Outcast (Montlake Prep #2) by Nora Cobb

Just finish book two. Didn’t realize I never posted it here. Book two was good as book one. I’m a read book three once I’m done with these other two books I started on but never finished.

Book Review:


****Spoilers here and there****

Wow like Beth. I want to slap her stupid self she doesn’t see that Natalie is actually a FRIEND. Whereas Arielle is the horrible person. I can’t wait to see all there fall out when Natalie is back and she finally stick it to them that is what I am waiting on. Plus with Anthony, Jacob and Lucas by her side I think that’ll help her too. I just hope they don’t switch up or do something that can ruin her reputation again.

Somebody also need to do something about that freaking principal. Because he set and ignore everything that happened to Natalie that was false and set and believe whatever Arielle has said. Just because her family put money into the school. I wanted to punch him in the throat along with Arielle and Beth.

I was glad that Anthony didn’t want Beth because she actually a horrible jealous person along with Arielle she deserved to be in there clique. I’m definitely going to laugh too when something happened between her and her FAKE friends. Especially when the truth comes out about those pictures and what they been posting online. Beth dumb as heck too not realizing she being used. I tell jealousy makes you do stupid things and she’s actually didn’t stupid things. 

I can only say that I hope the guys accept Anthony because she choose all three of them Anthony, Jacob and Lucas. I don’t want her to choose Troy. He is so horrible and is mom is no better. She is just horrible I wish that Natalie can tell her uncle what she said to her I wouldn’t care if he known I would’ve just told him keep hush about it until it’s time use that information to get back her old a**. 

Plus if Anthony dumb self would’ve deleted those pictures like Natalie said she wouldn’t have been in that mess. Not only that her dumb self wouldn’t have put her face in the pictures no one would’ve known. They would’ve known by knowing the color of her BED sheets. And the only person knew that color was Beth dusty self. 

Natalie is actually learning I hope to not be sooo stupid when it comes to these propels at this school. I can’t even believe that these people believe she could be a hoe. When the other girls Arielle, Chloe or whatever her name is all I know is they are Arielle wack friends and I can’t even remember there names. Are being hot in the a**… Arielle sitting giving HEAD. But Natalie the w**** that’s a virgin smh. Just because three guys likes her smh. 

She lost her V-Card with Jacob. Towards the end of the book. But they don’t know that. Not sure how horrible Troy knows this. I am like Gosh I hope she doesn’t date him. But I do have feeling she will. Because I can tell her likes her but have a weird way of showing her.

Plus this the first reverse harem book I have read that the friends aren’t actually friends but tolerate each other and hate the other.

Book Description:

Now a Top 100 Bestseller in New Adult Romance! 

They ruined my reputation.
Then they shattered my heart.

Jacob, Lucas, and Troy – the kings of Montlake Prep.
Arrogant, privileged, and dangerously good looking.

Together, they conspired and broke my heart.
But now I’m getting my revenge.

I’ll play whatever games I need to play.
I’ll do whatever it takes.
I’ll turn their secrets against them.

I won’t fall for their lies.
I won’t be seduced by their kisses.
And I definitely won’t let their gorgeous bodies distract me.

Because no matter what…
I’ll have my vengeance, even if it means breaking my own heart.

Warning: Not for the faint of heart. This slow-burn reverse harem novel of three arrogant bad boys and the girl who stood her ground contains dark themes, high school drama, teenage angst, swoon-worthy sex, and and some potential triggers.

New Girl: A Dark High School Bully Romance (Montlake Prep Book 1) by Nora Cobb

My current read third out of fourth book I’m reading. It’s 5 books to this series. I know it’s going to take me a minute to get around to finishing the whole series. Because I’m reading other books too.

Book Review:

Spoilers. Thrown throughout this review…

Okay, so I knew that this book was good. But I kind of ended up bored a little bit while reading it. Even though; it was good. Sometimes it is like that when it comes to certain books.

I just know I want to read book two. Because I’m curious. Because lord this girl Natalie is dumb and naive. I’m still trying to figure out how in the world she assume that the guy in that dark room was Anthony. Like you couldn’t be that freaking stupid. Nor was you that drunk – which she wasn’t drunk at all. To figure out some wasn’t right. Because for one Anthony would’ve said something to her.

