Keeping It Secret (Bayview High Book 5) by Melody Summers

I had to read this book because I just can’t seem to get into the traveler book at all so disappointing… this book is actually good and can keep my interest! This book is way better than the last book about her best friend. Plus she’s way better for Dylan anyways; though I wanted to smack him six feet under… in the book with Molly… 

Book Review:

***Spoilers in this review; but not that much***

I liked this book. Awhile back, I didn’t know she added wait no I think I’ve seen this book but never gotten around to reading it. Since I forgot all about the series after reading book 4… I was glad I figured out where Nikki comes from this book. Since she friends with the other girls. Also, I think she was mentioned in the book with Delaney and Walker. His name is still hilarious, “Walker Dean.”

But besides that, those girls are so horrible (Kathy and Olivia and their friends), and even Nicole’s brother was a horrible person. Jealousy didn’t do him any good, especially when being jealous of your younger sister. You could tell that he dislikes her but I wanted to know what was his reason. I am trying to figure out if I read his reason. I can’t seem to remember. But I was glad when she told her parents how Kathy was and showed them the video because her brother didn’t have anything to say but be bitter.

Plus, her parents came around after realizing it was stupid for breaking up what both Nikki and Ethan had going on. Just because he was a college boy. I was like, but y’all know him, so what’s the problem. Bad enough, Olivia was a problem with being a psycho and a stalker, but glad Dani removed her from their lives along with Kathy with the help from Sydni with that video…

But I can’t wait to read Sydni’s story and learn about the guy she’s going to meet. I hope her aunt isn’t so bad, but I know she is but hope she ends up staying with her friends when things do get rough and don’t lose her job.

39802045. sy475

Book Description:

What do you do when the perfect boy for you is the one that no one wants you to have?

I’ve had a crush on Ethan, my big brother’s best friend, for years. Unfortunately he’s totally off limits. My brother is jealous and doesn’t want me anywhere near him, my parents don’t want me dating a boy in college, and Ethan’s ex-girlfriend is a psycho stalker who’s liable to lock me in her trunk and bury me out on the beach somewhere. Not that it matters, because Ethan has never treated me as anything except a favorite kid sister.

Or at least that’s how it was until we moved back to Bayview. Now Ethan isn’t looking at me like I’m a kid or his sister. He looks more like a cat about to pounce on a mouse. We’ve been spending time alone, and I’m pretty sure we almost kissed. But even if I’m not imagining things, it could never work. If my brother found out he’d tell my parents, who’d end it in a hurry. And Olivia would do anything she could to sabotage us. But Delaney came up with the one solution that just might work. You could keep it a secret. It’s the only way that Ethan and I have a chance.

But secrets always come out in the end.

The Kissing Tutor: A Standalone Sweet Romance (Sweet Water High #11) by Sally Henson

Currently reading “The Kissing Tutor” by Sally Henson (@sallyhensonwriter). But I wonder why “Betting on Mr. Popular by Yesenia Vargas (@yeseniavargas32) never came out. 🤔

Book Review:

best friends to lovers

***Dumped a bunch of spoilers all through this review*****

I didn’t realize this book had 36 chapters until I got tired of reading when I got closer to the end lol… like chapter 35/36. I was over it and was like dang this book must have been really good that I didn’t pay how many chapters this book had.

But enough with that, I actually enjoyed this book. It was actually a good book. I enjoyed it and wasn’t disappointed. But I did think that Tommy guy and London girl were evil people. Especially with calling her names because of a kiss. Plus, I felt that maybe London could’ve been jealous of Tommie. & the ‘guy’ Tommy I didn’t know what his deal was. PlusJames, I just thought he only showed Tommie’s attention when he found out how close Roan and Tommie had gotten with each other.

Because at first, he didn’t say anything to her and let the jokes about her having fish lips when she kissed him a prom. Well, more so, he kissed her by grabbing her behind and messing up her first kiss anyways. & made her the butt of the joke.

But you could tell that she had a lot of insecurities and doubts about herself and stayed comparing herself to her sister, in reality, told her that she (Maddie) was jealous of her (Tommie) it taken half of the book to show her that she was beautiful. I guess other guys also thought she was beautiful too. Even Roan though he always acted weird around her when she dressed up. But I could tell he was attracted to her.

