Stronger by Erica Marselas

Starting this book tomorrow, after I finish prom king… this book looks very interesting and anyone who been bully before can understand…

Book Review:

They both Hunter & Brooke came out strong.

****There’s a few Spoilers in this review:***

I’ve had been sad when reading a book; I’ve been upset, even shed a little tear here and there…I can’t remember how many books I’ve that I may have been sad or shed a tear, but I’m just going to make it short and point out how this book had me sad, and I did get teary-eyed when they kidnap and beat her well more so Kara… I know that feeling of getting bullied by people who were popular and talk bad about how you look or the way you dressed… I think when you get bullied, it’s the ones that talk down on you to make you feel bad about yourself which can break you or even kill you… such as Hunter (wanting to kill himself) to Brooklyn (break the person who she was in elementary and half of middle school) … it’s like jealousy makes people bitter as heck and want you to feel bad about yourself because their life isn’t perfect and people may not like them or want them. That is what Kara showed and it was bad when Emma and Dan follow her every move I felt like just as Hunter maybe they were afraid of her too; but when they’d realize how far Kara was going to take it they put their foot down, but in the end they still got charged for the crimes they did… but at least Dan gotten less charge since he didn’t do much and even Emma but more so I felt like John and Kara deserve those years that they got but like Brooke said Kara was the one that needed to pull that time and get charged more than the others since she was the main one to beat Brooke down and abuse her… I had to laugh with them when Riley said Kara was going to end up being FAT and someone B***H in jail… I was like HECK YEAH I hope so…

I was glad. At the end that Brooke got that justice that she needed and it sucks how bad Kara wanted to hurt Hunter too that lady was so horrible that she would go to the extreme smh! That hate she had for Brooke was crazy.. but at least everyone was supportive of Brooke and glad she hell her head high and came back to school. & even won prom queen!!! But I wish that those chapters weren’t so dang LOOOOOONG!!!!

Kindle Edition, 280 pages
Published March 28th, 2019
Edition Language: English
  • Stronger

43809977. sy475 Book Description:

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

These were words Brooklyn Turner has lived by throughout her whole high school life. She shied herself away from everyone, all in the hopes of avoiding unwanted attention and getting hurt again.

It was an easy plan.

But when is anything ever easy? 

Hunter Evans, the star of the football team, comes to her for tutoring. He’s always saw her, but never approached her.

Why would he? He’s the most popular guy in school and best friends with Kara Adams, Brooklyn’s tormenter.

Despite what his friends thought, he saw her for who she really was.

He helps her find herself again. He helps her heal.

But one thing’s for sure.

He never saw the impact she’d have on him.

Or how much they needed each other.

*Please note this book deals with the hardships of high school, topics of bullying, and contains sex and sexual themes. 

The Perks of Waiting for You: Perks Book 4 by Stephanie Street

Currently reading 📖 the last book 👌👏🏽 #happydance …..

Book Review:

Dang! JJ definitely waited for Quinn; she definitely was taking forever! & then finally ❤️
***I pointed out a few spoilers throughout this review******

I was glad this one was way shorter…. but was kind of irritated with Quinn when she kept playing around. Especially when she left and didn’t tell JJ anything then changed her number… I was like dang girl; you could’ve told that boy your family moved away. But we can still be friends even though; I will well we both will miss each other.

& for one thing; she shouldn’t have gotten with Tristin at all like I already knew he wasn’t the one… she literally wasted her senior year, freshman and half of her sophomore year on a piece of trash…that didn’t care about her or her feeling the way JJ did…. she was just too blind to see I just don’t understand how people get with ignorant people who control there every move; but bypass the good ones. You already know when your family doesn’t like that person; that person isn’t good for you at all. It’s like the same with one of my family members how no one in the family likes the guy she dates he is just a horrible person. But people stay with people often because they love them or think that’s the right relationship for them. That’s what Quinn did she wanted to saddle for something she thought was good for her but wasn’t.
I was glad when she got rid of Tristan once JJ told her to drive up there to she wack job pony boy who cheated on her with so many women & didn’t even care about seeing her was a trash bag he was… I was glad when she finally realizes she wanted JJ the way he wanted her since 8th grade – 15-year-old boy that fell in love with her at first sight…. she got on my nerve ignoring her feelings though I understood why she didn’t want the feelings though she got it due to the fact her family was in the army and what led to her feeling or trust etc…. but I did thought it was cute how they went back to the fair and he asked her to marry him and two weeks later had a country wedding at the “fairground”…
But I also was curious about his baby; which suck that the baby died such a sad feeling. It’s good that he had changed through everything that happened. I tell you he couldn’t have gotten where was at if it wasn’t for his best friend Conner…. because he had his back through everything…. plus I thought it was dope how throughout middle and high school they played football together… then college; afterward ended up drafted on the same team… that’s brotherly love ❤️ right there…
But at least in the end Jeremiah aka JJ got the girl of his dreams…. btw that I was so curious as to what JJ stands, for now, I know “Jeremiah Jasper” which I still say is a horrible name **cough*** his middle name not his first!!!!