He would’ve talked and wouldn’t have left her in the room. Like I don’t understand how he bit her to a room when she got to the upstairs before him I assume. I don’t know I think Natalie seems to be wanted by so many people that she just take whatever they give.
She is very dumb and stupid by accepting anything that Jacob and Lucas give or say to her. Lord, I was like Jesus girl. But cannot wait until she gets her revenge. I don’t know when it will happen for her ending up giving something to them (meaning: making them fall for her for good) because 9/10 that will happen.

I also think that Troy is a very creepy weird boy. I didn’t like the rape thing he was about to do. I don’t agree with that. Not only that I think deep down he like her., but have everybody thinking he doesn’t like her and hate her.

I also think that Natalie is going to give in to Troy and going to end up messing with him. Both going to lose their V-Card. I can’t wait to read book 2. Even though I don’t know which book, that she’s going to get her revenge since it’s like 1-5 books to this series. I hope I’m able to finish them all because sometimes if it’s past 4 I be over it or don’t get around to reading it.

Book Description:

I became the new girl at Montlake Prep, a school full of rich snobs.
I was prepared for the insults, the taunts, and the endless bullying from day one.
But nothing could prepare me for the kings of the school:

Jacob, Troy, and Lucas.

The three of them ruled the halls of Montlake Prep with an iron fist.
They were born into privilege and arrogance 
To make things worse, they’re also dangerously good looking.

They don’t understand the meaning of the word “No.”
Whatever they wanted, they got.
And from my first day here, they made it clear what they wanted from me:

They want me to know my place.
They want me to fall on my knees.

And if I dared to defy them.
If I refused to play by their rules…

They’re determined to do whatever it takes to make my life a living nightmare.
Until I come to them, begging for mercy. 

Warning: Not for the faint of heart. This slow-burn reverse harem novel of three arrogant bad boys and the girl who stood her ground contains dark themes, high school drama, teenage angst, swoon-worthy sex, and and some potential triggers.

Curvy Girls Can’t Date Billionaires (The Curvy Girl Club Book 2) by Kelsie Stelting

This one book, I was definitely curious about while reading book 1.

Book Review:

Spoilers. Thrown here and there throughout this review.

Before I get started on my review. I wanted to point out that people who play violin 🎻 I always thought; it was interesting especially the way they play it and certain music they play especially when ones that do the fiddle. When it comes to violin music, I lean more toward fiddle music than classical music because I get bored 😐 fast.

So anyways with that being said, I thought that Kai was right for Jordan. Because he didn’t push her away he kept coming back no matter what. Even when his dad was a horrible person to Jordan and her mom. Lord knows I wanted to knee him in the 🤭… I was waiting on Kai to put his dad in his place where he belongs.

Because the nerve of him to judge a woman and her child for something that his ex-maid/son mom did to him. Everyone is not the same. Then go and ruin that girl’s mom’s reputation like that then to go and asked Jordan, mom, did she want her job back. I was like she better NOT take that job back. That man is just horrible. I always say that people who are that mean and say rude things aren’t good people. They are the ones who miserable. Never see good in things. That what I felt like his dad was because he didn’t see good in Jordan or her mom. Not even when it came to his son and what he wanted. That’s why I was so happy when Kai told his dad like it was.

I’m like that that Jonathan or whatever his name was I don’t care to remember 😂 but not only that I wanted to point out that Merritt was just as horrible and jealous “again” when it came to one of the girls. I’m like first it was Rory and now Jordan. If she comes for Ginger and Ray… I have some to say if DON’T like it.

But at least, in the end, Jordan’s mom forgave her because that did suck that her mom didn’t want to talk to her. But her friends she kinda pushes them away herself when she was upset. But at least, in the end, she had Ginger to back her up on getting her mom a job with YouTubing and her other friends “Rory, Callie and Zara” forgave her because it wouldn’t be a “Curvy Girl Club” without all four of them!!!!

Besides that I am now curious about Ginger’s book and the cowboy what’s it name Roy no thinking 🤔 … no “Ray Sadler” that’s his name.

Not only that I’m waiting on Zara’s book next but I’m thinking Callie probably be next. But not likely because it’s Callie then you have Carson so that one have to wait more likely. Because it’ll be the end of the series with the one we REALLY waiting on. But I’ll see… BUT I’m definitely waiting on Zara.