But in the end, he had a hard time showing her what he felt for her because he kept pushing away from her. To denying anything was going to between them too; to him stop or wouldn’t look at her or hold hands with her in public. But always popped up when James was around 🤣 like I felt he was jealous when James did say or tough her. But like I said, James was only around for that one reason he seeing them kissing in the rain after batting cages (baseball)…

9 out of 10, I figure someone did show them kissing. I also was glad when Roan came to his senses because he really hurt Tommie.. & he finally proves to her at graduation by showing a slide show of them in public around everyone that they are together. I did want to see what Tommy and London had to say, but they were never mentioned again… since the party where London showed the fish lip kiss between James and Tommie at prom, during James’ party. That girl had a serious jealous problem.

48255075. sy475

Book Description:

“Oh the feels this story gives you, I found myself smiling, crying and laughing with the characters.” – Amazon reviewer

My first kiss was a total disaster.

I’m talking on the viral level.

Caught on camera and played on a loop for every single person at prom to see. And then record on their phones to share with the entire world.

People I didn’t even know were sharing the video with captions like this:
Guppy girl gets her guy! #worstkissever #fishlips #ew
Man-eater! #lookout #JAWSremake

My senior year is almost over. If I don’t do something big—and fast—I’ll always be Tommie the tomboy: worst kisser in Sweet Water High history.

So I have to ask the most embarrassing question of my painfully attractive best friend: Will you help me find a kissing tutor?

And to my heart’s demise, he says he’s the man for the job.

Dive into the final story in the Sweet Water High Series to find out how I asked the boy next door, aka my best friend and the hottest baseball player on the team, to help me find a kissing tutor. Spoiler alert: I’m already in love.

This sweet, best friend’s romance will make you laugh, tear up, and swoon.

1 town. 1 high school. 12 sweet romances.
Read The Kissing Tutor from Sally Henson. It is the eleventh installment of the Sweet Water High Multi-Author Series. Each book is a stand-alone but follows the school year chronologically. 

Road Trip with the Enemy: A Sweet Standalone Romance (Sweet Water High #10) by Kelsie Stelting

I’m like 9% done with this book. I really hate reading very long books that have 40-50 chapters… this one has 55 I believe… I had to make a face like really 🤣….. but I’m also determined to finish this book too because I like this series…. and want to read the next book to it… though I’m like beyond confused with this book and about this girl brother smh 🤦🏽‍♀️ guess I’ll have to wait couple chapters to know what happened to him.. hopefully, it wouldn’t be in chapters 20-30 … that’ll suck duck feet…

Book Review:

It turns out to be a good book!!! I’m reality he wasn’t the enemy. She was just upset.

*** There’s a bunch of spoilers throughout this review; so beware of the spoilers***

When I first started this book and checked how many chapters it was. I was like lord here we go with a book that has more than 20-30 chapters. Once I went back to reading this story, I actually finish it fast. Because it was good and kept my attention. At first well more so I was hoping it didn’t take forever to tell what actually happens to Sydney twin brother Greg… I finally learned that he died in a car accident, leaving a party that they went to (Greg, Sydney, and Jeremiah).

I didn’t like the fact that Sydney blames herself and even Jeremiah for her brother’s death. When in reality, it was her brother Greg daily that he died… because he chose to get into a car while drunk and end up dying. More likely whatever he hit; it was a fast death (I can’t think of the word you use for that), but anyway, I was glad when Jeremiah told her she shouldn’t blame herself because it wasn’t their fault… but she ended up getting mad with him over something true.

It also sucks that Liam died too I thought for sure he would’ve gotten that scrapbook before he died, but he didn’t. At least both Sydney and Jeremiah completed that marathon for both Greg and Liam and even for themselves. & Gabe both Liam and Greg the “marathon medals” and told them they did it… I thought that that was sweat… I was also glad that Sydney realizes that nothing was her fault and didn’t blame herself anymore and moved on. She also needed to tell her parents off, and she finally did… & her mom finally put her brother pictures back up because I thought it was ridiculous anyway to remove his pictures when he died. That’s like you are forgetting that person. But once her parents got a divorce, her mother put the pictures back up. Her dad moved out, but Sydney and her mother moved on, whereas her father didn’t. Her mother and aunt Karen moved into another house together while Jeremiah and Sydney went to college.

Besides that, I liked how both Sydney and Jeremiah gave Liam mom the scrapbook after they ran the marathon in New York, and Sydney’s mom is there for Liam’s mom and vise versa since they both going through a lost!!!