Kindle Edition
  • The Perks of Waiting for You: Perks Book 1.5

Or buy for $2.99

46230565Book Description:

For fans of Stephanie Street’s Perks Books comes a new novella The Perks of Waiting for You.
For JJ Coleman, life was about fun and football. And helping his dad on the family farm. No one expected much from him, so why should he expect anything of himself.

And then he meets her, the girl he knows he’s meant to be with. Now, he just has to convince her of that.

Quinn Butler isn’t interested in getting her heart broken and JJ has *heart-breaker* written all over him. No thanks. After living with the uncertainty being in a military family brings, she will take plain, boring, and stable. Thank you very much.

But JJ won’t give up easily. He’s never been afraid to work hard for what he wants. Can he win over Quinn? Or will they both end up with broken hearts.

Find out in The Perks of Waiting for You 
*The Perks of Waiting for You is a Perks novella of roughly 45,000 words. 

The Perks of Kissing You (Perks Book 3) by Stephanie Street

Started this book the third book? To this series yesterday… I hope I can finish it by tonight or tomorrow more likely tomorrow since I got tired of reading it and went to different book. 

Book Review:

I see the meaning of the perks of kissing Jamie.
•••• I mention a lot of spoilers in this review***

It was so awesome and surprising that Bailey homecoming Queen when she wasn’t even on the bracket… Like that was the sweetest and coolest thing ever. I think that happened because everybody knew that she had tame the NCMO… I figured it also had to be a reason behind why Jamie set there a missed all of those random girls…. when he was one of the good guys… for one I figure it had to get hurt by Allie and surprising to find out about his dad too; which did suck.
It did suck that his mom kept crying and couldn’t get over it, which was very understanding. Plus I felt like it was a good thing that his mom had a talk with him after what happened with Bailey… I felt like he needed to understand and know… plus it was good that his mom accepted that he wanted to be free and do what he wanted and play football. Though; I can agree with her that football is scary. If I had kids, that is one sport I wouldn’t want my kid to play… it’s too dangerous in my opinion…

As I was reading this I said it didn’t take Conner to pound Jamie face in… it actually took his best friend Dallin to pound his face in for hurting Bailey which I can agree and say that Jamie did deserve that smackdown that Dallin gave with his fist…. plus at least Jamie realizes he loved and wanted to be with Bailey in the end, and wanted to take her to homecoming and make her his girlfriend. I love what he told those fangirls of his “Sorry, ladies; I’ve got a date with my girlfriend on the dancefloor.” I was like yasss boy James let those hussies know you got a girlfriend that you aren’t ashamed of finally admitting you want……. plus I like how he didn’t care how Bailey dressed or looked, he still wanted to kiss her…, I said now that love… some men and guys prefer their women to be perfect 24/7 in real life and half the books I’ve read… what trash they are/was….
Plus I figure that James aka Jamie and Bailey Aka Bales was going to get married at the end… both books before this one Allie and Conner gotten married plus Eden and Dylan now Jamie and Bailey… I already know in book 4 with JJ Coleman his going to marry Quinn I’m 9,000% sure. Plus; that’s the one book I REALLY wanted to read; where I didn’t want to go out of order reading this series since it has everyone in it… not sure about book four but I’ll see…. but dude I want a book with Dallin ASAP… I mean look at JJ he got a book why not Dallin too…
Btw; I am not sure I mentioned it, but I was happy that when they went to homecoming that Jamie and Bailey went to Jamie house so his mom could take their pictures that was cute and adorable. Plus his mom found her someone that can love her as her ex-husband did before he died… which I thought was cute finding that out at Jamie NFL draft pick… plus the advice Conner gave him was also good too.