Book Description:

How much money does it take to buy a broken heart?

There are three things I hate: rich people, boys, and Kai Rush. Kai happens to be all three.

He and his dad have all the money in the world from the game app they created, and what do they do with it? They buy private helicopters and flaunt their brand new Teslas.

Never mind that people like my mom and I work multiple jobs just to keep our crappy apartment and pay for back medical bills because my dad ran scared and left us alone.

So when my mom tells me we have a new cleaning job at the Rush’s before school, I’m peeved. 

When he starts texting me, I’m floored.

Fit billionaires like him and plus-sized scholarship kids like me barely belong at Emerson Academy together, much less in the same message thread.

How can I get him to see I’m not the catch he thinks I am?

More importantly, how can I get my heart to stay on the same page?

Continue reading in The Curvy Girl Club with Curvy Girls Can’t Date Billionaires. Jordan’s fiery personality and Kai’s even-keeled persistence will have you feeling all the feels. Get ready for an enemies to lovers billionaire romance that turns all expectations upside down in one incredible read.

The Necklace by Kelsie Stelting

Book Description:

📿See Kai Give the Necklace to Jordan and Her Mom!

Kai has a gift for Jordan and her mom. Read from his perspective as he gives them Juana’s precious necklace! This bonus short story is the perfect, sweet way to stay in touch with the characters you love just a little bit longer!

The Dare (Briar U #4) by Elle Kennedy

This one has me curious.. but I cracked up at the pretend sex in the beginning. Hilarious 😆 … especially when you proving something to horrible people…. 

Book Review:

Just a few spoilers are thrown here and there…
Before I started my review, I like to point out that this one was a little different for me. Then the other three before this one. I don’t know, but I was a bit over reading it when I got to chapter 39 even by 35. Whereas the other ones I wanted to know what happened next so fast like I was zooming through them lol. Whereas this one I’m like GAH. When am I going to be done? But through all of that, I still thought this book was good. I gave this one a three-star ⭐️ rather than a 4 or 5 star.

But I will say this…… I felt that Taylor was right for Coner and Coner was right for Taylor. They both fit each other well. Because they both had these insecurities and fucked up situations. Such as her weight/breast to his situation with Kai and acting out before he came to Briar.

Both of them did get on my last nerve, though, with breaking up with each other. Because something was going on with them, I wish they could’ve talked it out instead of breaking up. I did felt bad for both Rebecca and Taylor for Jules and Kevin did. I mean, I felt like Kevin May have had a hard-on for Taylor. Like get real, you have to talk about someone’s weight is ridiculous. No matter what size you are small/slim, big/fat, medium size, we have insecurities and talk about it.

I wish that Taylor didn’t felt the way she did. Because look at Abigail, she had insecurities about her breast too. I realize that people who are bigger than someone small. Always point out smaller women are PERFECT. When that isn’t true. Smaller women have body issues too. I was glad that Coner showed Taylor that regardless of her big-oh-bittes, he cared and loved her despite what others or (her – Taylor) thought. She wanted to show her she’s beautiful.

I think she got it in the end after what went down with the video. Now I figure out why Rebecca probably kept staring at Taylor. She may have liked her in some way.


52976345. sy475

Book Description:

College was supposed to be my chance to get over my ugly-duckling complex and spread my wings. Instead, I wound up in a sorority full of mean girls. I already have a hard time fitting in, so when my Kappa Chi sisters issue the challenge, I can’t say no.

The dare: seduce the hottest new hockey player in the junior class.

Conor Edwards is a regular at Greek Row parties…and in Greek Row sorority beds. He’s the one you fall for before you learn that guys like him don’t give girls like me a second glance. Except Mr. Popular throws me for a loop—rather than laughing in my face, he does me a solid by letting me take him upstairs to pretend we’re getting busy.

Even crazier, now he wants to keep pretending. Turns out Conor loves games, and he thinks it’s fun to pull the wool over my frenemies’ eyes.

But resisting his easy charm and surfer-boy hotness is darn near impossible. Though I’m realizing there’s much more to Conor’s story than his fan club can see.

And the longer this silly ruse goes on, the greater the danger of it all blowing up in my face.

