with his hands.


When his pregnant fiancée ran out on their wedding, Noah was secretly relieved. He wanted to be a father, but she wasn’t the woman for him. So bright, beautiful Mollie is a refreshing change of pace. Their attraction is electric…until his ex-shows up with a baby surprise. Can Noah manage fatherhood and build forever with Mollie in Paradise?



Paperback, 224 pages

Published March 22nd 2016 by Harlequin

(first published March 15th 2016)
0373659504 (ISBN13: 9780373659500)
Paperback, 224 pages
Published April 19th 2016 by Harlequin
ISBN: 0373659598 (ISBN13: 9780373659593)
Edition Language: English