Never Have I Ever Fallen for a Movie Star (Never Ever Love #4) by Juliet Bardsley

This book is way better than her “summer fling” book that goes with this series. I’m almost finished and I just started. Plus almost finish with my reading challenge of 196/200… Currently reading 📖….. Never Have I EverFallen For a Movie Star

Book Review:

Movie Star + Normal girl

***Just a few spoilers splashing around•***

This book was short, but it was also really good too. It was way better than her Fallen For My Summer Fling. That book was kind of dull to me. But with this book, it caught my attention from being to end. & I was also glad when Noah got rid of his agent Spencer because, in the celebrity world, a lot of famous people do have those types of agents who don’t want them to be happy and go for things they don’t want.

It was good to see Noah speak out and told Spencer how it was and how it is with the way he felt and about where he wanted to take his career. Including where and who he wanted to be with, and that was Addie. It’s was funny how he wanted Noah with Rachel, who cheated on him with a pop singer or whatever the guy was. When neither of them wished to each other. Well, clearly, I didn’t know what Rachel wanted. But she definitely was jealous of Addie. & thought she was going to get Noah back, but Noah didn’t want fake he wanted real, and that what he got with Addie; his little dancer.

Not only that, it was good that both Noah and her uncle Mike help her to understand that she (Addie) didn’t have to live for everyone else but to also live for herself. & I was glad In the end she ended up where she wanted to be in New York City and dancing… making a career for herself with something she loved.

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Book Description:

Can being from two different worlds keep them apart?

Noah Wells has been the “it” movie star of teen rom-coms for the past two years — he’s successful, talented, but is ready to take on more serious roles. When his latest flick The Kissing Tower brings him to Cedar Oaks, he never intends to meet Addie, let alone fall for her.

Addie Schrader claims she has no time for fun. When she’s not at school, she’s teaching dance at a local studio or serving food at her Uncle Mike’s diner. But when the famed and gorgeous Noah Wells shows up, Addie wonders if it’s time to start really living.

Addie falls hard for Noah, but will that be enough to overcome his celebrity, the paparazzi, and her loyalty to her small home-town?

All books in the Never Ever Love series are short, sweet, swoon-worthy, and can be read in any order!

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