Kindle Edition, 354 pages
Published June 16th 2020 by Elle Kennedy Inc.
Original Title: The Dare
Edition Language: English
Series: Briar U #4
  • The Dare (Briar U, #4)

The Play (Briar U #3) by Elle Kennedy

When I was reading book one…. & realize Hunter got his own book. I was like I definitely have to read his book. Because I felt bad for him in book one. Though I was like duh boy what you expect. But I can say I am not disappointed at all while reading this book. Currently reading 📖 The Risk. I’m still waiting on Brenna to tell her friends she’s dating the enemy. But here like ahh Hunter got him a Latina/Black girl I see 😏 plus he way better in 🛌 than her ex 😅… I’m like “you go girl” 👏🏽 

Book Review:

Spoilers… thrown here and there+**
Well… I can say for this series this the main book I wanted to read because of what happened in book one with Summer bad Fritz. I felt kind of bad for Hunter and his feelings. But felt like he and Fritz could’ve talked it out. But learning that they are cool now; it makes me happy.

I think that Hunter needed to learn a lot from his mistakes and what he was doing in book two with Breena, especially fooling no banging all of the girls. Especially that guy girl. He figured out what he needs to do, which led to him becoming a Monk. Until Demi stepped into his life….. I was so rooting for them to get together. I was like rushing; lol her and Nico to break up 🤣 … because I wanted Demi to get better D and a better relationship. That she did. Also, I was glad that her dad finally took a liking to Hunter. Because lord knows he one hard man to please. It took Demi saving one of her best friend TJ for her father to look at Hunter as a good guy. I was glad of that.

Because he was kissing Nico ass even when he found out that Nico beat up Hunter, I was like dude??? What are you seriously telling your daughter to get back with a cheater? Just because it’s someone who she dated since she thirteen. And because y’all families are close. I said to myself; I wonder how he felt if he learns what type of father Hunter has; he’ll think differently. But in the end, I’m just glad that things worked out for them.

Plus, on the flip side… Hollis and Rupi were getting eloped, which was surprising. But I’m glad for them both….


Book Description:

A brand-new standalone novel in the New York Times bestselling Briar U series!

What I learned after last year’s distractions cost my hockey team our entire season? No more screwing up. No more screwing, period. As the new team captain, I need a new philosophy: hockey and school now, women later. Which means that I, Hunter Davenport, am officially going celibate…no matter how hard that makes things.

But there’s nothing in the rulebook that says I can’t be friends with a woman. And I won’t lie—my new classmate Demi Davis is one cool chick. Her smart mouth is hot as hell, and so is the rest of her, but the fact that she’s got a boyfriend eliminates the temptation to touch her.

Except three months into our friendship, Demi is single and looking for a rebound.

And she’s making a play for me.

Avoiding her is impossible. We’re paired up on a yearlong school project, but I’m confident I can resist her. We’d never work, anyway. Our backgrounds are too different, our goals aren’t aligned, and her parents hate my guts.

Hooking up is a very bad idea. Now I just have to convince my body—and my heart. 

Kindle Edition, 1st Edition, 422 pages
Published October 7th 2019 by Elle Kennedy, Inc
Original Title: The Play
Edition Languag: English
Series: Briar U #3
  • The Play (Briar U, #3)
  • The Play (Briar U, #3)
  • The Play (Briar U)
  • Hra (Briar U, #3)
  • The Play (Briar U, #3)


The Risk (Briar U #2) by Elle Kennedy

Currently reading 📖 The Risk. I’m still waiting on Brenna to tell her friends she’s dating the enemy.

Book Review:

… Spoilers are thrown here and there****
Two wait no three words “Rupi and Hollis”… so in the first book I was like I hope that Hollis gets himself a girl. Yay, he did, which I was glad for because Brenna wasn’t it for him. Rupi was lol. Which I was glad for I can say she is one bold freshman. But eventually, Hollis gave into his feelings for Rupi.

But anyways enough about them two because this book is based on Jake and Brenna. When I was reading book one. I didn’t think that Jake would end up with Brenna. But to read this one and to learn he was the main character guy in this book for Brenna, it became interesting.

Because they both tamed each other, both level each other out and was fit for one another; I did think that he push McCarthy and Brenna away from each other because deep down, I think he wanted her for himself. I mean, he admitted to her he wanted her. But at least McCarthy found someone and wasn’t bent over Brenna, not wanting to continue anything. But what was a good thing was they didn’t bang each other that would’ve been awkward, especially when she and Jake ended up with one another.