46230553Book Description:

Lovable Jamie Barnes from The Perks of Dating You gets his own story in The Perks of Kissing You.

After losing Allie Brown to Connor Sanders, Jamie falls into a tailspin and earns himself a much deserved nickname – NCMO King. That’s right, King of Non-Committal Make Out. And he loves every minute of it. If she has lips, Jamie will kiss them.

Unless you are his best friend Bailey Campbell.

Bailey wants to teach Jamie a lesson about kissing. Well, not actual kissing, apparently, he’s got that under control. It’s the Non-Committal part Bailey takes exception to. She’s seen the hope of a relationship with Jamie burn bright in the eyes of one too many girls only to die when reality hits and they realize he’s just messing around. Well, enough is enough! And Bailey is determined to make Jamie see the light.

If that means kissing the boy herself, well, so be it. 

The Perks of Hating You ( Perks Book 2) by Stephanie Street

This book was good; I often just hate really long books… because it depends on the book, where I tend to get bored closer towards the end….that I want to get it over with already!

Book Review:

I see why it was perks of hating you; it was a way of saying I love you.

****So many spoilers in this review; I had to point out a lot of things in this book****

Smh; I felt like she (Eden) should’ve listened to everybody “Dylan, Conner, those girls, and even Jesssilyn… but no she wanted to be grown and regretted what happened at that bone fire… she was very naive and wasn’t smart enough to see what was around her and what Marshall really wanted when everybody kept telling her to remove herself from here….. I see why she didn’t want to date people when it came to going to the football games etc. with her friend Allie in the first book with Allie & Conner…. but I felt like that shouldn’t stop her for going to football games! But I guess it reminded her too much of Marshall…

I know one thing a lot of times when you young, you do things that you will regret… I felt like Allie may have been naive with trying to understand if Conner liked her, but Eden was clearly naive and didn’t know what was in front of her face…. until it was too late… I did felt bad for her, but she should’ve seen that coming even when she clearly could see Marshall didn’t take her on dates or anything or claim her as his woman…. even Dylan was there for her, and I am like girl listen to your brother best friend he knows what he talking about even your bother …. I am waiting on the time when (well to see) If she will tell Allie what happened that night at the bone fire. Because Conner actually told her to be careful, I wish that she would’ve used her fighting moves on Marshall or something just to tell him to no… you can always push a male off of you when you don’t want it; heck knees him in the balls can help so much!!!
That what made me happy (Dylan) whipping Marshall *** for doing what he did to Eden… it’s understandable why he never told anyone what happened plus I was also glad that he realized he wanted to be with her once what happened to him when he left for the army thing in Washington… but the good thing was his bother wasn’t mad about him being in love with his (Josh) sister (Eden) because he knew that both Eden and Dylan was in love with each other. I figure he had to know something especially if Dylan was hanging around Eden 24/7…. but I felt like she didn’t care to date anyone even what happened after Marshall…. was because she was in love with Dylan and didn’t want anyone else.


Book Description:

Eden – 
It was just so cliché. There was a whole genre in the book section on Amazon. Hundreds of books written about one thing- falling for your brother’s best friend. How unoriginal, right? It’s all over the place. But no one’s ever accused me of being a cliché. So, instead of crushing on Josh’s best friend, I decided to hate Dylan Coulter with all my heart. It was the perfect plan, really, since there was no way on this planet Dylan would ever notice me- that way. Why pine? Why deal with all the angst over every perfect girlfriend? They could have him, because I didn’t care. At. All. 
Besides, Dylan made it easy to hate him. What was to love about a crooked smile? Or a husky, sexy voice? And that body? Perfectly sculpted with muscles not too lean or too bulky- how gross. Some girls might go for the perfectly tanned in winter without going to the tanning salon skin, but not me. It was unnatural. Uh-uh. No, sir. Who cared that his piercing green eyes practically glowed from behind the thickest, lushest lashes ever bestowed upon a mere mortal? I sure didn’t. Nope. Dylan Coulter could be choking on a hunk of his favorite beef jerky and I wouldn’t even pause in applying my makeup to perform the Heimlich. (Oh, alright. Fine. I would, but I wouldn’t want to.) Yep, hating Dylan was much, much easier than crushing on him. 