48064809. sy475

Book Description:

I made two promises after my brother died: to run a charity marathon in his place and to avoid Jeremiah Dermot at all costs.

So when my car’s broken down on the side of the road while my parents are at a retreat to save their crumbling marriage, of course Jeremiah’s the one who pulls up and offers to give me a ride. 

I don’t care how handsome he is when he looks at me with those adventure eyes or that any other girl would give everything to drive across the country with him. No, I’m thinking about my brother and the little boy in hospice he wanted to run this race for.

Now I have two choices: break a promise to my brother, or take a road trip with my enemy.

Get lost in this story that makes you feel in ways you’ve never felt before. Road Trip with the Enemy will leave you breathless, restless, smiling, and believing enemies can have a happily ever after.

Kindle Edition, 352 pages
Published September 24th, 2019
ASIN: B07WZ7L517
  • Road Trip with the Enemy (Sweet Water High, #10)

Sabrina and the Secret Santa: Sweet Holiday Romance (Love in Ocean Grove Book 6) by Anna Catherine Field

I know I started like two different books …. and got bored with both… going back later hopefully to read those. & glad that this book actually kept my interest and probably be done tonight or tomorrow… I’m also glad Trevor is getting a book after what happened with Norah. But Sabrina is so snobby…

Book Review:

Really good story

*bunch of spoilers thrown through this review***

Before I do my review about Trevor and Sabrina, I am trying to figure out who is Delaney lol because I know for a fact Ben was the older guy and the best friend of Gabe and Norah… who ended up with Olivia…. because I read that book about Olivia and the older guy… I guess the author got confused, or maybe Ben was with Delaney before he got with her (Olivia). I’m trying to think if that name sound familiar. But anyways…

On with the story about Sabrina and Trevor, I really had to think about who Trevor was for a minute lol. Until I was like ooh okay that who Trevor was the boy that was taking his autistic brother out for ice cream, I believe in the book with Norah and Gabe…

I still don’t remember Sabrina 🤣 in Bea and CCarter’sbook. I just can’t think of her. I just kept thinking of him as the boy who rides a motorcycle, but it might not be true because I kept thinking he was the trouble maker that Bea met outside of the restaurant that her father was at and Carter had tattoos lol! I don’t think I’m right, but whatever.

So anyways… I felt like Sabrina was petty, snobby, and a horrible stuck up person before she met Trevor. Because she thought she could get out that community service. But it took Trevor to teach her how to be a better person and not a horrible person that she was when she was with her friends. Who I thought was FAKE anyways. They were too snobby to consider Trevor being different from them. They kept calling him a townie… when he’s no different than them only he goes to public school and lives on the other side of town….. In contrast, Trevor and his friends were nice, and Sabrina and her friends were snobby… even Bea and Carter weren’t that horrible as her friends and Sabrina was at that time.

I was glad she took her community service in conSideration and decided to do it. & actually enjoyed and enjoyed being around Trevor and learning that her father didn’t care about her being with Trevor at all… when he came from that side himself…..

P.S. I still want a book with Sidney I believe he’s Gabe little brother. I also want a book with Trevor brother Jamie… his book would be so different but interesting. I’m like so Sidney never got a book, but Olivia did… I so want his story… and even Jamie’s because he seems like a bright boy even if he’s autistic… 

48339361. sy475

Book Description:

It’s hard to enjoy Christmas with a broken heart.

Or at least that’s how Trevor Salvatore feels. Distracted by losing the girl of his dreams to another guy, Trevor realizes that he forgot to complete a mandatory service project he needs for graduation. He has until the new year to get the hours in, which is how he ends up volunteering at the Christmas Village in Ocean Grove.

Sabrina would rather be shopping. Or planning her annual Secret Santa. Or almost anything other than hanging out with the locals in Ocean Grove. Unfortunately, she’s in trouble. Big trouble and the judge isn’t interested in excuses or favors. She has thirty days to complete sixty hours of community service to get her life back on track. 

Can thirty days, sixty hours, endless candy canes, and gallons of hot chocolate teach these two that sometimes the best gift has been right in front of them the whole time?

Sabrina and the Secret Santa is a standalone novel from Love in Ocean Grove, series of books about swoony first-time love and toe-curling kisses for readers of all ages.