Not only that, but I was also glad that Brenna and her dad worked things out with each other, especially with the help from Jake. It did suck when he broke up with her. I still blame Hazel for their breakup, even though he doesn’t blame her. I do because if it weren’t for Hazel jealousy of Brenna, they wouldn’t have broken up. As Brenna said, she believed that Hazel had a thing for Jake, which came out to be true. You could tell by how she treated Brenna when it came to the bracelet and the relationship Bree had with Jake. Hazel knew that it was more than a hook up between them. She tried her best to ruin something that shouldn’t have been ruin in the first place.

Plus, I liked how Hollis was there for her, and Bree was there for him with. Both their relationship. But back to Bree’s father, I was glad they worked things out to learning the beef between her father and Jake’s hockey coach. I figure it had something to do with her mother. I mean, it always involves a female when two guys are beefing. (Example; Fritz + Hunter = Summer, to Chad (Bree sad) + Jake Coach = Bree mom, to Hunter + (Jake teammate = Violet (technically I forgot that kid name because he wasn’t essential, but I think his name is Jonah). I believe Heath should’ve told his friends about Jonah being mad that cost that big blow-up between Briar and Harvard. But at least that made Hunter began to think about his mistakes because lord knows I’m waiting for him and Fritz to make up he and Summer have made up. I didn’t see anything about him and Fritz.

But at least at the end of this book, Bree and Jakey made up & now are together. I cannot wait to read Hunter’s book. That is one book I’ve wanted to read since I started reading Chase because I was curious and wanted him to find a girl for himself.


Book Description:

A sexy standalone novel from New York Times and international bestselling author Elle Kennedy. THE RISK takes you back to the world of hot hockey players, feisty heroines, bro banter, and steamy scenes…

Everyone says I’m a bad girl. They’re only partly right—I don’t let fear rule me, and I certainly don’t care what people think. But I draw the line at sleeping with the enemy. As the daughter of Briar’s head hockey coach, I’d be vilified if I hooked up with a player from a rival team.

And that’s who Jake Connelly is. Harvard’s star forward is arrogant, annoying, and too attractive for his own good. But fate is cruel—I require his help to secure a much-coveted internship, and the sexy jerk isn’t making it easy for me.

I need Connelly to be my fake boyfriend.

For every fake date…he wants a real one.

Which means this bad girl is in big trouble. Nothing good can come from sneaking around with Jake Connelly. My father would kill me, my friends will revolt, and my post-college career is on the line. But while it’s getting harder and harder to resist Jake’s oozing sex appeal and cocky grin, I refuse to fall for him.

That’s the one risk I’m not willing to take. 

Kindle Edition, 1st Edition, 432 pages
Published February 18th 2019 by Elle Kennedy Inc.
Original Title: The Risk
ASIN: B07G4H3665
Edition Language: English
Series: Briar U #2
  • Il mio rischio sei tu  (Briar U, #2)
  • The Risk - Wer wagt, gewinnt (Briar U, #2)
  • The Risk (Briar U, #2)
  • The Risk (Briar U, #2)
  • The Risk (Briar Université, #2)

The Chase (Briar U #1) by Elle Kennedy

I’m curious about this series. I plan to read all four books. 

Book Review:

It was Good

Spoilers… Here and there

Hmm. I wasn’t sure if I was going to or wanted to give this book a review. But I always post my reviews on my blog.

So with that being said. I have wanted to read this series. Glad I got around to reading; was I disappointed no. But I can say I feel bad for Hollie and hope he ends up with a book too because I like to see the guy happy. After all, Brenna not giving him a chance.

Also, Hunter should’ve known that he wasn’t going to get Summer in the end. I mean, she was so into Fritz that she was only using him to rid of herself of Fritz. Which I thought was so wrong. I did felt bad for both Fritz and Hunter because I mean she was stringing them both along. She got mad with Fritz, so she’ll use Hunter as a distraction. Knowing that it may be feeling there when it came to Hunter and her.

I wish that Fritz could’ve told Hunter that yes back off because I too like her or something like that or at least said to him that let’s see who she’ll pick so that our friendship doesn’t end up ruin, which neither of that happened. Hunter stops dealing with them both. I hope that they work out their friendship in the end. Because I liked Fritz and Hunter as friends, plus, no guy should let a girl come between their friendship.