Eden Crenshaw, best friend of Allie Brown from The Perks of Dating You, finally gets her story. If you loved Allie and Connor, you will be just as in love with Eden and Dylan. 

**Bonus chapters from Stephanie’s books The Perks of Dating You, Save Me, and Us at the Beach are included at the end of The Perks of Hating You. 

Kindle Edition, 260 pages
Published April 15th, 2018
Edition Language: English
  • The Perks of Hating You ( Perks Book 2)
  • The Perks of Hating You ( Perks Book 2)
  • The Perks of Hating You
  • The Perks of Hating You ( Perks Book 2)

The Perks of Dating You (Perks Book 1) by Stephanie Street

 I’m working on this series now 📖🤓 … the first book is actually good! But I’m kind of like “REALLY” because the one book I want to read is actually the 4th book to this series; so I gotta go through this one & two more just to get there…. what a pack of chicken 🐔

Book Review:

This book was actually good!!!!

*** Let’s see could be a spoiler or two maybe more let’s see how it goes once I write this review••••**
So okay; I don’t know how I ended up reading this book WRONG! What I mean is the description I thought they were in middle school smh 🤦🏽‍♀️ I was clearly excited to read this book because I said awe middle schoolers are falling in love… NOT 🤣 but other than that I realize once I re-read the description, it was high schoolers oh well!!!

So with that being said I liked Allie and Conner story, but yuck her name is Alberta I see why she doesn’t like that name it’s just “horrible”…. but other than that I thought they were cute together once they finally got together even if it was FAKE in the beginning… plus Conner parents were just horrible; I know no one wants parents like that especially ones that control your life yuck!!!! I was glad that at least he had Allie mom there for everything from taking care of him (feeding him, and taking photos of him as he was growing up; including homecoming) I already know she more likely added some prom pictures in there even though it didn’t mention prom…
But at least in the end he ended up going to STATE (but what STATE college he was talking about I have no freaking idea; I was like dude why the author didn’t mention the state they were in or something or even the college name) because I was clearly lost because of the school name, but at least she mentioned Harvard… but I still don’t know what school Conner and JJ ended up in smh!

Not only that I liked that Jamie did ask Allie out but felt bad for him because he ended up getting hurt and I clearly can tell that in his book (that I plan to read and can’t wait to read) is the girl (Allie) that he was clearly trying to get OVER! Since he was kissing so many females and the one girl was trying to help him yada yada… I clearly have to read book two ugh 😑 just to read book three in case I miss something if I go ahead of book two to three; so I’m a read it in order… but at least Jamie was there for her (Allie) plus Kayla was one horrible chick I wish Allie would’ve t-bone her *** (meaning kick 🦵 her ***) … instead of ran out of the dance!!!!!
But I can’t wait to read about her friend Eden to see why she didn’t want to go to the games among other things and find out what happened with her……, but I hate that book is 30 some chapters ugh!!!! I hope 🤞 I don’t get tired close to the end when I do read book two ugh!!!!

Kindle Edition, 230 pages
Published July 5th, 2017
Edition Language: English
  • The Perks of Dating You
  • The Perks of Dating You
  • The Perks of Dating You

45172338Book Description:

There he is. Connor Sanders. All six feet four inches, broad shouldered, rock hard muscled, starting quarterback of him. As he walks toward me (well, not toward me, but in my direction), bright blue eyes smiling at all the beautiful popular girls dripping from his arms, my heart sinks down to my toes. Because if I am the GPS and Connor is my target, I really wish I knew how to program a new destination because there is no way Connor Sanders is ever going to look at me as anything- 
“Hey, Allie.” 
“Oh. Hey, Connor.” 
-as anything more than his best friend. 

Tomboy Allie Brown has been in love with her best friend, the popular Connor Sanders, for as long as she can remember. The fear of losing him forever has kept her from declaring her feelings. Just friends is better than nothing, right? 

Connor Sanders has spent his whole life looking out for the girl next door. Circumstances force him to protect her in a way he never expected, one that allows him to act on the feelings he’s kept under a tight rein for years.