Never Have I Ever Fallen for a Movie Star (Never Ever Love #4) by Juliet Bardsley

This book is way better than her “summer fling” book that goes with this series. I’m almost finished and I just started. Plus almost finish with my reading challenge of 196/200… Currently reading 📖….. Never Have I EverFallen For a Movie Star

Book Review:

Movie Star + Normal girl

***Just a few spoilers splashing around•***

This book was short, but it was also really good too. It was way better than her Fallen For My Summer Fling. That book was kind of dull to me. But with this book, it caught my attention from being to end. & I was also glad when Noah got rid of his agent Spencer because, in the celebrity world, a lot of famous people do have those types of agents who don’t want them to be happy and go for things they don’t want.

It was good to see Noah speak out and told Spencer how it was and how it is with the way he felt and about where he wanted to take his career. Including where and who he wanted to be with, and that was Addie. It’s was funny how he wanted Noah with Rachel, who cheated on him with a pop singer or whatever the guy was. When neither of them wished to each other. Well, clearly, I didn’t know what Rachel wanted. But she definitely was jealous of Addie. & thought she was going to get Noah back, but Noah didn’t want fake he wanted real, and that what he got with Addie; his little dancer.

Not only that, it was good that both Noah and her uncle Mike help her to understand that she (Addie) didn’t have to live for everyone else but to also live for herself. & I was glad In the end she ended up where she wanted to be in New York City and dancing… making a career for herself with something she loved.

47940710. sy475

Book Description:

Can being from two different worlds keep them apart?

Noah Wells has been the “it” movie star of teen rom-coms for the past two years — he’s successful, talented, but is ready to take on more serious roles. When his latest flick The Kissing Tower brings him to Cedar Oaks, he never intends to meet Addie, let alone fall for her.

Addie Schrader claims she has no time for fun. When she’s not at school, she’s teaching dance at a local studio or serving food at her Uncle Mike’s diner. But when the famed and gorgeous Noah Wells shows up, Addie wonders if it’s time to start really living.

Addie falls hard for Noah, but will that be enough to overcome his celebrity, the paparazzi, and her loyalty to her small home-town?

All books in the Never Ever Love series are short, sweet, swoon-worthy, and can be read in any order!

Much Ado About a Boy: A Sweet YA Romance (Sweet Water High #9) by Jeanette Lewis

This book was actually good. Though I hate books that have plays in it. It is bleh. Since drama not my thing….

Book Review:

Pretty good

There’s maybe not that many spoilers but probably just a little or A lot…

So okay; before I even knew what was going on with her Bailey and homecoming. I figure it had to be a reason why Bentley stood her up. But I kept thinking that maybe someone in his family died. But all along it was Krista, who he was there for, which I understood his reason; because she was going through something. But I still think he could’ve at least told her why or a reason why he couldn’t come… though he would’ve lied that would’ve been worse.

He was right; it wasn’t his place to tell her. It was Krista… Krista could’ve told her the truth; when she got comfortable with talking about it. Rather than having Bailey hate Bentley. The only reason she said anything was because of Bentley coming to her and telling her what Tasha has told Bailey. I think Krista could’ve told her, and Tasha wouldn’t have been mean to Bailey and try to make fun or ruin anything good that was going for her. She (Krista) just let it played out… until Bailey was mad.

But at least, in the end, their drama teacher talked with Bailey and told her to think about the performance. And also, Krista was talking to her about what was going on at the time of the homecoming. Because what she was going through is a rough and serious problem. Especially when things get tough, also, it’s was good that Bailey and Bentley had their talk afterward and did a well-done job on their performance and regionals and actually gotten together; completely. Because everyone; knew that looked cute together & they both had a thing for one another. I think that’s why Tasha was a hater. Plus, Bentley knew that the only way he would’ve gotten his girl back was to help her get into the competition by doing a duo… that came out good to because he got the girl even though all of Tasha crap… I think Tasha knew that both Bailey and Bentley were an item and right for each other that’s why she was hating and bitter.

Besides that, I want a story with Krista and a guy she liked. I’m not sure if the other two books coming next is about her if not… I want to want her, and I want to know her story. 


Book Description:

Only my worst enemy can save me now.

Quite frankly, my senior year at Sweet Water High has been kind of lame. Okay, I got the lead in the school musical, but then I got stood up on Homecoming by Bentley Nielsen, the boy of my dreams. Even after he broke my heart, I’m still crushing on him.

I know I should forgive and forget, but how can I when he’s never even apologized?