But come on, Hunter should’ve known that something was going on with Fritz and Summer. They were playing that game between them, where he was in denial, and she was pushing things. It had to take Fritz awhile to admit to his feeling. I was glad that he finally admitted to things; they ended up together. Because lord knows he was hurting Summer too.

But I also felt that Summer didn’t push into guys. The way That Nora and her advisor assume. Guys were attracted to her, and girls were jealous of her. Even her advisor didn’t believe what she said about her professor Laurie until what happens between Laurie and Nora when he tried to rap her. Like gah, cause someone looks a certain way doesn’t mean they go looking for trouble. Glad that they worked things out with that Laurie guy because he was a creep.

Kindle Edition, 1st Edition, 374 pages
Published August 4th 2018 by Elle Kennedy Inc.
Original Title: The Chase
Edition Language: English
Series: Briar U #1
  • The Chase (Briar U, #1)
  • Resta con me per sempre (Briar U Series #1)
  • The Chase - Gegensätze ziehen sich an (Briar U, #1)
  • The Chase (Briar U, #1)
  • The Chase (Briar U, #1)


Book Description:

A sexy standalone novel from New York Times and international bestselling author Elle Kennedy

Everyone says opposites attract. And they must be right, because there’s no logical reason why I’m so drawn to Colin Fitzgerald. I don’t usually go for tattoo-covered, video-gaming, hockey-playing nerd-jocks who think I’m flighty and superficial. His narrow view of me is the first strike against him. It doesn’t help that he’s buddy-buddy with my brother.

And that his best friend has a crush on me.

And that I just moved in with them.

Oh, did I not mention we’re roommates?

I suppose it doesn’t matter. Fitzy has made it clear he’s not interested in me, even though the sparks between us are liable to burn our house down. I’m not the kind of girl who chases after a man, though, and I’m not about to start. I’ve got my hands full dealing with a new school, a sleazy professor, and an uncertain future. So if my sexy brooding roomie wises up and realizes what he’s missing?

He knows where to find me.

The Accidental Boyfriend (Boyfriend #7) by Christina Benjamin

I am here like… I can’t wait until Lucy get rid of her boyfriend he is such a horrible person. Trash can filled up with dog 🐕 poo 💩…. I’m so agreeing with her best friend “what a douche” .. more so I say a turd 🤷🏽‍♀️… I’m waiting on her to leave his cheating behind. & get with Jaxon lol 😂… he saved her away when Alex only wanted video with her in the hospital for his fans. Bleh!

Book Review:

This book was soo good….

***Spoilers thrown throughout this review***

When I first started this book, I already knew that I was going to like this book that I like where I can get into a book. Not wish it was over already, especially when it has more than 20 chapters.

As I was reading this book, I knew I wasn’t going to like Alex, I wasn’t going to like his parents either. Because for one, they didn’t show up at all during Lucy’s time in the hospital. You could tell they didn’t even care about her, which shows at the end of the book when Jaxon and Alex got the fighting, and Alex got his ahh kicked back to his horrible parents. I’m a get into that after I have to say what I have to say about the accident.

I was glad that Jaxon was there for Lucy through her accident and recovery because lord knows Alex didn’t even care until he saw that his place in Lucy’s life was threatening. He also threatened her a couple of times. I thought she was stupid to even stay with him after he said those things and did things right in front of her.

He didn’t even care about her being in an accident and leg being in a case couldn’t walk without her crutches. Lord, I was to body slam in so hard that he wouldn’t have known what hit him. This is fiction, may I add. But dang. I kept calling him a turd, which I called horrible people.

I was glad that Lucy had both Brooke and Jaxon. Without them shouldn’t have anybody, I kept thinking that maybe Jaxon’s uncle was going to take her in. But was glad she had the dorms that she could stay in and not go to Alex the douche parents’ house after she got out of the hospital.

One thing I was glad about was when Lucy came to her senses about how horrible Alex was. She finally realizes that after she caught him with Trica or whatever that flick box name is. I was like it took her long enough to see he wasn’t right for her.

Then on top of that, learning that his (Alex) parents had something to do with her dad going to jail was the icing on the cake. I was waiting for her to finally tell Jaxon, if not Jaxon, at least his brother Conner. I was glad it took Brooke to give Lucy a freaking push, which leads to Alex and his family getting what they deserved, and Lucy’s dad finally getting out of jail. Plus, it’s a good thing that Jaxon and Conner dad started getting himself together. Good thing too; because he was a mess.