Norah and The Nerd: Young Adult Sweet Romance (Love in Ocean Grove Book 4) by Anna Catherine Field

I’m about to start this story; & I hope it’s good as the story with Lucy & the other story to this series with Bea… because I didn’t like Finley story that much…. but this my current read “Norah & the Nerd 🤓 “ >>>> this book supposed to be out on the 30th but guess the author change it? 🤔📖⭐️🍂

Book Review:


**** There are a few spoilers in this review****
I liked this book even though I was ready to finish it really quickly since it has 33 chapters plus ep·i·logue…. other than that it was a good book. I liked how they ended up together than the others in the last books. But they broke up well more so Norah broke up with Gabe…
I did like the fact that he didn’t care about the other girls who paid him attention once his body changed over the summer. He only had eyes for Norah, and Norah only had eyes for him; even though she did “use” Trevor… to get rid of Gabe, but that’s who she only thought about even when around Trevor…
I was glad that in the end, he wanted Norah there when he signed that paper to make his books into a movie… I liked that but was very surprised at the end when he asked her to marry him. I didn’t see that coming. Plus I got excited at the end when I saw

“Keep an eye out for Olivia and Ben’s story in Olivia and the Older Boy coming in 2019!”

I can’t wait for that book to come out this year. I’m so ready for that book!!!!!! I swear I thought that Olivia may end up with “Sidney” Gabe brother… but hopefully he will get a book; along with Delaney…

45567886Book Description:

Can one moment really change a relationship?

Best friends, Norah and Gabe are determined to make their senior year different. Usually content sitting at the comic-book store or working on Gabe’s graphic novel, they decide not to miss out on the fun activities their final year has to offer.

That’s how they end up at the back-to-school bonfire. Norah still can’t figure out exactly how they ended up sharing an epic kiss.

The one kiss changes everything which is exactly what Norah’s afraid of.

She’s afraid of how things will be different.

She’s afraid she’ll lose her best friend.

She’s afraid of what their other best friend will think when he finds out.

And she’s definitely afraid of to handle the confusing and exciting feelings just being near Gabe bring out in her. 

Will Norah let her fears win or will she take a chance with the nerdy boy she’s always loved a shot?

Norah and the Nerd is a standalone novel from Love in Ocean Grove, a series of books about swoony, first-time love and toe-curling kisses for readers of all ages.

Chasing Love (Mountain Creek Drive #3) by Kayla Tirrell

This book is a-okay read; I’m a see how it is after I get past chapter five since I am 12% done…. 📖

Book Review:

It was a pretty good book

***Not that many spoilers; but just a few***
So okay; I liked this book; I also knew that Neal was horrible when for one he didn’t bring back that DVD he borrow with Nicole account…. she was just so blind by how nice he was to her & how he “liked her” which wasn’t even true…. since he ONLY wanted to “do the nasty” with her … I was glad that she didn’t give him to him… he didn’t even make her homecoming great for her; he made it horrible… I was glad that he got that KARMA with that mono or whatever it’s called. I can tell he didn’t get it from Victoria… which you can tell he was kissing someone else. Plus; I also knew that Victoria was jealous of Neal even though she did tell Nicole the truth about Neal…

In the end, Victoria wanted him; and they both deserve each other plus they both (Neal and Victoria) was horrible people especially not liking Nicole which she didn’t do anything for them not to like them… it’s no one fault of the coach liked or picked her over everyone else; plus everybody knew why “Chase” Victoria was just a hater…. but I was glad that Cassidy helped her out at the dance… & both Chase and Amy was there for her… plus I am trying to remember, but I do know that there’s no book about Amy which I think it should be one about her FINDING LOVE… a girl can only hope… but I was glad that Chase finally admitted to Nicole he actually liked her but was only scared…. but at least they both got what they wanted “each other” because Chase had a serious “tude” (attitude) problem 🤣 when it came to Nicole and pitiful pickle head Neal…

Kindle Edition, 280 pages
Published November 2018
Edition Language: English
  • Chasing Love (Mountain Creek Drive #3)
  • Chasing Love (Mountain Creek Drive #3)


42975665Book Description:

Professional wallflower, Nicole Andrews, can’t wait to get out of Marlowe Junction. With only one year to go, she is eager to become the best college applicant at Rosemark High. There’s only one problem, she still hasn’t found a niche to make her appear more well-rounded. 