My only hope of saving senior year is to win the state drama competition. But in order to win, I have to do a romantic Shakespeare scene with, you guessed it, Bentley Nielsen. How could this get any worse?

1 town. 1 high school. 12 sweet romances.
Read Much Ado About a Boy from Jeanette Lewis. It is the ninth installment of the Sweet Water High Multi-Author Series. Each book is a stand-alone but follows the school year chronologically. 

Love Lessons (Shelfbrooke Academy #5) by Daphne James Huff

Current read 📖....Process 27% done. ‘

Book Review:

More like lessons learn…

*** There’s a couple of spoilers in this review; not that many but a few****

I’m glad I got around to reading this book though it took me a while. This book is pretty different, but it’s interesting to learn that these stories from this series are based on older books. That’s I never really read or want to read.

But I did like the Sonnets… & not only that I was glad that Rex friends Bronx and Reggie finally spoken up to Rex because clearly he was controlling ( more so wanted to control things) and he finally realize when Zara left for a family emergency he was an idiot to jump down her throat and was so worried about that prize that he’s dad never won. & speaking of the dad… I bet he felt some way too because Rex actually won something that he clearly didn’t win. Plus, he was the one to set it up (more so agree) to the group of three for the prize competition. But in the end, he got fool because regardless, Rex won even when he nor Zara was there. I think he would’ve been better off with his mom’s help than his dad. But his right to talk to his dad to get honest answers.

But I was glad in the end that he finally came to his senses and got his girl. & with Zara he parents just wanted her to learn to be on her own without her friends or her family being there. I understand; because it’s like you never want to go someplace or be somewhere alone. & you have actually to learn to do things on your own eventually. I was glad that she was learning too, and she and her friends Rosalie and Maria ended up with Bronx and Reggie.

47482655. sy475

Book Description:

One semester. No distractions.

Simple, right?

On the verge of winning the biggest literary prize at Shelfbrooke, Rex swears off all girls and parties, and prepares for a distraction-free semester.

It’s the perfect plan.

But when his grades aren’t good enough to participate in the contest, he ends up in tutoring with the new exchange student.

Zara’s been banished to a boring boarding school in America to work on her English.

She’s willing to do whatever it takes to get back to France as soon as possible–even if it means teaming up with the one guy who wants nothing to do with her.

But as the weeks go by and feelings grow, will he realize some things are more important than winning before time runs out?

Love Lessons is a modern retelling of the classic Shakespeare play Love’s Labour’s Lost. It’s a part of the Shelfbrooke Academy series, a collection of retellings that promise to be a lot more fun than the originals!


The Stand-In: my life as an understudy by Elizabeth Stevens

My current read… I’m over here like trying to beat my reading goal… I’m at 178 out of 200. I’m trying to make it to 200 before the end of the year is over… So far this book is actually good! 📖.. 

Book Review:

Stand-in to leading lady …

**** I did slap a few spoilers; into this review didn’t know I would…. but I did…. because. I had too…

I liked this book; it was a little different. But also good; I liked the fact that Eli like Chloe over her evil-Ella sister “Ella… because that girl was horrible and her (Chloe) parents were more up Ella behind rather than caring about what Chloe wanted to do and what made her happy. Chloe had her grandma and her aunt and Ella had their parents. Their parents only paid attention to Chloe when she went to the dance with her friends.

Plus; I was glad when Elijah wrote that song and the other song about her… to prove to Ella that he didn’t want her he wanted her younger sister. I felt like Chloe changed Eli for the better. Because he was a man-w****… and that wasn’t good for how old he was especially when you get up in the age… you be played out! But I was waiting on her to finally admit that she wanted to be with Elijah she didn’t really get on my nerves about Eli and her feelings. I just wanted her to stop pretending and stop following and doing everything her sister wanted her to do. I was glad; when she finally became who she wanted and didn’t want to be the shadow of her sister the “stand-in” she finally came out of her shell… and became Chloe Cowan and not Ella Cowan the person who treated her like crap and everyone thought she was from a distance…

I liked how everyone half of the people anyways figures out that Chloe was the nicer sister, and Ella was the evil sister. I had to laugh at the end when Eli sang that song for Chloe in front of everyone including her sister and then in the auditorium when Ella told her not to kiss Eli, and she (Chloe) did… I was like about time girl you don’t care about what your sister thinks, and she kissed him too…. & finally got the guy & wasn’t a stand-in you look at it Chloe was actually the leading lady, she just didn’t see it for herself and didn’t see she was beautiful and guys and others liked her whereas her sister was just a horrible person. That half of year twelve which I believe in American is twelfth grade knew Ella was evil… 

46135497. sy475

Book Description:

He’s a semi-famous rockstar
I’m Nerdy McNerdleton

Elijah Sweet: born rock god, gorgeous, sinful
Ella Cowan: beautiful, confidant, popular
Chloe Cowan: wait…who?