Kindle Edition, 366 pages
Published April 25th 2018 by Crown Atlantic Publishing
Series: Boyfriend #7
  • The Accidental Boyfriend (Boyfriend #7)
  • The Accidental Boyfriend (The Boyfriend #7)
  • The Accidental Boyfriend (The Boyfriend #7)

49604282. sy475

Book Description:

Can an accident lead to love? All signs point to yes.

Some accidents tear your world apart, others put your right where you were always meant to be.

Armed with a Magic 8 ball and a quirky best friend, Lucy Adams tries to pick up the pieces of her life after a car accident shattered things apart. The trouble is, her life just doesn’t seem to fit back together the way it used to.

Lucy now finds herself with two boys in her life. Alex Alvez, her long-time boyfriend and pro-soccer hopeful, and Jaxon Bradburn, the mysterious new guy on campus who saved her life and has been by her side ever since.

Lucy has been dating LA soccer sensation, Alex Alvez, for years. They grew up next door to each other. He was her first kiss, her first love, her first everything. But the trouble is she fears he loves his millions of social media followers more than her.

Jaxon Bradburn showed up out of nowhere. He’s moody, mysterious and the only student that doesn’t live on campus at Lucy’s elite California boarding school. But Jaxon is somehow always there when it counts. He rescues her from her car accident and has been her rock during recovery.

Fate keeps throwing Lucy and Jaxon together. Is there a reason? Lucy’s superstitious roommate Brooke certainly thinks so and she has her Magic 8 Ball to back her up.

Which boy will Lucy choose? Will she follow her heart or let fate decide.
Magic 8 Ball says: Better not tell you now . . .

A Fun, Fast, YA Romance Read with Comedy.
Perfect for fans of Gossip Girl and Kasie West.

(Note: Suggested reading age 16+ for mature language and content.)

Dare You to Fall for the Catcher (Rock Valley High #3) by Lacy Andersen

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Book Review:

Catcher ❤️ Track runner. Can enemies turn to lovers?

***Spoilers here and there****

I could’ve been finished this book. But I kind of push it back and read something else. I was going to do that again. But made myself not do that because I wanted to finish this book.

I can say that books one and two with her friends Trina and Audrey was kind of better than her (Mandy) book. I don’t know I felt different and kind of like ehhh…

But I did think she needed to think more of herself. No, she needed to think about herself more rather than looking out for other people. I was glad when her sister realize that Sasha and her friends weren’t good for her. I mean, it stuck in her head after Jayden was there for her. But it went away fast because she saw Jayden and Mandy together, smh! Which lead to her (Charlotte) almost killing herself and Mandy smh.

I was glad she realizes she made a lot of mistakes that she needed to fix and that their parents finally found out what was going on at home. Not only that, but I was also glad that Mandy’s mom, sister, and best friends help her win Jayden back because he wasn’t having it when he was at the batting cages. But in the end, he realizes that Amanda was asking for forgiveness.

Besides all that, I knew that book five was about to be about Charlotte, Mandy’s little sister. I bet books five and six more likely be about Audrey and Trina. Heck, I didn’t even know they had sisters. Plus, if I recall, didn’t one of them maybe Audrey mention how she glad or something like that she wasn’t in Mandy shoes about having to deal with a sister like Charlotte. I don’t know. Whatever, I can’t wait to read book four with Charlotte and Hunter. See if they; no see how they’ll make friendship bloom to a relationship. If anything will get in between their friendship…

Kindle Edition, 168 pages
Published June 2nd 2020
  • Dare You to Fall for the Catcher (Rock Valley High)

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Book Description:

A little dare never hurt anybody…

Running is my life. It’s one of the few things I’m good at and I dominate on the track. But my take-no-prisoners reputation doesn’t scare everyone. There’s still one boy who’s not afraid to get under my skin…

Jayden Paul.

Catcher of the varsity baseball team. Hottie of the year.

And the thorn in my side ever since we kissed in sixth grade (on a silly dare!).