When a chance encounter with hottie-extraordinaire, Chase Saunders, pushes her in the direction of cross country, Nicole thinks she’s finally found her answer. If only she could focus on her race times, and stop getting distracted by Chase…

Will joining the team be enough to make Nicole stand out from the crowd? Or will she lose her heart in the process? 

A throwback to the early 2000’s, this new YA romance series will have you longing for the days when Blockbuster was the coolest job in town and varsity letters were prized possessions. Back to when Friday nights were made for football games and sleepovers with the friends you’d do anything for. 

Read the entire sweet YA romance series:

Book 1: Stage Kiss by M. F. Lorson

Book 2: Leah’s Song by Daphne James Huff

Book 3: Chasing Love by Kayla Tirrell

Nine: The Tale of Kevin Clearwater (King #9) by T.M. Frazier

🤭 can’t wait to read this ☺️😅💃🏽……. read the preview yesterday was like I gotta have it & can’t wait to it come out….. ….. current read 📖N9ne: The Tale of Kevin Clearwater

Book Review:

****Plenty or added spoilers in this review” ****

I have got this book early than the release date; since I have gotten an advanced copy… I will say this book was awesome!!!!!

When I did start this book; I was like Lenny? Hold on will Kevin aka Nine ends up with a guy…. then I read it a little further, and she (Lenore) states something about her being a girl…… I’m like ooooh okay because I was wondering & waiting to figure out what happened to the girl who fell out the causeway or whatever they call that bridge….. & comes to find out her name was Lenore aka Lenny…

But in one chapter with her FAKE friend, she stated how she found out who Nine was then later down the line after they went to the zombie festival and he explains to her who he was “the guy she met; on the bridge”… that’s how she found out it was him… that had me at a loss because he found out who she was when Lenny got evicted. By seeing the photo of her with her parents….. in the end, I was glad that she forgave him and found out about Jared…

Especially when it came to the money taking and the house, car….. I never thought well no I kind of thought it could’ve been her best friend Yuli….. which in the end really sucked nobody that Lenny was around was her actual friends they all were FAKE and everybody that was in Nine camp was her REAL friends. I had to laugh at what Yuli said about Lenny meeting new people and don’t forget about her “Yuli”…. when I reality she was a horrible friend and didn’t like Lenny at all since she was behind every scheme that was happening and everything that was going bad for Lenny…

At first, I thought that the guy Tocci or whatever his name is I don’t care to remember since he not that important. Was going to kidnap Lenny. Because I was like this book is to good for her not to get kidnap but in the end, she did get kidnap by her wack ex-best friend… I was glad and laughed when Yuli got thrown over the bridge by Nine… I said yup karmas a straight BITCH isn’t it Yuli since you were behind everything when it came to Lenny and not Jared…. what crap pop…


Book Description:

“I know it’s wrong to watch her like this, but she’s a temptation I can’t resist. She’s performing for another man, but I feel like it’s all for me. Like she’s mine.”

Nine lives. 
Nine inches. 
One chance to make her his. 
Preppy’s brother is about to live up to the family legacy in more ways than one.

This is the story of Nine, The Tale of Kevin Clearwater.

Nine can be read as a complete standalone.

Kindle Edition, 1st edition, 326 pages
Expected publication: June 18th, 2019 by Frazier Publishing
Edition Language: English
Series: King #9
  • Nine: The Tale of Kevin Clearwater (King, #9)
  • 111x148

Lucy and The Leading Man: Young Adult Sweet Romance (Love in Ocean Grove #2) by Anna Catherine Field

It’s good so far; I will see once I get further…

Book Review:

Review Pretty good book
**** Not that much of some spoilers but it’s a few***
Now I liked this one way better than the first book with Finley and Chase which taken me a while to finish it… Bea and the Bad Boy was just as good as this one. I believe this book deserves to be a five star because it caught my attention from beginning to end. I liked how Dean helped Lucy out and build her confidence back and how she also helped Dean too. But one thing I didn’t like was his manager agent or whatever she is to him… I was glad he got rid of her since she wanted to ruin things for him when it came to Lucy. Knowing how he felt about Lucy… I believe she may have changed the time for him to leave for New York so that he could miss handing out with Lucy. But in the end, she lost a good thing, which was Dean…
It’s crazy how Agent try to control people lives and ruin a good thing for him. A lot of times they need their clients to be happy, and that’s all that Dean wanted….. & Lucy made him happy. I was glad that she got a redemption a do-over for her mistakes for running off because of the hair thing plus among other things. I mean I couldn’t blame her for the hair thing…no way would I want to cut my hair either; but you have to realize when you are planning to become a model you have to do things that you often don’t want to do. I felt like she was OLDER then eighteen years old for some reason… I know that Chase was in college or whatever I am like is she 19 or 20 then? Because he felt like she aged some years since she turned eighteen and left her foster home and that modeling house… and started working at the Pizza place.