Born for the express purpose of being the understudy for my older sister, I’ve learnt that life goes faster if I just go along with the madness.

Until the madness involves me, the School Formal, my sister’s hair-brained scheme to win over the hottest boy in school, and a misunderstanding that I’m the one interested in him.

Suddenly, my quiet existence isn’t so quiet anymore and the bright neon light that heralds my eighteenth birthday and freedom is overshadowed by one that follows a boy who’s going to be the next big thing.

But I am so not interested… Am I?

Please be aware that this story is set in Australia and therefore uses Australian English, grammar and syntax. 

Buy for $3.99 or try Kindle Unlimited to read over a million titles
Kindle Edition
Published August 2nd, 2019 by Sleeping Dragon Books
Edition Language: English
  • The Stand-In: my life as an understudy
  • The Stand-In: my life as an understudy

The Game You Play (Rixon Raiders #2) by L.A. Cotton

ARC… I’m just loving this book. Excited 😜 I get the chance to read it before it comes out!!! I will say I am not disappointed .. just glad I don’t want to punch Jason six weeks to Sunday. But Tractor I mean Lewis; I definitely want to stomp his face in the mood & kick in the crack of the xxx swear I’ll credit card him HARD……😹! Can’t stand that freaking pop tart! What a clown 🤡.. But still, want to punch Jace in the knees for the games he plays with Flick! But I already want book 3… which my mind is thinking is about Asher and xxxx…. ••••• by the way, this book is coming 📖….SEPTEMBER 17th•••••• 

Book Review:

****Spoilers; but not that many****

I got to read this early before it’s released on September 17th… I got an ARC for an honest review.

& I will say this after reading book two and especially the ending I just had to read book two and was wishing it came out earlier than September but then got my chance actually to read it before the release date.

I can say I wasn’t disappointed at all only problem I had was with Lewis; he was just horrible like the hate he had for Jace was ridiculous. & to top it off he still LOSE regardless because of what Jenny (I really don’t care to remember her name) 🤣 I think it’s Jenna but back to what I was saying the things he and Jenna did was horrible especially when he tried to out Jace and Flick with those pictures that Jenna took of them at the lake.

Just because of what Jace did to Amiee which did forgive him for because of how she made him turn out to be. But he became a better person when he got with Felicity. She made him a better person. I also glad that Felicity followed her own dreams rather than following her parent’s dreams.

Not only that I was glad when Jason realize his feelings; though he pushes her away to protect her. But still, in the end, the piece of crap Tracker dust, still knew he had feelings for Felicity because of Tracker dust side trash. But in the end, I was like FINALLY Jason you figured it out and wanted to be with the girl, even by protecting her when it came to the pictures, but also felt bad for Asher, though he was the one that decided to take the fall. But with the help of Maya, I don’t think it’ll be too bad, especially when he plays for college football team once they graduate.

P.S. I can’t wait for Asher and Maya story……Book #3

47949004. sy475

Book Description:

The Raiders are back…

Cocky football players, school rivalry, and the girls who get in their way! 

Felicity Giles has a list.

Lose her virginity.
Meet her knight-in-shining-armor and fall in love.
Have the best senior year a girl can have. 
The only problem? Her knight isn’t a saint, he’s a villain, and she’s pretty sure he’ll destroy her before ever handing over a piece of his heart. 

Jason Ford has a plan.

Win State and go down as one of the most successful Quarterbacks in Rixon Raider history.
Head off to college and pursue his dream of being drafted to the NFL.
Avoid the girl under his skin. Felicity Giles, his stepsister’s best friend and perpetual pain in his ass.

She’s annoying as hell.
She’s a game to him, nothing more.

Until his arch rival comes after him and the few people he cares about … and Felicity gets caught in the crossfire.

And suddenly hating her feels a whole lot like falling in love.