When my track career gets sidelined by an injury and Coach forces me to help manage the baseball team, I’m determined to stay far away from the one boy who can make me lose my cool. But this catcher won’t catch a clue. He’s there at every turn – with his teasing grin and the hungry way he looks at me.

The last thing I need is to be distracted. Not with my mom’s heart condition and my little sister hanging with the wrong crowd. My family and my track scholarship are my top priorities.

But Jayden might not be the bad guy I thought he was.

And kissing my enemy might just be the one other thing I’m good at.

This is Mandy’s story – a sweet young adult romance in the Rock Valley High series of stand-alone novels.

The Change Up by Meghan Quinn

I couldn’t wait for this book. To come out, I was really curious about Maddox. But I’m still waiting on a book with Lindsey (both, Emory & Dottie best friend, she needs love too even though she already has kids) 🤷🏽‍♀️

Book Review:

Awesome read didn’t take long to read.😊

Spoilers… splash all through this review.”

Ohhh Lincoln going to be the next book I can feel it. But I do hope it will be him next, but I wonder if the girl is Lindsey if so that’ll make my freaking day. If not, I’ll still be happy. But I want Lindsey to have a book, even if it’s with Walker or Linc.

I also wonder if Marcus’s wife is going to leave and date someone else from the Rebels or maybe date someone from the Bobbies team (especially the Bobbies team) Gah that’ll be hilarious. Like Lincoln date Lindsey to Walker (I think that’s his name dates Marcus Wife) hilarious…

But with that being said. I knew in my mind that something was going to happened to break them up. Hence, I am used to this series. But, I am glad that they both figured things out and worked it out. Because both Maddox and Kinsley knew that regardless of what happened, they still loved each other. I was glad when Maddox got his ish together and figured out a way to not be like his father because that is what pushed Kinny away, especially with what happened on his birthday.

Even in my mind, I had a feeling that his brother Manny was going to pop up at the bar for his birthday. You could tell she was a horrible person. I felt like he wanted to rub it in Maddox’s face that he got the girl that was all for Maddie. I don’t care to remember Smh 🤦🏽‍♀️ like his brother such a horrible person, and for his ex Jamie or whatever her name is. She wanted Kinny to back off, but in reality, she was a bad person for Maddie, and she wasn’t right for him. She could’ve cheated with anyone else. But she had to pick his older brother like a girl doesn’t have any respect. Then they went to send him an invitation to their wedding. I would’ve shoved that invite so far up their behind they wouldn’t know if they were coming or going!

Besides that, I mean, I felt that Maddox should’ve told Kinny about herself in some ways. Because for one, she did come to his apartment and changed and control everything about his apartment and his life. I know he loved her and everything. But I felt like something have to give. Because regardless of how much you love somebody, you shouldn’t change for someone else you want it for yourself. I did felt like she was doing that changing him. I did agree with her showing him That fighting was a good look for him though he should’ve gotten angry with her when he didn’t want to talk about his brother.

Because you could tell, she has her mother’s ways in her with the controlling and stuff. I was hoping she was going to work on some of that. But I think she tones it down a little. But I did like the extended edition the author wrote. Where they ended up married with a son and daughter (possibly on the way)…

But I’m still waiting on that Lindsey book though… 🤣 🙏🏽 (prayer hands) 👏🏽

Also, I would love to find out who the girl that Lincoln knew back in college at Brentwood. But I cannot for the life of me remember him. It is messing with my head like ugghhh. I know Gunner and the other guy for the life of me I can’t remember his name. Besides Holt!!!!


Kindle Edition, 416 pages
Published June 11th, 2020 by Hot-Lanta Publishing, LLC
Original Title:: The Change-Up
Edition Language: English
  • The Change Up

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Book Description:

BREAKING NEWS: The Bad Boy of Baseball, Maddox Paige, is totally and utterly whipped.

Okay, that might not be the headlines in the newspaper this morning, but it’s the reality of my current situation.

It all started a month ago when I received a call from my best friend, Kinsley. She got a new job in Chicago and needed a place to stay. I’ve known the girl since I was five, what harm would it be to have her stay at my place for a while?

Ha! Total disaster.

Now instead of going out every night with my teammates, I’m couch surfing and sketching endless photos of my best friend . . . but that’s the least of my concerns.

The disaster, you ask? I’m rapidly falling head over cleats in love with my best friend, my roommate, and my number one fan.

And she has no idea . . .