Book Description:

Sometimes life isn’t a fairy tale… 

The moment Lucy Harrington turned eighteen she followed her dream. She applied for a spot on The Next Big Model, walked away from her foster family of three years, and dropped out of high school. She’d had many challenges over the years, but nothing was going to get in the way of her destiny. 

Except maybe herself. 

Six months later Lucy’s living in a tiny apartment, working at The Pie Whole pizza restaurant and hoping no one recognizes her from the most humiliating moment in her life. Unfortunately, not only is she recognized, it’s by none other than Dean Turner, the gorgeous rising star of the hit new show, Avondale. 

After a rocky start, Lucy and Dean agree to help one another. She needs to learn to move on and get her confidence back. He needs to learn that there’s more to life than just work and unwavering drive. When these two make a deal to challenge one another, neither realized how close they would become to achieving their dreams—and to one another. 

The price of fame is high, and Lucy and Dean are willing to do almost anything it takes to succeed. Are they willing to walk away from one another?

Lucy and the Leading Man is the second standalone novel from Love in Ocean Grove, a series of books about swoony, first-time love and toe-curling kisses for readers of all ages.

Four Doors Down (Becca McKenzie #1) by Emma Doherty

Now I know why this book is called “four doors down” but it’s actually pretty good! 

Book Review:

It’s was actually a pretty good book.

*** There are spoilers but not too many***

Okay! I will say this Ryan was definitely horrible to Rebecca. I understood why she hated him so much! & wouldn’t give him the time of day…. the bad thing about it he’s friends didn’t really see the meaning behind why she HATED him! It was priceless how she didn’t give to F’s about him 🤣…. diss him for Charlie who by the way was full of shit and one horrible guy… but it was funny how she didn’t pay Ryan any mind or wanted to be around him… To the point he will be upset and get mad at her…. which wasn’t funny especially during dodgeball he was a complete idiot and mean…. especially with letting her get hit twice by Jessica just because she didn’t come to his game or the after party… idk what he expected of her when she told him a BILLION times that they weren’t friends & she was friends with Jake ONLY!!!!

Which clearly made him upset… Becca was the ONLY one not to understand why Ryan was so cruel to her… but I felt like he could’ve done it differently… but clearly he couldn’t because she literally ignored him and acted like he didn’t exist… which led them both arguing with one another. You could clearly see he liked her by how he acted when Charlie was around…. which left him to do stupid things that upset Becca. Like what happened in the cafeteria… I wanted to slap him myself…

But I was glad in the end that Rebecca got over Charlie when they broke up because for one I knew he was cheating on her… well more so didn’t know that she was the other girl… but I already knew it had to be another girl in the picture to make him ignore Becca so much… but she was so much of a FOOL that he clearly controlled her got what he always wanted from her which is SEX & then does things around the other guys to prove his point of him being with her…. she was just to blind to see & I was glad when she found out his true self. & also finally realize that her little cousin Jay needed her too…

30845678Book Description:

Becca McKenzie is just trying to make it through her senior year of high school. She has good friends and a gorgeous boyfriend but Ryan Jackson, the bane of her existence, keeps popping up everywhere.

She doesn’t care that they were best friends for years. She doesn’t care that their moms are close and therefore she hears more about him that she’d ever care to know. She doesn’t care that their mutual friend, Jake, keeps pushing them all to hang out together, and she especially doesn’t care that the rest of the school bows down and worships him.

Becca decided years ago that he wasn’t worth her time and nothing, NOTHING, is going to change her mind. 

Kindle Edition, 226 pages
Published July 5th, 2016 by Emma Doherty
Original Title
Four Doors Down
Edition Language: English
  • Four Doors Down