Muffin Top (The Hartigan’s #2) by Avery Flynn

ARC… I’m just loving this book. Excited 😜 I get the chance to read it before it comes out!!! I will say I am not disappointed .. just glad I don’t want to punch Jason six weeks to Sunday. But Tractor I mean Lewis; I definitely want to stomp his face in the mood & kick in the crack of the xxx swear I’ll credit card him HARD……😹! Can’t stand that freaking pop tart! What a clown 🤡.. But still, want to punch Jace in the knees for the games he plays with Flick! But I already want book 3… which my mind is thinking is about Asher and xxxx…. ••••• by the way, this book is coming 📖….SEPTEMBER 17th••••••

Book Review:

**I splash a lot of spoilers maybe some straight facts too through this review***
This book was good, but half the time I got annoyed because Lucy was getting on my last nerve. About how she this big girl and no guy would go for a big girl… I kept rolling my eyes because I am like she needs to embrace being this big forget what people say about you. Love the person; you are no matter if you are BIG or SMALL! Even though this is fiction, people go through a weight problem every day. Just like you could be a person who is skinny here come to this person trying to bring you down because you aren’t a BIGGER size. That’s what people was doing to Lucy; they were trying to bring her down because she wasn’t a SMALLER size.

Reading this, I am like girl please shut up. Because for one, a skinny woman goes through the same thing. I never understood how someone of a bigger size end up made the smaller size women whereas if someone of a smaller size say “you fat” they get mad but don’t realize you can’t say omg you “need to eat” doesn’t affect someone of a smaller size because they aren’t bigger bone.

I agreed with Frankie about Lucy didn’t need to eat a salad just because some pop belly flip basket wanted her to when he wasn’t even attractive and try to come for her. But I did want to smack her sideways because she kept whining about how Frankie didn’t like her; when technically he actually liked her maybe even loved her but she was so offensive and guarded it took her a while to understand “while this man actually does care about me no matter my size”… because for one I also realized why Frankie was the man-whore from learning what his dad did when he was a teenager than keeping that crap balled up inside could affect someone and their relationship. Same thing when it came to Lucy and her parent’s relationship it affects Lucy, plus with her bullying from Constance. Who I think was a crap pop because she was clearly a mean person. Rather being a nice person to Lucy; knowing that she “Constance” was going to chemotherapy, I believe it was when she was a teenager. I never think someone would be so cruel when going through something like that… I still think instead of herself being an evil B-witch she could’ve followed her dreams eventually after things got better for her instead of having a hard-on and hating Lucy from teenagers to adulthood, but at least she did apologize to Lucy for being an evil B-witch!!!

Plus she literally annoyed when they went to be a bar for Frankie brother engagement… like she got mad at him when those idiot cops said: “fat-chicks-are-crazier-in-bed” like a girl her your life… Frankie doesn’t think that… I can’t wait until I’m done with this book… Lucy pass, annoying! But in the end, it’s good that they both came to an understanding they both was wrong; though Lucy was the one that pushes Frankie away before they could form a relationship. Whereas Frankie just was holding on to old feelings about Becky and his dad Frankie Sr. Which is good that he got the truth from his father and twin-brother Finn about his father didn’t kiss Becky; she kissed him and then apologize to Katie > who is Frankie mom!
But I’m waiting on a book with Tess and Finn!!! I just have to have a book with them!

ebook, 320 pages
Published October 29th, 2018 by Entangled: Amara (first published October 22nd, 2018)
ISBN: 1640634584 (ISBN13: 9781640634589)
Edition Language: English
  • Muffin Top (The Hartigans, #2)
  • Muffin Top (The Hartigans, #2)
  • Muffin Top (The Hartigans, #2)
  • Muffin Top (The Hartigans, #2)

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Book Description:

The only thing about me that’s a size zero is the filter on my mouth. I’ve got a big personality, a big rack, and a big number on the scale. And I’m perfectly fine with that.

But when some random guy suggests I might not be eating alone if I’d ordered a salad instead of a hamburger I’m shocked silent, which is a feat, trust me.

That brings us to one sexy fireman named Frankie Hartigan. He’s hot. He’s funny… And he’s just apologized for being late for our “date” then glared at the fat-shaming jerk. Next thing I know, he’s sitting down and ordering himself dinner.

I have no problem telling him I don’t need a pity date… unless of course it’s to my high school reunion next week. Oops where did that last bit come from? And what do I do now that he’s said yes?!

Because this is no make-over story, and I think Frankie is using me for something. I just have to figure out what…